Ubuntu, Your Choice of Freedom


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Ubuntu, Your Choice of Freedom
Software Freedom Day KL 2011 at UNIKL

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Ubuntu, Your Choice of Freedom

  1. 1. Software Freedom Day KL 2011Your freedom operating system, Your freedom way of lifePresentation by :Khairul Aizat KamarudzzamanAsia Oceania Membership Boardfenris@ubuntu.comwww.ubuntu.com.mySeptember 2011
  2. 2. Some facts about the OS :)2 Presentation by fenris
  3. 3. Where are we now?The worlds third mostpopular operating system3 Presentation by fenris
  4. 4. 2 20,000,000 users and counting Users in 240 countries, localised in over 80 languages 35,000 Windows users download Ubuntu every dayUbuntu Everywhere
  5. 5. Freedom Your Life Style5 Presentation by fenris
  6. 6. What makes Ubuntu special? You can make it your own. Customise your computer just how you like it. “Ubuntu is like the iPhone. Anything youd care to do, theres an app for that.” The Guardian The Guardian6 Presentation by fenris
  7. 7. What makes Ubuntu special? Its fast and it stays fast... it makes you look good!7 Presentation by fenris
  8. 8. What makes Ubuntu special? It plays well with others... iPhones, Android phones, Windows PCs and Macs8 Presentation by fenris
  9. 9. A new look “My Ubuntu set up is faster than a PC and prettier than a Mac.” The Times9 Presentation by fenris
  10. 10. Get started straightawayLaunch your favourite tools and applications quickly and easily10 Presentation by fenris
  11. 11. Find apps fastUse the dash to search for apps and programs11 Presentation by fenris
  12. 12. Multi-task in styleManage multiple windows and applications at the same time  12 Presentation by fenris
  13. 13. Features Web browsing ● Enjoy speedy surfing ● Get peace of mind with built-in security13 Presentation by fenris
  14. 14. Features Social and email ● Access your emails, address book and calendar, fast ● Integrate your favourite chat channels14 Presentation by fenris
  15. 15. Features Music and mobile ● Play, create and edit mp3s ● Stream any music to your PC or phone ● Buy music in the Ubuntu One Music Store ● Access music straight from the sound menu “I already like it at least a hundred times more than I like iTunes.” PC Pro15 Presentation by fenris
  16. 16. Features Photos and videos ● Import, organise and edit your pictures ● Create, play and edit videos ● Integrate with a range of devices16 Presentation by fenris
  17. 17. Ubuntu One Ubuntu One is the personal cloud that brings your digital life together ● Enjoy your content, your way, wherever you are ● Sync files across all your Ubuntu or Windows computers ● Access your files, contacts, notes or bookmarks from anywhere ● Stream your music collection to your mobile phone and listen offline17 Presentation by fenris
  18. 18. Ubuntu One – your personal cloud ● Enjoy your content, your way, wherever you are ● Sync files across all your Ubuntu or Windows computers ● Access your files, contacts, notes or bookmarks from anywhere ● Stream your music collection to your mobile phone and listen offline My music DATA library My cloud drive address contacts notes ...and more Music streaming Ubuntu Windows iOS/AndroidUbuntu Everywhere
  19. 19. 19 Presentation by fenris
  20. 20. “My ThinkPad switch was inspired by a desire to try out the Ubuntu flavour of GNU/Linux, which Id heard great things about.” Cory Doctorow, The Guardian20 Presentation by fenris
  21. 21. Give users what freedomthey want!21 Presentation by fenris
  22. 22. Freedom Your Cloud22 Presentation by fenris
  23. 23. Ubuntu server – explosive disruptive growth Robust and disruptive ● Edge of network - Data, Web, Print, File ● Disruptive model – OS & Updates available freely ● Payment for support only Certified ● Certified on over 100 server models ● Over 200 ISV certifications Render Farms Weta Digital Rackspace Global Linux Web servers  Ubuntu used to render  Over 50,000 Ubuntu Share of market Avatar and King Kong Servers  35,000 cores in 5,000 HP Blades with 104TB RAM 2010 2011Courtesy 20th Century Fox W3C – Linux hosting worldwide 2011 Ubuntu Everywhere
  24. 24. Ubuntu Enterprise CloudCompatible technologyAbility to use the same Ubuntu machineimages and management tools across bothprivate and public systems, minimising costlyre-training or application change whenmoving from private to public and vice versa.Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Hybrid FocusRapid deployment Ubuntu on EC2 (public)Optimize resources & immediacy Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (private)(self service IT) Maximise benefits whilst minimising risksBest of breed (KVM, Eucalyptus) ElasticityCompatible technology (matches EC2/S3) Simplifies burstingSupports multiple guest O/S Common StandardsSecure, trusted & open source Common Ubuntu machine image 24 Presentation by fenris
  25. 25. Ubuntu Cloud – leading as guest and infrastructure Ubuntu as Guest Fundamental change in compute Clouds started on FLOSS Perfect guest OS of IaaS Light, robust, freely available SaaS | PaaS | IaaS The battle for developers is on Ubuntu Cloud Private & Public cloud ● Amazon API compatible ● Based on Openstack ● Canonical on tech councilUbuntu Everywhere
  26. 26. UEC Adoption• Users convinced of the validity of Ubuntu & UEC as a platform for cloud.• 7% have built a private cloud with UEC, 17% are expecting to in the next 12 months. Source: Ubuntu Server Edition User Survey by Canonical • Currently tracking over 20,000 deployments of UEC 26 Presentation by fenris
  27. 27. Freedom Your Timeespecially to 4dm1n1tr4t0r :)27 Presentation by fenris
  28. 28. Lets meet https://juju.ubuntu.com28 Presentation by fenris
  29. 29. What is juju ? Formerly known as “Ensemble” Juju is community of DevOps expertise Juju provides service orchestration Juju is intelligent Juju is easy29 Presentation by fenris
  30. 30. Charms Juju includes a collection of what we call Charms that let you deploy whatever services you want in Juju. Since charms are open and worked on by the community, they represent a distilled set of best practices for deploying these services. ● Media Wiki ● PostgreSQL ● Drupal ● Memcached ● HA Proxy ● https://launchpad.net/charm30 Presentation by fenris
  31. 31. Automated DevOps31 Presentation by fenris
  32. 32. The best choice for freedom32 Presentation by fenris
  33. 33. Ubuntus is here &ready for freedom33 Presentation by fenris
  34. 34. Questions pleaseThank youKhairul Aizat Kamarudzzamanfenris@ubuntu.comwww.ubuntu.com.my