Turning the World Upside Down (Luke 6:12-19)


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Following Jesus means accepting the invitation to live
our ordinary lives in light of the extraordinary life of Jesus.

The message was given on June 23, 2013 at New City Church in Calgary by Pastor John Ferguson. For more info, go to www.NewCityChurch.ca.

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Turning the World Upside Down (Luke 6:12-19)

  1. 1. Luke 6:12-19Today’s Scripture:Page 862 in our guest Bibles.
  2. 2. CARPE DIEM.Seize the day boys.Make your livesEXTRA-ORDINARY.
  3. 3. Whatare youLIVINGfor??
  4. 4. “The way we understandhuman life depends onwhat conception we haveof the human story.What is theREAL STORY ofwhich MY LIFE STORYis a part?”
  5. 5. Turningthe WorldUpsideDownLuke6:12-19
  6. 6. In these days he went out to theLUKE 6:12mountain to pray, and all night hecontinued in prayer to God....
  8. 8. And when day came, he called hisLUKE 6:13-14disciples and chose from themtwelve, whom he named apostles...
  9. 9. Discipledis·ci·pleone who learns theteaching of the masterand does whatthe master does
  10. 10. Apostlea·pos·tlesomeone who is sentto convey a messageimage: Joao Virissimo
  11. 11. And when day came, he called hisLUKE 6:13-14disciples and chose from themtwelve, whom he named apostles:Andrew his brother, and James,Simon, whom he named Peter, andand John, and Philip and
  12. 12. Bartholomew [Nathanael], andLUKE 6:15-16Matthew [Levi], and Thomas, andJames the son of Alphaeus, andand Judas [Thaddeus], the son ofSimon who was called the Zealot,
  13. 13. James, and Judas Iscariot, whoLUKE 6:16became a traitor....
  14. 14. For consider yourcalling, brothers: notmany of you wereWISE according toworldly standards,not many werePOWERFUL, not manywere of NOBLE birth.The Apostle Paul1 Corinthians 1:26-29
  15. 15. But God chose what isFOOLISH in the world toshame the wise; Godchose what is WEAK inthe world to shame thestrong; God chose what isLOW and DESPISED inthe world…so that nohuman being might boastin the presence of God.The Apostle Paul1 Corinthians 1:26-29
  16. 16. And he came down with them andLUKE 6:17-18stood on a level place, with a greatcrowd of his disciples and a greatand Jerusalem and the seacoastmultitude of people from all Judeaof Tyre and Sidon, who came
  17. 17. to hear him and to be healed ofLUKE 6:18-19their diseases. And those who weretroubled with unclean spirits wereto touch him, for power came outcured. And all the crowd soughtfrom him and healed them all....
  18. 18. “Wait aminute...I just can’tbelieve inmiracles.”image: Hemera Technologies
  19. 19. “For we did not followcleverly devisedmyths when we madeknown to you thepower and coming ofour Lord Jesus Christ,but we wereEYEWITNESSESof his majesty.”The Apostle Peter~ 2 Peter 1:16
  20. 20. “That which was fromthe beginning, whichwe have HEARD,which we have SEENwith our eyes, whichwe LOOKED UPONand TOUCHED withour hands..., thatwhich we have SEENand HEARD weproclaim to you....”The Apostle John1 John 1:1-2
  21. 21. “Why is it thoughtINCREDIBLE by any ofyou that God raises thedead…? For the kingKNOWS about thesethings, and to him Ispeak boldly. For I ampersuaded that none ofthese things escaped hisnotice, for this has NOTHAPPENED in a corner.”The Apostle PaulActs 26
  22. 22. Why does Luke include this storyin his historical biographyof Jesus?Important Question
  23. 23. Following Jesus meansaccepting the invitationto live our ordinary livesin light of the extraordinarylife of Jesus.
  24. 24. Answerthe question:What am Iliving for?1image: Galina Peshkova
  25. 25. What is your life?For you are a MISTthat appears for alittle while and thenVANISHES.~ James the brother of Jesusin James 4:14
  26. 26. “I am…WAGERING MYLIFE on the faith thatJesus is the ULTIMATEAUTHORITY…. TheChristian commitment isdistinguished in that it is acommitment to a beliefabout the MEANING ofthe whole of HUMANEXISTENCE in itsimage: Rafal Olkis
  27. 27. ...entirety—namely, thebelief that this MEANING isto be found in the PERSONof Jesus Christ, incarnate,crucified, risen, anddestined to reign over allthings.”~ Lesslie Newbiginimage: Rafal Olkis
  28. 28. 2See yourselfas a discipleImage: Paffy69 / 154128620
  29. 29. 2See yourselfas a discipleImage: Paffy69 / 154128620I live my life inlight of what Jesustaught & whatJesus did.
  30. 30. 3 Dream BIG!image: beatrice preve
  31. 31. “The powerful play goes on,and YOU may contribute a verse.”
  32. 32. bhagath makka http://www.flickr.com/photos/21788184@N05/3090120319/flickr images courtesy of:other:Photos.com: Paffy69 / 154128620 /Photos.com: Hemera Technologies / 89675574Photos.com: Galina Peshkova / 153381982Photos.com: Joao Virissimo / 93489335Photos.com: Rafal Olkis / 149071016photos.com: beatrice preve / 125958193