Asbestos Awareness Presentation Contractors Introduction


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Training presentation geared for contractors dealing with asbestos containing materials. Educational training piece covering what you need to know about asbestos to comply with state and governmental regulating agencies. Asbestos risks, symptoms and safety measures.

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  • This presentation will better prepare you to understand what you need in order to properly deal with asbestos situations.
  • This is only a few of the regulating agencies of the many that have set regulations stipulating how asbetsos is to be handled. Through the years the approach to regulating asbestos has been minimal, as a result the industry has grown lax in their practices. In the most recent years All County has been an advocate for coture asbestos practices amognst Plumbing Contractors. In doing so, we aim to change the way you handle the materials when you are at a jobsite hence, protecting your company, yourself and your employees.
  • The law stipulates that you can remove up to square feet of asbestos materials but in order to perform this you must have proper training in the removal, have a certification for said training, have proper environmental insurance, notification to AQMD, as well as provide a manifest for said materials. If you are a contractor cutting into drywall, siding, ceiling, etc in properties built prior to 1978 you are playing with fire. On a case study done with one of the largest Plumbing Companies in Southern California, we found that approximately 40% of all tests performed came back hot for asbestos.
  • This is a photo taken under a microscope of asbestos fibers.
  • The silicate minerals make up the largest and most important class of rock-forming minerals, constituting approximately 90 percent of the crust of the Earth. They are classified based on the structure of their silicate group. Silicate minerals all contain silicon and oxygen.
  • Chrysotile or white asbestos is the most commonly encountered form of asbestos,[1] accounting for approximately 95% of the asbestos in place in the United States[2] and a similar proportion in other countries.[3]
  • We are going to cover how asbestos affects your health and can potentially cause lung disease.
  • In working in the Plumbing Industry and working with Plumbing Contractors there is a carelessness associated to taking the added measure of testing properties prior to 1978. We have also noticed that approximately 90% of plumbing contractors do not have Safety Protocols in Place to prevent a loss due to asbestos exposure or contaminated materials. We will cover what All County Environmental has done to help protect your liability.
  • This is a photo taken under a microscope of asbestos fibers.
  • This condition inflames and scars the airways and symptoms include chronic cough and chest pain.
  • Mesothelioma is the most recognizable form of cancer that is linked to people who have worked on jobs where they inhaled asbestos and glass particles, or they have been exposed to asbestos dust and fiber in other ways.
  • It has also been suggested that washing the clothes of a family member who worked with asbestos or glass can put a person at risk for developing mesothelioma.[3] Unlike lung cancer, there is no association between mesothelioma and smoking, but smoking greatly increases the risk of other asbestos-induced cancers
  • The effects of long-term exposure to asbestos typically don't show up for at least 20 to 30 years after initial exposure. Asbestosis signs and symptoms include: Shortness of breath. The main symptom of asbestosis is shortness of breath. Initially, the shortness of breath occurs only with exertion, but eventually it will happen even while you're resting.Coughing and chest pain. As the disease progresses, you may experience a persistent dry cough and intermittent chest pain.Finger deformity. Advanced cases of asbestosis sometimes result in a finger deformity called clubbing, where the tips of the fingers spread out and become rounder. Many other types of health problems also can cause clubbing.
  • The California Environmental Health Laboratory Branch of the Indoor Air Quality Program defines asbestos as a mined mineral fiber that his "heat resistant, resistant to chemical attack, has excellent tensile strength, and has high electrical resistance" (4).  Because of these properties, asbestos was found to be useful as electrical and thermal insulation, so it was commonly used in building materials. 
  • As you can see all the materials that you see in this slide are materials that you work with on a regular basis. In order to properly protect your liability you must be sure to test any property built prior to 1978 for asbestos content.
  • This is a photo taken under a microscope of asbestos fibers.
  • It is due to the awareness to the general public as well as property owners in the risks associated with asbestos exposure that we urge you to partner with a company that is DOSH licensed, CSLB certified, bonded, and whom will remove the liability from you as a plumbing contractor.
  • Do not dust, sweep or vacuum particles suspected of containing asbestos. This will disturb tiny asbestos fibers and may make them airborne. The fibers are so small that they cannot be seen. If you attempt to use a conventional home or shop vacuum you are likely to do more harm than good. Asbestos fibers are so small that they can pass through normal vacuum cleaner filters and be propelled back into the air. The dust should be removed by a wet mopping procedure or by specially designed “HEPA” vacuum cleaners used by trained asbestos contractors.
  • This is a photo taken under a microscope of asbestos fibers.
  • True HEPA filtration Filters 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns Ideal for people with severe allergies
  • Asbestos Awareness Presentation Contractors Introduction

    1. 1. Asbestos AwarenessTrainingWhat you don’t know can cost you MONEY $$$.
    2. 2. 1 • Why you need to know about Asbestos.2 • Governing Agencies & Regulations3 • What is Asbestos?4 • Health Hazards relating to Asbestos5 • Where can Asbestos be found?6 • Asbestos and reducing RISK and LIABILITY7 • Who can remove Asbestos materials?
    3. 3. Liability Plumbing Contractors put themselves and their Exposure company’s liability by not properly handling asbestos materials. Exposure to Law Suits Everyday either Insurance Carriers or Property Owners become more aware of the liability behind asbestos. Potential for a Will so many law firms readily available to find suitable Worker’s victims, if you are not providing proper training, Compensation equipment and Environmental Insurance you may be Claim setting yourself up for a Worker’s Compensation Claim Fines & Penalties Improper training and certification can lead to significant fines and penalties from a number of regulating agencies, up to $30,000.00Why knowing about Asbestos will helpprotect you from liability?
    4. 4. Knowing what you need in order to properly handle asbestos situations willhelp you protect yourself, your employees and your company.Being Ready is the bestapproach…..
    5. 5. CSLB California State License Board• Provides contractors with license to perform asbestos related work.• Regulates all contractors who are qualified to do asbestos work in buildings. DOSH Division of Occupational Safety and Health• Agency responsible for registering all contractors who have been certified in asbestos related work.• DOSH License number should be included in all forms of advertising. Cal/OSHA California/Occupational Safety and Health Administration• Contractors are required to advertise the Cal/OSHA Registration Number. US – EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency• Enforces the Codes of Federal Regulations on Asbestos practices• Implemented prohibition of the Manufacture, Importation, Processing and Distribution in Commerce of Certain Asbestos-Containing Products; Labeling Requirements AQMD Air Quality Management District• AQMD is the air pollution control agency for all of Orange County and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, the smoggiest region of the U.S.• AQMD is also the agency whom would require notification on asbestos removal over 100sqft.4
    6. 6. ASB - Asbestos CertificationBUSINESS & PROFESSIONS CODEDIVISION 3, CHAPTER 9. CONTRACTORS, ARTICLE 4.CLASSIFICATIONS7058.5. (a) No contractor shall engage in asbestos-related work, as definedin Section 6501.8 of the Labor Code, which involves 100 square feet ormore of surface area of asbestos containing materials, unless the qualifierfor the license passes an asbestos certification examination. Additionalupdated asbestos certification examinations may be required based on newhealth and safety information. The decision on whether to require anupdated certification examination shall be made by the Contractors StateLicense Board, in consultation with the Division of Occupational Safetyand Health in the Department of Industrial Relations and the StateDepartment of Health Services.
    7. 7. CONTINUED……..No asbestos certification examination shall be required for contractorsinvolved with the installation, maintenance, and repair of asbestos cementpipe or sheets, vinyl asbestos floor materials, or asbestos bituminous orresinous materials."Asbestos" as used in this section, has the same meaning as defined in Section6501.7 of the Labor Code.(b) The Contractors State License Board shall develop, and deliver to allapplicants with the request for bond and fee, a booklet containing informationrelative to handling and disposal of asbestos, together with an open bookexamination concerning asbestos-related work. All applicants for an initialcontractors license and all applicants filing a delinquent renewal applicationwho have not previously completed the open book examination shall completeand sign the open book examination and submit it to the Contractors StateLicense Board with the required renewal or bond and fee.(Amended by Stats. 1991, Chapter 1160 (AB 2190).)
    8. 8. What is ASBESTOS?
    9. 9. Asbestos is the name given toa number of naturally occurringfibrous minerals with high tensilestrength, the ability to be woven,and resistance to heat and mostchemicals.Because of these properties,asbestos fibers have been used ina wide range of manufacturedgoods, including roofing shingles,ceiling and floor tiles, paper andcement products, textiles,coatings, and friction productssuch as automobile clutch, brakeand transmission parts..
    10. 10. Chrysotile CrocidoliteAsbestiform Varieties Amosite Anthophyllite
    11. 11. How Asbestos can affectyour health!
    12. 12. Being in the vicinity or even touching materials that contain asbestos fibers is not harmfulto one’s health.However, when the fibers are disturbed, they can become airborne where they can beinhaled and become lodged in the tubules of the lungs.While most people who are exposed to minor amounts of asbestos are not affected, regularexposure can increase the occurrence of lung diseases, especially in smokers.Unfortunately, when demolition or renovation projects are undertaken in homescontaining asbestos, it is likely that any material containing asbestos will be disturbed,sending asbestos fibers dangerously into the air.Because of this, it is important to have properties prior to 1978 tested for asbestoscontent before beginning any projects to ensure that any asbestos is containedproperly before it has the chance to become harmful.
    13. 13. The smaller the asbestos fibers the longer theycan remain in the air for long periods of time. These fibers are so small that they are onlyvisible with a microscope. In fact, it takes 600asbestos fibers bundled together to equal thethickness of a human hair.Some of the large fibers may lodge in the nose,but the smaller ones travel through the upperairways and become embedded in the lungs.Your immune system has no effectivemechanism to remove these fibers..
    14. 14. When Remodeling Plumbing Demolitions• Removing a • Removing • Cutting portion of plumbing through ceiling pipes can asbestos• Disturbing expose you to shingle siding sprayed on deteriorated to insulate a asbestos asbestos- wall insulation containing • Removing pipe covering insulation
    15. 15. Cancers linked to AsbestosExposure.
    16. 16. Once a person inhales or ingests airborneasbestos fibers by coming in contact withdisturbed asbestos containing materials,the fibers can easily penetrate bodytissues.Exposure to asbestos may cause severalserious diseases such as Asbestosis,Lung Cancer, Mesothelioma or otherCancers.The amount of asbestos exposure, thelength of exposure, and number ofexposures all seem to influence thelikelihood of developing asbestos-relateddisease.
    17. 17. Asbestosis:is one of the cancers thatstem from asbestosexposure and is achronic inflammatoryand fibrotic medicalcondition affecting thetissue of the lungscaused by the inhalationand retention of asbestosfibers. Asbestosis
    18. 18. Mesothelioma:is a rare form of cancerthat develops from theprotective lining thatcovers many of the body’sinternal organs. It is mostcommon on the outerlining of the lungs andinternal chest wall but itmay also occur in thelining of the abdominalcavity (a sac thatsurrounds the heart). Mesothelioma
    19. 19. Asbestos Exposure Symptoms Coughing Shortness Finger and Chest of Breath Deformity PainThe effects of long-term exposure to asbestos typically dont show up for at least 20 to 30 years after initial exposure.
    20. 20. What materials containAsbestos?
    21. 21. Patching compounds Vinyl Floor Tiles &and textured paints Furnace Insulation Sheet Flooring Wall and Ceiling Roofing, Shingles andPipe Insulation Insulation Siding
    22. 22. Issues in opening a wall…. If you happen to open a wall cavity at a property built prior to 1978 you need to be aware that if the property owner opens an insurance claim, the insurance company may find you liable for asbestos contamination at the site. When the adjuster arrives to the site he will perform an evaluation and inquire about the contractors who have been at the site (YOU!). If you failed to test the walls before accessing you have “contaminated” the property with asbestos containing materials and you are liable for any losses in relation to asbestos. Included but not limited to: - Bodily Injury Claim (Law Suit) - Fines and Penalties - Litigation Fees - Fiancial Liability for cross contamination - Worker Exposure (Worker’s Compensation Claim)
    23. 23. Law Firms have been working hard to ensure that moneys allottedfor Asbestos related exposure are compensated to those who havebeen diagnosed with a form of lung cacers linked to asbestosexposure.This very reason is why contractors must ensure proper measuresare taken to avoid a potential devastating and costly law suit.Contractors must protectthemselves.
    24. 24. DO’s and Don’ts ofAsbestos!
    25. 25. DO NOT dispose of asbestos containing material into traditional trash can or garbage waste bin. DO NOT dust, sweep, or vacuum particles suspected of containing asbestos. DO NOT break the material Properties into small pieces prior toDO NOT Disturb anymaterial you think may 1978contain asbestos by cutting ordrilling.
    26. 26. Pre-qualify the contractorperforming asbestos removal &disposal.Call CSLB to ensure properDOSH Certification Call a Certified company to performEnsure Contractor has proper asbestos abatement.registration with Cal/OSHA DOSH License #829Ensure Contractor has validlicense bond
    27. 27. Proper Removal &Disposal In order to ensure you are complying with State and Federal regulations in order to properly remove and dispose of Asbestos you must: A.) Certified through the California Department of Industrial Relations B.) Licensed & Bonded C.) Registered through Cal-OSHA (Have a Registration Number) D.) Registered through DOSH and issued a DOSH license number E.) Pass a medical examination F.) Fit test for Respirator G.) Notify AQMD for all asbestos related demolitions H.) Carry an additional Environmental Insurance Policy for pollutants I.) Ensure that you maintain yearly refresher courses to comply with license requirements.
    28. 28. Glovebag removal method• The glovebag method (shown top left) employs a negative pressure bag, and is very safe.• Heavy poly bags with arms and gloves built in are used, in conjunction with HEPA filtered vacuums and wet removal methods.Local Containment
    29. 29. Full Containment• Heavy poly sheeting is used to make a room with four walls and a floor, sealing the work area. (bottom left)• A high volume HEPA air filtration device is used to clean air during the wet removal process.• Suits and respirators are worn by workers. Larger Area - Containment
    30. 30. Documentation• After every job the property owner will receive a letter from explaining the laboratory report of the air testing performed after the removal or encapsulation of asbestos, with the certified laboratory report.• The manifest documenting proper disposal at a certified EPA asbestos disposal sight will also be enclosed for each project where asbestos was removed. Proper Documentation
    31. 31. Proper Protective Equipment • The government has issued the law that regulates these measures together with the EPA. • Here are some of the PPE required by these laws: • Disposable coveralls • Respirators • Disposable gloves • These are the basic requirements for any removal work performed under supervision of a licensed asbestos removal company.
    32. 32. • All County always ensures to send two technicians to each job site to ensure that all safety measures are followed to limit liability exposure.• Two technicians will ensure that risk of equipment failure or occupational hazards are minimized for a seamless job.Safety Measures
    33. 33. • Decontamination chamber is created• Suit-up in protective clothing• All vents are sealed• HEPA Vac is incorporated into containment• Insulation is wetted, wrapped and bagged in poly double sealed bags.All County’s Duct RemovalProcess
    34. 34. • An encapsulant is sprayed in the area asbestos materials were removed. The encapsulant weighs down the fibers allowing them to settle. (Please allow appx 30 mins after encapsulant has been sprayed to enter the area).All County’s Duct RemovalProcess
    35. 35. • Once removal has been completed, technician will enter the decon chamber to de-suite and bag his personal protective equipment.All County’s Duct RemovalProcess
    36. 36. 1st Offense 2nd Offense For a conviction of a first For a conviction of a subsequent offense, the fine should not be offense, the fines should be not less than ($1,000.00) one less than three thousand dollars thousand dollars or more than ($3,000.00) or more than five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) or ($3,000.00) three thousand possible imprisonment in county dollars, and penalties may jail for up to one year, or both include possible revocation or fine and imprisonment, plus suspension of any contractor’s mandatory action to suspend or license. revoke the contractor’s license, Criminal penalties may be imposed if the violation is “knowing and intentional”.Fines and Penalties
    37. 37. • All County Environmental has designed a program toBe prepared when help assist you in dealinghandling asbestos with asbestos situations.containing materials • The program is designedby having asbestos to be simple and effective in dealing with asbestosprotocols in place. materials. But more importantly releasing you of liability.Contractor AsbetsosProgram
    38. 38. Asbestos Program Documentation• When you need to handle • All County has developed a materials that could contain document that will assist in asbestos in properties built educating and pricing out prior to 1978 call All County the added expense of proper Environmental for proper asbestos removal. guidance. • The document includes a• We respond within 30 to 60 disclosure intended to minutes in SB/OC/SD/Desert inform your customer of the to give you proper access. steps needed to comply with• Sample Testing starts at $75.00 the laws and regulations.All County’s ContractorAsbestos Program.
    39. 39. Program Includes Repair Estimates• Emergency Response A repair estimate can also• Two Certified and Trained be given for any removal of Technicians asbestos materials upon• Evaluation• Test and Results request.• Trucks and Operating Supplies• Setting Containment• Proper Disposal• Documentation• Manifest (If Needed)Contractor AsbestosProgram
    40. 40. • If you are interested in this customizable disclosure form please feel free to contact us and we will work with you on setting proper protocols and documentation.• Pricing is meant to assist you rather than make a profit. We intend to become your partner rather than be just a vendor.Customizabledocumentation
    41. 41. Put 15 years of experience in the business to work for you!All County Environmental& Restoration