Q and a god father


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Q and a god father

  1. 1. Which of Vito Corleone's children is the oldest? Michael Fredo Connie Sonny Where does the family send Michael to hide? Sicily Las Vegas Paris Rome Who does the Don make the consigliere after GencoAbbandando's death? Sonny Tessio Tom Hagen Fredo Who was Michael's first wife? Apollonia Nicolina Kay Lucy Which caporegime ended up betraying the Corleone family? Clemenza Tessio Al Neri Rocco Lampone Which of these men was the most feared by the other families? Tessio Luca Brasi Sonny Clemenza What business does Sollozzo want to involve Vito in? Narcotics Prostitution Gambling Construction what is the first line of the Godfather 1. I am an American 2. America is my country 3. I want revenge 4. I believe in America Which character actor said this phrase on the movie "The Godfather": Oh, Godfather, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. 1. Marlon Brando .... Don Vito Corleone 2. Al Martino .... Johnny Fontane 3. Morgana King .... Mama Corleone 4. Al Pacino .... Michael Corleone In "The Godfather," after Paulie is killed in his car, he says "Leave the gun...Take the cannolis." 1. Emilio Barzini 2. Peter Clemenza 3. Tom Hagen 4. Virgil Sollozzo
  2. 2. In The Godfather which of Vito?s children was adopted? 1. Michael 2. Sonny 3. Tom 4. Fredo What are Don Vito Corleone's children's names in The Godfather? 1. Carly, Vincenzo, Marcello, Carmine 2. Connie, Michael, Santino (Sonny), Fredo 3. Kay, Michael, Santino (Sonny), Albert 4. Maria, Vincenzo, Michael, Mario Al Lettieri played the part of Virgil Sollozzo in The Godfather. What's Sollozos nickname? 1. The Swede 2. The Italian 3. The Frenchman 4. The Turk (Correct Answer) What does Don Vito say to Johnny Fontane after he slaps him in the face, in the movie "The Godfather"? 1. "we'll make him an offer he can't refuse" 2. "act like a man" (Correct Answer) 3. "get sonny in here" 4. "call Luca Brasi" In the Godfather, who sold out Sonny to be killed? 1. PaulieGatto 2. Bruno Tattaglia 3. Sally Tesio 5. Carlo (Correct Answer) In The Godfather, what was the name of Michael Corleone's first wife? 1. Kay 2. Diane 3. Carmela 4. Apollonia (Correct Answer) Don Corleone in The Godfather had three sons. Rank them in age. First the oldest, the middle and the youngest 1. Michael, Fredo Sonny 2. Michael, Sonny, Fredo 3. Sonny, Fredo, Michael (Correct Answer) 4. Fredo, Michael, Sonny In the opening scenes of The Godfather, who is celebrating their wedding? 1. Michael Corleone 2. Sonny Corleone 3. FredoCorleon 4. Connie (Correct Answer) In the Godfather, what is Michael doing when all the Dons of the other families being murdered? 1. at church 2. beinganounced godfather to his neice (Correct Answer) 3. assasinating his sisters husband 4. Shopping What was the name of the racehorse who loast 'by a head' in 'The Godfather'? 1. Red Rum 3. Shergar
  3. 3. 4. Shadowfax 5. Khartoum (Correct Answer) Where was the gun hidden for Michael Corleone in The Godfather? 1. Under the Sink 2. In the Kitchen 3. Under the Chair 4. Back of the toilet (Correct Answer) in the godfather, the Don said " the one who makes the meeting is the traitor, don't ever forget that..". the meeting was arranged, who was the traitor? 1. Tessio (Correct Answer) 2. Michael Corleone 3. Clamenza 4. Don Bartzini At the end of "The Godfather Part 1", Michael Corleone assumes control of the Corleone family, and relocates their mafia operations to what city? 1. Miami 2. Las Vegas (Correct Answer) 3. Boston 4. New Jersey Finish this famous quote from The Godfather. "A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be ____________. 1. happy 2. a real man (Correct Answer) 3. successful 4. a good person How was James Caan?s Character ?Sonny? killed? 1. Strangled from behind in a car 2. Shot in a car at a toll booth (Correct Answer) 3. Drowned while swimming 4. Hit repeatedly with clubs in a field When Micheal was teaching English to his first wife Apollonia in Italy she would practice by saying these common things:? 1. Months in the year (January February March ?..) 2. Different Table ware (Knife Spoon Fork ?..) 3. Animal on the Farm (Cow Chicken Horse?) 4. Days of the week (Monday Tuesday Wednesday?) Micheals first wife in Italy, Appolonia, died in which way? 1. Shot in the head 2. Blown up in a car (Correct Answer) 3. Suffocated in her sleep 4. Died while giving birth What was Marlon Brandos character Don Corleone was doing what just before he died? 1. Fishing on a lake 2. Eating Dinner in a Restaurant 3. Playing with his grandson in the garden 4. Sleeping in bed in the Hospital To make a statement to a Hollywood Executive what was left in his bed Dead under his covers? 1. Some Fish 2. A Horse Head (Correct Answer)
  4. 4. 3. A Canary 4. His Dog McCluskey grants Michael permission to go to the bathroom in the restaurant by saying? 1. You gotta go, You Gotta Go! (Correct Answer) 2. Don?t take to long! 3. whydidn?t you go before you left? 4. Number one or number 2? When the family ?cleans house? and kill many people during the baptism Moe green is shot in the eye where is he when he is shot? 1. At a ballgame 2. In a boat on a lake 3. In a restaurant 4. On a massage table (Correct Answer) In the GodFather, Robert Duvall Character, Tom Hagen plays what role for the Corleone Family? 1. Accountant ?Numbers 2. Attorney ?Consiglieri? (Correct Answer) 3. Chauffer ? Wheels 4. Doctor ?Doc? Micheal upset at his Fredo says to him ?You are my older brother and I love you but Don?t ever?. 1. take sides with anyone against the family again, ever 2. tell my wife what to do in front of other people 3. take my child fishing without my permission again 4. gamble with money set a side for the "Family" business In which movie In the Godfather Al Pacino says "Only don't tell me you're innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and makes me very angry." Who is he talking to? 1. Hyman Roth 2. Moe Green 3. Carlo (Correct Answer 4. Fredo