How UI Impacts Engagement and Monetization in F2P Mobile Games - Apps World 2013


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The rapid growth of free to play mobile gaming has brought about an ever increasing level of sophistication in game design, and increased competition to retain users. Understanding proper game design has become more important then ever. In this talk, we'll take a closer look at the do's and don't for building successful F2P mobile games, from the tutorial, to the game play, to the purchase point, every aspect of design is an opportunity to win or lose a user.

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  • If cost is same, add visuals and only list price once. Put the most popular purchase for each user ahead In the UI.
  • I could go through endless things to focus on, but I just want to point out a few.
  • Give away less well selling items. Variations of popular items. Horse is selling well offer a pony. Users like sets.
  • Problems with porting over from web. Not editing text to fix small screen. “Next”, “Info” buttons. Rewrite Tutorials. Resolution of images.
  • We’re service providers. It’s not us verse them. Look how smart I am. Don’t try to outsmart the audience.
  • Possible QuestionsQ: Should we let users opt out of tutorials?A: The answer is yes and now. There is a certain minimum amount of info that should be taught with the details being optional. Force the core loop in 5 steps or less and either make more information available in another section.Q: When is a good time to get users to register?A: If the registration is incentivized than throw a reminder to register every time they don’t have enough currency. If the registration is not incentivized then throw a reminder after a high score or major achievement as an opportunity for the user to brag.
  • How UI Impacts Engagement and Monetization in F2P Mobile Games - Apps World 2013

    1. 1. How UI ImpactsEngagement andMonetization in F2PMobile GamesBrian SappDirector, Developer Partnerships
    2. 2. Overview• Introduction To Tapjoy• New User Flow• Store Design and Funnel• The Devil is in the Details• Monetization• Final Thoughts
    3. 3. Tapjoy by the Numbers 5,000 Active Apps 75,000 Historical Apps 1.2 MM Daily Ad Engagements 600 MM Daily Sessions 100 MM Monthly Active Users
    4. 4. Tapjoy’s Mobile Value ExchangeHow it WorksI need more Coins to gear up in Triple Town. 1 2 I can buy Coins I can earn Coins by 1 with real money. 2 engaging with ads via Tapjoy.
    5. 5. New User Flow
    6. 6. Optimize the DownloadTapjoy Network Android Conversion Rate:(clicks to installs) Total Conversion Megabytes Rate (CVR) 0-50 50-60% 50-100 30-45% 100+ 14-20% The smaller the file, the better the CVR.
    7. 7. Don’t Force A RegistrationUser drop off is typically 50%-75% when forcing registration,including a mandatory Facebook login• Not only hurts engagement, but also your chart position, especially for new apps and especially on Android• Think of mobile as a new, untapped audience• Consider rewarding users for creating accounts with virtual currency or extra conte• If possible, create guest accounts
    8. 8. New User FlowThe new user flow is one of the most important parts of asuccessful game.• Optimize the download (<50 MBs)• Show off the cool parts of the game• Use clear directions• Get the user playing as soon as you canYou have @ 30 seconds to hook your users andunder 5 mins to teach them.• The goal is to shoot for 70% tutorial completion rate
    9. 9. A Confusing Tutorial • Too wordy, use as little text as possible • Walk users through the core mechanic, don’t explain what it is • The two user choices here are bad and worse • Once a user leaves, they’ll likely never return. Don’t lose them before they’ve even seen the good parts
    10. 10. Tutorial - Start Off SimpleTake Users by the Hand and Guide Them Into the App • During the first 30 seconds put the user on rails, don’t let them get lost • This is your chance to take an uncertain user and create a engaged user • You can’t display everything, show off your core loop and build from there CSR Racing iOS
    11. 11. Store Design and Funnel
    12. 12. RStore Funnel• Make it easy for users to find your store and buy items.• No more then two clicks• Prompt to the store when currency runs out
    13. 13. R Currency Store Design (The Bad)• Text is too small• Unimaginative icons• Nothing grabs the user, no calls to action• How much does each package cost? Put most popular purchase first.
    14. 14. R Currency Store Design (The Good)• Use icons over text when possible• Design for the phone, not tablet, use all your real estate• Let users know they’re getting a deal• A well designed, clean store = happy customer
    15. 15. RVirtual Goods Store Design (The Bad)• Text is hard to read, color scheme is all the same• Icons are poor to non existent• What do I get for my upgrade?• Bank call out is not enticing
    16. 16. RVirtual Goods Store Design (The Good)• Easy to navigate and understand• Large icons over text• Upgrades are clear, I know what I’m getting• Proper call outs to get more currency
    17. 17. The Devil isIn the Details
    18. 18. Loading ScreensLoading screens are an opportunity to engage users with messages• Loading screens by nature are time consuming• Give users helpful hints• Make it humorous• Make it what you want
    19. 19. Daily RewardsGive your users a reward for coming back every day.• In the later days of the reward cycle give the users bigger or exclusive rewards• Show them what they earned and also show them what is coming up
    20. 20. Build Daily Rewards Into Game Play (CSRRacing)
    21. 21. Build Daily Rewards Into Game Play (SubwaySurfer)
    22. 22. Design is the Name of the Game • Early games were web first designs, ported over to mobile • New companies are moving to mobile first design • Polish, polish, polish • Where will it go next?
    23. 23. Don’t Let Rules Confine You There are always exceptions to the rule• Now take everything I’ve said and throw it out the window• First to market• Great game mechanic• Great content• Hardcore, niche audiences
    24. 24. Monetization
    25. 25. Mobile Revenue: Ad Types 5 3 2 4 111 Rewarded Offerwall 3 Featured Ads 5 Videos2 Non-rewarded Offerwall 4 Banner Ads
    26. 26. Which Ad Units Are Right For MyGame? HARDCORE CORE CASUAL Usage: Usage: Usage: Low Engaged User/Massive User BaseHighly Engaged User/Smaller User Base Engaged User/Large User Base Monetization: Monetization: Monetization: Low ARPDAU ($.01-$.04) High ARPDAU ($.15-$1.00) Mid Level ARPDAU ($.04-$.15) Ad Solution: Ad Solution: Ad Solution: Alt Pay/Featured Ads/Video Ads Alternative Payment Platform Alternative Payment Platform Featured Ads/Video Ads Banner Ads/Cross Promo Wall Are you leaving revenue on the table? Are you balancing user engagement with monetization?
    27. 27. Final Thoughts
    28. 28. Final Thoughts• "Its about empathy for the user.” Luke Muscat (Creator of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride)• If you can’t build it better, don’t build it.• Small teams are primed for innovation.• Play, play, play.
    29. 29. Thank You! @sappalicious© 2013 Tapjoy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Tapjoy, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary - Please Do Not Copy or Distribute Without Tapjoy,Inc.’s Prior Written Consent. The data provided herein is for information purposes only and while all efforts are made to ensureaccuracy, errors may arise. Tapjoy and the Tapjoy logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tapjoy, Inc. All third party logos andtrademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.