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Research of stock characters
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Research of stock characters


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. Research stock characters in Slasher Horror
  • 2. The stranger
    • The stranger is usually the new person who is sometimes suspected to being the killer.
    • He or she often comes to town the same time as people get murdered.
    • The other characters are often suspicious of this character.
    • EG. Disturbia, they think the neighbor across the road is responsible for the multiple recent murders.
  • 3. The wanderer
    • The wanderer is the person that wonders off and they are usually killed in the movie.
    • They are also very curious characters.
    • They are usually dumb and say things like “I’ll be right back” which indicates they will not.
    • EG. The girl is scream who goes off the get a beer, this indicates to us that she is going to die. She goes off into a dark room.
  • 4. The Jock
    • The jock in the usually the popular male all the girls like.
    • The jock in the movie often feels fearless and untouchable, however they often get killed. It is very rare that they survive.
    • The have a very cocky and arrogant personality.
    • EG. Final Destination 3, the jock is loud and think death is beneath him. Until he dies.
  • 5. The popular girl
    • In horror films there is often a popular girl usually in high schools, she is often the leader of group and is sometimes a bitch.
    • This girl often gets killed.
    • She is often the stereotypical girl who isnt very smart.
    • EG – Buffy from scary movie, she is popular and she gets killed.
  • 6. Pandora
    • Pandora is the person that looks pretty and innocent, however this is a deceiving character and is sometimes evil or the killer in the movie.
    • Sometimes there is dramatic irony when we know that the character is bad or evil but the character in the movie do not. However sometimes it is the other way round where we both do not know who is the killer.
    • EG. Orphan, we know the little girl is bad but they do not.
    • Scary movie neither of us knew that doofy was the killer.
  • 7. The final girl
    • The final girl is constantly presented to us in the horror genre.
    • She is the main character, she is sometimes the main target of the villain.
    • The final girl is pretty and innocent looking but not in the same way as pandora.
    • Most of the time the final girl does not get killed, she survives.
    • She often discovers who is behind the murders and then defeats them.
    • EG. Cindy in scary movie.
  • 8. The Pervert
    • In many horror movies there is always a pervert that dies. He is not the main focus of the killer but he is the one that will always get killed, along with the jock and the popular girl.
    • For example in final destination 3 Frankie is the pervert that still hangs around the high school even though he graduated 3 years go. It is quite predictable that he is going to die.