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Avoiding invasive tactics when conquering markets, by Fernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships LLC, NYC Sept 29, 2012
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Avoiding invasive tactics when conquering markets, by Fernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships LLC, NYC Sept 29, 2012


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Entering into and succeeding in Global, Latin-American and Emerging markets demands not only a deep analysis but real international experience, a wide range of skills, and culture sensitivity. …

Entering into and succeeding in Global, Latin-American and Emerging markets demands not only a deep analysis but real international experience, a wide range of skills, and culture sensitivity.
This presentation outlines the global perspectives of the organizations and their leaders, tackling then business in Latin America and in the life science market.
Fernando Ferrer, BS, MBA
Multinational Partnerships LLC
Expanding your life-science business even further.

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  • 1. Avoiding invasive tacticswhen conquering markets Fernando Ferrer. BS, MBA September 29, 2012 New York City-Microsoft Building
  • 2. Avoiding invasive tactics when conquering marketsAbstractEntering into and succeeding in Global, Latin-American and Emerging markets demands not onlya deep analysis but real international experience, awide range of skills, and culture sensitivity.This presentation outlines the global perspectivesof the organizations and their leaders, tackling thenbusiness in Latin America and in the life sciencemarket.Fernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 2
  • 3. from Domestic … to Global businessFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 3
  • 4. Globalization is a continuous process of worldwide interconnections What works in one A global business strategy country, fails in another. should be doing everything Because national the same everywhere differences still matter.Fernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 4
  • 5. if national differences still matter, What can a Global firm do? Set few Create links Manage Think Embrace Decentralize standardized around the tradition and globally diversity polices processes changeFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 5
  • 6. …and a Global leader? Diversity of experience Skills to build successful partnerships Cultural sensitivity and awareness to get the message acrossFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 6
  • 7. Heading to Latin America
  • 8. understand the environment from different perspectives Global Country Industry InternalFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 8
  • 9. Latin American AlliancesCELAC - Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y CaribeñosMercosur - Mercado Común del SurCAN - Comunidad Andina de NacionesSICA / SIECA - Sistema de la Integración CentroamericanaCaricom - Comunidad del CaribeALBA - Alianza Bolivariana para los pueblos de nuestra AmericaOEA - Organización de los Estados AmericanosNAFTA - North American Free Trade AgreementBilateral free trade agreements with other Nations and Economic AlliancesFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 9
  • 10. entering into “new” markets similar hurdles faced in established markets … regulations., quality, compliance pricing, market market access & awareness & distribution promotion channels competition, resources and costs infrastructure …but they need to be addressed with Fresh EyesFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 10
  • 11. Fresh Eyes understand the market’s dynamics use bottom up approachFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 11
  • 12. address the countries’ demands deep and rigorous analysis to take informed decisions in an ambiguous multicultural environment clear objectives, strategy, organization, people, resources, skills commitment, flexibilityFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 12
  • 13. connect with the targeted Country and Region from different perspectives invest in learning Industrial Political Technological Social Economical Natural EnvironmentFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 13
  • 14. avoid invasive tactics conquer the market by understanding it: business development show cultural understand the partner & learn with sensitivity rational and the local experienced emotional culture organizations divide risk by engage with the local partnering with demonstrate local culture and players that are commitment community looking to grow through innovation spend time with international lead with Senior building trusts customers decision-makers takes timeFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 14
  • 15. specific market approach eliminate complexity in the processesFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 15
  • 16. lead the change against “Not Made Here”Fernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 16
  • 17. Procedures, controls and ensuring quality, ethics and compliance must support business development and innovationFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 17
  • 18. Regional & Country Strategies aligned with the Corporation and the Market Business Models, Plans and Life Cycles Expansion & growth • Organic / M&A , JV , Alliances / Distribution , Partnership Financial goals and cash flow • Revenue / Profit Product portfolio and Marketing strategies • Proprietary / Generics / Holistic Approach Commercial & Industrial organization • In-company / outsourcing - mixed / investments , infrastructure Pricing & Served markets • Global / Country / AccessFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 18
  • 19. Expansion & Growth models different needs, benefits and time to marketOrganic M&A, JV, AlliancesHigh Time andResources consumption Distribution, Partnership Time Savings Less Investment & profitGain experience High Cash Investment. Communication andFollows the Corp model alignment Integration is keyFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 19
  • 20. Product Portfolio / Product Mix • select the products that make sense to the market • new expensive therapies are difficult to commercialize • different demographics and diseases from US and EU • Wide range of registration timelines and requirementsFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 20
  • 21. Price and Place • For pricing approval, Governments are requesting pharmacoeconomic studies showing benefits • discounts and exchange rates of local currencies affect the forecast & marketing plans • autonomy among the Business and Therapeutic Areas avoid the bargain of the portfolio • invest on developing partnerships with the multiple distribution channelsFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 21
  • 22. Promotion and Communication channels • push and pull messages locally tested and validated throughout multilevel channels • local market research and holistic vision including all the stakeholders • follow and innovate on the traditional and digital channelsFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 22
  • 23. Integrate Clinical, Technical, Operational and Growth Strategies • impact on Latin American and Emerging markets must be considered at early stages • production scale is key for cost leadership and market share after LOEFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 23
  • 24. Brands and Intellectual Property (IP) • remain global and differentiate yourself from local competitors • protect Brands and IP from non- international practices or corruptionFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 24
  • 25. Human Resources (HR) and Structure • resources in headquarters providing dedicated support and guidance to the local business • local organization fully dedicated to the local operation • integrate the organization across the boundaries • higher demand of experienced talent, exchange rates and inflation impact the HR costsFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 25
  • 26. Bottom Line • achieve profit as the ultimate goal • invest within the local communities • think long termFernando Ferrer. Multinational Partnerships 26
  • 27. Thank you Fernando Ferrer Multinational Partnerships +1 908 219 9291