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Results of Empowered Bookkeeping survey. Consists of women's insights about women-owned businesses.

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Empowered Bookkeeping LLC

  1. 1. Survey Results: Women and Financial Literacy Empowered Bookkeeping LLC www.empoweredbookkeeping.com 818.279.2200
  2. 2. Why should we care?  100% of respondents agree that it is “very important” for women to be financially literate.  Money is liberating in society.  Financial literacy is about power.  It is important to understand savings, debt and spending.  Financial literacy creates independence, confidence, stability.
  3. 3. What is Preventing Women’s Financial Literacy?  69% of women say they feel intimidated by the subject matter as a whole.  54% of women say it is due to the lack of access to a reliable and trusted resource for guidance, support, help.  39% of women say it is due to a lack of time and energy.
  4. 4. What Financial Concepts are Important to Women?  Saving money!  Taxes  Investments  Retirement funds  Marital financial planning  Important basic tasks: balancing checkbooks and online bill pay  Macroeconomics
  5. 5. How Can we Financially Empower the Younger Generation of Women?  Teach them the importance of money  Give them a well-rounded financial education  Teach them to not be intimidated by finance  Educate them on credit, loans, and savings when they are young
  6. 6. How are Professional Women viewed by other Women?  58% of women would feel more comfortable working with a female financial professional than a male financial professional.  42% of women are indifferent.
  7. 7. Why a Woman Professional?  Ability to relate on a personal level/empathy  Good communication  Trustworthiness/honesty/integrity
  8. 8. Is it Important to Support Women- Owned Businesses? Why?  33% of women actively seek to support and do business with women-owned businesses  Creates social-networking  Nurtures other women-owned businesses  Helps to achieve gender equality in business
  9. 9. Who is it Important to Support?  91% of women say women supporting women is critically important.  75% of women say woman-owned businesses adopting socially conscious business practices is critically important  50% of women say women supporting woman-owned businesses is critically important Scale: Critically important, very important, somewhat important, not important, indifferent.
  10. 10. Socially Conscious Business Practices  75% of women would be highly motivated to support a local woman-owned business that incorporates social consciousness/ philanthropy as a vital component of its business model.
  11. 11. What Types of Business Practices and Philanthropic Efforts are Important?  Local community efforts  Mentoring  Education  Child-care, health-care  Most important: Remain ethical, honest and professional.  Show strong leadership
  12. 12. Thank you for your participation!  Empowered Bookkeeping LLC appreciates your time, insights and expertise.  We will be using your responses and thoughts to help guide the development of Empowered Bookkeeping LLC.  Please email empoweredbookkeeping@gmail.com if you have any additional questions  Visit www.empoweredbookkeeping.com for more information