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I would like to share with you the Social Good Brasil 2013 report . Our program, launched in 2012, promotes the use of technology, social media and innovative thinking to solve the world's greatest challenges.
You are all very welcome to join us, in English, at our website

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Social Good Brasil program 2013 report

  1. 1. Connected we make change happen REPORT|2013
  2. 2. CONTENTS PURPOSE.......................................................................3 NETWORK......................................................................6 SEMINAR......................................................................13 MEDIA COVERAGE........................................................27 PLATFORM AND DIGITAL MOBILIZATION.......................34 LAB..............................................................................41 OTHER EXPERIENCES...................................................50 LESSONS LEARNED 2013..............................................56 TEAM............................................................................57
  3. 3. PURPOSE The vision of the Social Good Brazil Program is a society where technology and innovative thinking are systematically used to solve social problems.
  4. 4. PURPOSE Goals: 4 Inspiration - To spread the concept of Social Good, inspiring organizations and individuals to engage. Information - To be a hub of information, interaction and practical tools on how to use technology and innovative thinking to contribute to solve social problems. Action - Identify and support innovative experiences through the Social Good Brazil Lab, in order to increase the number of successful Brazilian cases of Social Good initiatives and expand their potential to deal with social
  5. 5. PURPOSE Strategies: 5 · Acting in networks, by partnering with individuals and organizations · Striking online activity · In addition to the digital activity: Hosting annual seminars · Acting in the abyss that exists in the chain of social innovation support in Brazil, focusing on design, proof of concept and to structure the ideas · Work as a radar of trends and a funnel of social innovation
  6. 6. NETWORK Establishing a unique network of social innovation in Brazil 6 In one year, the Social Good Brazil Program became a well-known network, counting on more than 45 partners of national relevance and more than 25 Social Good Brazil “Links” It is a qualified and embracing network involving a diversity of sectors and several media companies.
  7. 7. Together with the partners of the program since 2012, new partners for 2013 were 7 Institutional partners: Partners of the SGB Seminar: Media Partners Bronze Partners NETWORK
  8. 8. Together with the partners of the program since 2012, new partners for 2013 were NETWORK 8 Strategic partnership with Abril Group, who disseminate the SGB Program on the blog Planeta Sustentável and in the Superinteressante magazine. These two media, together, count on 1.8 million followers on facebook.
  9. 9. 9 Together with the partners of the program since 2012, new partners for 2013 were NETWORK
  10. 10. 10 NETWORK New Social Good Brazil “Links” 2013 Kriss Deiglmeier – Director of the Stanford University’s Center for Social Innovation (CSI), with more than 20 years of experience in Social Innovation. California, USA Carla Link – She is responsible for the planning of Webcitizen, a company that develops projects for civic engagement, such as the project “Votenaweb”. São Paulo, SP Alexandre de Maio – Partner and Technology Manager for Catraca Livre. São Paulo, SP. Bia Granja – Cofounder and curator of YouPIX, the biggest festival of internet culture in Brazil. São Paulo, SP. Alessandra Orofino – founder member and director of the Meu Rio movement, an initiative that develops tools for civic engagement in Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Thiago Feijão – Cofounder of Qmágico, a startup company that works to personalize teaching and learning. São José dos Campos, SP. Claudio Sassaki – Partner and founder of Geekie, a startup company that works with adaptive learning using technology. São Paulo, SP. Joaquim Melo – An entrepreneur that created the first Brazilian Community Bank that operates under the principle of the Solidarity Economy.
  11. 11. 11 New Social Good Brazil “Links” 2013 NETWORK Marcella Monteiro de Barros Teixeira Coelho – Coordinator of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (Endeavor). São Paulo, SP. Gabriela Agustini – Digital strategist, researcher and manager of projects related to technology, culture and innovation. Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Felipe Cabral – CSO of Mowa. He works using technology to improve the quality of education in Brazil. São Paulo, SP. Simon Mainwaring – One of the top experts in Branding and social media in the US. Author of “We First”. California, USA. Daniel San Martin Pascal Filho – Partner and founder of Fisiogames, an innovative company that develops games for education and health. Florianópolis, SC. Vanessa Aguiar – Journalist, specialist in globalization and culture and one of the creators of Social Good Brazil. Florianópolis, SC. Renata Aquino – Director of the Impact Hub Curitiba, partner of the Argos Agency and coordinator of Shapers Curitiba. Curitiba, PR. Beth Kanter – She was awarded with the prize “The most influent woman in technology”, co-author of “The Networked Nonprofit”. California, USA.
  12. 12. 12 New Social Good Brazil “Links” 2013 NETWORK Anderson França Dinho – Activist working in favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Dinho is founder of the Dharma Agency and FunkYou. He is a TEDx Organizer. Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Bruno Ayers – Cofounder and CEO of Argus Control, Cofounder of and board member of Centro Ruth Cardoso. São Paulo, SP. Renato Kiyama – Director of Artemisia, facilitator of innovation processes and advisor for several startups. São Paulo, SP. Reinaldo Pamponet – Partner and Cofounder of the ItsNoon Network and Ashoka Fellow. São Paulo, SP. Gregório Marin Júnior – CEO of Mowa, partner and cofounder of and co-creator of Casa do Zezinho. São Paulo, SP. Rodrigo Vieira da Cunha – Journalist, Founder of Profile and Senior Ambassador of TEDx in Brazil. São Paulo, SP. Maure Pessanha – Executive Director of Artemisia. Board member of social enterprises and nonprofit organizations. São Paulo, SP. Marcelo Estraviz – Social Entrepreneur, Board member for Greenpeace and Ambassador of the Impact Hub. São Paulo, SP. Rafael Assunção – Business angel and advisor, cofounder of several startups. Florianópolis, SC.
  13. 13. SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013
  14. 14. SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013 Background The Social Good Brazil Seminar is a partner and a part of the official program “+ Social Good” community. + Social Good gathers innovative people from more than 120 countries and annually holds the Social Good Summit during the UN Week in New York. The Social Good Brazil Seminar 2013 was held simultaneously with the Social Good Summit in NY. Others Press Corporate Foundations Nonprofit Organizations Companies 34% 26% 21% 11% 6% 301 people attended the seminar held in the ‘Vivo Theater’ on September 24th 5.000 views via lives- tream PARTICIPANTS PROFILE 14
  15. 15. SOCIAL GOOD BRASIL 2013 More than a seminar, and environment for innovation During the seminar, participants could count on a communal room for networking and a digital media lounge. 73% of the participants considered that the rooms and the environment were as expected or better than expected. 15 SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013
  16. 16. 30 speakers SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013 The speakers were all volunteers. The audience heard from 29 inspired Brazilian speakers and an international keynote. 16
  17. 17. Profile of the audience in the theater SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013 301 people were present at the seminar; 51 declared that they work in the nonprofit sector; 30 in communication; 22 in consuming goods industry; 22 as entrepreneurs and social business; 19 in sustainability. Entrepreneurs Directors Coordinators Managers, consultants, bloggers, analysts, journalists and others. 22% 15% 17% 9% 17
  18. 18. Profile of the audience in the theater SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013 71% of the participants declared to have heard about Social Good before the event 97% declared to have learned something, even though they were familiar with the subject 14% considered themselves as engaged with social causes; 27% declared themselves as not engaged in social causes but intended to after the seminar; and 50% considered themselves as engaged in social causes and wanted to get even more engaged. 67%declaredthatduringtheevent theycontactedpeoplewithwhomthey cancreateorimprovetheiractivitiesin innovationorSocialGood. 86%consideredthatthespeakers’ performancewasastheyexpectedor betterthanexpected. 86%consideredthattheorganization ofpanelsandpresentationswasas theyexpectedorbetterthanexpected. 85%considered that the themes of the panels and presentations were as they expected or better than expected. 18
  19. 19. Testimonials SOCIAL GOOD BRASIL 2013 It was great to see so many successful initiatives happening in Brazil! I left the seminar very optimistic about the future and confident that it is possible to build the country we want! Camila Figueiredo I left wanting to get engaged in new social causes and work for social projects that can really make a difference. The seminar helped me to see that we are able to create brilliant initiatives, we just have to persist. Nicolle Guimarães Silva The seminar was innovative and broad. Broad because the presentations brought up deep knowledge and the seminar allowed for strengthening networks. Moreover, it stimulated the curiosity needed to produce more knowledge and experiences of high social impact! I wish you lots of success. Thiago J. Chaves 19
  20. 20. VIP Meeting with Kriss Deiglmeier SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013 On September 23rd, the Director of Stanford University’s Center for Social Innovation, Kriss Deiglmeier, met a group of partners and “links” of the program for a Q & A session on social innovation. The meeting was held in Centro Ruth Cardoso in São Paulo, for an audience of approximately 40 people. 20
  21. 21. Twitter SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013 On September 24th 2013: 1,940 mentions to #socialgoodbr Reach of 9.1 million during the day 438 users actively involved Twitter Trending Topic in the cities: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belém, Goiânia and Guarulhos. Trending Topic Brazil by 3.50pm Profile of the most active users 54% 46% 21 BRAZILIAN STATES OTHERS
  22. 22. Instagram: Collaborative coverage SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013 22
  23. 23. Coverage on online portals, Blogs, Youtube, Instagram and Slideshare SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013 #socialgoodbr There was a total of 1,912 occurrences for the terms “Social Good Brasil”, “#socialgoodbr” and “Social Good Brazil”. The occurrences had a reach of 4.8 million people on the internet. Out of the 1,675 mentions to these terms, 1,659 were mapped as ‘positive mentions’. The most used social media were Twitter (1,675 mentions), Facebook (133 posts) and Instagram (68 posts). There were mentions also on Google Plus and Blogs. *mentions collected on Seeker from August 22nd and September 30th 2013. 23
  24. 24. Youtube and Slideshare as source of relevant content on the web SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013 Slideshare is a strong source of content on Social Good. On the program’s channel there are 62 presentations (including those used by the speakers in the seminar) that sum more than 700 views. The program’s channel on youtube has videos about the concept of social good, interviews and videos of each of the panels and presentations of the seminar. Views sum more than 550, growing exponentially. 24
  25. 25. Seminar’s international impact SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013 Counting on the support of international partners such as the UN Foundation and +Social Good, as well as the support of ‘Links’ such as Beth Kanter and Simon MainwaIring, more than 20 posts referring to the Seminar were identified. 25
  26. 26. The Social Good Summit 2013, connected to the Social Good Brazil Seminar had: SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL 2013 83,000 mentions to #2030NOW on Twitter 81,000 views via livestream from more than 200 countries (summing the several concurrent seminars) The online platform +SocialGood grew to 15,000 users, counting on 2,500 very active users. 26
  28. 28. MEDIA COVERAGE Coverage of Social Good Brazil on regional media (Santa Catarina) TV - 5 Radio – 6 Regional Newspaper (Diário Catarinense) – 29 Regional Newspaper (Notícias do Dia) – 22 Other regional newspapers and magazines - 24 Total publications in regional printed newspapers – 75 Total publications in regional based online media - 99 28
  29. 29. Coverage of Social Good Brazil in national media Interview in Época Magazine Interview for Estadão Interview in PEGN Magazine Article in Planeta Sustentável portal Article in Meio e Mensagem portal Article in Folha de São Paulo online 29 MEDIA COVERAGE
  30. 30. Examples in Newspapers and TV MEDIA COVERAGE The program was the cover of Diário Catarinense and NA newspapers. Diário Catarinense produced a full page article about the program In the same newspapers, several columnists wrote about the program, including a two page article by Juliana Wosgraus and mentions by the widely read Cacau Menezes and Estela Bennetti. Check out some of the articles (in Portuguese) and interviews on the next pages. Carlos Damião, Ponto Final, Notícias do Dia, Pág.21, 4/10 Juliana Wosgraus, Variedades, Pág.2, 5/7 30
  31. 31. Examples in Newspapers and TV MEDIA COVERAGE Bom Dia SC, RBS TV, 25/7 RIC Record - Programa Ver Mais 31
  32. 32. Examples in Newspapers and TV MEDIA COVERAGE 32
  33. 33. Examples in Newspapers and TV MEDIA COVERAGE 33
  35. 35. PLATFORM AND DIGITAL MOBILIZATION Theonlinepositioninganddigitalmobilizationofthe SocialGoodBrazilProgramisconstantlyincreasing Facebook: 38.394 Twitter: 2.107 Youtube: 234 subscribed and 15,539 views Slideshare: 152 followers and 33,961 views Since the beginning of the program: Google +: 631 followers Pinterest: 131 followers Fale Conosco: + 1,500 e-mails 35
  36. 36. Theonlinepositioninganddigitalmobilizationofthe SocialGoodBrazilProgramisconstantlyincreasing The Social Good Brazil Program’s fanpage on Facebook was launched in February 2012. In August 2012, after launching the website, the page counted on 461 fans. By the end of 2013, the fanpage counted on 38,394 fans, which means a great development of the program’s presence on this social media site. The annual outreach in 2013 was 34.972.932 people. The Social Good Brazil Seminar was essential to increase the number of fans to over 30,000. The stats on Facebook for September 24th were: 87 posts on the program´s wall (73 photos posted by the participants via Instagram); 641 likes 186 shares *numbers collected and updated on October, 30th 2013. 36 PLATFORM AND DIGITAL MOBILIZATION
  37. 37. Facebook is an essential channel to raise awareness PLATFORM AND DIGITAL MOBILIZATION 37
  38. 38. Online Platform Results PLATFORM AND DIGITAL MOBILIZATION The platform was launched on September 28th 2012. By December 31st 2013: 240.020* (181,347 single visits) 284 blog posts 26 real cases published in the section “Stories” 70 posts showing options for engagement in the section “Start Now”. *Between December 12th and 22nd 2013, the 38
  39. 39. The new Social Good Brazil Platform was launched PLATFORM AND DIGITAL MOBILIZATION 39
  40. 40. New features on the platform: “Start Now” and SGBLab PLATFORM AND DIGITAL MOBILIZATION The new platform was launched during the final event of the Social Good Brazil Lab 2013, on December 11th 2013. The platform brings innovation and solutions based on the demands of the Social Good Brazil Program’s audience: • A section for entrepreneurs, with multimedia tools to support the first steps of a social initiative using new technologies (part of the section “Action”) • A section dedicated to any citizen that wants to engage in social causes using the internet. The section presents either a theme (education, health, or others) or the form of engagement (donation, volunteering, online petition) 40
  42. 42. SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL LAB The importance of partners to disseminate the program during the application period – Florianópolis, August 5th-28th The team used two teaser videos, email marketing and posters, distributed among local partners. Counting on local partners to spread the word about the Social Good Brazil Lab was an essential part of the dissemination strategy. View video 1 and video 2. The link to the application form is: m/to/poHDbz? 42
  43. 43. 4 Mini-Labs in the Universities Florianópolis, August 5th–28th SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL LAB During the period of announcement and application to participate in the Lab, the Social Good Brazil team promoted 4 workshops called mini-lab, in the following universities: Faculdade SOCIESC/FGV Faculdades ASSESC Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina 43
  44. 44. 109 applications SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL LAB 44 0 2 4 6 8 10 Access/Inclusion Energy consumption Culture Children’s Education College Education Sport Housing Digital Inclusion Environment/Conscious consumerism Environment/other Mobility/environment Safety in the traffic Safety/violence Tourism Tourism/Mobility Accessibility Maker Culture Conscious consumerism Human Rights Entrepreneurship Citizenship Education Environment Mobility Health
  45. 45. 02 Meetings of the Selection Committee Florianópolis, August 30th and September 16th SOCIAL GOOD BRASIL LAB The selection committee was formed by the SGB team and people invited to serve as mentors for the participating ideas. The group counted 08 people. The participation of the mentors in the selection process was proven to be very fruitful. Mentors could know more about the ideas and prepare their own activities with the ones selected, as well as the SGBLab benefitting greatly from the mentors’ contributions. 45
  46. 46. 15 initiatives were selected and started the process SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL LAB Encontros Urbanos – An app to gather and engage people in offline activities (Diego Max) Educapais – A virtual platform with tips on education to help parents and carers (Marcelo Michelson) FabLab – Place for creative people to put their ideas in practice (Cláudia Bär) Mais Saúde – App that offers information and engages users to follow nutritional plans developed by their own nutritionists (Thiago Marques) CorAção – Game to demystify blood donation and encourage people to donate (Ana Dantas) CriançAtiva – Platform to prevent child obesity (Djali Valois) Social Food – App to track the food production from its original producer. (Suzeli Simon) Saúde Delivery – Platform to centralize requests from customers of organic products and to control their origin. (Emiliano Machado) Flagra – App to register problems in the city and alert the government (Carlos Eduardo Pereira) Rede PCD – Professional social network to help people with disabilities enter the labor market (Isabel Hammes) Caronilha – Platform to help employees working in the same companies to organize car share (Simone de Ávila) Mensagem de Alegria – Social networks and videos aiming to take happy messages to people in hospitals, hospices and orphanages (Ana Jofre) Motorista Seguro – App to help sober drivers to detect and avoid zones where drunk drivers are likely to be found (Rebbeca Goulart) Wasty – App where users can inform they have separated their recycling and make it possible for recycling companies/organizations to pick up the material. (Rafael Gonçalves) Plano de aula colaborativo – Platform where teachers can share, produce and classify teaching plans (Rodrigo Vieira) 46
  47. 47. Lab’s evaluation questionnaire SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL LAB During the meetings with the participants of the Lab, the team conducted constant evaluation of the process. The results are great, as can be seen in the graphics below. 47 Satisfaction with the Lab (Please share your opinion with us) Insufficient Low satisfaction Sufficient Very much satisfied Insufficient Low satisfaction Sufficient Very much satisfied Acquired knowledge Insufficient Low satisfaction Sufficient Very much satisfied Insufficient Low satisfaction Sufficient Very much satisfied
  48. 48. Evaluation Survey SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL LAB 48 In comparison to the survey applied at the first meetings of the Lab, some development was identified: • About the meetings/workshops: In the first surveys, 66% of the respondents considered them “Very Good”. This percentage increased to 88% in the last survey. The other 12% considered these activities as “good”. • Understanding the Content: 97% of the participants found it “easy” and “very easy”, showing the content was well understood. • All participants declared to have matched their expectations or to have experienced more than they expected. Testimonials: “During the Lab I had all the support I needed to develop my project and put it into practice”. “It helped me to improve my idea and to come up with a viable product.” “Social Good Brazil Lab was important to ask some questions about our project and it led us to validate these questions with potential users/customers in the streets”. “The challenges put by the program helped to develop and structure the project”.
  49. 49. Social Good Brazil Lab Demoday SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL LAB 49 The Lab participants presented their ideas on December 11th in a special night called Demoday which completed the Lab cycle. Nonprofit organizations, accelerators of social businesses, angel investors and other invitees attended the event. The Demoday took place at Sapiens Park, a technological park in Florianópolis. During the afternoon, the invitees were offered the opportunity to visit some projects that are using social innovation and technology which included social businesses working in education as well as a guided tour from the Director of Sapiens Park around both the park and the company Sábia (also onsite at Sapiens Park).
  51. 51. OTHER EXPERIENCES Together with the main projects, the Social Good Brazil LAB Program engaged in other innovative experiences to evaluate new possible projects #Vemprarua survey Workshop with nonprofit organizations Festival of Ideas #VemPraRua 51
  52. 52. OTHER EXPERIENCES Festival of Ideas and the culture of co-creation A meeting of around 40 people interested in co-creating ideas was held at ACATE the State Association of Tech Companies. In addition, the Social Good Brazil Program supported some of the ideas so they could participate at the Great Co-creation Meeting promoted by the Festival of Ideas in São Paulo in May 2013. 26 ideas were presented and 03 of them were chosen to go to São Paulo: #EuTeLevo (Gabriel Lana) (#I take you) #Rádio Digital em parceira com a juventude da comunidade Vila União (Maçan Guedes) (#Digital radio station in partnership with youth from the community ‘Vila União’) #Shopping de Sonhos (Adriana abriella da Silva) (#Mall of Dreams) 52
  53. 53. OTHER EXPERIENCES Workshop on Social Good for nonprofit organizations In June 2013, the program held a workshop entitled “Strategies for Social Media”, in partnership with IBM Brazil. Around 40 participants learned how to use the internet to leverage the work done by their organizations and social projects. There were two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. 53
  54. 54. OTHER EXPERIENCES Survey about the #VemPraRua movement that happened all over the country in July 2013 The promoters of Social Good Brazil, ICom and IVA, mobilized their networks through a survey to investigate what took thousands of people in protests all over the country in 2013. The #VemPraRua survey collected 1,519 responses and showed the following results: - 95% of the respondents declared that the movement was inspired through social media. - 37% followed the protests via the internet and other channels, and 32% disseminated information on their personal networks. - 28% of the respondents actually participated in protests on the streets, and 60% of them had never participated in a protest before. - Education and corruption were the main reasons to lead people to go to the streets in protest (22% of the responses each), followed by the request for political reform and improvements to health care (21% of the responses each). Free bus tickets for students was in fifth place (11%). - 70% declared they were dissatisfied with the problems in the country and through the protests, found the opportunity to vindicate for their rights; 25% declared it was the first time their generation participated in a movement such as this one, and they wanted to be part of History. - Considering those that declared they had not previously participated in any way in the protests, just 8% said they were not interested at all and 54% said they had not had the time to engage in the protests. The results proved the impact social media has had in the social movements in our times. 54
  55. 55. OTHER EXPERIENCES Partnership with Centro Ruth Cardoso and the Festival of Education At the beginning of the year we spoke to two youth groups participating in social projects in the region of Florianópolis and neighboring cities (Centro Cultura Escrava Anastácia and Conselho Comunitário Ponte do Imaruim). They were invited to help in the co-creation of an initiative to be implemented with Centro Ruth Cardoso. The initiative aimed to engage youth as protagonists of the challenges in education. The groups were made up of around 16 – 20 underprivileged young people with an average age of 15 years old, who participated in reflective and informative programs outside school hours. It was striking to realize that all of them were facebook users and very familiar with social media. One of the schools where the Festival of Education organized by Centro Ruth Cardoso is piloted is IFSC – São José, in the region of Florianópolis and neighboring cities. The idea chosen as the finalist of the Festival of Education and that went to the national meeting in November 2013 is a laboratory for innovative ideas inside the school. 55
  56. 56. LESSONS LEARNED • Thepowerofco-creationtobuildinitiativesinamorecreativeandparticipativeway • TheimportanceforSGBtogatherdiversesectorsinaneutraldebateonsocialinnovationduringtheannualSeminars • SGBhasafundamentalroleofsharingpracticalexperiencesfromanewtypeofentrepreneur.Theyarethemovement entrepreneurs,withfocusonmicro-revolutions • Theopportunitytomakeuseofthegeneralknowledgeobtainedinthefirsttwoseminars,aswellasinresearchdonetoorganize thosemeetings.Thisknowledgecanbetransformedintomultimediacontentandintegratedintherestoftheinitiativesofthe ThepilotoftheSGBLabhasvalidatedsomehypothesis andprovidedseverallessonstobelearned: •Itispossibletooffercontenttobeaccessedonlineanduse themeetingsasopportunitytostimulatepeer-to-peer exchange,mentorship,workshopsandtoofferpractical exercises. • Prototypingdoesnotneedalotoffinancialresources.In mostofthecases,thisactivitydidnotuseanymoneyandcost lessthanUSD150. •Thephaseofapplicationandselectionarecrucialforthe successoftheLab.Ithastobefocusedmoreonthe entrepreneur’sprofilethanontheideas,anduseagamified processthathelpstoassesstherealefforttheentrepreneuris willingtoputtodeveloptheiridea.Themodelalsooffersthe possibilityfortheentrepreneurtoleavetheLabwhentheyare notabletoaccomplishtheexigenciesoftheprogram. •Itisnecessarytoputtogetheracombinationofmentalmodels, includinghiredconsultants,SGBteamandvolunteerentrepreneurs. •ThecalendarofactivitiesoftheLabcanbelighteratthebeginning oftheprogram,andoffermoretimefortheparticipantstotesttheir ideas.Inthiswaytheycanvalidatemoreelementsoftheirideaand improvetheirmodel. •ThemajorityoftheideasparticipatingintheSocialGoodBrazilLab in2013preferredtoberegisteredassocialbusinesses. 56
  57. 57. SOCIAL GOOD BRAZIL TEAM From the experience obtained in 2012 and our ambition for 2013, two new people integrated the team: • Fernanda Bornhausen Sá – Strategic Committee • Lucia Dellagnelo – Strategic Committee • Carolina de Andrade – General Coordinator • Bruna Pires – Communications Coordinator • Ana Paula Santos – Content Analysis (platform) • Bruno Evangelista – Lab Coordinator • Cecília da Silva – Event Consultant 57 • Anderson Giovani da Silva – Executive Manager of ICom • Ana Maria Warken do Vale Pereira General Coordinator IVA
  58. 58. Special thanks to our Master partners, who believe in the power of Social Good Brazil 58