5 questions about online it interviews why eteki.com makes it simpler, faster & more productive!


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5 questions about online it interviews why eteki.com makes it simpler, faster & more productive!

  1. 1. 5 Questions about Online IT Interviews- Why eTeki.com makes it Simpler, Faster & more Productive! Anything ‘online’ attracts a level of sophistication, risk and an immediate reference to the .com bubble of a while ago. But wait, as Bob Dylan so famously sang, ‘Times they are a changing’ and indeed, the online scene of today is a self-sufficient universe in itself- secure, interactive and infinitely more cost and time saving as compared to the tested tricks of old. The clichéd IT interview procedure- candidate meets interviewer, smiles, resume, academic skills, CTC, notice period, more smiles ...is getting an online boost of life as well. Presenting eTeki.com- Where IT interviewing gets serious! As an IT Recruiter, you might wonder... 1. Online IT Interview- what does that mean exactly? It’s a platform wherein an IT Recruiter hires the skills of an experienced IT professional to test the academic and real world skills of an IT candidate. This particular interaction happens online on eTeki.com, thus the apt title. 2. Sounds complicated! Why bother when I have ‘experts’ on my company’s rolls? Surely, you don’t have designated experts marked for every potential, evolving professional skill that might be required by your company. For example, when looking out for a Technical Writer who also brings in survival UX Designing and Visualisation skills, you might not find a stop-gap interviewer in your office. But on eTeki.com, amongst 10,000+ IT professionals, you will. Besides, it’s more cost effective to hire our experts than deviate yours to conduct IT interviews. Remember, it’s not often that you will find the perfect candidate in the first try itself. 3. I’ve got a very small company- Can I afford to spend on Online Interviews? As an IT Recruiter, can you afford to hire the wrong candidate? A startup or SME needs the right people to take it to the next level- people with the right skills and temperament. Besides, on eTeki.com, you can easily find that expert IT interviewer who’s ‘cost per interview’ will match your most stringent budget. And in the bargain, you get quality, timely service and an expert’s opinion. 4. The process looks lengthy and detailed. Sure I can save time on this? Setting up a FREE eTeki.com account takes a shade over 5 minutes, finding that ideal expert IT interviewer to conduct a specific interview for you (in your budget and deadline, of course) may take 30 minutes more, qualifying or rejecting this candidate could occur the moment our IT interviewer forwards you a detailed analytical report about the strengths and failings of the candidate. Meanwhile, offline, as an IT Recruiter, you could still be making that first phone call to feel the candidate out. Time saved is money made, right? http://eteki.com
  2. 2. 5. So who exactly am I paying for the services rendered, eTeki.com or the interviewer I hired? ETeki.com is just a platform where you, the IT Recruiter meets the expert IT interviewer and get on with the business of making that perfect hire. You only pay the interviewer based on his/her reimbursement per interview. We, at eTeki.com will charge a small percentage on top of the published rate by the interviewer. So you get to choose the interviewer base on the price you wanted to pay and nothing more. See, we told you it was simple. If you need a detailed insight into how this works, check out our introductory video here. Got Queries? Talk to us at askus@eteki.com . http://eteki.com