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About One Big Field
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About One Big Field


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Research & design (R&D) for service, brand and digital experiences.

Research & design (R&D) for service, brand and digital experiences.

Published in: Design, Technology
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  • 1. One Big Field What we offer Research & design [R&D] into brand, product and service experiences.
  • 2. One Big Field When do you need user experience design? Anytime humans interact with machines and other humans. Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!
  • 3. Just what is UX* these days? “ Its just about doing the wireframes and making it usable” No. It’s about the user experience (UX). Usability and accessibility are important considerations. But we believe that pleasure and the flow of an interaction are equally important. And relevance is up there. Not to mention emotional engagement . one big field… *UX, UE, IA, HCI and other such acronyms User experience [UX, UE] Information architecture [IA] User-centred design [UCD] Human computer interaction [HCI] Usability Accessibility Human Factors Ergonomics Just what is UX these days? One Big Field
  • 4. One Big Field “ Our job is to take responsibility for the complete user experience. And if it’s not up to the par, it’s our fault, plain and simple”* *Quote from Steve Jobs . Image of Steve Jobs, taken completely out of context, but he looks good!
  • 5. Working with One Big Field Our clients One Big Field
  • 6. One Big Field Ecommerce optimising We prototyped a new checkout solution for , which is converting 15.7% more people from basket to confirmation page.
  • 7. One Big Field Strategic objectives, consultancy, requirements gathering, work-shopping with stakeholders, wireframing and documenting the solution for Tyneside Cinema. Social media and developing a cinema community online
  • 8. One Big Field Service design with a London council Consultancy advice during their strategic planning phase, to advise on how to make a “housing” service provision user-centred.
  • 9. One Big Field Marketing a city How to make Visit Birmingham a more user-centered website. Our research & usability testing highlighted several key insights into user behaviour, which will set Birmingham apart from their competitors.
  • 10. Agencies Client-side Our experience Our client history; life before One Big Field One Big Field
  • 11. RESEARCH STRATEGY DESIGN DELIVERY Our experience design approach will help you achieve: • Real tangible improvements • Efficient, user-centered products, services & brands • Less errors, less customer service needs • Engaged customers, loyal advocates Our approach One Big Field
  • 12. RESEARCH We learn. We analyse customer behaviour and determine, what are they actually doing? What are their goals? How do they engage with our clients? And we learn about your client’s offering from the inside out. Understanding the mechanics and goals of their offering.
    • Usability testing
    • Ethnographic studies
    • User research
    • Content auditing
    • Competitor analysis
    • Statistical analysis
    One Big Field
  • 13. STRATEGY We consult. One Big Field provides strategic, business consultancy. To define compelling experiences which build lasting relationships with customers. Creating and translating strategic vision into a set of workable, focused requirements.
    • Brand experience strategy
    • Ideation & innovation workshops
    • Biz requirements gathering
    • User requirements
    • Content requirements
    • Persona development
    • User journeys
    • Task analysis
    • Tender support
    One Big Field
  • 14. DESIGN We design. Our approach is to prototype quickly, iteratively, and early to limit your risk. And then to test with users and stakeholders. Combined with our research insight and strategic direction, we can help you craft truly user-centred products and services.
    • Storyboarding
    • Co-design workshops
    • Prototypes & concepts
    • Information architecture
    • Interaction design
    • Service design
    • Service blueprint
    • Functional specs
    One Big Field
  • 15. DELIVERY We care. Passionately about our work. We want to build meaningful, ongoing relationships with our clients. They are our customers. We provide direction at critical milestones throughout a product or services life-cycle. During build, beta and live.
    • Experience management
    • UAT testing
    • Post-implementation reviews
    • Usability testing
    One Big Field
  • 16. We will fit like a glove We are approach-agnostic having worked across most project methodologies. Haven’t found a process that can’t accommodate UX. We will fit like a glove One Big Field Rapid Prototyping bespoke Made up & combos
  • 17. Rapid Prototyping Traditional digital agency Research Business requirements IA Specification Design Build Test UAT Go live SLA Waterfall Requirements Specification Design Construct Integrate Test Install Maintain Iterative Inception Business modeling Requirements Elaboration Analysis & design Construction Implementation Test Transition Deploy Agile / Scrum Requirements Specification Architecture Design Implementation Testing Deployment Maintenance One Big Field Here’s where we come in. Alright, gloves off! bespoke Made up & combos
  • 18. Who are we One Big Field are a team of consultants and researchers founded by Fergus Roche . One Big Field
  • 19. Industry talks: Usability Professionals Association [UPA] first European conference in Turin. Teaching: Storyboarding workshop at Foviance a world class UX agency, last year More about Fergus With over 10+ years experience of translating the business vision into technical reality. One Big Field
  • 20. Where are we based? One Big Field One Big Field Spike Island 133 Cumberland Road Bristol, BS4 4JQ +44 (0)117 9544 004
  • 21. What’s it like here at Spike Island? One Big Field
  • 22. Charlotte, on the front desk at Spike Island One Big Field
  • 23. Blast doors into office Corridors large enough to hold a convention One Big Field
  • 24. One Big Field Dave & Fergus, in office
  • 25. One Big Field Konrad beavering away
  • 26. One Big Field designing the right user experience One Big Field
  • 27. +44 (0)117 9544 004 [email_address]