The five senses felsy
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The five senses felsy






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The five senses felsy Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The sense of smellThe smell lets us smell our surroundings
  • 2. The sense ofsmell is in the nose.
  • 3. We can smell different odors. The nose is theorgan that is used to smell.
  • 4. The odors can be nice
  • 5. The odors can be unpleasant
  • 6. Example: Can you remember the smell of the popcorn in the movie theater ? Delicious!
  • 7. Taking care of the nose Avoiding strong odors:paint aerosols unknown ubstances
  • 8. The sense of taste The sense oftaste enables us to identify the flavors of the foods we eat.
  • 9. The mouthThrough the mouthwe know the taste of food.
  • 10. The sense oftaste is on the tongue
  • 11. Savoring foodWe use the senseof smell and taste to taste a pizza,they help identify flavors.
  • 12. Example: When we eat an ice cream we use the sense of taste
  • 13. How can you take care of the mouth For a healthy mouth is important to brushteeth and tongue. The dentist is the doctor that takes care of the mouth.
  • 14. Sense of taste
  • 15. The sense of sight Permits us see images. We see thecharacteristics by their colors or shapes, distance, read and see other things
  • 16. The eyesOn the eyes is the sense of sight. This are on the head and are in different colors and shapes
  • 17. The eyes
  • 18. The ophthalmologist
  • 19. The sense of hearingWe can hearthe sounds around us.
  • 20. The ears Sound travels through the ears.
  • 21. The soundsThe sounds can be: soft sound strong sound bass sound skirl sound
  • 22. What sounds tell us?Sounds can give us warning signs of an emergency or action.police ambulance fire truck wake up answer
  • 23. Example: Listening to music is very nice. It enjoyed through the sense of hearing.
  • 24. How can you take care of your ears? Escuchando música a No introducir objetos en volumen moderado. tus oídos. Si sientes alguna molestia, debes visitar al médico.
  • 25. The sense of touch, lets me know theThe sense of hardness, temperature and touch weight of things.
  • 26. Professionals related to the senses No introducir objetos en tus oídos. dentistophthalmologist
  • 27. Professionals related to the senses dermatologist otolaryngologist