How to use Social Media and Crowdsourcing to Find Scholarships


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How to use Social Media and Crowdsourcing to Find Scholarships

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  • The biggest question you may have right now is where do I find the money? What if I told you that you could find thousands of scholarship dollars and opportunities by using your cell phone and your thumbs They say that over one billion dollars in scholarships goes un awarded each year. I promise you that colleges and scholarship committees are not trying to hide the money from you they are actually starting to use social media to get the information directly to you. Currently there are thousands of social media sites on the internet and these sites could possibly bring you one step closer to paying for college. Keep reading to find out how you can use social media and crowd sourcing to great creative with your search and not only think outside the box but also think outside the application. Twitter: Twitter allows you to get short messages of 140 characters or less in real time. The thing that is great about twitter is that it has a search bar that allows you to search for tweets from anyone that belongs to the social network. By using special keywords in the search bar you will be able to find scholarship information and direct links to scholarship applications. Go to the search bar in Twitter and type in the following keywords: “ Scholarship Deadline” “ Scholarship+ [Your State]” “ Scholarship PDF” “ Scholarship Deadline http” You can use the same search terms inside of Google as well. Scholarship + 2012 Scholarship+2013 Scholarship+ [Your City] Scholarship+ [your race/ethnicity/religion] Scholarship+ [Your Talent] You can also replace the word “Scholarship” with grant or fellowship. Crowd Funding: The next time your parents tell you to get off facebook or put down your phone tell them that you are tweeting for scholarship dollars.
  • Self Discovery workshop
  • Self Discovery workshop
  • Self Discovery workshop
  • After this fill out scholarship application
  • After this fill out scholarship application
  • After this fill out scholarship application
  • After this slide we will practice writing an attention grabbing essay. Need an essay with 300 words or less Why you deserve this money Put money on the table.
  • How to use Social Media and Crowdsourcing to Find Scholarships

    1. 1. ARE YOU 50 GAME READY?Have questions during the presentation?Tweet them to @FeleciaHatcher
    3. 3. About Felecia Hatcher
    4. 4. 1 Billion Dollars in Scholarship Dollars goes un-awarded each year
    5. 5. The BIG Scholarship SecretIt’s all about….1. Increasing your Marketability2. Applying for as many as you can.3. Getting Super Creative4. Paying attention to deadlines5. Letting your Personality Shine
    6. 6. Where the heck do I find the MoneyTwitterFacebookGoogle SearchKickstarterOther Creative Options
    7. 7. Show me the $$$$$
    8. 8. Twitter forScholarships
    9. 9. Twitter forScholarships
    10. 10. Follow these Twitter feeds for constant scholarships@scholarshipguru @intlscholarship@linkscholarships @careerscolleges:@FastWebdotcom @scholarshipz@collegematching Scholarshipscom:@ScholarshipsUSA @ScholarshipsUSA @FafsaHelp: @ProjectWorkingM @hiasscholarship: @minoritynurse Twitter for @scholarship @winscholarships Scholarships@Cstudentsrock
    11. 11. Ten Tips for Winning ScholarshipApplications “2012” Keyword Category: Deadline Date Major School Year City
    12. 12. Crowd Sourcing Sites you to collect money from groups of people**
    13. 13. Think outside the application…
    14. 14. Ten Tips for Winning Scholarship Applications Build a Relationship with your guidance counselor Pick up every application BUT only Apply for the ones you qualify for. Follow Directions Complete the entire application Looks are everything always type or use black ink Make sure your application gets where it needs to go. Keep a back-up file in case anything goes wrong Make sure all your documents represent the true you. Get someone else to proofread everything Send it out on time!
    15. 15. How to build a Scholarship Express Package Basic Materials 3 Ring Binder  3-5 Official Transcripts 20 Clear Sheets  Copies of your unofficial transcripts Folder with 3 Holes  Copies of your SAT/ACT Scores Black Pens  Copies of your Financial Aid Report Stamps  Essays Portable Flash Drive  Letters of Recommendation  Nice photo of yourself
    16. 16. Local Online
    17. 17. Contact Me!