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Ferrari Architects Portfolio

  1. 1. 35.5 Sq.M. (22.4 Sq.M.) UP DOWN TO CHURCH BAPTISTRY 22.0 Sq.M. ENTRANCE HALL ( 16.0 Sq.M. ) 37.0 Sq.M. DOWN PROPOSED GROUND FLOOR PLAN 1:100 A A ST GEORGEʼS CASTLE 26700 with RDA Architects Client: Antiochian Orthodox CHURCH HALL Church of London 14700 No. Date Revisions 425.0 Sq.M. Altar UP 400 SEATS c copyright C C Location: Fulham, London Contract Value: n/a RAFFOUL . DARRER . ARCHITECTS CHARTERED ARCHITECTS Completion: n/a Kings Yard Ennismore Avenue Chiswick London W4 1SE Telephone: 020-8994 2800 Facsimile : 020-8994 0302 E-mail: Stages: C Job No: Client THE ANTIOCHIAN ORTHODOX SOCIETY SKYLIGHT ABOVE OF BRITAIN LOBBY TO ALTAR 42.5 Sq.M. Refurbishment and UP Job Title A Outline Of Existing Building Above Up PROPOSED DOWN LIFT extension to provide new REFURBISHMENT AND EXTENSION TO THE CASTLE, BROOMHOUSE LANE, SW6 facilities for prayer and EXISTING MALE WC OFFICE/STORAGE SPACE 48.0 Sq.M. (15.6 Sq.M.) B B B B General Note: Drawing Title UP teaching. DOWN DOWN VOID SPACE TO BE RENOVATED PRIEST'S STORAGEFigures shown in brackets represent existing areas in St EXISTING DOWN ACCOMODATION 57.Sq.M. 27 Sq.M. George's Cathedral, Albany Street, London. PROPOSED: FIRST FLOOR HALL 45.0 Sq.M. DOWN This is shown for comparison. BASEMENT PLAN FEMALE WC AND Outline Of Existing Building Above GROUND FLOOR PLAN Scale 1:100 A PROPOSED BASEMENT PLAN 1:100 Date Drawn by PROPOSED FIRST FLOOR PLAN 1:100 November 2009 N.K A Drg No. Rev FS(0)102 EXSISTING CHERRY TREE EXISTING MULBERRY TREE LANDSCAPED SPACES ABOVE CHURCH HALL WITH ROOFLIGHTS AND SCULPTURED AREAS No. Date Revisions c copyright EXISTING ASH TREE RAFFOUL . DARRER . ARCHITECTS CHARTERED ARCHITECTS Kings Yard Ennismore Avenue Chiswick London W4 1SE Telephone: 020-8994 2800 Facsimile : 020-8994 0302 E-mail: Job No: UP EXISTING TOWER Client THE ANTIOCHIAN ORTHODOX SOCIETY SKYLIGHT TO CHURCH LOBBY BELOW OF BRITAIN Job Title A DOWN TO CHURCH DOWN BELOW EXISTING MULBERRY TREE KITCHEN DOWN PROPOSED 12.5 Sq.M. (10.5 Sq.M.) UP DOWN REFURBISHMENT AND EXTENSION TO DISABELD WC LIFT TO CHURCH DOWN THE CASTLE, BELOW CRECHE 12.0 Sq.M. BROOMHOUSE LANE, SW6 EXISTING FIRST FLOOR HALL ALTAR B B SOCIAL HALL Drawing Title UP PRIEST'S ACCOMODATION EXIT TO DAISY LANE Down UP 78.0 Sq.M. (27.84 Sq.M.) 60.5 Sq.M PROPOSED: TEACHING/LIBRARY SPACE 35.5 Sq.M. DOWN SITE AND GROUND (22.4 Sq.M.) UP FLOOR PLAN DOWN TO CHURCH AND BAPTISTRY 22.0 Sq.M. ENTRANCE HALL FIRST FLOOR PLAN ENTRANCE HALL ( 16.0 Sq.M. ) 37.0 Sq.M. BROOMHOUSE LANE DOWN 4000 Scale Iconostas beyond 1:100 3305 CHURCH PROPOSED GROUND FLOOR PLAN 1:100 Date Drawn by HALL CHURCH LOBBY EXISTING MULBERRY TREE November 2009 N.K PROPOSED SECTION AA 1:100 Drg No. Rev A FS(0)101 DOWN TO BROOMHOUSE LANE
  2. 2. WENLOCK ROAD Client: Private Location: Islington, London Contract Value: 50K Completion: 2008 Stages: C-F Refurbishment and interior design. NOTE: Contractors must check dimensions Note: on site prior to demolition, works 3 10 3 01 and manufacturing. New walls are shown in red; Furniture indicative only except where noted; All walls to be 2 layers of DE001 3 Notes Do not scale from this drawing. plasterboard on metal studs and acoustic insulation, skim and paint finish. 1. Full height paint finish plasterboard wall behind kitchen cabinet. 01 1 2 2. Line of fire curtain over. GA003 300 3000 2400 4232 2585 3. Plasterboard wall. 4. New radiator. 5. Extend plasterboard nib, make good and shelving / storage 500 01 built in 01 600 wardrobe radiator (removed) storage paint. GA002 GA002 6. Concrete ceiling downstand shown (above door) ceiling 2800 Entrance Lobby dashed. u/s of beam ceiling 2800 LEB here 1225 ceiling 3320 here ceiling 2800 7. New plasterboard wall paint finish up top 2920 here TBC 9 1600 Walk in of kitchen cabinet level. wardrobe 8. 6mm clear frameless laminated glass at Bedroom 2090 coats 5 the top of plasterboard wall, sitting on top HWC and bottom satin aluminium channels. 1120 02 built in 9. Open adjustable shelving in high gloss GA003 600 wardrobe radiator (new) white paint finish. Supply and fit rail for Bathroom ladder on castors. 1456 [check dim] (as existing) 10. 2m tall, full width frameless mirror ceiling 2585 TV stand / low level storage 300 adhesive fixed on to plasterboard background. Ground edges. ceiling 3320 here Shelving and desk by ceiling 3380 Kitchen FOR CONSTRUCTION radiator (removed) Rev. Description. By Date Living / Dining Room B Revised following Client meeting on SF 10/12/08 9th December 2008. Fire curtain shown ceiling 3380 in lieu of door, radiator omitted. Suspended ceiling to walk-in wardrobe 6130 and along storage wall added. B Revised following Client meeting on SF 08/11/08 8th November 2008. A SK003 revised following Client SF 20/10/08 comment and issued as GA001. Client 7 ceiling 3320 Andrew Jouana ceiling here 2870 Jill Freestone 02 Raised Platform here 02 GA002 8 ceiling 2930 GA002 Project Flat 114, 31 Wenlock Road 6 London N1 7SH radiator (new) Title 450 mm 6 UP Proposed Plan radiator (new) radiator (removed) Storage / desk unit radiator (removed) radiator (new) 03 03 Drawing No. Rev. GA003 01 GA003 C 4 4 4 0806 GA001 GA003 Scale Date Drawn Checked 0 1 2 3 4 5M 01 Proposed Plan 1:50 @ A3 12.10.08 SF - Denotes demolition
  3. 3. CACCIARIʼS Client: MY PIADA Ltd Location: London SW7 Contract Value: 45K Completion: 2009 Stages: C-F Fit out for an Italian cafeʼ restaurant. NOTES: All dimensions must be checked on site and not scaled 21 12 18 8 19 16 13 from this drawing. 1. Proposed grey colour metal PPC frame surround. 1 2. Proposed clear glass shopfront in metal PPC frames. 3. Recessed menu board with frameless glass front (access from inside). 1435 550 785 1705 4. Recessed edge lighting all around inner frame. 5. Existing low level meters enclosure. 6. Fix TV screen on this wall TBC. 7. Vynil flooring, type TBC. 8. Full height plasterboard wall. 17 14 12 9 2 9. Counter (by others) 2500 1.00;350 10. Plasterboard shelf. 1170 430 11. Heavy Duty Vynil Floor, type TBC. 12.Welded sink and faucet (by others) 864 7 4 13. Seating (by others). 940 14. Full height plasterboard cladding to existing 21 745 column. 15.Coffee machine (by others). 8 16. Projecting plasterboard panel with recessed 22 100 fluorscent cold cathode battens all around and 20 1 applied vinyl graphics (by client). 23 17. Gas supply outlet at floor level. 3 24 4 18.Outline of extractor hood (exact location TBC). 19. Gas Cooker (by others). 25 20. Line of existing ceiling level drop. 21. Existing beam downstand 2100 mm. 22. Existing soli pipe boxing. 23. Existing beam downstand 2364 mm. 24. Existing waste pipe at ceiling level. 25. Painted timber door. 26 27 28 15 12 10 5 6 26. Extend plasterboard parapet up to the new ceiling level. 27. Steps down to basement level. 28. New full height plasterboard wall to line up with opposite.
  4. 4. BRANDY & MELVILLE with Stanza Design Client: Fashion Trading Ltd Location: London W12 Contract Value: 45K Completion: 2008 Stages: C-F Flagship store fit out for an Italian womenswear fashion brand in the White City Westfield's shopping mall.
  5. 5. BATTERSEA STUDIOS 2 with Barr Gazetas Client: Helical Bar Location: London SW8 Contract Value: 8.5 M Completion: 2008 Stages: C-F A 52,000 sq ft new build 5 storeys office building. Exposed concrete soffits, super insulated wall and underfloor a/c for energy saving and total space planning flexibility. Cedarwood louvres cladding to feature windows and stairs. Decked perimeter terrace to top floor.
  6. 6. PENINSULA SQUARE with Barr Gazetas Client: Meridian Delta Ltd, English Partnership, Anschutz Entertainment Group Location: Greenwich, London Completion: 2007 Stages: C-F
  7. 7. MAY ROAD with Barr Gazetas Client: JP Dunn Construction Location: Twickenham, UK Contract Value: 150K Completion: 2004 Stages: C-F A distinctive new modern building within the Twickenham Conservation Area, adjacent to Twickenham Village Green, amidst a very mixed set of buildings. Stock bricks and special glazing create a varied elevation. Office spaces surround an internal courtyard.
  8. 8. EASTERN ROAD with Barr Gazetas Client: Tradex Insurance Location: Romford Contract Value: 1.2 M Completion: 2003 Stages: C-F A 10,000 sq ft new build 5 storeys office building. The white rendered finish and the distinctive modernist façade makes a strong statement in a street of undistinguished office buildings and a curved corner tower gives presence from the nearby streets.The fifth floor roof terrace has views across Romford.
  9. 9. AMES HOUSE with Barr Gazetas Client: Easy Properties Ltd Location: Mayfair, London Contract Value: 230K Completion: 2003 Stages: D-K Seven luxury apartments with bamboo flooring, wet rooms and bespoke kitchens.
  10. 10. CLARENDON ROAD with Raffoul Darrer Architects Client: Private Location: Holland Park, London Contract Value: 200K Completion: 2002 Stages: C-F Roof extension, glass and fibre optics staircase, refurbishment.
  11. 11. BINDEN ROAD with Raffoul Darrer Architects Client: Private Location: London W12 Contract Value: 175K Completion: 2002 Stages: C-F Glass and steel rear extension and refurbishment. Bespoke kitchen.