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Project management tips and trick
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Project management tips and trick


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Project management is some times challenging but easy to do if control and manage properly. This presentation will guide you make your life easier.

Project management is some times challenging but easy to do if control and manage properly. This presentation will guide you make your life easier.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Agenda  What is Project Management  Role of Project Manager or Team Lead  Project Management Lifecycle  Project Management Tools  Project Management Challenges  Project Management Tips  Real Experiences
  • 2. What is Project Management Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. In One sentence "Managing the project in an organized Way and control it properly". The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals
  • 3. Role of Project Manager or Team Lead  To organize the project  To manage the project  To manage the Team  To make developer happy   To make a Successful delivery of the Project  To make client Happy (Finally)   -very hard
  • 4. PROJECT MANAGEMENT LIFECYCLE Requirement Analysis  Implementation  Development  etc...
  • 5. PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS JIRA, Skype, MS project etc…
  • 6. Project Management Tools • Source Control • SVN, VSS, Git, etc. • JIRA – Issue Tracker software • To Track you issues • MS Project – Planning Software • Plan you every project before you start • Skype Meeting Window • Create common window for you team member for common discussion and online meeting • Toodledo • Organize your task • Easily work with other people on shared projects with Toodledo's collaboration tools. • Ever note • Organize your task • Easily work with other people on shared projects with Toodledo's collaboration tools. • DropBox or Sky Drive or Google Doc or SharePoint Portal • Organize & Keep your all document synchronized with team members with versioning.
  • 7. Project Management Tools Backlog Sprint 1
  • 8. PROJECT MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES Client handling, Managing Team members & Deadline
  • 9. Handling Clients 1/2 Client A  They have solid requirement  Do regular Project Update Meeting  Follow Scrum methodology  Proper Project Planning  Proper Estimation  Realistic Deadline Client B  They sent Requirement in the Email Body or Verbally  Forget the previous requirement  Change any requirement instantly without proper analysis  No Planning or Planning but no tracing regularly  Planning stuck on Initial Estimation
  • 10. Handling Clients 2/2  Better English communication with client  Always ask for deadline of any assigned project/module/task/work  Keep log of all discussion, agreement, decision  Think twice before you make any commitment with the client.  Ask again if you are not clear yourself on any issue  Never Say Directly “No”. Show the reason of “No”  Client is always right
  • 11. Managing Team members 1/2  Control quality of development  Review everything once per week  Max utilization of working hour  Appreciate and Inspire for better work  Review Source code  Ask developer to write pseudo code and show you  Developer need to study  Think from Client side as well as from Developer side
  • 12. Managing Team members 2/2  Never use single developer for one module  Never misbehave with the members  Never punishment directly  Spare sometime for general discussion  Keep up-to-date about Developer’s skill sets  Never force them to work more than regular hour  Assign resource according to skill set
  • 13. Manage Deadline  Keep Projects Plan Up-to-Date  Review Project status and compare with the plan regularly  Complete delayed issue with dynamic plan  Re-structure project plan when needed to meet deadline  Take daily status of each members via tools
  • 15. Drill Down Project Details • Do proper requirement analysis • Do Technical Analysis and Find all Open Issues • Nail down all work details • Go to Top-Bottom approach • Try to breakdown each task • Each Task estimation can not be more than 3 days in the plan • Find Total Man-hour of the project
  • 17. Failed Project reason  Requirement never freeze  Poor project management  Max no of members leave from the team  List of bugs are gather than functionality  Switch to another technology frequently before end of the project  Wrong architecture/framework design  Core Software Version Upgrade of Large Application (Integration Issue)
  • 19. Clients  Travel Curve (Tourism Application)  Rockwell (Warehouse)  CREDEM (Internal Portal, DMS)  Congral (Health Care System) JIRA + MS Project + VS 2008  Nvision (nSales) TFS + MS Project + VS 2010  Robi Axiata (Enterprise Portal)  SVN + SP2010 + VS 2010  AB Bank  Same
  • 20. THANK YOU FOR JOINING MJ Ferdous 01715015093