Paralegal Schools in Ohio


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Paralegal Schools in Ohio

  1. 1. Paralegal Schools in OhioThe following article published on Paralegal Training and Jobs blog. Several Paralegal Schools in Ohio, offer specializedtraining for aspirants that want to earn associates degrees, bachelors or masters degrees, andoffer students a broad spectrum of general education classes and focused coursework inparalegal studies. One benchmark of the quality of education is accreditation by the AmericanBar Association (ABA), showing that Paralegal Schools in Ohio have fulfilled nationalrequirements. Therefore, if someone in Ohio wishes to start a career in this interestingprofession, needs to first obtain the necessary education from an approved paralegal school.All start with training programs on criminal issues and domestic law, ethics, fundamentals oflegal record research and legal instrument writing. Ohio paralegal schools also offer internshipsas advanced level courses for on-the-job training. As in other states must work under the directsupervision of a lawyer. Also, depending on the type of degree, it can take two to five years tocomplete the studies.Requirements to Work As a Paralegal in OhioFor someone to become a certified paralegal, will must has sufficient education and workexperience or a combination of the two. The Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) developedguidelines to assist companies decide if someone is qualified to work as a paralegal. Theseguidelines are: Completion of a bachelors degree in any field with either at least 24 semester hours of paralegal studies courses or one year of work experience as a paralegal. Completion of a bachelors degree in paralegal studies consisting of a minimum of 124 semester hours and paralegal work experience of at least one year full-time. Completion of an associates degree in that includes a minimum of 60 semester credit hours with at least 24 of those in paralegal coursework and at least five years of work experience as a paralegal under the direct supervision of an attorney. A high school diploma or equivalent and at least seven years full-time work experience as a practicing paralegal.Note: Many employers in Ohio prefer their employees be trained by ABA-Approved schools orbe offered by an accredited educational institution. 1/5
  2. 2. ABA Approved Paralegal Education ProgramsThe American Bar Association (ABA) evaluates the course of study as well as grants itsapproval if the program satisfies specific conditions. In the State of Ohio there are many ABAapproved paralegal programs:Capital University Law SchoolProgram Description: Paralegal/Legal Nurse Consultant ProgramTelephone: 614.236.6885Degrees Offered: Post-Baccalaureate CertificateWebsite: of Mount St. JosephProgram Description: Paralegal Studies ProgramTelephone: 513.244.4952Degrees Offered: Associate, Baccalaureate Degrees, Certificate ProgramWebsite: www.msj.eduColumbus State Community CollegeProgram Description: Paralegal Studies ProgramTelephone: 614.287.2623Degrees Offered: Associate Degree, Post-Baccalaureate CertificateWebsite: www.cscc.eduCuyahoga Community CollegeProgram Description: Paralegal Studies/Legal Nurse Consulting ProgramTelephone: 216.987.5214Degrees Offered: Associate Degree, Post-baccalaureate CertificateWebsite: Community CollegeProgram Description: Paralegal Studies ProgramTelephone: 800-922-3722 ext. 7904Degrees offered: Associate of Applied Business, CertificateWebsite: www.edisonohio.eduFortis College fka RETS College fka RETS TechProgram Description: Paralegal ProgramTelephone: 937.260.4810Degrees Offered: Associate DegreeWebsite: State UniversityProgram Description: Paralegal Studies ProgramTelephone: 330.907.3362 2/5
  3. 3. Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies, Baccalaureate degrees with ParalegalStudies minor, Post-Baccalaureate CertificateWebsite: www.kent.eduLake Erie CollegeProgram Description: Legal Studies ProgramTelephone: 440.375.7121Degrees Offered: Bachelor of ScienceWebsite: www.lec.eduLakeland Community CollegeProgram Description: Paralegal Studies ProgramTelephone: 440.525.7352Degrees Offered: Associate of Applied Business, Post-Baccalaureate CertificateWebsite: www.lakelandcc.eduNational College (Dayton Area Campus)Program Description: Paralegal Studies ProgramTelephone: (937) 299-9450Degrees Offered: Associate of Applied ScienceWebsite: www.national-college.eduRhodes State College (formerly Lima Technical College)Program Description: Paralegal/Legal Assisting ProgramTelephone: 419.995.8404Degrees Offered: Associate in Arts, Associate in Applied Science, Post-BaccalaureateCertificateWebsite: www.rhodesstate.eduSinclair Community CollegeProgram Description: Paralegal Program (PAR)Telephone: 937.512.2935Degrees Offered: Associate in Applied ScienceWebsite: www.sinclair.eduUniversity of Cincinnati (University College)Program Description: Paralegal Studies ProgramTelephone: 513.556.1731Degrees Offered: Associate in Science, Bachelor of Science, Post-Baccalaureate CertificateWebsite: www.uc.eduUniversity of Cincinnati ClermontProgram Description: Paralegal Technology ProgramTelephone: 513.732.5302Degrees Offered: Associate of Applied Business-Paralegal, Post-Baccalaureate CertificateWebsite: 3/5
  4. 4. The University of Toledo (Scott Park Campus)Program Description: Paralegal Studies ProgramTelephone: 419.530.7746Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Science, Associate in Science, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate,Nurse Paralegal CertificateWebsite: CollegeProgram Description: Legal Studies ProgramTelephone: 440.449.5403Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies, Post-degree Certificate in Legal StudiesWebsite: Certification in OhioCertificates programs is a way to prove the ability of skills of individual paralegals. The OSBAParalegal Certification process can help students who are interested and want to join in thisfield, as most employers prefer to hire those applicants who are certified.Also, paralegals may choose national certification, through which become certified paralegals.As with the OSBA Paralegal Certification process, those interested for nationally certified mustmeet requirements for education, work experience or a combination of the two. The nationalcertification organizations are: American Alliance of Paralegals, Inc. (AAPI), offers CP exam. National Association of Legal Secretaries (NALS), offers the PP exam. National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), offers the CLA/CP exam. National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA), offers the PACE/PCC exam.Note: The requirements differ between the national paralegal organizations.Paralegal Jobs in OhioParalegals work anywhere as long as they are under the direct supervision of an attorney andthe jobs outlook for Ohio paralegals closely mirrors the nationwide prospects for this careerchoice. Paralegals often find careers in law firms, state and federal government law settings,with small lawyers groups and in local public departments. For certified paralegals the jobsearch process it is easier when seeking new employment, and often are better paid thannon-certified.Important Contacts for Paralegals Ohio Statewide Alliance (OSA) Cleveland Association of Paralegals, Inc. (CAP) Cincinnati Paralegal Association (CPA) 4/5
  5. 5. Greater Dayton Paralegal Association, Inc. (GDPA) Paralegal Association of Northwest Ohio (PANO) Paralegal Association of Central Ohio (PACO) Ohio Secretary of State Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) Ohio State Bar-Paralegal Certification Program Supreme Court of Ohio and the Ohio Judicial System Original story: Paralegal Schools in Ohio 5/5Powered by TCPDF (