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Bosch tecnologia

  1. 1. Electrical Drives Efficient solutions for more driving comfort and safety
  2. 2. The feel-good guarantee – for vehicle manufacturers and motorists all over the world Bosch Electrical Drives develops and manufactures as leading sup- plier and worldwide partner of OEM, TIER and in-house customers electrical drive units for actuation functions, engine cooling, vehicle climate control and wiper systems. Further components such as vacuum or auxiliary water pumps, water valves, engine cooling fan modules, wiper arms and blades round out our product range. Our products fulfill the highest quality and com- fort requirements. With their high degree of efficiency and their light, compact design they also contribute toward reduced fuel consump- tion and CO2 output. Better motoring – with Bosch Electrical Drives. 2  |  Electrical Drives Best quality and efficient production The specialized knowledge of experi- enced employees combined with the consistent and comprehensive appli- cation of the latest quality-assurance processes are the guarantee for efficient, reliable process sequences and are thus the basic prerequisites for the high quality and punctual sup- ply of our products direct to our cus- tomers’ assembly lines. This is why all our production fa- cilities work according to the strict Bosch quality guidelines which on- ly permit technically mature prod- ucts to reach series production af- ter they have undergone tough tests. Our products and services thus fulfill international standards (DIN ISO EN 9000, QS-9000, VDA) and have al- ready received various awards. Our innovative strength is based on the continuous de- velopment of our technolog- ical competence in the fields of mechanics, aerodynam- ics, acoustics, electrics and electronics – combined with our global market presence and market orientation
  3. 3. Our customers benefit from our worldwide presence With around 12,000 employees, we are represented on every continent with our own development, produc- tion and distribution centers. We can thus always react rapidly and flexi- bly to the new demands of interna- tional markets and ensure the world- wide availability of our products and services. Together with vehicle and engine manufacturers we develop solutions that exactly meet custom- er-specific requirements. A dense network of service partners in over 130 countries ensures competent re- pair and spares services anywhere in the world. Bosch technology on board, a firm feature of progressive automobiles Electrical Drives  |  3 Plymouth Brits Chennai Campinas Bühl Bühlertal Changsha Clayton Albion Toluca Castellet Tienen Miskolc YokohamaBuyong Waltham Caen Hildesheim Hatvan Budapest Suzhou Our development, production and distribution locations
  4. 4. Actuator, thermal and wiping systems – innovations to meet the highest demands 4  |  Electrical Drives The experience and know-how of Bosch Electrical Drives are much sought after by all vehicle manufacturers. Our products stand for in- novative technology with great customer benefits, cover a large number of functions and are thus used in the most varied types of motor vehicle worldwide. Whether these are top-of-the-range vehi- cles for those requiring maximum comfort or cost-favorable small cars with correspondingly basic equipment – we cover every re- quirement. Application that saves time and money Innovative development and manu- facturing concepts together with our experience in all fields of automotive technology enable us to realize high- quality products quickly and cost-fa- vorably. Our products are based on progressive platform concepts that are employable worldwide and can be incorporated into every architec- ture. In addition to ideal functionality, our solutions are characterized, in particular, by reductions in noise, weight and space requirements. We thus give automobile manufacturers new design freedom. With our prov- en strategy of offering complete, precisely matched modules and sys- tems, we reduce the fitting costs and effort involved in vehicle pro- duction at the manufacturers.
  5. 5. Fields of competence and activity: Actuators for power windows, seat adjustment and sunroofs Fan modules and drive units for en- gine cooling Pumps and valves for engine-cool- ing systems Components for interior climate control Windshield and rear-window wiper systems, wiper arms and wiper blades Electric vacuum pumps for brake boosters Electrical Drives  |  5 Our products and services fulfill the highest standards of quality, function and cost – just in time
  6. 6. Our FPG2 system actuator: unrivalled multi-functionality Besides our proven standard window lift drives we also offer the FPG2, an extremely flexible drive for the medi- um to high torque range. Various components can be inserted in the plug-in interface of the gear housing to meet individual requirements. A standard basic version thus makes it possible to create several alterna- tives easily, quickly and cost-effec- tively: With 2-pin connector: for sensor- less position recognition for anti- pinch functionality or for systems without this safety function With Hall sensor: with position rec- ognition providing the signal for the anti-pinch functionality in the door control unit or body computer With plug-in electronics: for func- tions such as position recognition, anti-pinch functionality and com- fort closing Progressive solutions for doors and sliding roofs 6  |  Actuation systems  In the vehicle’s door, electrical drives from Bosch ensure that the windows can be opened and closed comfortably. Our new drive units and electronics simplify activation and make additional func- tions possible. Our components are extremely compact and can be integrated without difficulty into any door. In the roof area our mod- ern electrical sunroof drives increase comfort and create the condi- tions that enable the driver to concentrate fully on the traffic situa- tion. Actuation systems from Bosch make driving not only more comfortable but safer, too. Our FPC1 and FPC3 window lift drives: the established standard Our sturdy FPC1 and FPC3 drives are supplied as standard versions with 2-pin connectors without anti- pinch functionality. They are ideally suited to light and medium perform- ance requirements and feature par- ticularly light, package-saving design. The standard version of these drives, for instance, weighs only 430 grams. Window lift actuators: quiet, compact and powerful Our range of drives for power win- dows fulfills all current market re- quirements. The drives are charac- terized by gears with a high degree of self-locking, which prevents the window from being opened by force. They meet the highest standards re- garding: Package and weight Noise Performance range Integration possibilities Safety and robustness FPG2 platform drive unit with plug-in electronics
  7. 7.    Door and roof mechatronics   |  7 AHC-R sunroof drive: extremely flat, especially light Our AHC-R sunroof drive has been specially developed for sunroofs with low power requirements. Its univer- sal drive component is only 30 mil- limeters high and weighs only 500 grams, which makes it the ideal solu- tion when a light, space-saving elec- tronic comfort drive unit is required. NSA-R sunroof drive: powerful and extremely compact Our NSA-R is ideally suitable for ap- plications requiring high torques of up to 12 Nm and is thus one of the most powerful sunroof drives on the market. It is available as a 2-pin or sensor version. Its optimized mag- netic circuit with high-energy mag- nets makes this drive an extremely compact and lightweight solution. AHC-R sunroof drive: light, compact and usable worldwide
  8. 8. Innovations for relaxed driving and a safe arrival 8  |  Actuation systems   A seat which can be adapted to the individual requirements of driver and co-driver represents a considerable increase in driving comfort. We have developed a range of high-performance products which ef- fectively prevent muscle cramps, backache and tiredness. In addition we offer drives for the steering-column, seat-belt and trunk sectors as well as innovative vacuum pumps. We thus make driving even more re- laxing and considerably safer. Electrical drive units for a wide range of seating conceptions Our program comprises a wide range of light, space-saving drive units for quick and comfortable seat adjust- ment: gearless motors, single and du- al-stage geared motors as well as mo- tors with spindle and planetary gearing. The combination of motor and gearing in one single unit cuts down weight and reduces the space required for installation. An extremely versatile range of product modules Our products cover all adjustment planes and open up a wide range of possible applications. Possible adjust- ment functions are: Seat track, height and width Seat tilt and depth Backrest inclination and width Various versions of our NSA (New Seat Actuator) drives: flexible lightweights for a broad range of applications
  9. 9.    Seat comfort systems, further comfort solutions and vacuum pumps  |  9 The new NSA drives: smaller, lighter, more versatile With our modular NSA building block, we offer a motor platform for a wide variety of drive-unit applica- tions. Our new drive units are up to 40% lighter and smaller than their predecessors, thus contributing to a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 output as well as having smaller space requirements. Special cost benefits are offered by those ver- sions of the motor designed for sen- sorless positioning. All NSA drives have adequate power to produce high adjustment forces even at low engine speeds. Steering-column adjustment: adapts to every driver Our drives for electromechanical steering-column adjustment permit the individual positioning of the steering wheel – quick, person-spe- cific and comfortable thanks to the memory and Easy-Entry/Easy-Exit function. Seat-belt presenter: for convenient access We are developing cost-favorable seat-belt presenters which are flexi- ble in application and can be inte- grated without any problems. The drive unit is controlled via Hall signal and micro-switch. Design, lift adjust- ment and speed can be individually adapted in any desired configuration. Electric vacuum pump: saves fuel, reduces emissions For evacuating brake boosters, we are developing electric vacuum pumps for flexible installation. Be- cause they are only switched on when needed, they generate the required brake vacuum while saving fuel and reducing CO2 output. The pumps also offer full braking support even when the engine is at a stand – ideal for use with Start/Stop Systems. Use of this pump guarantees an even pedal feel when braking in all driving situations, providing further benefits in driving comfort and safety. Basic NSA motor: higher performance for less weight and smaller installation-space requirements Electric vacuum pump for brake boosters
  10. 10. 10  |  Thermal systems  Taken as a whole, the range of fan modules from Bosch represents an efficient, safe system for engine thermal management. We offer a broad, globally available range of products as well as our experience and specialist knowledge in solving all application problems. Thanks to our well-founded know-how in the fields of aerodynamics, acous- tics, electromechanics and electronics combined with the continu- ous further development of fan and shroud details we can guarantee the best possible project implementation for our customers. EcoFan: the modular concept for engine-cooling fan modules The modular EcoFan concept per- mits applications for very varied equipment levels – from the basic module for particularly cost-favora- ble vehicles right up to the premium module for luxury limousines. All our fan modules ensure an ex- tremely good flow of air through the radiator and thus increase its effi- ciency. The modules can be supplied with brush-type motors and optional Fan Control Module FCM or with brushless motors and ready-integrat- ed electronics. They feature extremely efficient sickle- shaped blades, important safety func- tions as well as diagnosis-capable electronic circuitry. They are also con- vincingly light, quiet in operation and compact. Our fan modules cover a wide performance range: 70 – 650 W for single-fan modules, 500 – 1,300 W for dual-fan modules. Vehicle-specific fan modules – fresh air for every engine The EcoFan concept offers a fan module to match every application StandardBasic Luxury class
  11. 11.    Engine thermal management   |  11 Fan performance exactly as required In order to keep the temperature of the combustion engine constant un- der varying ambient temperatures and changes of load, precise stepless adjustment of the fan’s performance to the engine’s cooling requirements is needed. This function may be realized in two ways: A mechanically-commutated fan motor is triggered by means of a Fan Control Module FCM The rotation speed of the electroni- cally-commutated (EC) motor can be regulated steplessly without any additional triggering thanks to the drive concept The Fan Control Module: everything under control When brush-type motors are used, the Fan Control Module FCM permits an infinitely-variable fan rotation speed. The precise adjustment of the required speed minimizes noise, re- duces the load on the vehicle’s elec- trical system and thus cuts fuel con- sumption. The FCM offers protection against incorrect polarity, blocking and over-voltage as well as a thermal fuse to protect the control unit itself. The EC motor: all in – all on The speed of the brushless EC motor is infinitely variable and guarantees that the fan’s performance is adapt- ed to actual needs. Its high degree of efficiency contributes toward reduc- ing energy consumption. The inte- grated control electronics makes the motor capable of diagnosis and iden- tifies mechanical blocking. An irre- versible thermal fuse and extended protection against reverse polarity increase the motor’s self-protection. The Fan Control Module FCM takes over important engine-cooling tasks Fan module with brushless EC motor
  12. 12. 12  |  Thermal systems  Our comprehensive competence for the complete “engine plus cool- ing circuits” thermal system enables us to ideally match all system components and processes to one another and to thus realize the ideal system for every requirement with the best possible system performance. To do this, existing products are exactly matched to the system periphery in each case, and new, innovative components are constantly being developed for engine thermal management as well as for control of the climate in the passenger compartment. Efficient thermal management – ideal temperatures for engine and passenger compartment Auxiliary water pumps: for considerably greater comfort Our auxiliary water pumps consider- ably increase the climatic comfort in the vehicle. By improving the coolant flow they support both the heating circuit and enable the residual en- gine heat to be utilized after the en- gine has been switched off. In future these pumps can also be used in hy- brid and electric vehicles. They are quiet-running, extremely hard-wear- ing and reliably leak-free throughout the whole of their long working lives. We offer an especially compact and light version for the 20 W perform- ance range with brushless motors. The new generation is suitable for an extended temperature range, can be controlled and is capable for diagno- sis. Furthermore we offer pumps for the 60 … 80 W performance range with tried-and-proven brush-type motors.
  13. 13. Temperature control  |  13 Long-life, high-performance water valves: for a wide range of applica- tions Bosch offers a wide variety of water valves with which a large number of versions and functions can be real- ized. The use of well-proven technol- ogy and careful processing guaran- tee a high level of quality. At a flow rate of 2,000 liters per hour, the switching time is only 150 millisec- onds. Valve service life amounts to about three million switching opera- tions. Bosch water valves are de- signed for a temperature range from -40 °C to + 135 °C. All valves are also available as dual valves for the sepa- rate control of driver and front-seat passenger sides, and as a compact unit consisting of solenoid valve and auxiliary water pump. The complete thermal system: Bosch has comprehensive system know-how as well as the right products Bosch switchover valve: long-term reliability and flexible utilization Auxiliary water pump with EC drive
  14. 14. 14  |  Thermal systems  Bosch supplies products which increase climate comfort in vehicles under all weather conditions. The targeted and efficient utilization of the engine’s waste heat ensures rapid, constant heating-up of the vehicle interior. A pleasant temperature in the passenger compart- ment increases the feel-good factor and improves the driver’s con- centration and efficiency behind the wheel. We thus make a valua- ble contribution to traffic safety. A good climate for more comfort and safety In developing our climate modules and components we – and our cus- tomers, too – benefit from our com- prehensive thermal-system know- how and application experience. We utilize the latest development and simulation tools as well as extensive test installations to realize customer- specific products from the design stage right up to series production. The Global Blower Module: the standardized, modular HVAC solution With the Global Blower Module GBM, Bosch offers a global product platform suitable for use in heating and air-conditioning installations. Its modular construction comprises the following components: motor, flange, fan and blower controller. The brush- type motors set new standards in weight, efficiency and quietness. These standardized components can be combined on the building-block principle to produce a variety of cus- tomer- and application-specific mod- ules. The newly developed and highly efficient AirMax1 fan wheel increas- es efficiency by up to 20%, thus re- ducing energy requirements and per- mitting the use of smaller, more space-saving motors. Blower controllers: performance as required Bosch blower controllers adjust the blower rotation speed and thus the flow volume of the conditioned air. They can be supplied in several line- ar or pulsed (PWM) versions. They ensure the best possible system reli- ability because their protection func- tions also include protection of the motor. The infinitely-variable adjust- ment of the blower speed improves passenger comfort. The well- thought-out design facilitates inte- gration in air-conditioning systems and offers new freedom for the de- sign of A/C operator panels. PWM blower controllers have bus interfac- es, which simplifies system integra- tion. The Global Blower Module GBM with AirMax1 high-efficiency fan wheel Linear and pulsed blower controllers
  15. 15. Climate control components and modules   |  15 Pressure and Temperature Sensor PTS: precise measurement for high system efficiency The Pressure and Temperature Sen- sor PTS is used in air-conditioning systems with CO2 as a refrigerant. It measures the coolant values on the high-pressure side downstream of the compressor. This serves to pro- tect the high-pressure components of this circuit and to control cooling generation in an efficient way. The pressure sensor guarantees a perma- nently high degree of measuring pre- cision. The central positioning of the temperature sensor element directly in the refrigerant flow guarantees ex- tremely precise, dynamic measure- ment of the temperature. The Pressure and Temperature Sen- sor ensures safety in the CO2 circuit Climate Control Sensor CCS integrated in the blower controller of the Global Blower Module GBM Climate Control Sensor: greater air-conditioning efficiency The Climate Control Sensor CCS from Bosch measures and monitors the air quality inside the passenger compartment. It permits the ideal utilization of preconditioned air for acclimatizing the passenger com- partment and ensures the addition of fresh air as required. This increas- es the efficiency of the air condition- ing by up to 30%, reduces fuel con- sumption and cuts the output of CO2 by up to 2.5 grams per kilometer. Bosch air-flap actuators: light, compact, reliable Air-flap actuators are used as drives for air-recirculation, air-distribution and air-mixing flaps in heating or air- conditioning systems. They also per- mit their automation. They are of modular design and are available in several different versions. Their great range of uses permits their employ- ment in virtually all heating and air conditioning applications.
  16. 16. 16  |  Wiper systems  One central requirement for driving safety is a clear view under all weather conditions. Windshields of a variety of sizes and the vari- ous types of rear windows require specifically designed wiper sys- tems. And only the individual adaptation of the drive unit guaran- tees the efficient, reliable cleaning of the glass surface. Bosch offers an extensive range of efficient windshield and rear window drive units for every window geometry and all installation situations. The right wiper drive – for every vehicle and every windshield Standard wiper drive units: quiet in operation and light in weight Our standard wiper drive units with rotating technology have been opti- mized regarding noise and weight, and are equipped with waterproof motors having a break-away moment of 55 Nm. Fitted as series or parallel drives, they are used for both tan- dem- and opposed-pattern wiper systems. Wiper drive units with reversing motors simply work harder By contrast with rotary technology, a reversing motor changes direction with each wiping cycle. The wiping angle can be precisely maintained without any mechanical aids, and a larger area of the windshield can be wiped. Continuous angular speed control ensures low-noise operation. Further advantages are reduced packaging-space requirements and the possibility of the wiper blade’s depressed parking position outside the driver’s field of vision. Dual-motor drive unit for limited packaging space The introduction of reversing motors also paved the way for the applica- tion of dual-motor drives. The two compact, synchronized drive units each drive a single wiper arm. This opens up valuable packaging space in the centre of the vehicle. Addition- al reductions in weight and packag- ing space are offered by direct drive solution. The dual-motor wiper drive for applications with critical packaging-space situations
  17. 17. Wiper drives for front and rear windows   |  17 Drive units for traditional wind- shields Alongside cost-favourable standard drive units with series or parallel ar- rangement, we also offer four-link systems. The increased wipe area on the front-seat passenger’s side ful- fills the highest demands for field of vision. Both configurations can also be supplied with reversing motor. Drive units for tall windshields In the case of particularly tall wind- shields, we recommend 4-bar-link and, in particular, opposed-pattern wiper systems. In connection with a reversing motor, packaging space can be reduced and an extended parking position can be realized. Even greater flexibility in application and even smaller packaging-space requirements are offered by dual- motor drives. Rear-window wiper drive units for fixed glass applications Our compact rear-window wiper drives with integrated gear can be installed without problems and are available with wiping angles of up to 180° and two alternative gearbox po- sitions. The basic drive unit can be extended by additional functions such as EMC protection, park posi- tion accuracy or water guidance with spray jets. Rear-window drive units for rear windows that can be opened sepa- rately For rear windows that can be opened separately, we offer various system solutions which can also be extended to include the options mentioned above. The most cost-fa- vourable solution is fitting the drive unit directly on the rear window by means of a holding plate glued onto the glass. Especially comfortable and quiet: a two-part drive unit with sep- arate wiper bearing mounted on the glass. Direct drive: light, powerful and space-saving The 4-bar-link wiper drive increases the field of vision for the front- seat passenger Fig. left: revers- ing motor for front wiper drives requiring less packaging space Fig. right: opposed-pattern drive for large windshields
  18. 18. 18  |  Wiper systems  Windshield and rear-window wiper systems from Bosch work verita- ble miracles in order to guarantee the driver a clear view of the road at all times. Our wiper arms and wiper blades make an important contribution here. In addition to perfect wiping functions, we set great expectations with comfortable, low-noise operation and a long working life. In the field of wiper-arm progress Bosch has been in the forefront for decades, offering a wide range of innovative so- lutions for every type of vehicle. Wiper systems for a clear view – ahead and to the rear also available as 4-bar-link versions. The 4-bar-link lift control increases the area wiped and even cleans parts of the windshield where a tra- ditional wiper arm cannot reach. All versions can also be optionally fitted with integrated and heatable washer jets. Wiper arms for every requirement In addition to traditional wiper arms attached to a flat rod, we offer our customers an integral wiper arm. This optically attractive arm is partic- ularly suited to cases involving con- siderable esthetic design require- ments. Both types of wiper arm are Aerotwin wiper blades With this wiper blade, which has al- ready won several awards, the link- age and bracket structure of tradi- tional wiper blades has been replaced by an Evodium spring strip. The flat structure thus realized im- proves aerodynamics, minimizes dis- tracting wind noise and prevents ice from forming on the wiper-blade brackets. A further Aerotwin feature is the even distribution of pressure which thus ensures perfect wiping at every point on the windshield. This evenly-distributed pressure avoids excessive wear at individual points and, in combination with the use of the proven two-material tech- nology of the wiper-blade element, contributes to a long working life. Aerotwin wiper blades can be used in all new passenger-car applica- tions. Bosch offers individual adapta- tion of the blade to the windshield. Spoilers and adapters can also be designed for specific applications. From top to bottom: 4-bar-link wiper arm, integral wiper arm, wiper arm with integrated water nozzles
  19. 19. The proven twin wiper blade Wiper arms and blades for windshields and rear windows  |  19 Conventional wiper blades: reliable, tried-and-proven products The spring strip integrated into the wiper-blade element of our conven- tional wiper blades ensures even dis- tribution of pressure and adaptation to the curve of the windshield. The hard-wearing two-component wiper- blade element (Twin technology) with its particularly long life increas- es the excellent cleaning perform- ance of the blades. These can be adapted for OEM fitting to every new vehicle and are available as accesso- ries for almost all models of vehicle. We offer wiper blades from 26 to 100 cm in length, the number of con- tact points varying between four and ten. If the vehicle manufacturer so wishes, aerodynamic aids such as spoilers can be integrated into the wiper blade. Rear-window wiper arms: suitable for every use Alongside traditional wiper arms with the usual metal rod, we offer extruded plastic wiper arms for spe- cific applications that can cover the wiper blade and fulfill the highest de- sign requirements. Plastic and metal wiper arms can be combined with all available plastic wiper blades as well as with the innovative Aerotwin wip- er blade for design-oriented applica- tions. Bosch – the best choice when replacing wiper blades Our Twin wiper blades for windshield and rear window are available from dealers all over the world. 55 wiper- blade types cover 98% of all brands of passenger car with conventional wiper arms on the market and 97% of all commercial vehicles. In addi- tion, we naturally also offer our link- free Aerotwin wiper blades as well as special Aerotwin sets for conven- tional wiper arms. The innovative Aerotwin wiper blade Bosch wiper blades for retrofitting: fast wiper-blade replacement with integrated Quick-Clip Adapter
  20. 20. Robert Bosch GmbH Electrical Drives Postfach 11 63 77813 Bühl Germany Printed in Germany 292000P088-C/CCB2-200909-En