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  • 2. New Variety of Cabbage Introduced in Nepal
  • 3. Women Work In Tree Nursery In Peru
  • 4. Access To Communication Transforms Life of Women In Mali
  • 5. Analysis of Olive Oil in Beirut Food Laboratory
  • 6. Food Preparation with a Traditional Stove in Senegal
  • 7. Raising Awareness of Improved Cooking Stoves in Senegal
  • 8. Herb Market in Hungary
  • 9. Woman Doctor in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, October 2007
  • 10. Men and Women Fish Together to Feed Families of their Mexican Fishing Village
  • 11. Gathering Vegetables from a Home Garden in Botswana
  • 12. Men and Women Weeding a Rice Field in Guinea Conakry
  • 13. Preservation of Agricultural Products in Senegal
  • 14. Preserving Beans in Senegal
  • 15. Preserving Tomatoes at Family Level in Lebanon
  • 16. Street Food Vendor in Ecuador Practices Good Hygiene
  • 17. Street Food Vendor in Mali
  • 18. Transforming “lo stelo” of palm into sponge for domestic use in Mali
  • 19. Village Fishing Cooperative Learns Microcredit Management in Thailand
  • 20. Woman Drying Rice in Indonesia
  • 21. Woman Plowing with Donkeys in Kenya
  • 22. Woman Preparing Cheese in Albania
  • 23. Woman and Man Work Together with Draft Animals in Albania
  • 24. Women and Men Learning Floricultural Technologies at Model Center in India
  • 25. Women Transplanting Rice in India
  • 26. Women Farmers in Goa, India
  • 27. Women Threshing Paddy at Khakh Village, Near Amritsar, India
  • 28. Women Farmers in Drought-Stricken Andhra Pradesh, India
  • 29. Women Transplanting Rice in a Research Trial Field, India
  • 30. Women Planning Improved Soil Management in India
  • 31. Taking Compost to Spread on Farm Fields in India
  • 32. Woman in a farm field being prepared for drip irrigation in India
  • 33. Women’s responsibility for environmental management, India
  • 34. Woman Farmer Facing Drought in Kenya
  • 35. Handouts during food crisis in Malawi
  • 36. Women bringing milk to a collection station in India
  • 37. Collecting raw opium resin from regulated poppy field in Northern India
  • 38. Women Planting Rice in Nepal
  • 39. Water for laundry
  • 40. Mother and undernourished child in a feeding centre run by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Shabunda, South Kivu, Congo. Infant mortality rates in the east of the country have in places reached 41 per cent.
  • 41. Fisherwomen in Bihar State, India
  • 42. Women carrying baskets in Guatemala
  • 43. Selling Potatoes in a Market in Guatemala
  • 44. Making breakfast, Guatemala
  • 45. Woman carries firewood in El Salvador
  • 46. Woman and her two children – El Salvador -Rehabilitation and Development Project for War-torn Areas in the Department of Chalatenango