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Civil disobedience
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Civil disobedience


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Civil Disobedience
    What is it and how does it change things?
  • 2. What’s Your Verdict? Page 16
    Review the passage on Page 16.
    Dr. King decided in the 1960s the civil disobedience was ethics in CERTAIN limited circumstances. It is ethical when:
    A law is in conflict with ethical reasoning
    No effective political methods are available to change the law
    The civil disobedience is NON violent
    The civil disobedience does not advance a person’s immediate self interest
    The civil disobedience is public and one willingly accepts the punishment for violating the law
  • 3. The Assignment
    Think of some rule you want to change (and why you want to change it).
    This can be something in your house, at school, in the state, in the US or in the world
    In a Word Document explain:
    • What you want to change
    • 4. You want to change it
    • 5. What act of Civil Disobedience you are going to use to make the change happen
    • 6. This should be about 1-2 pages in length.
    • 7. It needs to be clear enough that if you were NOT there, someone else could make your idea happen
  • The example
    My city requires that garbage for trash day cannot be put out until the day of pick up but pickup starts at 7am.
    I want to change this because it is really hard to take the garbage out at 6am before I go to work and I want to be able to put it out before I go to bed without fearing that I will get a ticket.
    I will organize all my neighbors to put the garbage out the night before and show the city that we all want things changed.
    (If I was handing this in for CREDIT, it would be MUCH longer and more details—this is just an example)
  • 8. Resources
    If you go to the ACLU Website and search for Civil Disobedience you will find ideas of things that have happened before.
    Also you can search Google
    Think about the things that matter to you or upset you in your life or when you read the paper or listen to the news