Attaching Feedlot Panels to Posts


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Attaching Feedlot Panels to Posts

  1. 1. Attaching Feedlot Panels to PostsFeedlot panels, also referred to as cattle panels or livestock panels, provide an effective way for farmersand ranchers to contain animals. Feedlot panels comprise of interconnecting horizontal and verticalsteel rods that create a rigid. They are strong and sturdy panels for use in both temporary as well aspermanent fences. Generally, feedlot panels are about 16 feet in length and 54 inches high. Feedlotpanels weigh more than 30 pounds, installing these panels can be a tiresome and exhausting taskand a challenge for those who are not used to lifting heavy objects. You should therefore always havean assistant at hand to help you with the installation process. You should also make sure you wearprotective gear such as gloves in order to protect your hands during the installation process.The first step of the installation process is to space your wooden or steel corner and line posts atdistances of eight feet when you insert them in order to provide the feedlot panels with full support. Usingthe appropriate equipment such as a post hole digger, dig holes and drive the wooden posts no less than18 inches into the ground. The steel posts should be installed at least 12 inches into the ground using ahandheld post driver.Stand the feedlot panels up and place one end of the panel alongside one of your corner posts. Placethe feedlot panels on the inside of the post with the intention that the posts will prevent the animals frompushing the feedlot panels out of place if they bump into them.Secure the feedlot panels to the wooden corner post using five galvanized steel fencing staples and makesure the staples are spaces evenly along the height of the feedlot panels. If your corner post is made ofsteel, wrap it around with 6 inch length of fencing wire around both ends of the steel rod as well as thepost at different heights in order to attach the feedlot panels firmly. Twist the ends of the fencing wiretogether at least four complete rotations and bend them down in order to prevent you and your livestockfrom getting accidental cuts.Walk to the other end of the feedlot panels and repeat the process. Steady the feedlot panels by affixingthe middle of the feedlot panels to the remaining posts located at the center of the panel. Use no lessthan three staples for a wooden post and three pieces of fencing wire for a steel post.For more information on Feedlot Panels, including other interesting and informative articles andphotos, please click on this link:Attaching Feedlot Panels to Posts