Wenyard 2014


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Trade, build your network, and earn money instantly! Our arena is a financial game of skill.

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Wenyard 2014

  1. 1. Internet, Network Marketing & Virtual Trade Gaming in Perfect Harmony! http://wenyard.com/frontpage/alswell
  2. 2. A powerful network awaits We are thrilled to offer our business systems and revolutionary platforms, to our community of Wenyard members. When you join Wenyard, you will become part of a new generation community of entrepreneurs. Our community, our marketing tools, payment plans and our communication are truly second to none. Our vision is to create financial security for the type of entrepreneurs who can seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when it arrives.
  3. 3. A global community & amazing bonuses Wenyard Network is a vital part in order to expand your business and give you the ability to create a global community where everyone benefits from each other. Get a part of the sales and trading of thousands of people every day and build your global team. With the most generous bonuses, promotions and real-time platforms, our vision is to create financial security for the type of entrepreneurs who can seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when it arrives.
  4. 4. Internet, Network Marketing & Virtual Trade Gaming in perfect harmony! Wenyard stands out from anything previously seen on the market! SIMPLE LUCRATIVE Simplicity that allows new members get fast on track. Attractive to beginners and top industry leaders. REAL TIME PAYOUTS HI TECH Real time bonus throughout the system Online platforms with first class, real time software VERSATILE GENEROUS Build your Wenyard business from home, work; anywhere you want The best compensation plan in the industry, ever.
  5. 5. The product - NASGO Trading Game All Wenyard members get exclusive access to NASGO - a brand new game of skill where you trade with virtual companies on a cutting edge trading platform, with real money!
  6. 6. A WFO - Wenyard Future Option - represents the amount of Euro that you get in NASGO. WFO are converted to W-shares which are use for the trade gaming. The different Starter Packs includes different amounts of WFO, and you can also buy extra WFO’s later on. BROKER PRO BROKER EXECUTIVE BROKER €95 €295 €795
  7. 7. http://wenyard.com/frontpage/alswell
  8. 8. NASGO Virtual Trading Game NASGO is a virtual stock market game of skill where players can buy and sell shares in virtual companies. Using the information and intelligence provided in press releases and weekly NASGO newsletters you must analyze the market and buy/sell shares to create winning portfolios.
  9. 9. The virtual NASGO companies NASGO Companies currently in trade NASGO Companies to be launched during 2014
  10. 10. NASGO - A fundamentally new concept! ‣ The NASGO platform uses unique algorithms and parameters simulating the real economic world. ‣ The virtual trading platforms combined with first-class software provides a gaming experience in an exciting trading world where everything is possible ‣ Virtual companies, virtual trade, real money!
  11. 11. The Wenyard & NASGO Synergy Strong marketing power - unlimited growth potential The strong marketing power from thousands of active players being rewarded to create interest and activity in the NASGO game of skill is a strong reason why NASGO has potential for growth beyond most other online games or virtual financial possibilities.
  12. 12. The Wenyard & NASGO Synergy Real time bonus in Wenyard - Direct to NASGO The synergy between the Wenyard network marketing program with its real time bonus system - and the way this is linked to the NASGO stock market game - creates instant liquidity. A part of the bonus is paid directly to a Mandatory Account in NASGO where these funds are dedicated to be used in the virtual trading game.
  13. 13. Buying Virtual Shares WFO & We-coins All Product Packages contains an amount of We-coins (95/295/795) which are directly converted to WFO’s (Wenyard Future Options). The price of 1 WFO is 1 We-coin The value of 1 We-coin is currently equal to 1 Euro. (Feb 2014) Your WFO’s will be automatically converted in to shares in the upcoming NASGO companies, these are called We-shares. The automatic distribution will take place during the first 30 days after the listing of that company. Share distribution The share price after these 30 days of distribution depends on a number of factors, e.g. number of new users in the system and how many initial share-holders the virtual company has. It is also possible to buy We-shares by funding your account using credit card, bank transfer or bonus money. Any purchased We-shares can not be sold until after 30 days in trade
  14. 14. Brokerage fees & Recurring Bonus For each sell order in the NASGO trading game, a brokerage is added. This is a small fee which cover expenses and administration to keep the trading game going. SELL ORDER SELL ORDER +4% FEE SELL ORDER SELL ORDER SELL ORDER TOTAL BROKERAGE 75% TO THE NETWORK! All brokerage fees adds up to a fund, and instead of the entire fund being assigned to NASGO, a whopping 75% of the total sum is being distributed to the Wenyard Network as a Recurring Bonus
  15. 15. NASGO - the details ‣ The stock price in the NASGO virtual stock market game will depend on other players’ buy and sell activities ‣ All virtual companies will continuously report to the stock market about their activities and plans. The players who understands these events and how they may affect the game will have an opportunity to optimize their winnings or cut their losses. ‣ There is a possibility to lose money and to earn money.
  16. 16. Membership Free membership and 3 different product packages It is free to become a Wenyard member and get access to the NASGO trading game. However, to receive any bonus, and be able to profit from trading in NASGO, you have to purchase any of the three Product Packages - Broker, Pro Broker or Executive Broker
  17. 17. Product Packages €95 Incl. We-coins worth €95 €295 Incl. We-coins worth €295 BONUS BONUS Product bonus Oneliner Bonus Level 1-3 Product Bonus Oneliner Bonus Level 1-5 Matching Bonus €795 Incl. We-coins worth €795 BONUS Product Bonus Oneliner Bonus Level 1-10 Matching Bonus Team Momentum Bonus
  18. 18. Bonus Systems The best compensation plan in the industry, ever. All bonuses require that you keep yourself qualified by buying WFO for €10 per week
  19. 19. The members that joins Wenyard with you as a sponsor are placed in a Right Leg or Left Leg. You can decide a preferred or random leg placement in your settings. Each new signup with you as sponsor generates points: 100 points 300 points 800 points You get Signup Bonus when your binary tree is in balance (1/3 in one leg, and 2/3 in the other). Payment is made in Steps on every 400 points. Step value is variable, and is currently set at €40 (Jan 30th 2014)
  20. 20. Level 0 250 5€ 2 3 500 50 € 3 3 750 75 € 4 6 1 000 100 € 6 1 500 250 € 6 All members that signs up after you counts into your Oneliner Bonus 1 5 Oneliner Bonus count starts directly after the date and time of your signup, and has nothing to do with your team/downline. Frontline Members Payout / week (WFO) 9 2 500 500 € 7 9 5 000 750 € 8 9 10 000 1 000 € 9 9 15 000 1 500 € 10 18 25 000 3 000 € 11 24 50 000 4 000 € 12 30 100 000 5 000 € 13 36 200 000 6 000 €
  21. 21. http://wenyard.com/frontpage/alswell Matching bonus is a bonus to motivate you to help your personally sponsored people succeed. This bonus pays out percentage based on your personally sponsored teams Signup Bonus. 3 personal members registered = 10% of their Signup Bonus 6 personal members registered = 20% of their Signup Bonus 9 personal members registered = 20% of their Signup Bonus +10% of their personal Bonus member’s Signup
  22. 22. Early momentum is the key to get your income growing quickly. Wenyard created the Momentum Bonus to help you build momentum. When you sign up a new person you will get the same amount of WFO’s as the one you sponsor. When you signup you get 72 hours of Momentum Bonus, and when you keep on sponsoring people you extend the time for getting the bonus so you can get it continuously. Sponsoring a Broker gets you 24 extra hours on your Momentum Bonus timer. Sponsoring a Pro Broker gets you 48 extra hours on your Momentum Bonus timer. Sponsoring a Executive Broker gets you 72 extra hours on your Momentum Bonus timer. As Executive Broker with at least 9 personal signups you also get Team Momentum Bonus, This means you get 10% of the Momentum Bonus your sponsor downlines receive.
  23. 23. All brokerage fees in NASGO adds up to a fund, and 75% of the total brokerage is distributed as Recurring Bonus to the members. From this fund, you’ll get paid a different portion depending on your Product Package type: 25% 50% 100%
  24. 24. Just imagine what the Recurring Bonus can do for you - If you have 1,000 members in your downline, and they for example make 15 trades every month, to an average value of only €50 value, this would as an Executive Broker give you an income from the Recurring Bonus of €2 250 per month! No. of members in your network 1 000 5 000 10 000 15 15 15 50 € 50 € 50 € Monthly Bonus - Executive 2 250 € 11 250 € 22 500 € Monthly Bonus - Pro Broker 1 500 € 7 500 € 15 000 € 750 € 3 750 € 7500 € No. of trades per member per month Amount per trade Monthly Bonus - Broker
  25. 25. http://wenyard.com/frontpage/alswell Whether you are looking for a little extra money each month or are looking to build a large business, your income potential with Wenyard is virtually unlimited!