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Comp and cont draft 1 w02

  1. 1. Benig,Renwald Anime and MangaAnime and Mangas are everywhere these days. Theyre the hottest things with pages sweepingthrough the school and the nation and yet what are they, a few of us may wonder? What isAnime and Manga exactly? In this essay, you will be enlightened with some aspects of animeand manga: their similiraties by their origin, their accessibility, their audience, their purposeand their differences by their details, their fillers, their censorship, and their characteristics.As you probably know there is a manga and an anime. The anime is based on the manga.Although the anime stays very true to manga, there are some small differences between them. First is their details; in manga, only the important informations are highlighted, whereas inanime, they add extra scenes before directing to the main point of the story. Second is thefillers, the story is a lot more ahead in the manga compared to the anime’s. And if the manga isstill running, no one knows how long the series will continue. Third is the censorship, forexample in Naruto, Neji’s mark on his forehead looks a little different from the one shown inmanga. In the manga, the mark looks more like a swastika. Most likely it was changed to makethe series in anime more accessible, you never know how the younger viewers’ parents willreact. Fourth is their characteristics, manga is a series but in form of a comics. However theanime is based on manga series but it is animated, and can be watched through your tv screensor computer screens.Even though they have contrast to each other, there are also similarities between the two. Onething is their origin, they are both produced by Japan, that’s why Japan was named as Home ofAnime and Manga. For their accessibility, many sites were scattered on the internet so you caneasily watch the series without having any difficulties. And the most important similarity is theflow of story in manga doesn’t contradict what’s the flow of story in the anime. They cansustain the role and the significance of each character in the series.Anime and Manga may have their comparison and contrast but their purpose and goal is toentertain and to satisfy the audience and fanatics by their creative works.When it is his interest, one can really write a lot of things. The thesis is clearly stated, Renwaldand I commend you for that. On the other hand, I would appreciate more if you used your ownwords. It is alright to have read something so you can write something, but you shouldremember that it is plagiarism if you copy your source word for word. Furthermore, elaboratingor adding more details would better serve your essay. I would like you to improve more on yourconcluding paragraph. It should restate the thesis, summarize all the ideas presented in theessay and your final words about the topic. I know you can improve on this essay Renwald!
  2. 2. Bautista, Katrina Mae A. My inner goddess says I’m a hopeless romantic one. I just love watching romanticcomedy & chick flick movies! I have discovered that side of me since my eyes laid upon thismovie ‘A Walk to Remember.’ I love how both pain and joy were mixed up to spice up the lovestory and those were the things I felt while watching. Since my love for the movie has grown, Ialso bought the book where the movie was adapted from. It was a novel by Nicholas Sparks.Reading the book made me laugh and cry at the same time. After reading the book, I came torealize that there were some beautiful scenes in the book which were not included in the movieadaptation and other way around. The movie adaptation and book have so many differencesbut I say that both are equally beautiful. The main characters of the story were still the same however some of the personas ofboth the main characters were changed. Jamie Sullivan, a god-fearing selfless daughter to areverent, plays the lead role. Both in the movie and in the book, she looks like an out fashionedHigh schooler which makes everyone secretly laugh at her. Though people look at her that way,she still stays sweet and undaunted. There were some things about her in the book that wasdifferent from the movie. In the book, Jamie doesn’t know how to sing well unlike in the movie,she sang beautifully during the play. Jamie wears a bun in the book but in the movie, she wearsponytails. Landon Carter, the rebellious ever-popular student in school, plays the other leadrole in the story. He is an outgoing stunningly handsome student in their high school. Therewere some things about him too that was changed. In the book, he is a son of politician, therival of Jamie’s father, but in the movie, he is a son of a cardiologist. He was the student bodypresident in the movie but was not in the book instead, he was just a popular guy in school. Some of the parts of the book were not seen in the movie. I liked the promenade part inthe book but it was not shown in the movie. (you could describe briefly the promenade.) I knowthat the movie would be little better if they showed that. Both the stories of the play weredifferent. The story of the play in the book was about Christmas while in the movie, it was allabout the mysterious club singer. There is also a part of the book that is worth-seeing but is notshown and that is the part where Landon walks Jamie home after classes. In the movie, he hasnever walked home Jamie instead he rode her home. They never dated in the book but it wasshown in the movie. Landon even asked Jamie’s father to take her out for a date. Both the movie and book have same story ending and that was Jamie ended up dyingbecause of Leukemia. She suffered so hard in battling her sickness, but still, she remainedoptimistic and selfless which made me shed tears. Despite her sickness, Landon still loved himunconditionally and faithfully. There are still so many more things that I have not included here which I find veryinteresting to share with you. Telling you all those would take me forever. However, all thethings I have mentioned above were all just some of the differences of the movie and the book. They may have so many differences but both the stories have comprised to be equallybeautiful.This is already a good one Katrina! I commend you essay for having all the parts and eachparagraph stated the main idea in the topic sentence. Very Good!! However, I do not want youto hold back with the ideas that you would like to share. Keep on writing!
  3. 3. We all know that Christianity and Islam are both major religions across the globe, but there hasalways been some conflict between the two. But if you compare them there are actually somesimilarities between the two.This two religions go way back. Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ, where else Islam wasfounded by Muhammad. Christianity originate at Jerusalem, while Islam at Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Both of these religions believes in one creator. Both has their own scriptures, The bible and theKoran. Even will all these similarities these two religions has fought against each other. Theywaged war, there were crusades and many more. But that is all in the past, we should look intothe future. Today the world we live in is very peaceful, we should always thank God for it. Nomatter what religion you are, as long you believe in God, you are a believer.We are all created for a reason , no matter what race we are or where ever we come from, weare all bounded by religion-Benjamin LaureteIt is an interesting topic Benjamin; on the other hand, it may not be enough to be a good essay.You could develop more the attention getter that it would entice the audience to read yourwork. The body of the essay also could be developed by providing more details that will supportyour thesis. Finally, the concluding paragraph should restate your thesis, summarize all theideas that you have presented and expresses your final thoughts about the topic. I know youcan do it Benjamin. Do not get tired of trying.
  4. 4. Bathan, Rose Marie M. Physical Beauty vs. Inner Beauty When we look in the dictionary and define what is beauty. It simply says that it isa combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense. Indeed, there are manydefinitions for “beauty” but it changes basically because we based everything on what weperceive. There are two kinds of beauty, physical or the outer and inner beauty. What is the first thing that catches your eye, from the opposite sex? The first thing wesee or notice about someone is their appearance or what we called physical beauty. Physical beauty is defined as someone’s elegance, figure, features, and complexion. Ifmost people were to define true beauty it would naturally be that of the outward appearance.Perfect toned body. No flab. Good tan. Great clothing. Professional makeup. Silky, long hair andgorgeous color. The physical beauty may be attracted at a certain time in one’s life but in later years inlife it will change. When that time comes, that person will lose confident(confidence), and self-esteem. The stress in life can affect the physical appearance too. The age of physical beautychanges, unlike inside beauty, it is a choice to change. On the other hand, the inner beauty would be yourself that is being you. It is somethingthat is experienced through a person’s character rather than by appearances. It’s the realbeauty of a person that goes far beyond just physical appearances. However, to most people, inner beauty is a joke. People say that inner beauty issomething ugly people say to themselves to feel better. That makes perfect sense too. If youcan’t see it, who can really tell whether it even exists in the first place. It is inner beauty that helps you appreciate outer beauty. If you love, appreciate and feelgood about yourself, you would feel more confident about facing and interacting with otherbeautiful people in the world. But of course, at the end of the day, call it what you want, inner beauty or outer, there’sjust one kind. And it’s the kind of beauty you see when you look into the mirror. “Remember,outer beauty can give you a glance, it’s inner beauty that makes someone stay.”That is an interesting topic Rosemarie. Many people are indeed blinded of the physical beauty.You could improve your essay by clearly stating your thesis, so the intended reader cananticipate the information that he will read or can understand the meat of your composition. Inoticed that you used the block format of comparison and contrast essay. You could elaboratemore on the body of the essay by providing more details. Also, in the conclusion restate thethesis, summarize all the information that you presented and state your final words about thetopic. I believe you can do it Rose Marie!
  5. 5. The story of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief is about a kid namedPercy the main character accused to be the one who stolen the lightning bolt. The LightningBoth was the weapon of Zeus, one of the Olympians the God of sky and ruler of Olympus. Percyis a half-blood; half-human, and half-god. His father was the God of the seas; Poseidon, and hismother was Sally Jackson; a human. The story is originally from a book, and now it has a movieitself. Both have the same story, but what are the differences? First thing is how they deliver the story, and some of the details along the way to the end.For the book, Percy does not find out which God is his father until he is at Camp Half-Blood,while in the movie, Percy already knows and that was Poseidon the God of the sea. After beingat the Camp, in the book, the quest was given to Percy by a mummy looking named Oracle toretrieve the lightning bolt that they believes that it was stolen by Hades; God of the Underword, while in the movie, Percy just decided to go and to the underworld because of Hadeshave his mother, and Hades thought that Percy have the lightning bold. Along the way, WhenPercy and company are there in the Underworld, in the book, while Percy talking with Hadesthe lightning bolt was magically appeared in Percy’s backpack, but in the book, the lightningbolt was appeared in Percy’s shield that given by Luke other friend of Percy. The last thing is, inthe book, there a show of Ares the God of War, while in the movie, there is no appearance ofAres. Second thing is for the person who watches and reads. For the book, person’s imaginationworks a lot because of the book that has no visual aids. The person may imagine differentlywith his desired vision of what his reading, while is the movie, imagination not much work, it isjust how the cast deliver the character of what they are acting for. Both books and movie are outstanding kind or art. Comparing these arts is not easy.Although there are a lot of differences, they are both still entertaining, the way of the book usethe imagination of the readers, while the movie, the visual effects and the cast acting of theirown characters.Kurt Escano w02Percy Jackson is indeed one of the creative piece of literature since it used greek mythology asits backbone. I commend your essay for it has the basic parts, but I think there are still somethings that you should improve on to make the essay better. First is to clearly state you thesis.One can actually infer your thesis, but it would be better if it were clearly stated so the readercan understand and anticipate immediately your idea about the topic. Furthermore, I would likeyou to develop more the body of your essay. How about the similarities? On a positive note,this is a good start already and I have seen that you improved. Let’s get it on!
  6. 6. The Dictator and the Housewife A person who has intelligence, integrity, charisma, diplomatic skills, and strong workethic; these are just some of the qualities a good president should have. Representing andrunning a country is never an easy job. A president possesses great power, which comes withgreat responsibility. For a country like the Philippines, a president who could lift up the countryout of its quagmire state is badly needed. Out of the countrys astounding Presidents, nonewere ever as influential and powerful as the late former Presidents Ferdinand Marcos andCorazon Aquino. They ruled during a time of deep political strife, made undeniablyaccomplishment and have set a remarkable legacy in their own ways. One of the questions youmay ask is, who was better, the dictator or the housewife? President Ferdinand Marcos served the Philippines for 20 years, making him thelongest reigning president so far. The greatest accomplishments and legacies of MarcosAdministration are the infrastructure and economic development. He constructedinfrastructures more than any president combined. Examples of these are: Cultural Center ofthe Philippines, Folk Arts Theatre, Philippine International Convention Center and NayongPilipino. These projects provided venue for the Filipinos to highlight cultural heritage,propagate arts and culture, and generate tourism. Also, during his time, public health was agreat concern, that is why he also built specialty hospitals like the Philippine Heart Center, LungCenter, Kidney Institute, and Philippine Children Hospital. More road networks and bridgeswere constructed during his time, like the first modern Toll-way, the Manila North DiversionRoad, North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), and the San Juanico Bridge. The Philippines is at itsgolden era as it became self-sufficient in rice, the exchange rate of dollar is 2 Peso = 1 Dollar,and energy plants were build that provided cheaper electric bills for Filipinos. Perhaps Marcoswill forever be synonymous with the words “Martial Law”, dictator, corrupt, human rightsviolator, and a number of good or bad adjectives; but the impacts of his interventions willremained and are undeniably germane part of the country for a lifetime. The Philippines was praised worldwide in 1986, when the so-called bloodless evolutionerupted, called EDSA People Power’s Revolution. Ninoy Aquino’s wife, Cory Aquino, led therevolution and became the first female president of the Philippines. She was known as thesurprisingly tough “housewife” who forced a dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, to leave office afterhis attempt to steal an election. Filipinos were relieved from all the pains, the toils, suppressionand oppression, as she managed her countrys eventful transition from dictatorship todemocracy. In order to achieve a full constitutional government immediately, she appointed 48members of the 1986 Constitution Commission to write a new Constitution of the Philippines.The 1987 Constitution projects strong emphasis and concern for civil liberties and human rights,
  7. 7. peace talks with communist insurgents and Muslim secessionists. Aside from that, Cory alsofocused on bringing back economic health and confidence. Cory was indeed an amazing womanwho had a huge impact on independence and welfare of Juan dela Cruz. No wonder why shewas loved by many people and a symbol of Filipino’s hopes.Ferdinand Marcos and Cory Aquino made unquestionably triumphs and have set a remarkablelegacy in their own ways. The dictators’ legacy was infrastructure and economic developments,while the housewife’s greatest legacy was democracy. Cory Aquino was the complete oppositeof Ferdinand Marcos. He was the consummate political icon- charming and cunning; she was ananti-politician. Despite of all the differences and bad historical connections, we should thankand salute them for serving the country. After all it’s not a competition on who was better; it isthe contribution that counts.Veronica Pascual w02Well written Veronica!! You always meet the expectations and exceed it. Keep it up! I wouldjust like to clearly state your thesis. Also, be conscious of the minor grammatical slips. Otherthan that, it would have been a very good essay. Write on!
  8. 8. FEU-East Asia Colleges Specialized I.T Course Kirsten Einna S. Lister, w02 Are you planning to take a course of Information Technology? Searching for the rightplace and right university wherein you could receive a good quality of education? As you go onthrough the list on the internet, we are one of the most noted in this said field, and we are theFEU-East Asia College! Commision on Higher Education had granted us as the Center ofDevelopment in Information Technology. Unlike in other universities and colleges, our I.Tcourse has three specializiations namely BS IT with Specialization in Animation and GameDevelopment (BSIT-AGD), BS IT with Specialization in Web and Mobile Application (BSIT-WMA)and BS IT with Specialization in Digital Arts (BSIT-DA). To help you decide in choosing, we willtake you to the world of Information Technology in FEU-East Asia College wherein you could beinformed with the similiraties and differences of each distinctive features. Written in our curriculum, BSIT-AGD, BSIT-WMA and BSIT-DA all aims to providestudents with a methodological approach in advanced understanding on the deployment,acquirement and management of information resources and applications. But they differ in thefield that youll be majoring or focusing. For your interests in animation, computer games andits implications, we offer you BSIT-AGD. If you are an artistic person, and prefers to combinevisual or performing arts with technology, we have BSIT-DA. And if your concern is aboutdesigning and implementing an application or program then BSIT-WMA would best suit you! All our specializations will acquire the students the skills in developing their abilities intheir fortes. In BSIT-AGD, youll be focusing on the understanding of abilities of game indynamic systems, designing, building and creating game environment, applying game designessentials, and computer graphics of 3D and 2D modeling in developing the game. While inBSIT-DA, youll develop skills on maintaining competency-edge web media, refining skills indesign and accomplishng core tasks on different types and multimedia workflow. On the otherhand, BSIT-WMA maintains a competitive edge in the industry through designing anddeveloping web, implementing solutions and deploying them in a mobile web platform, workswith database management systems software, determines ways to effectively implement dataand file organization, storage and retrieval and design, implements and maintains networkinfrastructure of an organization. All in all, these specializations has their own field ofconcentrations. Although we have different fortes in Information Technology in FEU-East Asia College,theres also some similaraties on the lessons youll be taking up like in AGD and DA, theyreparallel in having the knowledge to create visually rich content for virtual, web, and interactivemedias and gaining the skills in graphics and 2D, 3D animation. Also, for the threespecializations, before advancing to your chosen field, you would first be familiarized to thebasic things related to your course, so youll be open in implementing solutions in object-oriented programming languages and database systems.
  9. 9. Lastly, to compare the population of students in FEU-East Asia Colleges Specialized I.TCourse, Digital Arts has the most number of enrolled person actively learning followed by Weband Mobile Application and Animation and Game Development. How about you? After readingthis, which among the three specializations do you most prefer; to become an animator or agame developer, to become a Digital Artist/Designer or to become a Web and MobileApplication Programmer/Specialist? Think twice to make your choice right. Remember, yourfuture depends on this.Well written Kirsten! You have always met the expectations in our essays. You may have thetalent in writing. Keep harnessing it. There is one thing that I think will make your essay moreinteresting and more understandable and that is to consider your audience. You targetaudience are mainly the fourth year high school students planning to take up BS IT. The essaywould be better if you can use more familiar term and give more examples that almost all highschool students know. In this way, the target audience and interact immediately if theenvironment is not threatened. I commend your work Kirsten! Write on!! Vm
  10. 10. Which one is good (better) DA or WMA? I choose the Digital arts and the web and mobile application in the field of informationtechnology. So you can know what course is much better or not in the field of informationtechnology. In web and mobile application in our major subject we learn many things, like incodings its hard to understand but we learned to self study in ourself. Because our first prof inprogramming in third term is quite do not know what is c++ and she always saying “do youunderstand” in many times. We also use photoshop in web and mobile application. In digital arts they are using c++ also but it is several not like us. There prof is reallyamazing because even though they are not web and mobile , they know some topics in webapplications. The digital arts students are always using photoshop , which everday they will useit. The web and mobile application is not all about creating codes but we also usephotoshop. We design and create websites that we usually use in our facebook, twitter,tumbler and other social networking sites. We also create applications using codes. We do nothave drawing class not like the digital arts students. Digital arts they always creating vector in photoshop. They do not know how to createwebsites in photoshop. I like there drawing class because I like to draw. Photography is also myfavourite in their subject.-Alegre w02I see your effort there Marie Frans. Generally speaking, your professor needs to be informed ifthere are some points that you do not understand in the discussion. I admire your intention ofenlightening your target audience about the different specializations in the field of InformationTechnology. With regard to your essay, the introduction may need a stronger attention getterto capture the interest of the target audience. Also, the thesis should be clearly stated in theintroduction. If you have these written effectively, then you can be sure that people will readyour essay. On a lighter note, I commend the information you presented in the body of youressay. However, there may be some ideas that were not clear. Check them out. It would bebetter also if you can elaborate more on the body of the essay by adding more details. As forthe concluding paragraph, this may be lacking in your essay. You may restate the thesis,summarize all the ideas presented in the essay and your final words about the topic. Finally,customize your essay according to your target audience. The forth year high school studentswould read more your essay if you can cater to their background information. I know you canimprove on this essay Marie. Just keep on trying, and do not get tired of trying; if you do, youmay start losing.
  11. 11. Infatuation versus Love "No one can understand love who has not experienced infatuation. And no one canunderstand infatuation, no matter how many times he has experienced it", a quote fromMignon McLaughlin that had really captivates my attention. Infatuation and love, two wordsthat anyone can relate to and are something that would spice up our lives. Though we arefamiliar with these words, it is really difficult to tell the difference between falling in love withsomeone, and being just infatuated with them. This two feelings most often are confusing forus. There is vast difference between infatuation and love that we should know. Let’s define infatuation and love first. When we say infatuation, it is a foolish andextravagant passion or admiration. Love on the other hand, is a tender, passionate affection foranother person. It takes root and grows, one day at a time. These definitions of the love andinfatuation show a stark contrast in meaning, discerning the difference in a real life scenario istruly no easy task. Infatuation tends to be based on an illusion. Infatuation causes us to have unrealisticbeliefs regarding relationships. You would believe that your life would be perfect if only he/she were in love with you. You believed your life would not be complete withouthim/her. Infatuation causes us to think this way. These illusions are what make infatuationtemporary. We eventually see that he/she isn’t everything we imagined. Or we simply “burnout” emotionally—we don’t have the energy to sustain our foolish passions indefinitely. Thispassion was based more on the illusion of who he/she was instead of who he/she reallywas. We often get infatuated with people we barely know. We are simply drawn to another’sphysical beauty or perceived qualities. On the other hand, love is based on truth and reality. We love someone based on agenuine understanding of who he/she really is. We see the good and the bad, and we loveanyway. Our affection grows as the friendship grows. We have the quiet understanding andmature acceptance of one’s imperfection. Physical appearance is not so important in love, aslong as your feelings for each other are true and sincere. Nevertheless, infatuation is selfish. You are afraid of the risk of losing someone. Youalways want something in return. It’s like you would want a “love” to work in your favor, in yourown benefit. A person infatuating wants the same feeling in return. For them, their happinesswill be complete if the person they like will also like them Love is an upper. It makes you feel whole. It completes the circle. It gives you strengthand grows beyond you - to bolster your beloved. You are warmed by their presence, even whenthey are away. Miles do not separate you. It fills the empty space in your heart. Love iselevating. It lifts you up. It makes you look up. It makes you think up. It makes you a betterperson than you were before. If you have love in your life, it can make up for a great manythings you dont have. If there is no love in your life, whatever else there is has a lot lessmeaning. Infatuation is a feeling or a state of being totally carried away by unreasoning desire.Fascination, crush, desire or obsession of another person is infatuations. It has an element ofsexual excitement. Whenever you are together, you hope it will end in intimacy.
  12. 12. True love cannot be explained by scientific means. True love is the result of God’sgrace on us. It’s devotional and committed, the same way God loves us for who we are, thesame way He loves us for our imperfections. It’s a sacred bond that withstands the test of time,which conquers every obstacle. It’s like gravity. You can’t explain that it’s really there, it just is. There is really an enormous difference between infatuation and love that we shouldknow. This two play an important role in our lives. Along the journey of our life, as we growmature, we will be able to know and experience what’s the difference of love frominfatuation. They coexist to make up love that can occur between a man and a woman. Let’sjust remember, the secret of our being is not only to live but to have something to live for.-Renz Ladroma w02You always right good essays Renz. Keep it up! I would just like you to clearly state you thesis,and organize your ideas in a way that they will be easy to follow by the target audience. Howabout their similarities? Are they in one way similar to one another? Other than that, it wouldhave been a good essay!
  13. 13. Sylvia Bremer said, "The finest kind of friendship is between people who expect a great deal ofeach other but never ask it”. Friendship usually starts by simple “Hi” and “Hello”, or throughgetting their names and starting to know each other. Friendship connects each other andcreates a strong bond where you can state your emotions, secrets and feelings to them. Fallingin love to your best friend or being committed to them is the biggest SACRIFICE you made intoyour life, it is normal to fall in love to your best friend because you’ve already started to gaineach other’s trust and started to know each other, being in a relationship is being together as acouple, sharing the love and each moments of your life, but if you broke his/her trust, thefriendship and the bond that was created before will end up that easily. Choosing betweenfriendship and in a relationship is really hard, you need to decide whether you’ll save thefriendship and bond that you’ve created or you will be in a relationship where you will entrustthe love and feelings to your partner, and will hold on in to the future. Someone said “Whether its a friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust.Without it, you have nothing”. Trust is a BIG word, it takes time to gain it and you’ll need toprotect their trust once you’ve gained it. On the other hand Decision is a part of trust whereyou will decide if you’ll choose friendship or relationship. Being in a relationship or having acouple needs a lot of effort, understanding, love, patience, and respect. Just like Relationship,friendship also needs love, patience, respect, understanding and the bond that will developeach day. Effort is much needed in Relationship than friendship because in relationship, youneed to show your full effort to show to your partner how much you love her, it is also neededin proving their parents that you deserve to be hired as a lover and the protector of theirdaughter. While in friendship, effort is also needed but not as important as relationship. Inrelationship, we need understanding in case of quarrel, busy at work, jealousy and if she’s prideis as high as the sky. Compared to friendship, we need to understand what would be our role inevery people we will encounter, we also need to understand the situation and their mood sothat the friendship will grow and develop as well. Lastly, in relationship you need to make herfeel how much you love her and how much you care for her, how much you respect herpersonality and dignity, and how long your patience to her is. In the same light, friendship alsoneeds to feel the love and care to so that we can gain their trust and earn their respect and todevelop the bond as well. (The ideas that you presented here are interesting actually. However,you may need to organize them and elaborate or give at least an example. or you may wNt toseparate your ideas into paragraph so the readers will not be confused and can easily followyour ideas.) “Importance can be prospective; the expectation that a friend or a relationship canlead to the above also make it important to us”, this is how we decide which friend is moreimportant than which other friends. We value our friends who we can trust with our secrets,who have the ability to gave us courage and strength, who are kind and generous, friends whoare fun to be with, and responsible. Also, we value friends who we just like more. “What’s moreimportant, friendship or relationship?” both friendship and relationship are important. A friendwho can help you every time you’re down or even sacrifice their time for the happiness and joyjust for the friendship is more important than a girl you just met in malls or in schools. On theother hand, a girl whom you’ve fallen in love with is likely more important than your bestfriends.
  14. 14. Have you already watched the movie friends with benefits? How well do youunderstand the story? Is it true that we can benefit from friends than relationship? Or webenefit more in a relationship better than friendship? I think that we can benefit more infriendship than relationship. Because friendship can give us happiness and joy whenever wecreate bond and doing things together, while in relationship they let the couple feel the “kilig-factor” whenever they are with each other. Relationship can end up easier because once thetrust was lost and the heart was broken it is the end, the forgiveness and second chance isthere, but the trust that you earned, the feelings that grew and developed will never be thesame again. Unlike in friendship, we can still recover the trust but the bond is still there and thehappiness will rose again. Friendship benefits more as we can trust them more than our loveones. Once the relationship is over, we can use it to blackmail them or to use it against them.While in friends, they will keep it as a secret and protect your privacy. Some of the issues todayis about Premarital sex were it was being practiced by some couples, that’s what they call“friends with benefits”. I don’t know why they are doing something like that. Being in a “friend-zone” is also one of the issues today, you love your friend but he only treats you as a friend orignores your feelings to him. With that, we can say that we can benefit more in friendship thanin a relationship.Kevin McCarty once said “I dont need a perfect relationship, I just need someone who wontgive up on me”. In conclusion, it will depend on us how we handle the relationship or thefriendship we have; how we protect them, love them, and understand them, and how werespect each other. For me, friendship is more important than relationship because they addcolors to our life and it brings more happiness than relationship. It depends on your decisionwhether you’ll choose friendship or relationship, just protect them, respect them and share thehappiness that you have.-Camposano w02I see you have improved there Alfredo! You are now starting to discover the write in your. Iwould just you to clearly state your thesis about your topic. This would help your targetaudience to follow your trail of thought and understand the whole point in your essay. Also,make sure that each paragraph would only have one main idea. Other than that, I wouldconsider it a good essay. Write on!! n/
  15. 15. Both form of organization has its own leader. The difference is that in dictatorial form ofgovernment, the leader has the power of controlling over the country, and in republican, thecitizen has the power. Though the citizen might have the power, they are bound by laws. Arepublic is essentially a government that rules by set laws. A republic usually has a setconstitution that guides what other laws they can institute. A republic is the best form ofgovernment, as the laws that have been set previously keep the people or the ruling party frommaking changes that happen too quickly and rashly. Though, Marcos, for example, greatlycontributed a lot in uplifting and enhancing the economy. More laws has been approved andthere are faster transaction in government works the time that Marcos lead as dictator.-Cipriano, w02I see your effort there Rodney. I can infer what are you trying to point out in your essay.However, the basic parts may not be complete in your composition. Make sure you have anintroduction that will get the attention of the target audience and that states your thesis or youclaim about the topic (republic is the best form of government). Now, this is the idea that youwill be proving or supporting in the body of your essay. At least, have three major supportingdetails in your essay, and these major supporting details would have minor or sub supportingdetails. Finally, your essay should have a concluding paragraph that restates your thesis,summarizes all the ideas that you have presented in your essay and expresses your final wordsabout the topic. I know you can improve on this essay Rodney! You just have to believe inyourself as I believe in you.
  16. 16. Back when I was in highschool we have a fieldtrip and a family outing.First our fieldtrip held inVigan Ilocos sur where you can find there the old houses in spanish times,oldfurnitures,churches,fresh air.You can see there the "kalesa"which symbolize theirtransportation and their touring vehicles.While our family outing is in Subic Zambales isbeautiful place in the Philippines it is also the home of aetas and has a beach resorts wherethere is a blue ocean,fresh air,many resorts,and animals it is a place for relaxing thissummer,from the resort weve stay, they had a relaxing body massage.On the other handvigan is not a beach resorts that you can relax there you will use your sight seeing to look theamazing sculptures,pictures and etc. But you can amaze with the features of the place compareto subic. Vigan is a vintage place in the Philippines because its structure like you where beentravel in the early era of the Spanish regime also a place where you can remember thepast,where you can learned and explore new things,you will see the old materials use by ourancestors. Subic must not like vigan but you will enjoy the whole day thereswimming,relaxing,picnics,so much more.You can amaze with the falls where you can eat therewhile the water is flowing is just like villa escudero.While Vigan has a fresh air because thereare many trees to feel the escent of the province and also the principal exports arerice,corn,sugar,and tobacco. The peolpe in vigan is resourceful they use there creativity tomake baskets,bags made in coconut leaves,wallets,bracelets,and some kitchenwares and theymake people more interesting that’s why some americans visit the city.Vigan have a resorts butthere are few unlike subic has many resorts of course the word "subic" means waters in subicyou will be with animals like dolphins one of intellegnt mammals in the world,eagles with along beak,and others.Aside from the animals that you can see there subic has slopes areforested with tall hardwood trees and, at higher elevations, pines the same as Vigan.Vigan andSubic for me is different I wont choose what is best and the only I think is that you can enjoythis places.But for me this places I have visited are so memorable because it will enjoy you.-Senesan, w02I see your effort there Mary Ariane. I can infer what are you trying to point out in your essay.However, the basic parts may not be complete in your composition. Make sure you have anintroduction that will get the attention of the target audience and that states your thesis or youclaim about the topic (it is better to visit Vigan for _____ and Subic for _____ or your ownthesis). Now, this is the idea that you will be proving or supporting in the body of your essay. Atleast, have three major supporting details in your essay, and these major supporting detailswould have minor or sub supporting details. Make sure that each paragraph would only haveone main idea. Finally, your essay should have a concluding paragraph that restates your thesis,summarizes all the ideas that you have presented in your essay and expresses your final wordsabout the topic. I know you can improve on this essay Arriane! You just have to believe inyourself as I believe in you.
  17. 17. Dalton Jay T. Romasanta BSITWMA-W02 Holiday Staycations vs. Travelling Vacations Summer vacation, the best days of being free, and where every people in the worldlook forward of having. The days where we can have our staycations, and the sought aftertravelling from other places to get some vacation. But which is better staycations or travelvacations? Travelling vacation, I think is travelling is better that of staycation since it is morechallenging to face. It takes a lot of eagerness to try. Staycations, that we have now become the trendiest option to vacation travelling.There’s no doubt staying at home for the holidays is cheaper than vacation travelling, it is alsosecure and easier to plan of what are going to do in the holidays or in summer. So, it onlystands to reason that visiting parks, zoos, and visit the malls are becoming the new trend forFilipinos. It is also cheaper, since we don’t have to worry about our budget because we juststated at home. However, there are some very particular reasons why travelling will alwaysremain a better alternative, even though the cost issues and any possible problems of vacationtravelling. To begin with, vacation travelling involves familiarity with your own senses such asseeing variety of places you’ve never been before, touching new things, hearing the sound of anew environment, and smelling the scent of excitement, unusual and unique environment ofplaces you visit while on vacation. If someone done this and described the taste of a newflavour of a food which is like a hundred words when you describe it, but instead you could justsimply taste it yourself. What would you prefer? The descriptions the person told you or theexperience trying it yourself? It’s almost the same that explained earlier. Unlike staycations youjust watch some of the shows of National Geographic Chanel which features some of theworld’s famous places and you’re just there sitting and watching why not try vacationtravelling? It’s an experience you could always remember, despite the price of the vacation butit’s totally worth the experience. Secondly, I myself believe that travelling vacation is certainly the best source ofinspiration that one could think of having in our lives. Even though you’ve been to the sameplace a few times already, the next time you visit it again the important thing is the thought canbe yet very different, because you’re seeing new things, the new atmosphere of the weather,your mood changes and the people of course you encounter will be different, and yourimpression of the place can change completely or by just become complete and be a new you.For me, travelling vacation will always bring new discoveries unlike staycations you just focuson the old place and do the same routine every day, whether they discoveries of the outerworld or discoveries within yourself, the time to reflect, travelling vacation is the perfect way todo such wonderful things, and in this view, travelling can also be the best cure for depressionalthough staycations can also be a depressant but what more if you try having it out of town?It’s more keen if try a new environment.
  18. 18. Lastly, travelling vacation means meeting new people from the places, earning newfriends, or even an inspiration. Unlike staycations, that normally transform around the samegroup of people you already on good relationship, travelling brings together at times differentfaces, from various cultures and backgrounds. Travelling is always a chance to get to knowothers better and to learn to adjust to new traditions, and maybe sometime while on the roadtravelling you can meet someone you never get a chance to meet if you stayed on your comfortzone which is your home, unlike staycations you’re just seeing the same faces every day, there’sno new experience to cherish. Those are my points why travelling vacations is better than staycation and there isalways a place for discussion of whether travelling is worth the cost you will spend or justsimply better to save up and try staycation. You can always stay at home and be on yourcomfort zone but travelling for sure may seem to be a big challenge, though travelling needs alot of preparation, planning, budget, and a certain eagerness and toughness to challengeyourself. Lastly-Romasanta w02Good essay Dalton! You have all the parts of the essay. I would just like you to make theattention getter more interesting and use words that would best cater to your audience. This isa very good one! Write on!!
  19. 19. In 1986 People Power Revolution was held at the EDSA Road; shouting for FREEDOM and change underthe leader Ferdinand E. Marcos who was the President of the country for 20 years.After that a greatnovelist , Lhualhati Bautista wrote a book inspired from thr said historical event entitled "Dekada 70".Years after the novel released and awarded a movie adaptation of it was produced. Well of course,there is always a difference and similarities between the two. In the first place, the movie was well delivered by the Director of well as the author to the novel.There is no point of the puzzling around the story. Both trill the viewers and the readers of what willhappen next. Also, character in both Genre were strong and delivered the lines enough to carry theviewers and readers emotion. Furthermore, scenes in the story catches attention from the people. But the difference between the two genre of the story "Dekada 70" , the novel written is much detailedthan the movie. Thats the reason why it catches the readers emotion. On the side of the movie, well it isthe sound effect, loud conversation and the tears from the characters that carries the viewers emotion.But when the two were compared based in how strong it affects the people, the novel is still better thanthe movie. Again, that is because the book is much detailed than the movie. Well if the person read the book first then watch the movie adaptation of it later, the latter mayunsatisfied him, why? Most exciting scenes in the original story were changed. On the top of it was theway Jayson, Jules and his bestfriend Willy were killed. In the novel, Jules was not tortured, just imprisoned for a longtime.His bestfriend Willy was just shotnot tortured and his younger brother Jayson was brutally tortured and dies not because of a bullet.Though theyre not the main character, the scenes happened to them especially on Jasons part isimportant because the way He was killed in the novel is true to life. So, in conclusion of it, the book is better than the movie. For it was detailed enough for the readersto imagined it and tattoed on thier mind than the movie. The emotion and thougths on the movie wasnot that loud or strong unlike on the novel. Though the story on both genre ended well, if it will becriticized by whole, it will only moved that nothing can capture and satisfy a person the way the bookdoes.Jarlynn Del RosarioNice one there jarlyn! It is indeed an interesting story and to compare the two versions can enlightenthe people which one is better. You just have to make the introduction more interesting that it wouldcapture the attention of the audience and clearly state your thesis. Also, organize the ideas that you willbe presenting in the body of the essay. Make sure that there is only one main idea in each paragraph.You should also have enough supporting details that support the main idea in each paragraph. Finally, inthe concluding sentence restate your thesis, summarize all the ideas that you have presented and stateyour final words about the topic. I believe in your ability to make a better one. Keep on writing.
  20. 20. Mac OS X Lion vs. Windows 7: Which OS is Best? Do you have computer at home or in office? Are you satisfied with your computersystem? We have an idea on what OS ( Operating System ) you should choose and fit on yourdaily use of computer. The two major OS are the Mac OS and Windows. They are both goodOS.Mac OS X is a BSD Unix based operating system with a GUI which is more user friendly thanWindows for many users. The OS allows for permissions based accounts, and has better accesscontrols to limit the spread of malicious software.Yes, there are viruses and proof of conceptswhich target Apple software and protects the system folder from write actions unless a userhas administrative privileges. Windows is prevalent in business environments, and has differingarchitectures based upon which flavor is installed (there are vast differences between 3.11, 95,2000, XP, Vista, and 7) and the variations would best be researched on a product informationsite. Because of the popularity of Windows, malware and viruses are numerous, and anantivirus program is often the bare minimum that a user must use to protect their computingresources and data. No matter the operating system, a best practice to follow is to always workfrom a user account with limited privileges and only do upgrades and installs from within theadministrative accounts work space. But it also depends on the specs of your computers itdepends on your RAM (Random Access Memory) how it process the data in your computer.Although there are many different brands,classes, kinds and quality of computers you shouldbase it on your budget and to your daily lifestyle if its useful. I hope I helped you on choosingyour OS for your computer.-Alexander SumawangNice try there Alexander! The thesis may not have been clearly stated or the highlighted groupof words is really your thesis? Aside from that, I would like you to separate your ideas intoparagraphs. Each paragraph should state one main idea and there should details that wouldsupport it. The concluding paragraph should restate your thesis, summarize all the ideas thatyou have presented and your final words about the topic. I am confident that you can do thenecessary revisions in your essay Alexander.
  21. 21. We are living in a world that is modernized by the advanced modern technologies. More andmore people are using these technologies in making their lives easier than ever. With that, Ichose Information Technology as my undergraduate course because it is in demand right nowand will always be in demand unlike other undergraduate programs. Also, IT is a challengingcourse because technologies nowadays are fast changing. In a matter of minutes, newtechnologies are being invented and released in the market with new specifications andfeatures. We, the future IT experts should know all these because that should be our forte andthat will be my job soon. Another reason why I chose IT as my course is that, it is one of the highest paying jobsin our country today with an average of 46,651 PHP while jobs doesn’t offer salaries at that highdue to many people are already on that job. For example the nurses, many students areenrolling on that course making nurse, a job that is really hard to apply for. Also, you can neverstop learning. Things change dramatically in many fields over the course of a few years. This iscertainly true if you will take IT. Computers are advancing rapidly. Networks, computer systemsand ant-virus programs are quickly evolving as well. Unlike other courses, there is only a specifictopics or there are only certain things you need to learn and it’s already fix. What otherslearned before on that course, you will also learn if you take that course. So, if you want to have a job with high salary or you are into technology, Informationtechnology suits you best. It is one of the popular courses nowadays because of the fasttechnology that our modern world has.-PotenteMaui, I see your effort in writing this essay. Although, this may not be a comparison andcontrast essay since there is no clear program being compared with BS IT. You may want torevisit your essay and choose another program that you can compare IT with. I am confidentthat you can do the necessary revisions Maui.
  22. 22. Simon, John Philip S. BSITWMA-W02 Me, Myself in the Past and in the Present Let me borrow the words of Joan Rivers “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery,today is Gods gift, thats why we call it the present.” Before I begin I would like to say that I aman extraordinarily fortunate young man and couldn’t possibly express how deeply I appreciatemy family, friends, mentors, colleagues, and all of the incredible experiences I’ve been a part ofthus far. If it weren’t for the unconditional love, generosity, and sacrifices of countlessindividuals, I most certainly would not be the happy, optimistic, and confident person I amtoday. I was born on November 26, 1995 in a small town called Maria Aurora, Aurora province.It was the happiest day that happens in my life. Let me tell you honestly I view my pictures toremember my past life. To recall, I was very naughty when I was a child. I always play and play. Iremember my brother show a magic trick to me, he eat a bug “ salagubang in our province” buthe don`t actually eat it, he is just fooling me, and I impersonated him. I eat also the bug andthey were very worried about me. Then I enter elementary, I remember I always cry everyThursday when entering the school. I don`t know why? Elementary is quiet hard andchallenging. I don’t know if I can make it or I can pass because it`s really hard. Guest what mymother was my teacher in grade 3. I don`t call her mama, because she said that we were in theschool we are not in the house. I graduate with honor. I`m really proud about myself notbecause I finish but because I believe that I can do it and my effort was paid off. In elementary Ilearned to be nice with other people, it really helps me to have friendship with others. Havecourage, because that will lead you to success. Enjoy being a child because it is once in lifetimethat you will be a child. Here it comes high school. They said it that it is the happiest part of being a student.High school can almost be compared to a civilized jungle full of different species of humanbeings. To survive this jungle, an individual must avoid any conflict with another. There arecountless categories in which a student can be classified. I only narrow my observation to fourlisted groups: jocks, preps, Goths, and nerds. Each group has a different appearance, differentattitude, and a different taste in music. It was not that hard for me to enter high school becausemy classmates were my elementary friends. I learned so much in high school. I learned thatchildhood friends are forever. I’m sure you and me will meet many great people in our adultyears. And I’m sure we’ll make friends. One thing I’ve learned from high school though, is yourchildhood friends will always be your true friends. Judging people is stupid. Students in highschool love to judge. We judge in our minds, we talk about our judgments with friends, and weeven tell the people we are judging our judgments. Everyone is different. I am lucky enough tolive in a school with a wide variety of people. There are rich people and poor people. Incrediblysmart kids and kids with special needs. I am very grateful for this. You need to get involved. Myhardest and most fun moments in high school have been from playing sports. Playing sports ordoing other activities with your school like joining clubs, etc. is amazing. High school is whatyou make of it. You decide how much you learn from and enjoy high school. If you’re involved,show compassion, look at things with a positive attitude, and keep an open mind – high schoolwill be a good, even great experience.
  23. 23. Now the present. I am college student right now and few weeks more I will finish beinga freshman. What I learned here being a 1st year student is that be open-minded. When I firstbegan my college days I was not very open minded. I had no idea what I wanted to do with mylife, I just did what my family thought was best for me. Stay in touch with old friends. Frompersonal experience, it is extremely easy to get caught up in your busy college lives withdemanding schedules and various social surroundings. While you may be making an abundanceof new college friends, you have to maintain and put effort into the relationships from homeand with your high school friends. Find a good group of friends. These are your people. Theseare the friends that you will have for the rest of your life. These are the people who grew withyou, who took a journey with you, who learned how to be away from home with you, whocomforted you with different obstacles and life situations. What I intend to say is that, in myexperience, college life is invaluable. The friends you make, the successes you achieve, thefailures you learn from, and the lessons you acquire through the passage of time will stay withyou always as you move on and grow up. With that said, it is my ambition to impart some of thefortunate wisdom I have adopted over the years as a product of college life. These are thelessons I’ve learned for being a 1st year student and I am looking forward that I will alsoexperience like these on the next school years. Lastly I just want to say “Getting over a painfulexperience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order tomove forward.” by C.S. Lewis. Remember that for every experience no matter what it is good orbad we learn from it that is life.-SimonKnowing oneself is indeed one of the hardest task of man, and it is an interesting topic for youressay. You have written this essay from the hear Philip, I can see that. However, you shouldclearly state your thesis. Make it clear also that you are comparing yourself when you were inelementary, high school and college. Use transitional devices that would show this relationship.I know you can do it Philip.
  24. 24. Echague, Dona Mae B. BSITWMA – W02 Father’s love and Mother’s love People around the world all have different personalities, but some are similar in nature. We have different characteristics or attitudes which make us who we are. We have all differentways on living, on getting touch to other people and even showing our love and care tosomeone. My mom and dad are married for almost 17 years and until now, their love and care foreach other is still the same as the time before. Im the only child in the family and because ofthat; I get all the love and care of them. The attention is all mine, consequently I’m the apple ofmy parent’s eyes. Like what Ive said earlier, we all have differences, and now, I will compareand contrast mother’s love and my father’s love. Mothers I think are more understanding than fathers are. It is because mother has moreknowledge in raising child than fathers do. They are the one who gave birth to the child so theyhave closer connection to the child. I think that’s why when people say they are a momma’sboy or momma’s girl is because the mother understands. Mother also gives more advice on theemotional stuffs. They are more concern about the feeling of their child than the fathers do. A Fathers love towards a child is kind of hidden thing and it’s not easy for a child torealize it. Fathers are the one who usually do something or buy us something even without usasking for it, and it is their way of showing their love. Fathers are always push limits tosomething for example, they are the one who often give curfew and that is their one way inprotecting their child. Fathers are also not affectionate as mothers are. For example, motherslike to cares their babies and hug and kiss on them if they get a cut or burn or something, butfathers where just tells you to “let it go and move on.” I also think that fathers in disciplining their child are based on rules, while mothers arebased on feelings. Fathers usually make rules, which also teach children the right and wrongand mother usually disciplining their child by teaching good attitude or characteristics, andmore. In the end we need both to help you through everything, through what you want, whatyou need and what you want to achieve. By what they are showing to you, you are also learnedfrom these and it can also help you. We all need love and it’s not about where and who it camefrom. We need the love from the father and the love from the mother. Their love for us is equaland really important.-EchagueYou have written well this essay Donna! You are discovering the writer in you. I commend thatyou have all the parts of the essay and you have supported well your thesis in this essay. Keep itup! Just be conscious of minor grammatical slips. Aside from that, I consider this a good work.
  25. 25. Will you choose your career/work over your family? Everybody has their own family and chosen career in life. Our families are the ones whoare giving us such happiness in life and we are with them all the time. They are the ones whomwe can rely on everytime that we need them. On the otherhand, our career is our chosendecision in life, it is where we can see how well did we perform in our life, this is the fruit of oursuccess in the field of education. But when you were asked to choose whether your family oryour career, what would you choose? Today I will tell you about what is my opinion about thematter of choosing between your family or your career. First, in choosing between two things we must first see them in different perspectives.Ask yourself on two questions, what will I do with my family without my career? Or What will Ido with my career without my family? See how these questions differ? We have our ownopinions on different matters and with regard to our family we also have different opinionsabout this. Its really difficult to choose whether career or family. You will be very happy if youchoose your family but on the other way around you would also be thinking on how will youraise your family without your career or job? And if we choose our career, theres a tendencythat the family members would be affected since choosing your career over them would be alittle bit upsetting because you will need to leave your family for your own choice that is why Ipointed out on the first paragraph that career is our chosen decision in life. Second, in choosing you may also want to ask yourself what is really important to you,or what really matters to you? Is it your career or your family? There are different cases inwhich we could base our answer to these questions, for example an OFW worker, these peopleare the ones who really is affected on this decision since they are choosing their work/career inorder for them to earn money for their family, but on the other hand we cant really say thatthey are choosing their work over their family because they are just doing it for them. TheseOFWs are the ones who sacrifices a lot in order for their family to have a better life and abetter future, but in turn these children who are left behind may have different understandingson why their parents (mother/father) leave them, some may understand, some may not. As aresult this will lessen their bond and love for their parents which is not good because if theseparents would return to them, these children would maybe hate or miss them that they wouldchange the way they treat their parents when they get back from work/from abroad. Third and last, in choosing we must consider this question, "Would you be happy if youchoose your family? Or your career? This is a hard question, of course you are happy wheneveryou see your family but you are also happy when you know that you can provide themeverything that they need. Does it matter when your happy but your stomach aches? No, yournot. But would you be happy also if you cant stay beside the your family and you wont seethem grow? Its a big NO, NO either. We just need to really follow what our heart desires,because our heart will lead us to the right path. And the wisest thing that you could ask for helpis Gods guidance.
  26. 26. I have presented my opinions on how I look at this family over career thing first is try tosee things on different perspectives and ask yourself what are the things that each cancontribute to you in order to come up with a wise decision, second, which is more important,weigh your answer base onyour hearts desire and lastly, consider on where would you be more happy, these are somethings to bear in mind in order to create a wise decision. Indeed, it is hard to choose on whether career or work but in the end you will end upchoosing whats really in your heart. We cannot say or predict what is to happen but we canchoose wisely in order to predict these bad happenings. Learn to love your family and at thesame time learn to love your work as well because these things come in partner, without workyou cant feed your family, without family, theres work doesnt matter at all because you donthave someone to offer your life for. So now you choose, Work/Career or Family? The answerlies in you.-SerranoNice one there Mere! You have all the parts of an essay and you have clearly stated the purposeof your essay. Capitalize on it and we will just refine some skills in writing. The essay shouldpresent your stand about the topic. It is alright to ask questions to your intended audience, butdo not forget to share your own side. Aside from that, it would have been a good essay.
  27. 27. Books that made into "Silver Screen" are very trendy nowadays, and one of the top books tomovie adaptations is Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Both Da Vinci code novel and movie, from itsopening to its stunning conclusion, have attained its goal to hand over the controversialinformation to all of its spectators. So as an avid fan of Dan Browns works, I have read Da Vincicode novel and watched its movie adaption as well, and can say that both the movie and bookhave their significance only present to itself. As a part of the final requirement to my ESNP 703This phrase may not be necessary anymore), the primary purpose of this essay is to compareand contrast Da Vinci code novel and movie adaptation. (I think there is something lacking inthe thesis. you may want to revisit your thesis.) As I mentioned on this essay, both Da Vinci code novel and its screenplay, have an "Ace"only remarkable to one another. I judged them as two separate entities with their own goodand perhaps bad points. People complain that the film isnt like the book all the time withoutunderstanding as you point out, that there are time constraints among other things, that makea director go in a slightly different direction. Often, the focus is lost in the effort to createsomething fresh take a particularly long novel, there are usually many characters who, thoughwell written and interesting, are dropped from the screenplay because it slows the film down. Both book and film follow the ultimately successful efforts of a Harvard professor of‘symbology’ and a French code-breaker, on the run from the police, to uncover secrets thatmight undermine orthodox Christianity—all in the course of a busy 24 hours or so. ProfessorRobert Langdon (in the film played by Tom Hanks) and Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou) of theFrench Judicial Police, after the murder of her grandfather—a curator at the Louvre museum inParis—in which Langdon becomes a suspect, go in search of clues as to the location of the HolyGrail (and, at the same time, attempt to avoid capture by the authorities). An ancient secretsociety, of which Neveu’s grandfather was a leading figure, is somehow involved. The clues totheir quest lie in a series of puzzles. In the novel, bank manager and friend of Jacques Saunière (murdered curator ), AndréVernet, turns against Langdon and Sophie because he has been waiting 20 years for somebodyto return for the contents of the safe and believes they may have killed Saunière to access hisvaluables. In the film, Vernets selfish interests in the contents are insinuated while, in thenovel, a fuller explanation is given of his dedication to protect Saunières interests as his clientand friend. You can see here that movie adaptations are not always close to the novel’s pacingbecause the essence of the book will be lost if everything will reenacted on the movie. To end this essay, I can say that both Novel and Movie are good because it delivered acrackling, intricate mystery, complete with breathtaking escapes and several stunning surprises.Da Vinci Code movie, changes for the most part make cinematic sense and it did hold itselfclose to the novel without losing any of the pacing so necessary for a successful film but the
  28. 28. book will always be better as our imagination is limitless compare to what an actor or directorcan do.LegaspiYour final thoughts about the topic Benedict is interesting. I also commend your essay forhaving all the parts. You just have to clearly state your thesis. Which presented the storybetter? The book or the movie? This may help you in recasting your thesis. You may also wantto make your attention getter stronger and more intriguing to tickle the curiosity of the targetaudience. In the perspective of the target audience, I may be left craving for details that wouldshow the differences between the two pieces of art. You may want to elaborate further or addmore details in your essay. Other than that, I still consider this a good one and I have seen thatyou have improved in your writing. Write on!
  29. 29. Technology today like phones, computers are fast changing. If you would compare an old unitofSamsung phone to a new and latest Samsung unit phone today. It is obvious that the old unitof Samsung phone is really far compare to the new unit of Samsung phone. Let us alsocompare Apple’s first version of Iphone to todays Iphone 5. As what I’ve said. The first version isreally far from the new one.Samsung and Apple have been battling each other for years now. The two companies stand onmuch equal footing and we’re cant be sure yet to as which one will be victorious. BothSamsung and Apple phone produce wonderful products. Each of their product has their ownstrength and weaknesses.So today, let us compare the two latest phone of Samsung and Apple. For Samsung let usconsider Samsung Galaxy s4. And for Apple, let us consider Iphone 5. First the design. Thedesign of Iphone 5 is very unique and it is made up of metal, and it has an aura of somethingthat is expensive. On the other hand, Samsung mobile phones are just made up of thin plastic.But still it has an awesome design.If you will see the side of both Samsung galaxy s4 and iphone 5. It has the same size of side butthe bigger is the Samsung galaxy s4 which has a 5.0 inches compare to iphone’s 4.0 inches. Letsus compare now the display of both phones. If you play a lot on your phone and watch a lot ofmovies then you should go for Samsung galaxy s4. Both screens are simply gorgeous. ButIphone 5 is really something special. Its display is very vibrant and natural looking. Let us alsocompare the processor of these phones. Samsung uses exynos 5 octa system chip and it has 1.6gHz quad core processor. While Iphone 5 uses its own Apple A6 chip and has a 1300 Mhz Dualcore processor.Both phones are really good in terms of quality and style. Both have their own strength andweakness. It’s up on the owner, or buyer depending on his/her wants, needs, or what fits hislifestyle.--RigosI see your effort there Kyle! These two phones are indeed useful and they made an impact inthe lives of people. On the other hand, I would like you to clearly state your thesis. What is yourstand towards the topic? Clearly state it so that the target audience can understand your pointabout the topic. Furthermore, with regard to the body of the essay, you may want to separatethe ideas into paragraphs and elaborate further on your idea or add more details. This will helpyour target audience to realize the point that you are claiming about the topic. The concludingparagraph should restate your thesis about the topic, summarize all the ideas you havepresented and state your final words about the topic. I am confident that you can do thenecessary revisions needed in your essay. Trust in your capabilities, Kyle.
  30. 30. The Philippines has over 93 million people and has 52 million registered as a voteraccording to Social Weather Stations. We elect politicians that we know they will make a goodimpact in our industry, history and ofcourse in their people. In the past decade we experiencedifferent presidency in our country and they have different goals and mission that they mustaccomplish in their terms. Every Filipinos has the power to know, what they have beensucceded in their terms every year. As a typical Filipino individual , I expect more good newsrather than in bad news on how they rule the country. We should know everything aboutthem. I conduct my own survey and with the help of research, I found out the differencebetween former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and present President Benigno SimeonCojuangco Aquino III with regards to the public perception. I think, I and we should know thecomparison about them. Based on my research about the popularity of the two, bothpresidents are Economists, the present President was even a student of Dr. Arroyo in theAteneo de Manila University, Pnoy Aquino is seen as a popular or so called as a MajorityPresident, however Arroyo was seen as unpopular, election cheater, corrupt and an usurperone in the Presidency, Pnoy was elected in a landslide victory of a margin of more than 3 millionvotes versus his nearest rival in 2010 as compared to PGMA. He was an extremely popularcandidate during the election. In the survey, Aquino had 71% satisfied and 11% of dissatisfiedabout his performancefor a very good net satisfaction rating of +60%, according to the3rd Quarter 2010 Social Weather Stations (SWS), conducted from Sept 24 – 27, 2010. Thismeans that 7 out of 10 Filipinos are satisfied with the performance of Pnoy, on the contraryPGMA rated for the first time as Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo had 42% satisfied and 18%dissatisfied with her performance, for a moderate net satisfaction rating of +24%, according tothe SWS, conducted from Sept 15 – 18, 2001. This also implies that 4 out of 10 Filipinos aresatisfied with the performance of GMA. In terms of delivering their speeches in the Filipinos,Pnoy delivered his speech in Tagalog so that it will be more understandable to the people,unlike to PGMA who shared her speech in English language that some Filipinos people areconfuse about her deliverance. In the way they talk and delivering a speech they are similarlysmart and genius. They are similar in the tune of voice (Powerful Voice). I think this informationis enough to know about them. I couldn’t find enough information about them because Pnoy iscurrently in president and I can’t tell everything from his administration. I hope that this comparison will reminds us in incoming election 2013. Every politiciansis currently campaigning in every part of the country. So what I’m trying to say is that, postingand delivering their flatforms to the public must seriously hear and read. Our generations is inour own hand. We should think wisely before we vote the right one, because we expect moreaccomplishment that they should do to the country.-Figuerroa
  31. 31. “Whether or not you believe in God, you must believe this: when we as a speciesabandon our trust in a power greater than us, we abandon our sense of accountability. Faiths…all faiths… are admonitions that there is something we cannot understand, something to whichwe are accountable. With faith we are accountable to each other, to ourselves, and to a highertruth. Religion is flawed, but only because man is flawed. The church consists of a brotherhoodof imperfect, simple souls wanting only to be a voice of compassion in a world spinning out ofcontrol.” ― Dan Brown, Angels & Demons A book and movie that was described as an anti-Christ; people would often judge thebook, the movie, the writer, even the readers of it as associated to the people who do notbelieve in Christ. Angels and Demons was written by Dan Brown and first published on the yearof 2000. Meanwhile, the movie was released on the year of 2009, and was directed by RonHoward. The story focuses on Langdon and Vittoria’s quest around Vatican to get back the anti-matter that was stolen from the laboratories of CERN. It was described as a thriller movie andmystery-thriller book. In this essay, I will compare the book to its adaptation movie, its hugechanges from one another. The book, Angels and Demons, shares many stylistic literary elements, such asconspiracies of secret societies, a single-day time frame, and the Catholic Church. Ancienthistory, architecture and symbolism are heavily referenced throughout the book. What iswritten in the book is more detailed and more vivid. It concentrates on the perspective ofLangdon, The Hassasin and the author. In the book, the Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca, an Italianpriest, helps the protagonists of the story. Langdon was brought to CERN by a Mach 15 by theorder of Maximilian Kohler, the director of CERN. This Mach 15 was the one that transportedLangdon and Vittoria, the adoptive daughter of Leonardo Vetra, to the Vatican City. CaptainRocher, the second in command of the Swiss Guard, was the one that greeted both Langdonand Vittoria when they arrived. He was the one that escorted them to Commander Olivetti. TheHassassin, which has a Middle Eastern origin, was a culprit of camerlengo and the one who iskilling the four cardinals or the so called “Preferiti”. The Hassasin contacts members of themedia, specifically BBC, to reveal the killings of the cardinals. Langdon tries to solve the ancientsymbols in time so that he can save both the Vatican and the Preferiti, but failed to the part ofthe Preferiti. Kohler died because of a shot from a Swiss Guard because he was seen to bebranding the camerlengo, but the truth is he already figured out the camerlengo’s motives.When Vittoria and Langdon found the anti-matter, it was already too late to be transportedback to CERN, so the camerlengo get it, ride and pilot a helicopter and dispatch it. Unknown tohim is that Langdon was also on board the helicopter. When the truth about what he did to thelate pope, the Illuminati, anti-matter and that his real father was the late pope, he escaped theguards and burned himself to death in front of the crowd at the roof of the St. Peter’s Square. The movie of Angels and Demons was based on the novel of the same name but thesetting happened after the first movie, The Da Vinci Code. In the movie, the Camerlengo isPatrick McKenna from Northern Ireland, was the one helping the protagonists of the film. Also,the Vatican was the one who summoned Langdon to solve the symbols. Vittoria followedbecause her colleague, Silvano Bentivoglia, was the one who was killed in the CERN labs. They
  32. 32. were assisted by the Swiss Guards headed by Commander Richter. The Assassin, which has aEuropean descent, was the one hired by the camerlengo to take part in his plans. Landon triesto solve the ancient symbols in time, but the only one he was able to save was Cardinal Baggia.The Assassin was killed because of the bomb implanted to his car. The one that the SwissGuards killed was Richter because they thought it was him who branded the camerlengo. WhenVittoria found the anti-matter, there was no time to recharge its batteries and take it back toCERN, so the camerlengo pilot a helicopter and dispatched it by himself. The truth was revealedwhen Langdon and Vittoria showed the security video from Commander Richter’s office to theother cardinals. When the camerlengo found out about this, he burn himself to death on theremote recess of the building. The Vatican announced that the camerlengo died due to internalinjuriesfrom his parachute fall. Cardinal Baggia was the one who became the pope and CardinalStrauss is the new camerlengo. Cardinal Strauss also gave Langdon Galileo’s “DiagrammaVeritatis”. Stated above are some things that should be noted about the book and the movie. Thefacts, some characters, like Langdon, the main plot and some settings are still the same. Thesymbols used in the book was still the same as the movie. Many have been retained but thereare more differences compared to the similarities. Like what I stated earlier, characters likeCommander Olivetti and Captain Rocher have different roles. Also, one of the differences is theone who was killed; in the book, it was Leonardo Vetra while in the film it was SilvanoBentivoglia. The chang of the movie adaptation to the novel made a great impact toward thestory and its ending. From the things I have written in this essay, I stated the most obvious similarities anddifferences of the novel to the film. The differences made a huge impact towards its viewerswho already read the book. The main plot of the novel and the film is still the same. For me,read the novel first before watching the film. Also, the book is more vivid than the film. One canfeel stronger feelings on reading the novel than watching the movie.-Barraca
  33. 33. Playstation 3 or X-Box 360First I will show some information about Ps3 and X-Box.Playstation 3 comes with an in-built Blu-Ray player which provides HD output with great sound quality. Xbox 360is known for itsincredible community experience and offers a more Windows friendly environment that istightly integrated with other Microsoft windows applications. Both are 7th generation gameconsoles and offer amazing online gaming services, Play Station Network(PSN) and Xbox Live.While PSN Network has no monthly fee for playing games online, Xbox Live has a subscriptionwith flexible pricing options.And now I will begin to compare the major differences they havewith each other.In Graphics The PS3 uses an NVIDIA RSX “Reality Synthesizer,” which outputsresolutions from 480i SD up to 1080i HD,for the X-box 360uses ATI Xenos for its graphicsprocessing, which has 10 MG of eDRAM.In Online The PS3 connects to the Internet for freethrough the Playstation Network using the homeowner’s high speed internet account. Itsfeatures include PlayStation Plus, a subscription service that gives early access to game betas,demos and premium downloadable content, the PlayStation Store, where players can buydownloadable content, and online gaming with other players. PlayStation Plus costs $49.99 ayear, or $17.99 for three months. The Network has over 90 million registered users.The Xbox360 uses Xbox Live, an online gaming service that is available both free and for a subscription. Itallows users to join message boards and access the Marketplace to download purchased orpromotional content. The subscription service also allows multiplayer gaming and costs $60 peryear for an individual or $99.99 for a family of four (The family pack was discontinued on3/6/2013). Users can also download classic games from the Xbox Live Arcade. Xbox Live hasover 40 million users, and players can connect using their high speed cable or DSL internetconnection.In buying games I choose X-box 360 beacuse in X-box 360 you can buy piratedgames not like in Playstation 3 pirated games cant be play because of its Blu-Ray Player.For mePlaystation 3 is better than X-box 360 because look I shared some comparison of those twogadgets as you can see in playing online,if you are a Playstation user you can easily play onlineeverytime you want you dont need to pay because its free not like in X-box 360 before you canplay online you need to pay or to buy a card to connect online.Another thing is the controlleragain Playstation 3s controller is better than the X-box 360 controller.Ps3 controller is sosimple easy to use not like X-box 360s controller its like an alien thing their are so many toclick.In gameplayI think they are tied because they have the same gameplay there is no difference in gameplay.Ingames there are some games in x-box 360 that you can only play in x-boxlike halo because of the owner microsoft is the owner of the x-box 360 and they develop thegame halo and i think its not compatible with the sony ps3 thats why ps3 dont have that game Ithink..Both gadgets are so brilliant!!!! These gadgets will give you Happiness!!You will will enjoyplaying both ps3 and x-xbox so try playing it!!!It only depends on the person for what he/shewants.-Gamboa
  34. 34. Technology has indeed contributed a lot in the world today. Many do expect a lot from ourmodern society. Information towards these modern technologies would be essential especiallyto those who would like to contribute on that field. That’s why; FEU- East Asia College is one of the prestigious colleges which offer computer studies particularly Information Technology course. The school subcategorized the course Information Technology with three specializations such as Digital Arts, Web and Mobile Application Development and Advance Game Development. These were derived to let I.T students have their own specialty in the field of I.T.Information Technology with specialization in Digital Arts is a course focused in graphic designs, photography and other multimedia related matters. Digital Arts students were trained to have their designs, plates, artworks and they must establish wide and wild imaginations, creativity and art towards their profession. Unlike Digital Arts, Information Technology with specialization in Web and Mobile Application Development is the course focused in web development, softwares and other entities related to applications or “apps” that were used in many gadgets nowadays. WMA students weretrained to develop or create unique applications for the modern and future gadgets. They have the means of critical programming that will help them to establish a good program. And on the other hand, Information Technology with specialization in Advance GameDevelopment is focused in gaming animations, character designs and other game development quantities that will enable them to manifest new looks towards the world of games and entertainment in technology. AGD students were bound to create fresh and new characters, graphics and 3D designs within their profession. Each of the specialization of Information Technology in FEU-East Asia College has its own focused and specialty. They may have common teachings and knowledge with the basics of technology but every specialization was categorized to focus on their field and That’s how we find technology.-Relleta
  35. 35. Which is more convenient to use? Laptop or Desktop? If you find yourself wanting to buy a new computer, you might have a hard time onchoosing between a desktop and a laptop. Both of them have many choices to choose from,and each comes with a variety of competitive features and price ranges. They both haveadvantages and disadvantages in which will help you to decide between the two. Here aresome information in helping you find the "one": When it comes to portability, laptops tend to be more portable than desktops. Why? Ifyou don’t plan to put some space in your home for your new computer, or if you dont knowwhere to put it, a laptop is an "ideal option". On the other hand, If you do have a spacededicated for your new computer, a desktop is a better buy. Laptops are easy to carry and canbrought anywhere, for they are lighter, smaller, and thinner than desktops. Laptops are forthose people who need to be with their computers twenty-four hours a day while being in oneplace to another. While desktops are most often used in offices for work and businesspurposes. Desktops will have lesser risk of overheating than laptops, and you wont need totake it with you all the time. However, if youre talking about features, you might consider choosing a desktop. When buying a new computer, it is important to know its features. When you compare alaptop and a desktop, try considering the features of each of them and their capacity toperform. For example, laptops have built-in webcams and a media software pre-installed. Someare designed specifically for certain games for people to play. But if youre a gamer - and aserious one, you might want to check the features of a desktop. If you require the latestfeatures to upgrade your memory, sound card and other pieces of your computer, then desktopis fitted for you. Both of them can be upgraded and repaired, but the question is, which is moreconvenient? Although we upgrade or replace things in a laptop, it is not easy to update and torepair like in a desktop.For example, if your laptop screen cracks or someone spills juice on thekeyboard, it’s much more a serious damage than in a desktop. You will pay a good amount ofmoney for that. However, desktop computers were the one having problems , it becomes reallyinconvenient to carry it to the service center unlike in a laptop. .The reasons of it are the bigand heavy C.P.U and the monitor. Choosing what computer to buy might give you a hard time, but considering your specificneeds in a computer will you to find one that will fit the requirements the you offer. There is noone right answer. The right answer is for you to decide. Laptop or Desktop?-Parreno
  36. 36. The Judicial systems Philippines VS. USAThere are many similarities between the Philippines and the United States in terms of judicialsystems, both countries have the same Government Structure, both have Supreme Courts andthe Philippines has implemented a legal framework very similar to the United States. Despitethe similarities of the Philippine legal system with American laws, however, there are stillportions of Philippine law that are endemic to the Philippines. For example, the barangayconciliation panels - through which most controversies involving residents of the same city ormunicipality must pass through before they are litigated in court - are uniquely Filipino. Also,unlike in the United States, there is no jury system in the Philippines.FEU-EAC BSITWMA BSITDA BSITAGD The Animation and Game Development, Digital Arts, and Web and Mobile Applicationare the three specializations offered by Far Eastern University - East Asia College in the field ofBachelor of Science in Information Technology. BSIT specialization with Animation and GameDevelopment program aims for students who have been interested into animation and gamesproviding them with a methodological and systematic knowledge of the concepts withcomputer-oriented resources and services. Students of this program will gain knowledge inconceptualization, mechanics, creativeness, designing and 3D animation and able to unleashtheir hidden skills and potential as future computer designers and programmers. BSITspecialization with Digital Arts program aims for students who have been interested into arts,designing and photography providing them with a methodological and systematic knowledgeon the acquisition deployment and management with computer-oriented resources andservices. Students of this program will be introduced to rich and powerful creative environmentexperiences across various media for them to maximize their creativeness capacity and tounleash their potentials to be designers and photographers with foundation of various mediaplatforms in designing, editing, animation and other digital experiences. BSIT specialization withWeb and Mobile Application program aims to provide students with a methodological approachin advance understanding on the deployment, acquirement and management of informationresources and applications. BSITWMA students will gain knowledge in designing, managing,creating and modifying the web and mobile services, applications and software with a broadfoundation in user interaction and global communication with computer-oriented environmentfocused on the development of mobile web.- Nolasco, Jerome Raymond C.BSITWMA W02ENSP703
  37. 37. The TWILIGHT movie series is totally the opposite of the novel series. The scenes in novel serieswas complete and was detailed discussed by the author, while the movie series has its ownversion and scenes that was created by the director’s imagination. In our country the moviewas strictly prohibited to under ages, while the novel series can is open for anyone who wantsto read it. Some scenes in the film series was cut, because those scenes didn’t pass thestandards of the movie critics. However, we can see those cut scenes in the novel series.-Ramirez