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Life in the sea.

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  1. 1. Life in the Sea
  2. 2. The ocean is a habitat full of living creatures.
  3. 3. The living creatures in the sea have many characteristics . Some of the characteristics are: size color movement food gathering
  4. 4. Size large medium small very small
  5. 5. Blue Whale Manatee Large Creatures
  6. 6. Sea Turtle Penguin Medium Creatures Squid
  7. 7. Scallop Starfish Sea snail Small Creatures
  8. 8. Krill Plankton Sea Worm Very Small Creatures
  9. 9. Which creature is large, middle-sized, small or very small? Click to find out if you are right.
  10. 10. Color pink multi-colored yellow black blue no-color white red
  11. 11. Mandarin Fish Coral Clown anemonefish Multi-colored Creatures Copperbanded butterfly fish
  12. 12. Blue-lined sea bream Collar butterflyfish Clown triggerfish Multi-colored Creatures Rainbow Wrasse Chromis
  13. 13. Pink Creatures Elegance coral Pink coral Mushroom soft coral Pom pom anemones
  14. 14. Clear Creatures Jellyfish Jellyfish Jellyfish Jellyfish Venus flytrap
  15. 15. Yellow Creatures Sunflower coral Sea Horse pyramid butterfly fish Mushroom coral
  16. 16. Black butterfly fish Bat fish Black Creatures
  17. 17. Blue sea star Blue Creatures Big Blue Clam Semicircle angelfish Blue-ringed angelfish Yellow banded angelfish
  18. 18. White Creatures Velvet Chalice Coral Colonial Cup Coral Elegant Coral
  19. 19. Red Creatures Scorpion fish Lobster Scarlet serpent Strawberry shrimp
  20. 20. Which creature is black? Which creature is yellow? Which creature is red? Which creature is pink? Which creature is blue? Which creature is white? Which creature is multicolored? Click the pictures to see if you are right.
  21. 21. Movement swim jet-propelled jump dive crawl other
  22. 22. Creatures That Swim Shark Barracuda Tuna Sea turtles
  23. 23. Jumping Sea Creatures Dolphins Flying fish Trout
  24. 24. Jet-propelled Creatures Squid Octopus Jellyfish
  25. 25. Creatures That Crawl Sea cucumber Sea snail Sea urchin Starfish
  26. 26. Diving Sea Creatures Harbor seal Sea otter Penguin Beluga whale
  27. 27. Creatures That Move Other Ways Salmon Angelfish Seahorse
  28. 28. Can you find a creature that moves like an elevator? One that crawls? A good diver? One with paddling limbs for swimming? A jet-propelled mover? One that jumps? Click on an animal to answer the questions.
  29. 29. Food Gathering poisonous nursing camouflage filter feeders scavengers suckers scrapers other
  30. 30. Poisonous Creatures Lion fish Sea anemone Sea anemone with clownfish Coral Jellyfish
  31. 31. Nursing Baby Mammals Whales and Dolphins
  32. 32. Camouflaged Creatures Stone fish or Scorpion fish Northern Wobbegone Shark Rays
  33. 33. Creatures with Suckers Octopus Starfish Squid
  34. 34. Creatures that are Filter Feeders Bivalves like clams and scallops Baleen whales like the gray whale Whale shark
  35. 35. Scavenger Creatures Brittle Star Deep-sea Sunstar Sergestid Shrimp
  36. 36. Food Scraping Creatures Sea Slugs Sea Urchin
  37. 37. Other ways of gathering food Fangtooth Fish Sawfish Nurse Shark
  38. 38. Which creature is poisonous, camouflaged, a scavenger, or a filter-feeder? Which one scrapes their food? Which one uses suckers and which one nurses? Click the pictu-res to see if you are right.
  39. 39. We have learned that the ocean is a habitat full of living creatures. These creatures are found in different sizes and colors. They move in many ways and use different methods to gather their food. What an amazing variety of life in the sea!
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