easy-Speak introduction 4 new Toastmasters members


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How to use Toastmasters easy speak. It contains some Zuriberg specific information.

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  • These are used most often.
  • You can’t assign speeches yourself. The speeches are assigned by the VP Education.
  • Here you can go and search for other Toastmasters Clubs within District 59. Toastmasters based on clubs. The hierarchy of Toastmasters is shown here.
  • Plan your participation and Leadership progress. Make sure you synchronize with your personal agenda.
  • The Speech Title is not necessary when applying. You can enter it a few days before the meeting.Workbook and Speech number must be selected as speech duration varies and the meeting planner needs to know the length of the speeches.Preferred date must be entered. It is best to use the various preferences. The speaking slots are assigned by the VPE If more members want to speak as slots are available you will be contacted by the VPE should he not be able to assign you a slot.
  • At Zuriberg please request speeches with easyspeak. Do not mail a request to a club officer. The VP Education will assign the speaking slots according to the members requests. If thereare more requests than available slots the VPE will contact you. The speech title can be entered a couple of days before the meeting. By planning your own Toastmasters progress you will profit more.
  • Please enter your goals when the Mentoring ends. The goals are needed to plan the club meetings and the DCP goals. The Distinguished Club Program must be planned every year and the progress is continuously monitored by the VPE. The Goal planning is an ongoing process as members move to other locations as they take job opportunities or whatever reasons. Members with goals will be preferred when the VPE assigns speaking slots.The Leadership Track is less monitored by the VP Education. As a member check with your CL progress when taking Leadership roles. The Mentor and VP Education are available to help you reach your goals.
  • The VP Membership should add the guests after the meeting. It helps manage the club:-Attendance statistic-When and how often was a guest at the meeting before he/she joins-Guest statistics
  • easy-Speak introduction 4 new Toastmasters members

    1. 1. Easy-Speak(Toastmaster Automation V2.7a)
    2. 2. Presentation Topics Introduction to easy-Speak Your participation Your personal pages Applying for Speeches Setting Personal Goals Statstics for Club Management Adding new Users Additional Help
    3. 3. Introduction – What is easy-Speak?For Members: manage yourselfFor the Club Committee: manage the clubEveryone: connect with other Toastmasters & Clubs
    4. 4. Introduction – Login: district59.euInfo was sentto memberby E-Mail
    5. 5. Introduction – start page menues
    6. 6. Introduction – start page menues Next meeting date Next meeting date with unassigned speaking slot
    7. 7. Introduction – start page menues
    8. 8. Introduction – start page menues
    9. 9. Your ParticipationSign up for Meetings Date Range selectable Available roles
    10. 10. Your ParticipationSign up for Meetings
    11. 11. Your Personal PagesCommunication Track
    12. 12. Your Personal PagesCommunication Track
    13. 13. Your Personal PagesCommunication Track
    14. 14. Your Personal PagesLeadership Track
    15. 15. Applying for Speeches
    16. 16. Assigning Speaking Slotsby VP Education Speech title Date preference Manual and speech number
    17. 17. Setting Personal Goals
    18. 18. Setting Personal Goals
    19. 19. Setting Personal Goals
    20. 20. Statistics for Club Management Officer only
    21. 21. Statistics for Club ManagementCommunication Chart Legend at bottom of page
    22. 22. Statistics for Club Management Participation ChartCustomize the Customize the Customize thechart to you chart to you chart to youliking liking liking
    23. 23. Statistics for Club ManagementRole History
    24. 24. Statistics for Club ManagementUser List – Officer View
    25. 25. Statistics for Club ManagementUser List – Member View Speech Request Edit Personal Informaton Role Summary Leadership Progress Communication Progress
    26. 26. Statistics for Club ManagementEdit your Personal Information
    27. 27. Adding new Users (VPM)Guests that attended the last Meeting
    28. 28. Adding new Users (VPM)Guests that attended the last Meeting
    29. 29. Adding new Users (VPM)Guests that attended the last Meeting
    30. 30. Additional Help Officer only
    31. 31. Conclusion Enter at least your attendance as early as possible. Use Easy-Speak to maximize your Toastmasters experience.