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SharePoint is typically associated with web content management and document management systems, but it is actually a much broader platform of web technologies, capable of being configured into a wide range of solution areas.

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  • The capabilities of MS SharePoint Server 2010 are focused in six areas.The Core Features are Sites, Communities, Content, Search, Insights, Composites
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  • Virtual Labs for IT professionals give you hands-on experience with any Software Product where all installation setup is ready for you
  • Test drive Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 in a virtual lab. Take part and see how Microsoft Office SharePoint Server supports all intranet, extranet, and Web applications across an enterprise within one integrated platform
  • Basis soft expro

    1. 1. MJ FerdousSharePoint ArchitectFounder, SharePoint Expert Community
    2. 2. broad term
    3. 3.
    4. 4. Start your development with SP Foundation It’s Free SharePoint Foundation 2010
    5. 5. SitesComposites Communities Insights Content Search
    6. 6.  Internet Business•Powerful Framework•Flexible Web Server•Robust Database•Standard-Friendly Tools•Secure and Scalable Internet Extranet Enterprise Division Team Individual  Business Productivity
    7. 7.  Formally known as “Content Management” The facilities for the creation, review, publication and disposal of content including conforming to defined compliance rules, whether the content exists as traditional documents or as Web pages. SharePoint 2010’s content-management capabilities include document management, records management, and Web-content management. Information workers need tools to manage the entire lifecycle of content from the time it is created to when it is published and finally disposed or stored for long term archival
    8. 8. Integrated solution to manage the complete content lifecycle Review/ Manage Publish Archive DisposeAuthor Approve Enable authoring/information capture with review/approval capabilities Centrally managed repositories with retention/auditing policies, metadata and security Integrated intranet, extranet and internet publishing capabilities Content Type = Metadata + Behavior Taxonomy = corporate top down / folksonomy bottom up
    9. 9. •Check in / Checkout Document Repository•Versioning (major/minor) Workflow / Business Processes•Content approval Sales Employment Claims•Workflow•Role based security •Contracts Asia Pacific Region•Auditing Scanner or Multi- Office function device Team Sites Forms Web
    10. 10. SharePoint Document Libraries providing DM functionalityTight Desktop Integration
    11. 11. SharePoint SearchDesigned for a collaboration platform
    12. 12. Business Collaboration ApplicationsPortal for LOB SharePoint Single WebPart Application Core Solutions Data .NET | ASP.NET Customized SharePoint Server 2010 Workloads
    13. 13. VS2005 VS2008 VS2010F5 Deploy Debug Sequential Workflow 64 bit support Multiple Visual DesignersWSP Packaging Packaging and Deployment State Machine WSP View Improved Project & Item TemplatesSPSolGen Workflow Separate Package TFS integrationWSP View Command Extensible Projects & Tools Command Line Build VSeWSS VSeWSS 1.3 2007 2008 2009 2010
    14. 14. • − −
    15. 15. − lblSiteName.Text = SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser.Name;
    16. 16. ExecutiveRejected Upload Document Review by Manager Accepted Approved
    17. 17. Go to
    18. 18. free
    19. 19. Pre-requisite to Launch Virtual Lab 1. JavaScript is enabled 2. Your browser can accept cookies 3. You are using Internet Explorer 6 or above 4. Accept EULA (End User License Agreement) Go to
    20. 20. Ready to work in Virtual Lab
    21. 21.