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Festival DNA - workshop poster


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Festival DNA - workshop poster

  1. 1. FESTIVAL DNA Exit el tion lev ers e typ ustom s ce to en rganisa pro eri stival c nd xp ea le at an o va tic ering fe sti il c ta al pra /fe de tiv es p fes ld on Wrap u ui ng ur Discov /b yo ct lle n fle si fs ha ie p Re hip br gc ers ga p e Bi gu n rit ow ing in W lish en Op 4. 5 1.1 b sta 4.4 1.2 izon E al hor .3 4 festiv a your ide the 1 .3 nicating Commu 4.2 4 1 Sca nning DELIVER DISCOVER 1.4 4.1Exit Exit Establishing 2.1 3.6 Deliver Prototy 3 2 opportunities /problems pe DEVELOP DEFINE 3.5 2.2 Def Ma ine 4 2. 3. 3 kin Out gy 2. com 3.3 4 our pro De 3.2 2.5 Co es -d 3 .1 2.6 tot ve ype lo es ign De pi Ra ng Te liv Ma pi s Eva yo tin er Developing d Laying ur g kin Pr Pr id lua ot ea ot g yo ot te P o yp typ out you ur in rot e g pro o your typ to r e typ idea op idea e tions Exit DELIVER TOOLS; DISCOVER TOOLS; The Interview Lite Blueprint Lite (small) 50 Things Tool Service Evidencing Poster (small) Contextual Interview Wwwwwh Observation Blueprint Shadowing Service Evidencing (large) Cultural Probe Deliver Storyboard Relationship/Stakeholder Map Generative Tools EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES; Vox Popping Exhibition Service Walkthrough EXIT; EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES; Evaluation Tool Customer Day - invite your customers in Brief (Discover) Tech Day - bringing in exciting ideas/tech to Slidedeck of findings inspire/understand the horizon Evaluate and Measure Asset Map Class - looking at positive assets for your festival Idea Options Book Brief (Define) Example and Case Study - Slidedeck EXIT; Funding Bid Brief Story to tell Slidedeck of Findings DEVELOP TOOLS; Brainstorm Ideas DEFINE TOOLS; Customer Journey Map Storyboarding Persona Prototype Challenge lite (Mock up, Lego, Staging) User Profiles - breaking down findings and needs more Prototype Challenge (Take Prototypes to Users) Media Portrait Staging P.O.P.I. (Problems.Opportunity.Principles.Ideas) Desktop Walkthrough Clustering Mock Up Idea Voting Experience Prototyping Storyboard for Developing Idea EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES; Newsletter - sharing what you are doing EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES; Co-design Session Make Day - Prototyping Developing Ideas Sessions Showcase Event - feedback on work so far and direction of Intervention Day - Intervene in a Service project Hack Day - Culture Hack Scotland EXIT; EXIT; Evaluate and Measure Example and Case Study Idea Options Book Funding Bid Brief Story to Tell Example and Case Study - Slidedeck