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Presentation about widgets and widgetstore.

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    1. 1. Widgets in pilots Dai Griffiths and Fernando Rui Campos 25/26 November 2013 Brussels
    2. 2. Extensive evaluation of the Widget Store with users  Evaluated in WP 8 – Usability evaluation day with authentic users (UK) – Evaluation following use of the store • Austria (16 teachers) • Norway (16 teachers) • Turkey (70 teachers) • Spain (30 children) – Analysis of server data and contents
    3. 3. … and extensive evaluation in pilots  The Widget Store was evaluated extensively in pilots, and reported on in WP5 – Smart, Promethean – Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey – Largely positively received  Feedback from National Coordinators passed to WP  All analysed in D8.3
    4. 4. Widgets and WidgetStore Portuguese approach NTC Local Support & Technical Leadership Teachers Guidance WP6 Widgets community Blog A case study from the Widget Store pilot
    5. 5. Widget & WidgetStore Community 544 visits 1) 10 themes 1) – Categories developed by Lisbon University; 2) The letter size is proportional to the number of occurrences Forum categories A case study from the Widget Store pilot
    6. 6. Widgets & WidgetStore C4 Thems Nº Posts Total: 2086 views Max.: 810 views
    7. 7. Widget Blog Context: Classroom examples
    8. 8. Widgets – What the teachers say T1- They are useful and easy to see by students. They allow the organization of a learning sequence on a single page, using various elements, making them all accessible. [Drivers] T2-Because they are small applications that are compatible with various platforms, widgets can become practical and easy to use resources when teaching different topics. T3 -Widgets can be a great resource in helping aggregate information in several formats, regardless of which platform is being used, facilitating the student research/learning activities. T4-I see this area of ​​work / exploration as a challenge to authorship but also and especially as a way to collaborate and share. As a first "impression" I see widgets as easy use and easy to integrate in different environments and contexts of learning, thanks to their format flexibility and granularity. Naturally, their value will depend on the context and the pedagogical framework… T5-The use of widgets can facilitate the use of technology in the teaching/learning process, as they facilitate access to various applications. Its use with interactive whiteboards is very easy because it reduces the use of keyboard, as users can access applications through the widget link. A case study from the Widget Store pilot
    9. 9. Widgets – What the teachers say T6-Our experience with widgets was not very good due to the numerous problems that the school had with internet access. T7- In the meantime, professional duties increased and I could not possible take on yet another task. [Barriers] A case study from the Widget Store pilot
    10. 10. Portuguese Widgets in the WidgetStore (partial view) A case study from the Widget Store pilot
    11. 11. Pilots and evaluation fed into revision of the Widget Store  iTEC Widget Store release 1.4 now available  Based on invaluable feedback from users (WP8 and WP5 pilots)  Thorough interface revision  Store as a Widget: – More store functionality accessible in the shell – No login – Easier integration into new platforms
    12. 12. Some features in release 1.4  Opportunities for creating widgets – Embedding, upload of designed widgets, Flash import – Serving websites as widgets  Associate icons with widgets  Facetted search, my favourites and others’  Administrative tools: rate, featured, delete, workflow
    13. 13. The wider implications of evaluation  We know that the Widget Store – provides an effective service – is usable  We know that many national coordinators and teachers think it is a good idea  We also know that – Use outside pilot sessions has been limited – Attitudes to the store  What can we do to – Understand better the dynamics of adoption? • pedagogic, institutional, technological – Act to enhance the prospects for adoption?
    14. 14. A programme of actions to understand use and adoption  Carry out pilots of the Store – Planned: Austria, Estonia, Portugal, Spain, Italy & Hungary – All have coordinators in place who can support the pilot – Varying needs, and perceptions of the Store give opportunity to understand adoption  Assess the positioning of the Store – not only a system for teachers – also for educational managers and pedagogic coordinators  Provide demonstrators (hand in hand with pilots) – Configurations and profiles of the store – Content capabilities – OMDL to deliver collections of widgets
    15. 15. Outputs for the final year  Description of D8.4 (M48) focuses on standardisation  Important, but not a sufficient focus for work in the final year – The store demonstrates the capabilities of W3C widgets – Deploys OMDL – LTI profile of the store will be produced and demonstrated – Wookie extensions to W3C widgets submitted to W3C – We are maintaining a dialogue with IMS about their App Store initiative (which uses LTI)  Final year tasks for WP8 – maintenance of the Widget Store – creation of demonstrators – evaluation of their use.  Tasks enable us to understand the mechanisms determining use and adoption, a key outcome for iTEC.  Task descriptions take priority over the deliverable description.
    16. 16. For further information The work presented in this presentation is partially supported by the European Commission’s FP7 programme – project iTEC: Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom (Grant agreement Nº 257566). The content of this presentation is the sole responsibility of the consortium members and it does not represent the opinion of the European Commission and the Commission is not responsible for any use that might be made of information contained herein. WEB: EMAIL: