Estados Unidos


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Estados Unidos

  2. 2. In the century XIX two fundamental processes took place for the United States: The expansion towards the west and the war of secession. The country grew very much and began an unstoppable cost-reducing development. INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. From the moment of his independence, the thirteen colognes that formed initially United States experienced a process of demographic, territorial and cost-reducing expansion than, along with the consolidation of his democratic system, you put the bases of the great power you were going to become converted in after Secesión's war.
  4. 4. EXPANSION The expansion took effect intervening: - Purchase: You bought to France the Luisiana, in 1819 the Florida in 1803 to Spain and Alaska was bought the Russians in 1867. - Annexation and the war: Texas was incorporated in 1845, while California and New Mexico were given up by Mexico in 1848, after the defeat in the war ( Guadalupe Hidalgo's peace ). - Colonization: Colonists' mass arrival enabled the expansion toward the West, favored for the big cultivable frontages and mines, most of all give them gold of California.
  5. 5. POPULATION GROWTH AND INDUSTRIAL Causes of population growth: - The constant received of European immigrants, in the main young people, appropriate on everything of Great Britain, Ireland and Germany. - The loud rate of natality. The population exceeded less than four million inhabitants in 1790 seven million in 1810, thirteen million in 1830 and 132 million inhabitants in 1940.
  6. 6. •The constitution of United States said that It can’t be slavery, so they have to delete it. •North and West States have delete slavery, but south states continuing having it, because it was very important to produce cotton and tobacco. This produced a confrontation between the States that obey the Constitution and the States that didn’t obey it. •In 1860 Abraham Lincolm was the new president of the country, he didn’t like slaveryin the rest of the States.
  7. 7. Abraham Lincoln Jefferson Davis
  8. 8. The president Lincoln and the congress of United States supported anyone state have the rights to separate and they proposed to submit them for the force. The war of the secesión lasted four years and it was finished with the victory of the north. This war was very destructive. The conflict provoke half million of deaths and arrased much territories.
  9. 9. The period later to the war is the Reconstruction. This period it was a great economic prosperity. In this moment United Estates started a great development. This event made a United Estates in the first industrial power in the world in the 20th century.
  10. 10. 1º: The slavery was cancelled after the war. 2º: When the north army was retired, the favourable laws of the south for the black population was retired. Events in the Reconstruction
  11. 11. Events political In this period the politic was organized in two parts:  Republicans: was lays persons and in economic matter believe in liberalism economic.  Democrats: the democratic persons didn’t raise the free market and defence the social welfare.
  12. 12. What happen when the army of north was retire? What problem had the war of the secesion? This war was finished with the victory of the north. This war was very destructive and this conflict provoke half million of deaths and devastate territories. When the north army was retired, the favourable laws of the south for the black population was retired
  13. 13. BIBLIOGRAPHY We have looked for the information from the textbook. In Google pictures and texts.