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HackAvert® is a web site security and performance management tool. HackAvert® offers a complete set of tools to protect your website to help prevent, detect and heal a wide range of hack attempts.

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  1. 1. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertProtecting your website and its revenuehas never been so easy
  2. 2. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertSummary• Why do I need to protect my site?• Which technologies are used?• How does HackAvert® help?
  3. 3. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertPourquoi protéger mon site web?21 0009 500+7 to 10 days75%~ 4%<5%pages infected a day globally (Sophos)sites blacklisted by Google per dayof lost revenue by infected sites on averagecurrently have vulnerabilitesof websites are currently infectedof websites are protected (v’s 99% of PCs)
  4. 4. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertGood sites become distributorsof malwareUser visits
  5. 5. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertBoth big and small sites getinfected…
  6. 6. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertWhat are the implications?Websites get blacklisted– All modern browsers block access to websiteWebsites infect visitors– Users get hit with malware, data compromiseInternal data gets compromised– Possible to steal data from internal systems (SQLi, RATs)A backdoor for further attacks– Hidden shells ( c99/c100/php and more)
  7. 7. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertThe security game is changing*Threat Post (http://threatpost.com/en_us/blogs/security-game-needs-change-022912)Yesterday TomorrowFocus: Vulnerability Assessment“Am I Vulnerable?”Problem: Can’t keep up patchingImpact: Constantly vulnerable to attacksDoesn’t detect if infected.Can be infected for monthsFocus: Malware Detection w. auto cleanup“Am I Infected?”Patch vulnerability when infectedBenefit: Immediate alert if infectedOnly patch relevant vulnerabilitiesResult: HackAvert keeps your site clean“Antivirus for your Website”
  8. 8. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertWhen choosing a solution, make sure itdetects new dynamic, “never before seenmalware” (in addition to viruses).Yesterday Today TomorrowTraditionalVirusesTraditionalVirusesTraditionalVirusesMalwareInjectionsMalwareInjections*Threat Post (http://threatpost.com/en_us/blogs/security-game-needs-change-022912)The move to Dynamic Web 2.0 malware requires new detection technologyMalwareInjections
  9. 9. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertGoogle acknowledging the problem
  10. 10. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertImportant TechnologiesMalwareDetectionVulnerabilityAssessmentReputation MonitoringWhat?- Is my site infected?- Am I hacked?- Am I infecting my visitors?- Is my internal data at risk?- Might I get blacklisted soon?“Anti Virus for your Website”- Is my site vulnerable?- Might I get hacked?- What patches should I apply?Note: Doesn’t tell if infected- Is my site blacklisted?Why?If infected you need to fix the problembefore you get- blacklisted- compromise your data- infect your visitorsIf vulnerable, you need to fix theproblem before you get- Hacked- InfectedIf blacklisted, you need tofix the problem so yourcustomers can visit your siteagain.
  11. 11. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertArtificial Intelligence vs Signatures• HackAvert finds what others don’t: Proactive instead of reactive– Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms detect never before seen malware– Signature based solutions used by others not effective– 3 patents pendingDB of Malware Instances Previous approaches:Signature-based failsAI detects never beforeseen malwareWhy Artificial Intelligence is neededDatabase of malware instancesNew malware
  12. 12. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertHackAvert scans and detects…htmljavascriptphpiframe redirectionsflash.exedocsadshttp links
  13. 13. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertImportant features & benefits• Web Malware Detection detects if a web site is infected AI-based engine detects unknown infections. Facebook Protection protects content on corporate wall Scans and fixes ALL pages Automatic Cleanup Option. (Or just let HackAvert informyou and remove the infected code yourself)• Vulnerability Assessments finds vulnerabilities in websites tofix (Server and Application level).• Blacklist & Reputation Monitoring notifies if a website isblacklisted by Google, Bing, Yahoo, DNS blacklist orsimilar.• Fully automated scans with email alerts – Weekly, Daily, Hourlyor Continuously for increased security.• HackAvert Trust Seal
  14. 14. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertAutomated malware removal(option)• Default option: let HackAvert notifyyou, and perform the cleanyourself…• Easy set-up, automated removal isideal for inexperienced users• Automatically removes maliciouscode without manual intervention ifrequired• Only removes malicious line (not entirefile) and restores a working websitefor continuous availability of the website• Includes time machine feature foreasy restore of original file
  15. 15. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertProtect corporate image onFacebookIdentify malicious links on Facebook corporate page.
  16. 16. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertSimple yet powerful dashboardwithin your MySSL account
  17. 17. HackAvert ® SSL247.co.uk/HackAvertSummary…• Websites are getting infected and blacklisted daily• Visitors are getting infected• The problem is growing fast• As with viruses on PCs, there IS a solution• Detects (and can remove) web malware• Scans all pages on your website• Scans corporate Facebook walls• Is backed by the US National Science Foundation