Stick shift or automatic


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Stick shift or automatic

  1. 1. “Stick Shift or Automatic?” Why are stick shift cars so popular anyway? They are more difficult to drive, and you must be skilled to drivethem. Why not choose an automatic easy ride, which can turn your driving in to comfort, especially while driving inheavy traffic? If this is what you think, you must read this essay before you make up your mind. The purpose of thisessay is to contrast stick shift transmission cars with automatic transmission cars. People who drive stick shift cars knowthe difference and the advantages of having total control of your car engine; people who drive cars with automatictransmissions do not. Cars with automatic transmissions are a great way to drive around because they do not require much drivingskill. People who don’t like to drive usually will choose an automatic transmission which is one of the main problems.People who drive cars with automatic transmissions often do not pay as much attention as they should. Cars withautomatic transmissions have improved through modern chips that have developed better shifting and response withthe driver just pressing on the gas. However, they are not as much fun because they are not as challenging. Race cars,for example, do not use automatic transmissions. Stick shift cars need skilled driving which has advantages. Cars with Stick shifts are very fuel efficient. Cars with astick shift will respond better to the driver which makes them safer. People who are used to shifting gears will focusmore on their driving making it more efficient and safe. When a driver shifts a gear down to reduce their speed, they areactually saving on brake repairs. Cars with stick shifts have more power, and tend to respond better when youaccelerate. Another reason for driving stick shifts is that it is just more fun! Stick shifts will make your driving moreinteresting. Race drivers use the stick shift to take driving to a higher level for maximum performance. Your personality will make you decide which is better. Cars are made for driving, and driving must be fun. Whiledriving a car with an automatic transmission will be easier and comfortable, driving a car with a stick shift will make youa better driver with a better performance. Driving an automatic is just a part of driving that corresponds to leading thecar. However, driving a stick shift will make the driver control the machine. Always remember to drive safely and buckleup!Source: “Harry vs. Frodo” by Frances ChanIn reality, there are more Frodo Bagginse (Lord of the Rings) in the world than Harry Potters. Harry Potter has alwaysbeen the center of the story, and nearly every event that happens has something to do with him. However, Frodo, likeus, is just a part of the world and its forces. Harry has magic spells to aid him in his quest. Frodo, on the other hand, hasno supernatural powers at all. All he has is his will and inner strength to help him overcome his obstacles. In the samelight, Harry does not show signs of submitting to evil’s temptations. Frodo’s character is more human because of thesigns we see that he is not invincible to the temptations of the evil. Lastly, Harry has always been famous. Frodo on theother hand, was virtually no body until after the destruction of the One Ring. Even then, he still cannot be fully creditedfor the downfall of evil because he is just one of the elements that aided in the task.