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Introduction to media_l_for_students Introduction to media_l_for_students Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction to Media Literacy 5 Keys
  • A Vision of K-12  Students Today Watch Video
  • Video Reactions (T-P-S activity)
      • Did you see yourself or a friend in that classroom?
      • How do teachers engage you or your friends in learning?
      • How do students convince their teachers to use technology?
      • Other thoughts?
  • Can you identify the first name, last name and office held for each of these people?
  • Alphabet Advertising
  • 2009 Advertising Budget for Oreo Cookies = $5,000,000 2011 Per Pupil Allowance in Michigan = ~$12,000
  • The 5 Key Concepts and Questions of Media Literacy The basis for this presentation and the consumption of all media.
  • Core Concept All media messages are constructed. Key Question Who created this message? Questions to Guide Children What is this? How is this put together?
  • Core Concept Media messages are constructed using a creative language with its own rules. Key Question What techniques are used to attract my attention? Questions to Guide You What do I see or hear? Smell? Touch or taste? What do I like or dislike about this?
  • Core Concept Different people experience the same media message differently. Key Question How might different people understand this message differently from me? Questions to Guide You What do I think and feel about this? What might other people think and feel about this?
  • Core Concept Media have embedded values and points of view. Key Question What lifestyles, values and points of view are represented or omitted in this message? Questions to Guide You What does this tell me about how other people live and what they believe? Is anything or anyone left out?
  • Core Concept Media are organized to   gain profit  and/or power. Key Question Why was this message sent? Questions to Guide You Is this trying to  tell   me something? Is this trying to  sell  me something?
  • Using Voice Thread to Work with Key Concepts and Questions 5 Key Concepts for K-5  
  • Lesson 2 B     Visual Techniques