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BrainStation portal presentation

  1. 1. BS SharePointPortalSHARE AND COLLABORATE EVERYTHING WITH YOUR TEAMDeveloped byMJ ferdousRakibul AlamShovon Kumar
  2. 2. Agenda  BS Enterprise Portal (Internal)  Brain Station success stories  Know about new announcement  Get all Events and activity  Recent company News  Find all Important Links  My Daily Use  Division & teams  Blogs & Wiki  Change your Password  Start new discussion  Find all BS holidays here  Apply for leave to PM
  3. 3. BS Enterprise Portal (Internal)
  4. 4. Brain Station success stories  Find all about Brain Station Achievements, Top Stories & Success  Latest added items (2) will be visible in the Home Page  All stories is available from Archive
  5. 5. Know about new announcement Adding latest Small Announcement/Notice by HR/Admin  Use announcement to post news, status, and other short bits of information you want to share with employees.  You can set an expiration date for an announcement.  When the expiration date is reached, the announcement will disappears from the home page automatically.  However, it will still available on the Announcements page.  There is also a Calendar View available to see Announcements by day, week, month.
  6. 6. Know about new announcement What would be announcement? The Example of Announcement are given below:  Special Holiday Notice  Salary Disbursement Notice  General Notice  i.e.
  7. 7. Get all Events and activity Adding upcoming Event by HR/Admin  Use Events to post information about meetings, deadline and other events related information you want to share with employees.  When the end date is reached for the event, the event will disappears from the home page automatically.  However, it will still available on the Event page.  i.e.
  8. 8. Recent company News  Find everything about recent activity  HR will Publish company recent news or activity with details regarding any company events.  Latest 3 items will be available in Home Page
  9. 9. Find all Important Links  Find all important links together at same place  All BrainStation related URL’s will be provided here as shortcut  New Links can be added and set the priority order accordingly
  10. 10. My Daily UseGet all necessary forms, contact, links from here
  11. 11. Division & teams  All Divisions and Teams entry page top go inside of each sub sites
  12. 12. Divisional Site: Technical  Find all information of the Technical division. i.e. software links.
  13. 13. Team Site: SharePoint  Find all information of the team. i.e. software/presentation links.
  14. 14. Blogs & Wiki  Enterprise Blog : to write general post on any topic  Technical Blogs: to write all technical post  Enterprise Wiki: Wikipedia for storing BS history, success, etc  Group Wiki: each group can maintain their own wiki. i.e. SharePoint Team wiki. Where all references can be stored in the same place for future reference.
  15. 15. Change your Password  Change your password for security reason. Use complex password to secure your account.
  16. 16. Start new discussion  You can start any discussion or contribute here
  17. 17. Find all BS holidays here
  18. 18. Apply for leave to PM
  19. 19. Thank youContact at for any query