Free Information Session "10 Tips for Healthy Conception"


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Dr Jodie Semmler spoke about the top ten tips our Fertility Specialists recommend to boost your chances of conception. Dr Semmler is one of Adelaide's leading gynaecological surgeons. She has had extensive experience in laparoscopic keyhole surgery treating fertility issues including the excision of endometriosis. Dr Semmler is also a sitting member of the Australian IVF Directors group.

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Free Information Session "10 Tips for Healthy Conception"

  1. 1. 10 Tips for Healthy Conception Presented by Dr Jodie Semmler
  2. 2. 10 Tips for Healthy Conception• Everything in these slides applies to both males and females
  3. 3. Stop Smoking• Both active and passive smoking areharmful to fertility• Smokers take 1.5x longer to conceive• Smoking reduces egg supply•Smoking damages the DNA in sperm•Smoking increases miscarriage rates(and other pregnancy complications)
  4. 4. Stop smoking• The less you smoke the better(reduce now!)• After 1 year of stopping mostnegative effects are reversed•
  5. 5. Exercise• Is really really good for you!• Helps manage stress and weight• Increased pre-pregnancy fitness canreduce muscular-skeletal problemsduring pregnancy•Particularly helpful for management ofPCOS related fertility issues
  6. 6. Reduce Caffeine• High levels of caffeine intake may prolong“time to pregnancy”• Greater than 5 cups coffee a day has beenassociated with increased miscarriage• 2 caffeinated drinks per day or less isprobably safe (less than 170mg caffeine)
  7. 7. Minimise Alcohol Intake• Boys as well as girls!• NHMRC recommends zero alcohol for women trying toconceive (but no strong evidence for this)• Heavy drinking definitely reduces fertility• Moderate drinking probably affects fertility (one studygreater than 6 units per week for the female or male wasshown to reduce IVF chances)• “Sensible” guideline – 1-2 standard drinks 1-2 times perweek probably OK
  8. 8. Review all medications• All illicit drugs harmful to fertility andpregnancy – cocaine, heroine, ecstasy• Anabolic steroids – reduced sperm count• Marijuana – seriously affects sperm motility• Prescription medications should be reviewedwith your doctor• Care with alternative medicines - many havenot been proven to be safe in pregnancy andexact composition often unclear
  9. 9. Reduce Exposure to Toxins• Avoid – heavy metals (lead,mercury), some industrial chemicalsand solvents, pesticides, radiation• Having your hair dyed is fine!• WCH drug information line -81617350 can be a useful resource
  10. 10. Reduce or Manage Stress• “Eustress” is normal and OK• Stress “per se” is unlikely to affect fertility but it may reduce intercourse frequency and increase unhealthy habits• Extreme stress with associated weight loss may disrupt ovulation• Exercise, massage, yoga, relaxation tapes, meditation and holidays all good
  11. 11. Sleep well• 6-8 hours sleep per night recommended• Aids weight and stress management• Increase exercise, decrease caffeine• Relaxation techniques
  12. 12. Take Folate• Recommended 500mcg daily to reduce NTD (spina bifida)• Adding a multivitamin “may” benefit some women• Any multivitamin should be specifically approved for pregnancy (care with vitamin A dose)• Still need a well balanced diet!
  13. 13. Be a Healthy Weight• Women who are overweight or obese have less chance of getting pregnant• A woman with a BMI greater than 30 is 2.5x more likely to lose her baby before birth (includes miscarriage)• Risks during pregnancy include – High BP, diabetes, pre-eclampsia, caesarean, still birth• Chance of IVF working is reduced by 50% (ie halved)
  14. 14. Be a healthy weight• Overweight or obese men have poorer sperm quality than healthy weight men• Hormonal changes in obesity can cause decreased libido and increased erectile problems• If male partner is obese this reduces IVF chances by 50%• If both male and female obese – marked reduction in fertility and IVF chances
  15. 15. The Good News• Increasing fitness and reducing weight by only 5-10% can have a marked positive effects on fertility • Exercising together can be fun! • Fertility SA’s “Health and Well-being Programme” What have you got to lose?
  16. 16. Consulting Clinic345 Carrington StreetAdelaide SA 5000Phone 8100 2900e