The Paradox of Jesus (Luke 5:12-26)


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We learn from Jesus' miraculous healing of a leper and a paralytic that he didn't just come to bring a surface healing of physical ills of the world, but to bring a much more profound and deep spiritual healing that our sin necessitates. Our biggest problem is not our suffering, but our sin. And that's why we need the Saviour.

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and find the message, "The Paradox of Jesus", given by Pastor John Ferguson on June 2, 2013 at New City Church in Calgary.

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The Paradox of Jesus (Luke 5:12-26)

  1. 1. Luke 5:12-26Page 861 in our guest Bibles.Today’s Scripture:
  2. 2. Paul Edgecombdidn’t believein MIRACLES.Until one dayHE MET ONE.
  3. 3. The Gospel of Luke5:12-26“The Paradoxof Jesus”image: Nick WheelerLook for Jesus bringing about the miracle of new lifewhere there had been only a living death.
  4. 4. SCENE #1Luke 5:12-16
  5. 5. And while he was in one of theLUKE 5:12cities, there came a manfull of leprosy....
  6. 6. LUKE 5:12And when he saw Jesus, he fell onif you will, you can make me clean....his face and begged him, “Lord,
  7. 7. And Jesus [ filled with compassion -LUKE 5:13Mark 1:41 ], stretched out his handand touched him....
  8. 8. LUKE 5:13the leprosy left clean.” And immediatelyAnd Jesus [ filled with compassion -Mark 1:41 ], stretched out his handand touched him, saying, “I will;
  9. 9. And he charged him to tell noLUKE 5:14one, but “Go and show yourselfto the priest, and make anMoses commanded, for a proofoffering for your cleansing, asto them....”
  10. 10. But now even more the report aboutLUKE 5:15-16him went abroad, and great crowdsgathered to hear him and to bewould withdraw to desolate placeshealed of their infirmities. But heand pray....
  11. 11. SCENE #2Luke 5:17-26
  12. 12. On one of those days, as he wasLUKE 5:17teaching, Pharisees and teachersof the law were sitting there, whoGalilee and Judea and from Jeru-had come from every village oflem....”
  13. 13. “This seems a bitEXCESSIVE; why shouldthey gather like this tocheck out a youngprophet who is doing andsaying strange things? TheANSWER is that theirparticular cause—for whichthey were from time totime prepared to takedrastic action—
  14. 14. “...was the comingKINGDOM OF GOD;and if someone elseappeared on the scenewho seemed to be talkingabout the same thing butGETTING IT ALL WRONG,they wanted to knowabout it.”
  15. 15. And the power of the Lord was withLUKE 5:17-19him to heal. And behold, some menwere bringing on a bed a man whowas paralyzed, and they were seek-ing to bring him in and lay him beforeJesus, but finding no way to bring
  16. 16. him in, because of the crowd, theyLUKE 5:19went up on the roof and let himdown through the tiles into the midstbefore Jesus....
  17. 17. And when he saw their faith, heLUKE 5:20said, “Man, your sins areforgiven...”
  18. 18. And the scribes and PhariseesLUKE 5:21began to question, saying, “Who isthis who speaks blasphemies?Who can forgive sins but Godalone...?
  19. 19. When Jesus perceived their thoughtsLUKE 5:22-23he answered them, “Why do youquestion in your hearts? Which iseasier to say, ‘Your sins are forgivenyou,’ or to say, ‘Rise and walk’...?”
  20. 20. “...But that you may know that theLUKE 5:24Son of Man has authority on earthto forgive sins...”
  21. 21. “...behold, with theclouds of heaven,there came one likeA SON OF MAN....And to him was givendominion and gloryand a kingdom, thatall peoples, nations,and languagesshould serve him.~ Daniel 7:13-14
  22. 22. ~ Daniel 7:13-14“...his dominion is aneverlasting dominionwhich shall notpass away, andHIS KINGDOMone that shall not bedestroyed.”
  23. 23. “...But that you may know that theLUKE 5:24Son of Man has authority on earthto forgive sins” --he said to the manwho was paralyzed-- “I say to you,rise, pick up your bed and gohome.”
  24. 24. “And immediately he rose up beforeLUKE 5:25-26before them and picked up what hehad been lying on and went home,glorifying God. And amazementseized them all, and they glorifiedGod and were filled with awe,
  25. 25. saying, “We have seen extraordinaryLUKE 5:26things today.”
  26. 26. Why does Luke include this storyin his historical biographyof Jesus?Important Question
  27. 27. Our biggest problemis not our suffering.It is our sin.
  28. 28. That’s why we needthe Saviour.Our biggest problemis not our suffering.It is our sin.
  29. 29. BELIEVE IT1image: ilkin
  30. 30. image: Luz Bratcher2 RECEIVE IT
  31. 31. FATHER DAMIEN“Apostle to the Lepers”1840-1889MISSIONARYto theLEPER COLONY(1000+ lepers)in Molokai, Hawaii
  32. 32. “God made himwho knew no sinTO BE SIN for us....”~ 2 Corinthians 5:21“He himself bore our sinsIN HIS BODY on the tree [i.e., the Cross]....By his WOUNDS you have been HEALED.”~ 1 Peter 2:24
  33. 33. SHARE IT3image: Marcus Arthur
  34. 34. Then he opened their minds to understandthe Scriptures, and he said to them, ‘Thus itis written, that the Christ should SUFFER andon the third day rise from the dead, and thatrepentance and FORGIVENESS OF SINSshould be PROCLAIMED in his name to allthe nations, beginning in Jerusalem.’ You areWITNESSES of these things.~ Luke 24
  36. 36. Nick Wheeler: images courtesy of:ilkin: Bratcher: Arthur: