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Web 2 0 And Language Learning
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Web 2 0 And Language Learning


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. ECIS Annual Conference, Hamburg, Germany, 18 - 22 of November 2009 WEB 2.0 AND LANGUAGE LEARNING Sunday 1000 - 1045 The web 2.0 is an innovative tool for education that is changing the 21st century process of teaching. Not only its potential is limitless but also its social and behavioral power. Creativity, participation and collaboration are some of its key elements. But there are more. This presentation will explore the endless possibilities that Internet has for a language teacher. From online comics to free broadcasting tools and flash animation sites. Teachers will turn into online creators. Speakers for this presentation: Victor González Guzmán ICT teacher and Spanish teacher Thomas-Mann-Str. 8 D - 28213 Bremen Phone: 49-421-337-9272 Fax: 49-421-337-9273 email:
  • 2. Aims The main aim of this presentation is to give the best online resources for language teachers in order to create their own materials and activities. Its practical objectives are structured into 50 sections. Each section contains the most representative websites to use in 2009/10. In order to gather all this information we have used two main online sources. The first one is the e-learning newsletter from the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). The second one is from The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies by Jane Hart.1 There are however other objectives we have to take into account: 1) To raise teacher awareness of the digital learning revolution. 2) To encourage teachers to combine the traditional way of teaching with the web-teaching methodology. 3) To present the endless possibilities Internet offers to enrich Language teaching 1 UOC: CLPT:
  • 3. BANK OF BEST TOOLS FOR LANGUAGE TEACHERS 2009 1. 3D Virtual Worlds 2. Interactive 3 D Charts 3. Chats suitable for language learners (some include video chat)
  • 4. 4. Stunning presentations (not free but very good for synchronizing video and powerpoint) 5. Tests online creator (not free) 6. Quizzes
  • 5. 7. Screencasting tml 8. Digital Classroom
  • 6. 9. Skill help Videos 10 Monitored emails 11. Social Networks Creation 12. Share educational materials 13. Simple text writing 14. Free e-learning authoring tools
  • 7. 15. Virtual Books creators 16. Online Assignment calendars, gradebooks and reports 17. Animated games for education 18. Time line creators 19. Podcast : To download Audacity
  • 8. To embed a podcast on any blog. 20. Flash cards 21. Video Podcast 22. Read the words. Listen to documents. 23. Creative bubbles
  • 9. 24. Creative docs 25. Diagrams online 26. Paint online 27. Photos in motion with text 28. Comics, animations
  • 10. 29. Edit Movies 30. Make 3D images 31) Online Publishing Tool 32) Website creators
  • 11. (with flash) 33. Photo Editors (watermark images) 34. Thumb websites 35. Collaborative creative writing 36. Sell Content 37.Video hosting
  • 12. (download videos from youtube) (download any music or videos from internet) 38.Group meetings 39.Convert any files 40. Brainstorming 41.Blog creators 42. Talk online 43. Convert text to smooth png image
  • 13. 44. Painter software 45. Flash maker 46. Comment and share 47. Broadcast 48. Bibliography tool 59. Capture information 50. Poster makers There is a copy of this document and a simplified version of the presentation published on