Idiomatic expressions


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Idiomatic expressions

  1. 1. What will you do if yourfriend told you to ‘bringthe house down’?
  2. 2. You heard the judge of a reality show,say that the contestant showed‘crocodile tears’.How can humans have ‘crocodiletears’?
  3. 3. You don’t know how to dance, butyour romantic partner told you that‘It take two to tango’.Are you reallygoing to performa dance?
  5. 5. IDIOMATICEXPRESSIONSare a type ofinformalEnglish
  6. 6. IDIOMShas different meaningfrom the literal meaningof the words in theexpressionsIDIOMATICEXPRESSIONS
  7. 7. IDIOMSUses the figurativelanguageIDIOMATICEXPRESSIONS
  8. 8. IDIOMSInfluenced byculture of its originIDIOMATICEXPRESSIONS
  9. 9. IDIOMS SEAT WORK #1With a partner answer the onlineactivities, posted in edmodo.
  10. 10. Look for a short article related to yourfield of study that used idiomaticexpressions. Give the meaning of theidiomatic expressions and research ontheir origin. Construct a meaningfulsentence using the idiomaticexpressions.IDIOMS SEAT WORK #2
  11. 11.  On a ½ crosswise, respond on the prompt of yourchoice given below. Use 5 idiomatic expressions inyour composition and underline them.A. Write a short narrative about your experiences inthe first few weeks in FEU-EAC. Use idiomaticexpressionsB. Express your opinion on the recent territorialdisputes/ issues between the Philippines and ChinaC. Explain your stand on on-line gaming habit ofteenagersIDIOMS HOMEWORK