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  • 1. The BlogosphereFelicia Sapountzis 3289464
  • 2. Outline Identifying trends in weblogs The relationship between journalism and blogs Are bloggers journalists? The rise of citizen blogging
  • 3. Trends in WeblogsSome main trends in weblogs include: Online newspaper content is shovelware They almost have no original content No by-line Rather informal in nature A summary of a previously published news story
  • 4. The Blog: Destruction of news form? Do weblogs affect the structure of traditional broadcast journalism?
  • 5. Interactive Journalism “We dont know yet what the Net makes possible because were still asking how the journalism weve known and loved translates to the new medium – or doesnt.” (Rosen, quoted in Outing 2001) Blogging as a comlimentary feature to traditional news forms, as opposed to the enemy This is my opinion of your opinion v=D5rnuMp4pcU&feature=related
  • 6. What characterises a weblog?1. Weblogs as a space for journalistic thinking for which institutional journalism provides little room2. Weblogs as a challenge to corporate journalism3. Weblogs as a democratic, interactive space(Matheson 2004: 451)
  • 7. Are Bloggers Journalists? New vs Old media forms The role of bloggers in expressing interest in themes that find no outlet in traditional media Creators of content or merely regurgitating already published information? Blogs can provide a better platform for communication with audiences
  • 8. Discussion – Using Twitter Is blogging real journalism? Tweet your answer using #MDIA5003
  • 9. The Citizen Blogger: Fact or Fiction Bloggers can re-engage with audiences differently than traditional media Anonymity within the online world Knowledge as a process rather than knowledge as a product (Matheson 2004: 458) gets-un-make-correction
  • 10. Conclusion Weblogs act as a place of individual reflection on already published news stories The line between journalists and bloggers is slowly being blurred due to the internet Regardless of title, a writers information should be factual, and you should be able to back up opinion.
  • 11. References Matheson, Donald (2004) Weblogs and the epistemology of the news: some trends in online journalism, New Media and Society, 6(4): 443:468 Hearst Newspapers (Horsey)