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Naturing Project Japan : Talks in Kyushu, "Community Regeneration- practices from the world. presentation in English

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Naturing Project Japan presentation

  1. 1. Naturing Project: Social Entrepreneurship Talks in Kyushu Social Entreprerneurship in Fernanda Bornhausen Sá
  2. 2. What moves me ? Marketing and AdvertisingPsychology PASSION Education Social Change, Volunteering.
  3. 3. trully believe that when you are a entrepreneur, youare always trying to make your dreams to come true! I became a volunteer in 1982, a business entrepreneur in 1985 and a social entrepreneur in 1998. In 2006 I had a dream to introduce online volunteering and launch an internet portal in Brazil. Then I took it seriously, like my others for profits inniatives. We benchmarked, created a business plan, estabilished strategic partnerships and looked for sustentability. Afterward we started to engage volunteers and NGOs through the internet
  4. 4. Voluntarios em Ação InstituteIVA is a volunteer centerbased in Brazil created in1998 .Mission:Mobilize and engagevolunteers;Training to volunteers andNGOs.
  5. 5. The Path of IVA Start of volunteers and Consultation organizations with NGOs to Capacity registrations check the Building - viability of the Training for Project March 1998 volunteers and NGOsNovember 1997 May 1998 Idea of establishing Consolidating an IVA’s work organization after 10 years to attract of activities June 1997 volunteers July 2008 STARTING A NEW STAGE AT IVA
  6. 6. Benchmarking conducted in 2006 and 2007 Since 2000 Opportunities: 1367 Since 1999 Referrals: 1697975 Organizations: 28,154 Opportunities: 26,434 Volunteers: 207,399 Since 1998 Since 2000 Organizations: 74,406 Last year, 14,313 online Opportunities: 58,802 volunteering Referrals: 5,052,707 assignments
  7. 7. The business plan: Voluntarios Online Portal - Integration for organizations and individuals involved in volunteeringVolunteering Profile Significant reduction of costs and thereby the increase of work dimension. Voluntarios Online Portal Ability to offer opportunities for, capacity building, Internetusers Profile training, activities and even referral of volunteers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  8. 8. Main challenges before the launch of Voluntarios Online PortalIntroduce Online Volunteering in BrazilWorking towards digital inclusion for the Third SectorEmpower NGOs to use the PortalAttract more qualified volunteers, professionals and young peopleAttract first-time volunteersEmpower NGOs to harness the potential of more qualifiedvolunteers, professionals and young people
  9. 9. Main Numbers of the Portal Over 38.000 Registered Volunteers 507 NGOs Registered OrganizationsOver 16.000 Volunteer Opportunities Chosen, more than 12.000 Online Volunteers in all the States of Brazil Present in 33% of the municipalities of Brazil Over 740.000 visits to the Portal
  10. 10. Profile of VOL volunteers Major Volunteer Opportunities Chosen 82% are 16 to 39 years old Online spreader 23% Help in donation campaigns 17% Translator 11% 68% female Researcher 8% Content searcher 3.2% Blogger 2.8% 76% graduated, post Teacher 1.7% graduated or attending college Webdesigner 0.14% Others 32% 98% work or study 61% first time volunteers
  11. 11. Voluntarios Online Portal in Social NetworksOur Facebook, Twitter, Youtub e channels, and Blog, have a crucial role in the ways we mobilize our stakeholders’ chain.Today, we increasingly recruitvolunteers and integrate Non- profits through these channels, disseminate our campaigns and createconnections between people and causes, as visibility of volunteering opportunities keeps growing.
  12. 12. Training & Capacity BuildingOne of IVA’s goal - working for Online Volunteering Training - a platform for digital inclusion of the Third distance education courses that enables NGOsSector and train volunteers to and volunteers from Brazil and worldwide to conduct a more qualified receive training on issues related to voluntary work. and third sector.
  13. 13. Findings after 3 years of Portal’s activity Brazil is increasingly voluntary The more qualified volunteers, professionals and young people are fully open and available for volunteering The internet has a transformative potential for the Third Sector Online Volunteering is a reality in Brazil
  14. 14. Fernanda Bornhausen Sá @fernandabornsa Thanks!