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How To Launch A Successful Free To Play Game In The U.S.
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How To Launch A Successful Free To Play Game In The U.S.


This talk from Top Fun Club China Gaming Conference, I discussed typical launch plans for new game developers looking to make a splash in the U.S.

This talk from Top Fun Club China Gaming Conference, I discussed typical launch plans for new game developers looking to make a splash in the U.S.

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  • 1. How To Launch A Successful F2P Game in The U.S. Brian Sapp Director, Developer Partnerships
  • 2. •  Introduction To Tapjoy •  Content Is Key •  User Acquisition Strategies •  Social Is Important •  Keys To Maximizing Monetization •  Pre-Launch Checklist Overview
  • 3. Tapjoy by the Numbers 7,673+ Active Apps 1.52 MM Daily Ad Engagements $300 MM Revenue Earned by Publishers 450 MM Mobile Users
  • 4. Tapjoy Introduction How Does Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange™ Work Today? User wants premium content within an app. User can either pay or engage with advertisements. 1 1 Users chooses to engage with advertisements. 2 2 Users receive reward for engaging with brand. 3 3
  • 5. Content Is Key
  • 6. Does your content excite users?
  • 7. Focus On The U.S.Top Grossing Charts A great game!
  • 8. User Acquisition Strategies
  • 9. What is a typical launch strategy in the U.S.? Burst Campaign Goal Drive MaximumVolume Aim for at least 50K installs/day Campaign Types Rewarded Installs (Tapjoy) App to App Cross Promotion Facebook (wide targeting) Typical Budget $50,000 - $200,000 Duration 2-4 weeks concentrating on Weekends (Thursday launch) Beta Test Goal Test the health of the app (Canada , Australia) Campaign Types Rewarded Installs (Tapjoy) Facebook Duration 1- 8+ weeks Don’t launch in US until in-game metrics are healthy. Sustained ROI Spend Goal Drive ROI from high performing channels Campaign Types PPE & RewardedVideo (Tapjoy) Facebook (narrow targeting) Non-rewarded Networks Consistently test new sources Typical Budget $10K - $50K per day Duration TBD based on game performance Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
  • 10. Social AddsValue
  • 11. Leverage Social Networks To Increase Engagement & Virality Reward users for inviting their friends •   3x  more  monthly  sessions   •  Average:  11.9  monthly  sessions   •  Facebook:  32  monthly  sessions   •  Facebook:  7%  to  12%  sign  up                when  rewarding  users  with  coins Subway Surfer CSR Racing
  • 12. Keys To Maximizing Monetization
  • 13. Why Advertising Is Important  Revenue Breakdown for My Singing Monsters (US Top 75 Grossing App/350,000 DAU)
  • 14. Mobile Ad Types Full Screen Interstitial Ads Tapjoy Offerwall with Marquee Video Video Ads Ad units •  Video Ads ($10-15 eCPM) •  Full Screen Interstitial Ads ($3-7 eCPMs) •  Offerwall ($30-45 eCPMs)
  • 15. Video Mobile’s fastest growing ad unit.
  • 16. Which Ad Units Are Right For My Game? HARDCORE Usage: Highly Engaged User/Smaller User Base Monetization: High ARPDAU ($.15-$1.00) Ad Solution: Alternative Payment Platform MID - CORE Usage: Engaged User/Large User Base Monetization: Mid Level ARPDAU ($.04-$.15) Ad Solution: Alternative Payment Platform Featured Ads/Video Ads CASUAL Usage: Low Engaged User/Massive User Base Monetization: Low ARPDAU ($.01-$.04) Ad Solution: Alt Pay/Featured Ads/Video Ads Banner Ads/Cross Promo Wall Are you leaving revenue on the table? Are you balancing user engagement with monetization?
  • 17. nGEN Tapjoy’s nGEN Platform nGEN Drives Performance by Delivering The Right Engagement Native advertising units and customizable messages to provide the best experience to users. To the Right User Leverage Tapjoy’s Audience Intelligence platform to maximize LTV & ROI of each user. At the Right Moment Set up contextually relevant In-App moments to drive deeper engagement.
  • 18. Pre-launch Checklist
  • 19. Pre-launch Checklist QA like crazy ü  Maximize device and OS coverage ü  Double, triple check English text and translations Integrate SDKs ü  Social ü  Monetization ü  Analytics ü  Advertising Create required creative asset ü  App icons and screenshots ü  Banner creative ü  Video trailer
  • 20. © 2013Tapjoy, Inc.All Rights Reserved. Tapjoy, Inc. Confidential and Proprietary - Please Do Not Copy or DistributeWithoutTapjoy, Inc.’s PriorWritten Consent. The data provided herein is for information purposes only and while all efforts are made to ensure accuracy, errors may arise.Tapjoy and theTapjoy logo are trademarks or registered trademarks ofTapjoy, Inc.All third party logos and trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Tapjoy is hiring!   For more info or the deck email me, thanks!   Brian.Sapp@tapjoy.com  @sappalicious