Success with Soft Skill In ICT work field


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Success with Soft Skill In ICT work field

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Success with Soft Skill In ICT work field

  1. 1. Politeknik Telkom - Thursday November 22, From 10.00 AM - 12.00 AMSuccessSuccess with Soft SkillIn ICT work field
  2. 2.  What do ‘YOU’ the IT People want? What does the Company want ? What do the co-workers want ? co- Endusers are really chalanging Where is your position ? Technical skills is not enough YOU can make it to the top and stay there
  3. 3. The Jobthat pays the Rent
  4. 4. Ideal careerYou Wish
  5. 5. InterviewIn progressWell, if you get the job interview
  6. 6. What are employers looking for? Specialized technical skill which can be combinedReal-world experience eal-technical skill related tothe application of IT in aindustry setting. A range of soft skills and business skills, such as oral and written communication skills, ability to work in teams, and project management skills.
  7. 7. We named it Softskill...• Softskill : skill how to we interact with others effectively and to work in a collaborative environment• Example : effective communication, problem-solving skill, leadership, team building, flexibility, personal energy, positive attitude, interpersonal skill (ie: willingness to learn) - Belinda. Adecco Tampines
  8. 8. • Softskill + mastering technical skill is the best tool, enabled to stand out in a crowd, equal or higher qualified job seeker
  9. 9. Make yourSoftskills BoldSoftskill alone won’t be enough
  10. 10. Increase Soft SkillsSoft Skill Other words that Examples of when this soft mean the same skill is used thingManners Politeness, Saying thank you, holding doors consideration, open for others, asking permission courtesy to do things etcOwnership of Responsibility, duty, Making sure tasks are donetasks dependability properly, turning up on time for meetings, working in partnership with others and doing your role so they can do theirs etcAttendance Turning up, coming Arriving on time for meetings and in, appearing for work. Making sure you keep people informed regarding your attendance or availability.
  11. 11. Increase Soft SkillsMotivation Incentive, Taking on new challenges, working inspiration, drive, hard to achieve goals, thinking of impulse new ways to do thingsProfessionalism Competent, skilful, Working to a high standard, being dedicated consistent in attitude (not allowing emotions or personalities to influence you)Work output Activity, productivity, Meeting deadlines and standards production for work. Producing products to target.Conduct in Behaviour, attitude, Respecting others, not playingworkplace maturity games when you should be working etcTimekeeping On time, not late Arriving for work or meetings on time, leaving at the right time
  12. 12. Increase Soft SkillsVerbal Talking, Consulting, Using the right tone of voiceCommunication meetings, discussing and words when speaking with colleagues etcOrganisation/ Preparation, Having all required resourcesplanning scheduling, arranging to hand, thinking jobs through, arriving on time, meeting deadlines etcTeam-Team-working/ Esteem, valuing others, Working well together on aRespect helping others, task, making best use of your consideration skills and the skills of others. Acknowledge the status of others and act accordingly
  13. 13. Increase Soft SkillsHelping others Supporting, offering, Giving up some of your time training to support those who are struggling or need help to meet a deadlineConscientiousness Careful, meticulous, Paying attention to detail, thorough, hard working accurate work, making sure you do what you are paid to doAbility to ask Admitting own Asking colleagues to showfor help limitations, confidence, you how to do something or courage to help you complete a task on time etcAdaptability/ Compliance, accepting Taking on new challenges,Flexibility change accepting changes to rules and conditions, staying late to finish urgent tasks etc
  14. 14. Increase Soft Skills • Family • Community Sistem • Organization • Educational Institution • Lecturer SOFT Social • Friends ActivitySKILLS • Relatives • Others Meditated • Asses • Adapt • Adopt
  15. 15. The reason of EUC growth• End User : End user or client, who uses the system information generated by IT Specialist.• EUC  end user (*with deep IT knowledge)• Environment that stimulates the user to resolve their own problems directly for information needs.• User such as managers, accountants and internal auditors, develop their own applications and use computer‘ based on knowledge of their own
  16. 16. WORST CASE FOR IT PEOPLE? • Will ‘non IT people’ who are not educated formally replace your job? • IT People lack of management skill, softkill and social attitude compared with others • Non IT People know the business and its process so well
  17. 17. Pen Analogy
  18. 18. Real cases End User behaviour• End User dengan Paket Office (how powerful office packages are?)• End User with USB Flash Disk Drive• End User with Cloud Computing• User friendly ‘Hacking’ Tool• End User with Internet Content• End User closed to the ‘BOSS’• End User with dangerous hobbies• End User with more access than IT Specialist• Ends User think, IT Specialist know everything
  19. 19. This what End User has done:• How they ‘backup’ the sistem?• Mix and match software & OS• Multiple antivirus to be safe• Electrical overload & UPS• Pirated Software? No problem• Thousands ‘freeware’• The way they use hardware : printer, buy device, maintenance dan clean hardware
  20. 20. How do you deal with it ?Catastrophe VS Softskill
  21. 21. CIO vs CFO vs CEOLets watch a movie about 3 of them
  22. 22. The Information Resource Manager -- the CIO• Chief Information Officer (CIO) is not simply a title, but a role• Manager of information services• Contributes managerial skills • Solves information resources problems • Solves problems in other areas of firm’s operations 2-28
  23. 23. The CIO Attitude• Business goal is a must.• Build partnerships/ties with the rest of the firm• Improve basic business processes• Communicate in business terms, not IS jargon• Provide reliable IS services• Be positive, not defensive 2-29
  24. 24. Faced it, IT People !
  25. 25. Softskill TestUse your Heart & Mind, Concentrate
  26. 26.
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