SLAs on social media


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Service Levels on Social Media are being observed by customer care analysts. Brands can be ranked low and suffer if they don't set up tools and processes to monitor and enforce SLAs.

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SLAs on social media

  1. 1. Copyright Dimelo SA SLAs on Social Media CEMT Vienna 2013
  2. 2. Copyright Dimelo SA Still young ? Stephane LEE • CEO of Dimelo SocialCRM SW company Real life : 46 years old • Blogs : 9 years old • Linkedin : 9 years old • Xing : 8 years old • Facebook : 6 years old • Twitter : 5 years old • Google+ : 2 year old • Pinterest : 1 year old
  3. 3. Copyright Dimelo SA Queues are public on social media
  4. 4. Copyright Dimelo SA Advertising SLA
  5. 5. Copyright Dimelo SA Social Media included in rankings
  6. 6. Copyright Dimelo SA Why do customers express their problems on Social Media ? SIMPLICITY: • Because it is more straightforward if social media channels are already open on their desktop/mobile • Digital natives PRESSURE: • Because they think the public nature of social media will put more pressure on companies to answer their question ESCALATION: • Because they tried other channels and it didn’t work VENGEANCE: • Because they felt rebuffed by a previous company response
  7. 7. Copyright Dimelo SA What about expectations ?
  8. 8. Copyright Dimelo SA How do others fare ?
  9. 9. Copyright Dimelo SA Only response time ?
  10. 10. Copyright Dimelo SA KPI funnel Response Rate Response Time CSAT NPS Value
  11. 11. Copyright Dimelo SA Failed expectations #complainvertising
  12. 12. Copyright Dimelo SA Don’t let others choose the ranking
  13. 13. Copyright Dimelo SA Exceeded expectations WOW but not scalable !
  14. 14. Copyright Dimelo SA Don’t forget The Power of Evil: The Damage of Negative Social Media Strongly Outweigh Positive Contributions Marcel Corstjens INSEAD It’s all about CONSISTENCY
  15. 15. Copyright Dimelo SA Why should you enforce SLAs ? Because customer expectations are high Because of the public nature of social media messages Because your company must consider social media as a valid channel Because you have the opportunity to do things the right way this time Because customer service is the new marketing, and it will make a difference
  16. 16. Copyright Dimelo SA Ensuring service levels 1. Define SLAs for selected sources (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) 2. Anticipate volume 3. Plan resources 4. Define workflows 5. Choose the right tool 6. Measure 7. Find improvement points 8. Survey customers 9. Make it better
  17. 17. Copyright Dimelo SA Introducing Dimelo SMCC CELLPHONE FORMS/ EMAIL In-App Chat
  18. 18. Copyright Dimelo SA SMCC Agent Interface
  19. 19. Copyright Dimelo SA SMCC Dashboard
  20. 20. Copyright Dimelo SA SMCC Service Level
  21. 21. Copyright Dimelo SA You can monitor and commit on Social Media SLAs NOW !
  22. 22. Copyright Dimelo SA Questions ?