Linking Data, Linking People


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2010 International Symposium on Agricultural Ontology Services

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Linking Data, Linking People

  1. 1. Linking Data, Linking People 2010 International Symposium on Agricultural Ontology Service John Fereira, Cornell University
  2. 2. An RDF Graph John Fereira Cornell University isAnEmployeeOf • Subject: John Fereira • Predicate: isAnEmployeeOf • Object: Cornell University
  3. 3. What is an Ontology? • an ontology defines a set of representational primitives with which to model a domain of knowledge or discourse.
  4. 4. My Definition of an Ontology • An Ontology is the language, or vocabulary used by practitioners in a specific domain. • Essentially it is a controlled vocabulary for a specific subject area, • Geographic Names Ontology defines terms for things like: • Park, Shelf, Saddle • Terms might have different means if using a different ontology
  5. 5. Sample RDF can describe members <foaf:Organization> <foaf:name>Cornell University</foaf:name> <dc:type rdf:about="">nonprofit< /dc:type> <foaf:member> <foaf:Person> <foaf:name>John Fereira</foaf:name> </foaf:Person> <foaf:Person> <foaf:name>Aaron Godert</foaf:name> </foaf:Person> </foaf:member> </foaf:Organization>
  6. 6. Code4Lib: Code For Libraries
  7. 7. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> ... <Person rdf:about=""> <name>Zoia</name> <nick>zoia</nick> <depiction rdf:resource="" /> <based_near rdf:parseType="Resource"> <geo:lat>40.7355556</geo:lat> <geo:long>-74.1727778</geo:long> </based_near> <s:comment>This URI indentifies me the person. Feel free to use it when making statements about me the person (such as "your_uri foaf:knows").</s:comment> <knows> <Person rdf:about=""> <nick>gsf</nick> </Person> </knows> <swc:attendeeAt rdf:resource="" /> <swc:attendeeAt rdf:resource="" /> <interest rdf:resource=""/> <interest rdf:resource=""/> </Person> </rdf:RDF>
  8. 8. Linked Data principles Tim Berners-Lee: • Use URIs as names for things • Use HTTP URIs so that people can look up those names using the web • When someone looks up a URI, provide useful information, using the standards (RDF, SPARQL) • Include links to other URIs so that people can discover more things
  9. 9. Vivo in the Open Data Cloud
  10. 10. Food security
  11. 11. Melbourne Central Research Data Registry
  12. 12. SKE Knowledge Environment
  13. 13. Biomedical and Health Knowledge Environment
  14. 14. Unique Identifier for Michael Conlon • • would be better
  15. 15. Requesting RDF using an Accept Header • curl -H "Accept: application/rdf+xml" -X GET
  16. 16. Querying Triples with SPARQL • By individual URI (subject or object) • Everything about one event, a grant, a person • By property relationship (verb) • All organizations that are part of another • By type • Everything with an rdf:type of Event, Person, or Project • By combinations of the above • SPARQL leverages the RDF format to focus on the data
  17. 17. Enabling National Networking of Scientists
  18. 18. Vivoweb is open source
  19. 19. cancer
  20. 20. Visualizing RDF as a map
  21. 21. Querying the CIARD ring with SPARQL
  22. 22. Ciard Ring SPARQL Query results
  23. 23. Thank You Zie Zie
  24. 24. Linking Data, Linking People A collection of links Ontology defined on Wikipedia e) Example of FOAF Semantic Web Conference Ontology Code4Lib Code4Lib "Zoia" Linked Data Principals Linked Data site Cornell Vivo (classic Vivo) Melbourne Central Research Data Registry ndex.jsp?primary=1 Subject Knowledge Environment Vivo at University of Florida Semantic Web Services app vices/ Cornell Classics Department site Vivoweb Vivoweb on Sourceforge