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  • 1. Some of the contents in thismanual may differ from your phonedepending on the software of thephone or your service provider.KP500 User Guide
  • 2. Congratulations on your purchase of theadvanced and compact KP500 phone by LG,designed to operate with the latest digital mobilecommunication technology. Disposal of your old appliance 1 When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC. 2 All electrical and electronic products should be disposed of separately from the municipal waste stream via designated collection facilities appointed by the government or the local authorities. 3 The correct disposal of your old appliance will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health. 4 For more detailed information about disposal of your old appliance, please contact your city office, waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.
  • 3. Set up 01Your standby screen 02 The basics 03 Get creative 04 Get organised 05 The web 06 Settings 07 Accessories 08
  • 4. Contents Set up Changing your contact settings.........33 Getting to know your phone ............... 8 Viewing information ..............................34 Open view .................................................10 Messaging .................................................35 Installing the USIM and battery ........11 Messaging ..................................................35 Memory card ............................................14 Sending a message.................................35 Menu map .................................................16 Entering text .............................................36 T9 predictive .............................................36 Your standby screen Abc manual ...............................................37 Touch screen tips .....................................17 Keyboard ....................................................37 The basics Handwriting recognition ......................38 Calls .............................................................22 Setting up your email ............................40 Making a call .............................................22 Retrieving your email.............................43 Making a call from your contacts ......23 Sending an email using your new Answering and rejecting a call ...........23 account .......................................................43 In-call options ...........................................24 Changing your email settings.............44 Adjusting the call volume ....................25 Message folders .......................................45 Speed dialling ...........................................25 Managing your messages ....................46 Making a second call..............................25 Using templates .......................................47 Turning off DTMF.....................................26 Using emoticons ......................................47 Viewing your call logs ............................26 Changing your text message Using call divert .......................................27 settings........................................................48 Using call barring ....................................27 Changing your multimedia message Changing the common call setting ..28 settings........................................................49 Contacts .....................................................30 Changing your other settings .............50 Searching for a contact .........................30 Get creative Adding a new contact ...........................30 Camera .......................................................51 Contact options .......................................31 Taking a quick photo .............................51 Creating a group......................................324 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 5. After you’ve taken your photo............51 Adding text to a photo ..........................69 Getting to know the viewfinder.........52 Adding an effect to a photo ................70 Choosing a shot type .............................53 Morphing a photo ...................................71 Adjusting the exposure.........................53 Adding a colour accent to a photo ...72 Using continuous shot mode..............54 Swapping the colours in a photo ......72 Using the advanced settings...............54 Trimming the length of your video...73 Changing the image size ......................56 Merging two videos together .............73 Choosing a colour effect.......................56 Merging a photo with a video ............74 Viewing your saved photos .................57 Adding text to a video ...........................75Video camera ...........................................58 Overlaying a photo .................................76 Shooting a quick video .........................58 Adding a voice recording .....................76 After you’ve shot your video ...............59 Adding a soundtrack to your video ..77 Getting to know the viewfinder.........60 Changing the speed of your video ...78 Adjusting the Exposure .........................61 Adding a dimming effect .....................78 Using the advanced settings...............61 Multimedia................................................79 Changing the video image size..........63 Pictures........................................................79 Choosing a colour tone .........................63 My images option menus.....................79 Watching your saved videos ...............64 Sending a photo ......................................80Your photos and videos .......................65 Using an image ........................................81 Viewing your photos and videos .......65 Printing an image ....................................81 Using zoom when viewing a photo..65 Moving or copying an image ..............82 Adjusting the volume when Creating a slide show .............................82 viewing a video ........................................65 Sounds ........................................................82 Capturing an image from a video .....66 Using a sound ...........................................83 Viewing your photos as a slide Videos ..........................................................83 show .............................................................66 Using options while video is paused83 Setting a photo as wallpaper ..............67 Editing a video clip .................................84 Editing your photos ................................68 Sending a video clip ...............................84 5
  • 6. Contents Using the video options menu ...........85 Adding an item to your to do list.......95 Games and Applications ......................85 Sharing a to do item ...............................96 Installing a game/application via Adding a memo .......................................96 local install .................................................86 Using date finder .....................................97 Playing a game .........................................86 Setting your alarm ..................................97 Using the games options menu.........86 Adding a memo with drawing Documents ................................................87 panel ............................................................98 Transferring a file to your phone .......87 Voice recorder...........................................98 Viewing a file .............................................87 Recording a sound or voice .................99 Others ..........................................................88 Sending the voice recording ...............99 Creating a movie .....................................88 Using your calculator .......................... 100 Music ............................................................89 Converting a unit.................................. 100 Transferring music onto your phone90 Using the stopwatch ........................... 101 Playing a song ..........................................90 Adding a city to your world time .... 101 Using options while playing music ...91 PC Sync.................................................... 102 Creating a playlist ....................................91 Installing LG PC Suite on your Editing a playlist.......................................92 computer ................................................. 102 Deleting a playlist....................................92 Connecting your phone and PC...... 102 Using the radio .........................................92 Backing up and restoring your Searching for stations ............................93 phone’s information ............................ 103 Resetting channels .................................93 Viewing your phone files on Listening to the radio.............................93 your PC ..................................................... 103 Synchronising your contacts............ 104 Get organised Synchronising your messages ......... 104 Organiser ...................................................94 Using your phone as a mass Adding an event to your calendar ....94 storage device ....................................... 105 Changing your default calendar Using your phone as Music view ..............................................................95 Sync device ............................................. 1056 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 7. The web Accessories .................................119 Browser .................................................... 106 Accessing the web ............................... 106 Network service ........................120 Adding and accessing your Technical data ............................120 bookmarks .............................................. 106 Using RSS reader................................... 107 Guidelines Saving a page ........................................ 107 Guidelines for safe and efficient Accessing a saved page ..................... 108 use............................................................. 122 Viewing your browser history .......... 108 Trouble Shooting................................. 128 Changing the web browser settings..................................................... 108 Using your phone as a modem ....... 109Settings Personalising your profiles................ 111 Changing your screen settings........ 111 Changing your phone settings........ 112 Changing your connectivity settings..................................................... 113 Using memory manager .................... 115 Sending and receiving your files using Bluetooth ........................... 116 Pairing with another Bluetooth device ....................................................... 117 Using a Bluetooth headset................ 118 7
  • 8. Getting to know your phone End/Power key Ends or rejects a call. Turns the phone on/off. Press once to return to the standby screen. Multitasking key Call key Dials a phone number and answers incoming calls. WARNING: Placing a heavy object on the phone or sitting on it while it is in your pocket can damage theSet up phone’s LCD and touch screen functionality. 8 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 9. 01Charger, Cable, Handsfreeconnector 02 TIP: To connect the 03 USB cable, wait until the 04 phone has powered up Micro SD memory card and has registered to socket 05 the network. 06 Lock/Unlock keySide keys Capture button 07• When the screen is idle: 08 volume of key tone. Stylus• During a call: volume of the earpiece.• When playing a BGM track - Short press: controls the volume. Set up 9
  • 10. Open view Battery cover Battery USIM Card Socket Camera lensSet up 10 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 11. Installing the USIM and battery1 Remove the battery cover Slide the battery cover towards 01 the bottom of the phone and 02 away from it. 03 04 WARNING: Do not use your 05 fingernail when removing the 06 battery. 072 Remove the battery WARNING: Do not remove 08 Using the cut-out at the the battery when the phone bottom lift it from the battery is switched on, as this may compartment. damage the phone. Set up 11
  • 12. Installing the USIM and battery 3 Install the USIM card 4 Install the battery Slide the USIM card into the USIM Insert the top of the battery first card holder making sure that the into the top edge of the battery gold contact area on the card is compartment. Ensure that the facing downwards. To remove the battery contacts align with the USIM card, pull it gently in the terminals on the phone. Press opposite direction. down the bottom of the battery until it clicks into place.Set up 12 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 13. 5 Charging your phone Lift and twist the charger socket 01 cover of the on the side of your 02 KP500. Insert the charger and plug it into a mains electricity 03 socket. Your KP500 needs to 04 be charged until “Battery full” 05 appears on screen. 06 07 08 Set up 13
  • 14. Memory card Installing a memory card Formatting the memory card You can expand the memory space Your memory card may already on your phone by using a MicroSD be formatted. If your card isn’t memory card. The KP500 will formatted, you will need to format it support up to a 8GB memory card. before you can begin using it. NOTE: A memory card is an optional 1 From the standby screen select accessory. , then touch and choose 1 Open the memory card slot cover Phone settings. on the right hand edge of the 2 Touch Memory manager then phone. chose External memory. 2 Slide the memory card into the 3 Touch Format and then confirm slot until it clicks into place. Make your choice. sure that the gold contact area is 4 Enter the password, if one is facing downwards. set, and your card will then be formatted and ready to use. TIP! To change your default storage destination, open Memory manager from the Phone settings menu and select Primary storage settings.Set up 3 Replace the cover. 14 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 15. NOTE: If your memory card alreadyhas content, it will automatically 01be filed in the correct folder; for 02example, videos will be stored in theMy Videos folder. 03 04Transferring your contactsTo transfer your contacts from your 05USIM to your phone: 061 From the Communicate tab, 07 select and choose Settings.2 Touch Copy. 083 Choose Handset to SIM.4 Choose all or choose names one by one and touch Copy. Set up 15
  • 16. Menu map Touch in the standby screen to open a Top menu. From here you can access further menus: Communicate, Entertainment, Utilities and Settings. Communicate Entertainment Dialling Gallery Speed dials My stuff Contacts Camera Call history Video camera New message Muvee studio New Email Music Messaging FM radio Games & Apps Utilities Settings Browser Profiles Organizer Screen settings Alarms Phone settings Voice recorder Call settings Drawing Panel Touch settingsSet up Tools Bluetooth Sim Tool Kit Connectivity 16 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 17. Your standby screenWhenever your KP500 is not in use not to touch any other optionsit will return to your home screen. around it. 01From here you can access all the • When the screen back light is off, 02menu options, make a quick call and press the Unlock/Lock key on theview the status of your phone as right hand side to bring back the 03well as many other things. home screen. 04 • Don’t cover the phone with a caseTouch screen tips 05 or cover. The touchscreen won’tThe home screen is also a great work with any material covering it. 06place to get accustomed to the • There are two types of idle screen. 07touch screen. Flick left or right to change yourTo select an item, touch the icon 08 idle screen types on the standbyaccurately. Your KP500 will vibrate screen.slightly when it recognises you’ve 1 Widget idle - When you touch ,touched an option. the mobile widget panel appears.To scroll through lists, touch the last 2 Speed dial idle - When you touchitem visible and slide your finger up , the speed dial list appears. Youthe screen. The list will move up so can drag and click what you needmore items are visible. Your standby screen right away in both idle types.• There’s no need to press too hard, the touchscreen is sensitive enough to pick up on a light, yet firm, touch.• Use the tip of your finger to touch the option you want. Be careful 17
  • 18. Your standby screen Widget idle Quick keys Mobile widget Speed dial idleYour standby screen Speed dial list 18 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 19. The quick keys 01The quick keys provide easy, one-touch access to your most used functions. 02 03 Touch to bring up the touch Touch to open your address dialling pad to make a call. book. To search for the 04 Input the number as you would number you want to call, enter 05 using a normal key pad and the name of the contact at the touch Calls or press the top of the screen using the 06 hard key. touchpad. You can also create 07 new contacts and edit existing ones. See page 30 for details. 08 Touch to access the Messaging Touch to open the full Top options menu. From here you menu which is divided into can create a new SMS or MMS, four vertical sub-menus. Touch or view your message folder. each sub-menu’s tab to view Your standby screen See page 35 for details. further options. 19
  • 20. Your standby screen The status bar Icon Description The status bar uses various icons to Message sending failed indicate things like signal strength, new messages and battery life, as An alarm is set well as telling you whether your Customised Profile in use Bluetooth or GPRS is active. Below is a table which explains the Normal profile in use meaning of the icons you’re most Outdoor profile in use likely to see in the status bar. Silent profile in use Icon Description Headset profile in use Multitasking Calls are diverted Network signal strength EDGE in use (number of bars will vary) Roaming No network signal Flight mode is on Remaining battery lifeYour standby screen Bluetooth is active Battery empty BGM play New text message New voice message BGM pause Message inbox is full 20 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 21. Changing your Status from Using the Multitaskingthe status bar function 01Touch the status bar to open the Press the multitasking hard key 02Status Summary. It shows the to open the Multitasking menu. 03current Time, Network, SVC ID, From here you can view all theBattery, Handset memory, External applications you have running and 04Memory, Profile, MP3 and Bluetooth access them with one touch. 05status. Here you can set Profile From any application, press thetype, play/pause MP3 and activate/ 06 Multitasking key and selectdeactivate Bluetooth. Home to return to the standby 07 screen without exiting or closing the 08 application. When you have an application running in the background (e.g. a game or the FM radio), will appear in the status bar. Your standby screen 21
  • 22. Calls Making a call TIP! To bring up the 1 Touch to open the keypad. keypad during a call, press the 2 Key in the number using the . keypad. To delete a digit touch the clear key. TIP! Touch to unlock. You can 3 Press the hard key to initiate unlock by touching the button the call. for a while until the screen is 4 To end the call press the able to work or press the Unlock hard key. hard key . TIP! To enter + for making TIP! You can send a an international call, press and message and search contacts by hold . tapping . TIP! Press the lock/unlock hard key to lock the touchscreen to prevent calls being made by mistake.The basics 22 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 23. Making a call from your Answering and rejecting acontacts call 011 From the standby screen touch When your phone rings press the 02 to open the address book. hard key or touch to 032 Enter the first few letters of the answer the call. contact you would like to call. Tap to mute the ringing. This is 043 From the filtered list, touch the great if you’ve forgotten to change 05 contact you’d like to call and your profile to Silent for a meeting. 06 select the number to use if you Press the hard or touch to have more than one saved. reject an incoming call. 074 Touch . 08 The basics 23
  • 24. Calls In-call options Speaker - Touch to turn on the speaker phone. Mute - Touch to turn off the microphone so the person you are talking to cannot hear you. Options - Choose from a list of further in-call options, including Go to messages, so you can check your messages, Go to contacts to add or search contacts during a call. You can also end the call from here by touching End call. - Choose to search your contacts during a call. - Choose to add another person to the call. TIP! To scroll through a list of options or your list - Chose to open a numerical of contacts, touch the last keypad for navigating menus with item visible and slide your numbered options. For example, when dialling call centres or otherThe basics finger up the screen. The list will move up so more items automated telephone services. become visible. 24 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 25. Adjusting the call volume Making a second callTo adjust the volume during a call, 1 During your initial call, touch 01use the up and down button on the and select the number you want 02left edge of the phone. to call. 03 2 Dial the number or search yourSpeed dialling contacts (see Making a call on 04You can assign a frequently-called page 22 for details). 05contact to a speed dial number. 3 Press to connect the call.1 From the standby screen touch 06 4 Both calls will be displayed on the and select and tap . call screen. Your initial call will be 072 Your Voicemail is already set to locked and the caller put on hold. 08 speed dial 1. You cannot change 5 To change between the calls, this. Touch any other number to touch and choose Swap call assign it a speed dial contact. or press the number of the held3 Your address book will open. call. Select the contact you’d like 6 To end one or both calls press to assign to that number by and select End followed by All, touching their phone number Held or Active. once. To find a contact tap the search field box and enter the first letter of the name of the contact The basics required. 25
  • 26. Calls TIP! You can combine your Viewing your call logs calls by selecting Accept then TIP! To scroll through a list of Join. Check that your network options, touch the last item provider supports conference visible and slide your finger up calling. the screen. The list will move up NOTE: You will be charged for each so more items are visible. call you make. Touch and select and tap . Turning off DTMF Choose to view: DTMF allows you to use numerical All - View a complete list of all your commands to navigate menus dialled, received and missed calls. within automated calls. DTMF is Dialled - View a list of all the switched on as default. numbers you have called. To turn it off during a call (to make Received - View a list of all the a note of a number for example) numbers that have called you. touch and select DTMF off. Missed - View a list of all the calls you have missed.The basics 26 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 27. TIP! From any call log TIP! To turn off all call touch and Delete all to diverts, choose Deactivate all 01 delete all the recorded items. from the Call divert menu. 02 03 TIP! Touch any single call Using call barring log entry to view the date, time 1 Touch , select and choose 04 and duration of the call. . 05 2 Touch Call barring.Using call divert 06 3 Choose any or all of the six1 Touch , select and choose options: 07 . All outgoing 082 Touch Call divert. Outgoing international3 Choose whether to divert all calls, Outgoing international calls when the line is busy, when there except home country is no answer or when you are not All incoming reachable. Incoming when abroad4 Input the number you’d like to Deactivate all divert to.5 Touch Request to activate.NOTE: Charges are incurred fordiverting calls. Please contact your The basicsnetwork provider for details. 27
  • 28. Calls 4 Enter the call barring password. Call reject - Slide the switch to Please check with your network On to highlight the Reject list. operator for this service. You can touch the text box to choose from all calls, specific TIP! Select Fixed dial contacts or groups, or those from number to turn on and compile unregistered numbers (those not a list of numbers which can be in your contacts). Touch Save to called from your phone. You’ll change the setting. need your PIN2 code from your operator. Only numbers Send my number - Choose included in the fixed dial list can whether your number will be be called from your phone. displayed when you call someone. Auto redial - Slide the switch left Changing the common call for On or right for Off. setting Answer mode - Choose whether 1 Touch , select and choose to answer the phone using the . send key or any key. 2 Touch Common settings. From Minute minder - Slide the switch here you can amend the settings left to On to hear a tone every for: minute during a call.The basics 28 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 29. BT answer mode - Select Hands-free to be able to answer a call 01using a Bluetooth headset, or 02select Handset to press a key onthe handset to answer a call. 03Save new number - Select Yes to 04save a new number. 05TIP! To scroll through a list 06of options, touch the last itemvisible and slide your finger up 07the screen. The list will move up 08so more items are visible. The basics 29
  • 30. Contacts Searching for a contact TIP! To scroll through your list There are two ways to search for a of contacts, touch the last item contact: visible and slide your finger up From the standby screen the screen. The list will move up 1 From the standby screen touch so more items are visible. to open the address book. Select the contact from the list that you Adding a new contact want to make a call. 1 From the standby screen touch 2 Touch or press the hard and touch Add contact. key to initiate the call. 2 Choose whether to save the From the main menu contact to your Handset or SIM. 1 Touch , select . 3 Enter the first and last name of 2 Touch and select Search. your new contact. You do not 3 You see a list of contacts, typing have to enter both, but you must in the first letter of a contact’s enter one or the other. name will jump the menu to that alphabetical area of the list. TIP! The alphabetical keypad is displayed once you tap the blank square.The basics 30 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 31. 4 You can enter up to five different Contact options numbers per contact. Each entry There are many things you can do 01 has a preset type Mobile, Home, when viewing a contact. Here’s how 02 Office, Pager, Fax, and General. to access and use the options menu: When you have finished, touch 03 1 Open the contact you’d like to Close. 04 use. See Searching for a contact5 Add an email address. on page 30. 056 Assign the contact to one or more 2 You can call or send a message groups. Choose from No group, 06 directly from here. Family, Friends, Colleagues, 07 3 Press to open the list of School or VIP. options. 087 You can also add a Ringtone, Edit - Change any of the contact’s Birthday, Anniversary, details. Homepage, Home address, Delete - Delete the contact. Company name, Job title, Touch Yes if you are sure. Company address and a Memo. Copy or Move to USIM/Handset8 Touch Save to save the contact. - Choose to move or copy to the TIP! You can create USIM card or handset (depending customised groups for your on where you originally saved the contacts, see Creating a group contact). on page 32. The basics 31
  • 32. Contacts Send business card - Send Creating a group the contact’s details to another 1 Touch and select . person as a business card. Choose 2 Touch then Groups. to send as a Text message, 3 Touch . Multimedia message, Email or via Bluetooth. 4 Select Add group. 5 Enter a name for your new group. TIP! Send message - Send You can also assign a ringtone to a message to the contact. If the the group. contact has an email address, 6 Touch Save. select whether you’d like to send an email or SMS/MMS. See page NOTE: If you delete a group, the 35 for details on how to send contacts which were assigned to messages. that group will not be lost. They will remain in your address book. TIP! You can edit an existing group by highlighting it and touching . Choose Add members to the group from your contacts, assign a Group ringtone, Rename the group or Delete a group.The basics 32 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 33. Changing your contact Copy - Copy your contacts fromsettings your USIM to your handset or 01 from your handset to your USIM. 02You can adapt your contact settings Choose to do this one at a time,so that your address book suits your or all at once. If you select one at 03own preferences. a time, you’ll need to select each 04 TIP! To scroll through a list contact to copy one by one. of options, touch the last item 05 Move - This works in the same visible and slide your finger up way as Copy, but the contact will 06 the screen. The list will move up only be saved to the location so more items are visible. 07 you’ve moved it to. So if you1 From the standby screen touch move a contact from the USIM 08 and select . to the handset it will be deleted2 Touch and select Settings. from the USIM memory.3 From here you can adjust the following settings: Contact list settings - Choose whether to view contacts saved to both your Handset & USIM, Handset only or USIM only You can also choose to show The basics the first name or last name of a contact first. 33
  • 34. Contacts Send all contacts via Bluetooth Viewing information - Send all of your contacts to 1 From the standby screen touch another device using Bluetooth. and select . You will be prompted to turn on 2 Touch and select Bluetooth if you select this option. Information. Backup and Restore contacts 3 From here you can view your - Backup and restore contacts to Service dial numbers, your Own the Memory Card. number, your Memory info. Clear contacts - Delete all your (how much memory space you’ve contacts. Touch Yes if you are sure got left) and My business card. you want to wipe your address book. TIP! If you’ve yet to add a business card for yourself, select My business card and enter all your details as you would for any contact. Touch Save to finish.The basics 34 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 35. MessagingMessaging 5 Touch T(1) at the top of theYour KP500 combines SMS, MMS screen to enter the recipient’s 01and email into one intuitive and number, or touch the search icon 02easy to use menu. to open your address book. You can add multiple contacts. Touch 03There are two ways to enter the Send when ready. 04messaging centre:1 Touch from the standby WARNING: You will 05 screen. be charged per per 1 page text 062 Touch from the standby message for each person that screen, then select and choose you send the message to. 07 . 08 WARNING: If anSending a message image, video or sound is1 Touch to open a blank added to an SMS it will be message. automatically convert to an2 From here you can send an SMS MMS and you will be charged or MMS. To send an email, touch accordingly. from the standby screen, them select and . See page TIP! Quick reply - Send a 40 for details. reply promptly to the selected message using a template.3 Touch Insert, to add an image, The basics video, sound or template. 35
  • 36. Messaging Entering text T9 predictive There are five ways to enter text: In T9 mode you will see . Keypad, Keyboard, Handwriting- T9 mode uses a built-in dictionary Screen, Handwriting-Box, to recognise words you’re writing Handwriting-Double Box. based on the key sequences you You can chose your input method touch. Simply touch the number key by tapping and Input method. associated with the letter you want Tap the screen once, the keyboard to enter, and the dictionary will appears. predict the word you want to use. For example, press 8, 3, 5, 3, 7, 4, 6, Touch to turn on T9 predictive 6, 3 to write ‘telephone’. text. You can choose writing languages. Tap to change numbers, symbols and text keypad. Use to scroll through the different keyboard types in each text entry mode (for example, capitals or lowercase).The basics 36 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 37. Abc manual TIP! Keyboard mode predictsIn Abc mode you will see . and shows what you will type in 01In Abc mode you must touch the next. These words are predicted 02key repeatedly to enter a letter. For based on the sentences you 03example, to write ‘hello’, touch 4 have typed in so far. If you dotwice, 3 twice, 5 three times, 5 three not wish to use the suggested 04times again, then 6 three times. words, keep typing in new 05 words. If you wish to use theKeyboard suggested words, press the 06In Keyboard mode the screen flips space bar to confirm them. 07to landscape and a full keyboardappears on screen. 08Simply touch each letter to writeyour message and press: to switch to upper case The basics 37
  • 38. Messaging Handwriting recognition Alphabet In Handwriting mode you simply If you select capital letter mode write on the screen and your KP500 (ABC), letters you type will be will convert your handwriting into inserted as capital letters even if you your message. Select Screen or Box write in small letters, and vice versa. depending on your preferred view. TIP! You may find it easier Letter Strokes to use the stylus in this mode, A please remember to press lightly B to protect your screen from C damage. D Handwriting recognition translates E stylus gestures into letters, F numbers or other character, and G displays these characters as text. H Handwriting recognition is only I active where text can be entered. J Note: Most letters can be written K using different stroke styles. See the L tables below. The position on the M screen decides case, not the style.The basics N O P 38 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 39. Letter Strokes Numbers Q Numbers are written above the arrow. 01 R 02 Number Strokes S 0 03 T 1 U 04 2 V 3 05 W 4 06 X 5 Y 07 6 Z 7 08 ß 8 9Punctuation marks Mark Strokes Full stop . At @Note: Start each stroke at the dot. The basics 39
  • 40. Messaging Accented letters Setting up your email Write the character as described above, You can stay in touch on the move then write the accent above the arrow. using email on your KP500. It’s quick Other such characters, for example, ö and and simple to set up a POP3 or ü, follow the same principle. IMAP4 email account. grave TIP! To scroll through a list of options, touch the last item visible and slide your finger up acute the screen. The list will move up so more items are visible. circumflex 1 Touch then tap . 2 Select then scroll menu to tilde Settings. 3 Touch Email then Email ring accounts. 4 Touch Add Account. dieresis 5 Setup Wizard will help you set up your email settings. cedillaThe basics 40 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 41. Email address - Enter your email SMTP authentication - Turnaddress. on SMTP authentication if the 01Password - Enter the account outgoing server requires user 02password. name and password to send email. 03Username - Enter your accountuser ID as supplied by your email Account name - Enter the 04provider. mailbox name that you wish to 05Mailbox type - Select the internet appear as the account name forprotocol type used to transfer the Mailbox. 06your email, IMAP4 or POP3. Now your account is set up, it will 07Incoming server - Enter your appear in the list of accounts in your Email folder. 08incoming (POP3 or IMAP4) mailserver name or IP address. 6 You can check and edit settingsOutgoing server - Enter your by selecting the account inoutgoing(SMTP) mail server name the list. You can also check theor IP address. This may be the additional settings that weresame server as for incoming mail. filled in automatically when you created the account. Reply email address - Enter the ‘reply to’ email address. Maximum receive size - Choose The basics the size limit of your emails, the maximum is 1MB. 41
  • 42. Messaging Save sent mail into - Select Incoming TLS/SSL - Choose whether to save sent emails (an whether to use SSL for incoming option when the mailbox type is server. set to IMAP4). When the mailbox SMTP Username - Enter the type is POP3, sent mails are SMTP username. always saved into handset. SMTP Password - Enter the SMTP Access points - Choose your password. Internet access point. APOP secure login - Choose to Auto retrieve - Choose whether activate APOP secure login for a to retrieve your new emails POP3 account. IMAP4 accounts automatically. are always set to off. Advanced settings - Choose 7 You can change your default whether to use the advanced email account by touching settings. Activate. SMTP port number - Normally, this will be 25. SMTP TLS/SSL - Choose whether to use SSL for outgoing server. Incoming server port - Normally, this is 110 for POP3 accounts and 143 for IMAP4 accounts.The basics 42 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 43. Retrieving your email Sending an email using yourYou can automatically or manually new account 01check your account for new emails. 1 Touch New Email in the 02See ‘Changing your email settings’ Communicate menu and a new 03on page 44 to check automatically. email will open.To check manually: 2 You can enter the recipient’s 041 Touch then select and address and write your message. 05 . You can also attach images, 062 Touch Mailbox. videos, sounds or other file types.3 Touch the account you want to 3 Touch Send and your email will 07 use then . be sent. 084 Choose Retrieve and your TIP! You can upload Word, KP500 will connect to your email Excel, PowerPoint and PDF account and retrieve your new documents to your KP500 so you messages. can review them on the move. The basics 43
  • 44. Messaging Changing your email settings Retrieve interval - Choose how You can change your email settings often your KP500 checks for new according to your own preferences. email messages. Retrieve amount - Choose the TIP! To scroll through a list number of emails to be retrieved of options, touch the last item at any one time. visible and slide your finger up Include message in Fwd & Reply the screen. The list will move up - Choose to include the original so more items are visible. message in your reply. 1 Touch then select and Include attachment - Choose to . include the original attachment in 2 Touch Settings and Email and any reply. then you can adapt the following Auto Retrieval in Roaming - settings: Choose whether to retrieve your Allow reply Email - Choose messages automatically when to allow the sending of ‘read, abroad (roaming). confirmation’ messages. TIP! Costs for retrieving Request reply Email - Choose email may be higher when whether to request read roaming. Check with your confirmation messages. network supplier.The basics 44 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 45. New email notification - Choose Message folderswhether to be alerted to new You’ll recognise the folder structure 01emails. used on your KP500, which is fairly 02Signature - Create an email self-explanatory.signature and switch this feature 03 Inbox - All the messsages youon. receive are placed into your inbox 04Priority - Choose the priority level From here you can view, delete 05of your email messages. and more, see Managing your messages below for details. 06 Mailbox - All the emails you receive 07 on your KP500 will be placed in your 08 mailbox. Drafts - If you don’t have time to finish writing a message, you can save what you’ve done so far here. Outbox - This is a temporary storage folder while messages are being sent. Sent items - All the messages you have sent are placed in this folder. My Folders - Create folders to store The basics your messages. 45
  • 46. Messaging Managing your messages Filter - View your message You can use your Inbox to manage by type. This will group SMS your messages. separately from MMS. Delete all - Delete all of the TIP! To scroll through a list messages. of options, touch the last item If you see the message No space for visible and slide your finger up USIM messages you should delete the screen. The list will move up some messages on the USIM. so more items are visible. If you see the message No space for 1 Touch then select and messages you should delete some . messages to free up memory space. 2 Select Inbox. 3 Touch and then choose to: Delete - Delete marked messages. Create new message - Open a new blank message or email. Move to My folders - Move the marked messages to My folders.The basics 46 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 47. Using templates Using emoticonsCreate templates for the SMS Liven up your messages using 01and MMS messages you send emoticons. You’ll find some 02most frequently. You’ll find some commonly used emoticons already 03templates already on your phone, on your can edit these if you wish. 1 Touch then choose 041 Touch then choose Emoticons on the Communicate 05 Templates on the Communicate menu. menu. 06 2 Touch to Add new, Delete or2 Choose Text templates or Delete all emoticons. 07 Multimedia templates. You 08 can then touch to Add new, Delete or Delete all templates.3 Touch Add template to create a new template.4 You can view the template by selecting it on the list and edit it by touching on the view screen. The basics 47
  • 48. Messaging Changing your text message Validity period - Choose how long settings your messages are stored at the message centre. Your KP500 message settings are pre-defined so that you can send Message types - Convert your messages immediately. These text into Text, Voice, Fax, X.400 or settings can be changed according Email. to your preferences. Character encoding - Choose how your characters are encoded. This TIP! To scroll through a list impacts the size of your messages of options, touch the last item and therefore data charges. visible and slide your finger up Send long text as - Choose to send the screen. The list will move up long messages as Multiple SMS or so more items are visible. as MMS. Touch then choose Settings on the Communicate menu. Select Text message. You can make changes to: Text message centre - Enter the details of your message centre. Delivery report - Slide the switch left to receive confirmation thatThe basics your messages have been delivered. 48 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 49. Changing your multimedia Priority - Choose the priority levelmessage settings of your MMS. 01Your KP500 message settings are Validity period - Choose how 02pre-defined so that you can send long your message is stored at the message centre. 03messages immediately. Thesesettings can be changed according Slide duration - Choose how long 04to your preferences. your slides appear on screen. 05Touch , select then . Creation mode - Choose your message mode. 06Chose Settings and Multimediamessage. You can make changes to: Delivery time - Choose how long 07Retrieval mode - Choose Home before a message is delivered. 08or Roaming network. If you then Multi msg centre - Enter the detailschoose Manual you will receive only of your message centre.notifications of MMS and you canthen decide whether to downloadthem in full.Delivery report - Choose to allowand/or request a delivery report.Read report - Choose to allow and/or request a reply report. The basics 49
  • 50. Messaging Changing your other settings Touch , choose Settings on the Communicate menu then: Voicemail - Touch to add a new Voicemail service. Contact your network operator for more information on the service they provide. Service message - Choose to receive or block service messages. You can also set your message security by creating trusted and untrusted lists of senders. Info service - Choose your reception status, language and other settings.The basics 50 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 51. CameraTaking a quick photo1 Press the key on the right 01 side of the phone briefly. 022 The viewfinder will appear on 03 screen.3 Holding the phone horizontally, 04 P210208_00.13.jgp point the lens towards the subject 05 Touch to move to your gallery. of the photo. Touch to send the photo as a 064 Position the phone so you can message, e-mail or Bluetooth. See 07 see the subject of your photo in page 35 for Sending a message, and the preview screen. 08 page 116 for Sending and receiving5 When the camera has focused on your files using Bluetooth. your subject, either press the Touch to edit the photo. on the side of the phone firmly or press the red box on the lower Touch to set the picture you right of the screen to take the have taken as Wallpaper. photo. Touch to delete the photo you have just taken and confirm byAfter you’ve taken your photo touching Yes. The viewfinder willYour captured photo will appear reappear.on screen. The name of the image Touch to take another photo Get creativeruns along the bottom of the screen straightaway. Your current phototogether with five icons down the will be saved.right side. 51
  • 52. Camera Getting to know the viewfinder Settings - Touch this icon to open the settings menu. See Using the advanced settings on page 61 for details. Camera mode - Camera mode is selected. Video camera mode - Touch this icon to switch to video mode. Back - Touch here to return to the standby screen. Gallery Brightness - See Adjusting the Exposure on page 61. Shot mode - See Choosing a shot type on page 53. Take a picture Zoom - Touch to zoom in or to zoom out. TIP! You can bring up the options byGet creative tapping the screen. They auto turn off after a few seconds. 52 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 53. Choosing a shot type Adjusting the exposure1 Touch to open the available Exposure defines the difference 01 shot types. between light and dark (contrast) 022 Choose from two options: in an image. A low contrast image 03 Normal shot -This is the default will appear foggy, whereas a high shot type, the photo will be taken contrast image will appear much 04 in the normal way, as outlined in sharper. 05 taking a quick photo. 1 Touch . 06 Burst shot - This enables you to 2 Slide the contrast indicator along take 3/6/9 shots automatically in the bar - left for a lower exposure, 07 very quick succession. hazier image or right for a higher 08 exposure, sharper image. Get creative 53
  • 54. Camera Using continuous shot mode Using the advanced settings Continuous shot mode is great for From the viewfinder touch taking photos of moving objects or to open all the advanced settings at sporting events. options. 1 Touch to open the available shot types and select Burst shot. 2 Select the shot count that you would like to take continuously. 3 Position the subject in the viewfinder and press the capture button as you would to take a normal photo. Preview settings 4 The camera will take 3/6/9 pictures in quick sequence. Size - Change the size of the photo to save on memory space or take a picture preset to the correct size for contact. See Changing the image size on page 56. Colour Effect - Choose a colour tone to apply to the photo you’re taking. See Choosing a colour effectGet creative on page 56. 54 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 55. White balance - Choose from Auto, Other settingsIncandescent, Sunny, Fluorescent Memory - Choose whether to 01or Cloudy. save your photos to the Handset 02Night mode - Useful to use at dark memory or to the External memory. 03place. Shutter sound - Select one of the three shutter sounds. 04Self-timer - The self-timer allowsyou to set a delay after the capture Grid screen - Choose from Off, 05button is pressed before the camera Simple cross or Trisection 06takes the picture. Choose from 3 Reset settings - Reset all the 07seconds, 5 seconds or 10 seconds. camera settings.Great for that group photo you want 08to be part of. TIP! When you exit the cameraQuality - Choose between Super all your settings will return tofine, Fine and Normal. The finer the default, except image size andquality the sharper a photo will be, image quality. Any non-defaultbut the file size will increase. This settings you require will needmeans you’ll be able to store fewer to be reset, for example colourphotos in your memory. tone. Check them before you shoot your next photo.View mode - Choose from Fullscreen or Full image. In Full screensome clipping of the image may Get creativeoccur. 55
  • 56. Camera TIP! The settings menu 3 Select a pixel value from the is superimposed over the five numerical options (3M: viewfinder, so when you change 2048x1536, 2M: 1600x1200, elements of the image colour 1M: 1280x960, 640x480, or quality you’ll be able to see 400*240(W), 320x240) or the image change in preview choose the preset: behind the settings menu. Contacts - This sets the camera to take a photo the perfect size to be added to a phone Changing the image size contact. The more pixels, the larger the file size, which in turn means they Choosing a colour effect take up more of your memory. If 1 From the viewfinder touch in you want to fit more pictures on to the top left corner. your phone you can alter the pixel 2 Select Colour Effect from the number to make the file size smaller. Preview menu. 1 From the viewfinder touch in 3 There are five colour tone options: the top left corner. Off, Black & White, Negative or, 2 Select Size from the Preview Sepia. menu. 4 When you’ve made your selection the colour tone menu willGet creative automatically close, ready for you to take your picture. 56 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 57. TIP! You can change a photo taken in colour to black 01 and white or sepia after it’s 02 taken, but you cannot change a 03 picture taken in black and white or sepia back to colour. 04 05Viewing your saved photos 061 You can access your saved photo’s from within the camera mode. 07 Simply touch and your 08 gallery will appear on screen. Get creative 57
  • 58. Video camera Shooting a quick video 5 Rec will appear at the top of the 1 Press the camera key on the right viewfinder and a timer at the side of the phone. bottom showing the length of your video. 2 On the Camera preview mode touch the camera icon in 6 To pause the video touch and the view finder to switch to resume by selecting . video mode. The video camera’s 7 Touch on screen or press the viewfinder will appear on screen. capture button a second time to 3 Holding the phone horizontally, stop recording. point the lens towards the subject of the video. 4 Press the capture button once to start recording. Or press the red dot at the bottom right of the screen.Get creative 58 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 59. After you’ve shot your video Touch to view a gallery ofA still image representing your saved videos . 01captured video will appear on Touch to delete the video you 02screen. The name of the video runs have just made and confirm by 03along the bottom of the screen touching Yes. The viewfinder willtogether with five icons down the reappear. 04right side . Touch to shoot another video 05 straight away. Your current video 06 will be saved. 07 08V120108_06.37.3gp Touch to play the video. Touch to send the video as anMessage or Email or by Bluetooth.See page 35 for Sending messages,or page 116 for Sending andreceiving your files usingBluetooth. Get creative Touch to edit the video. 59
  • 60. Video camera Getting to know the viewfinder Settings - Touch this icon to open the settings menu. See Using the advanced settings on page 61 for details. Video mode - Video mode is selected. Image size Saving to handset memory/external memory Back - Touch here to return to the standby screen. Gallery Brightness - See Adjusting the exposure on page 61. Video size Recording stop Recording start Zoom - Touch to zoom in or to zoom out. Camera mode - Touch this icon to switch to camera mode. TIP! You can close all theGet creative shortcut options for a clearer viewfinder screen. Simply touch the centre of the viewfinder once. To recall the options touch the screen again. 60 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 61. Adjusting the Exposure Using the advanced settingsExposure defines the difference From the viewfinder touch Settings 01between light and dark (contrast) to open all the advanced settings 02in an image. A low contrast image options. 03will appear foggy, whereas a highcontrast image will appear much 04sharper. 051 Touch . 062 Slide the exposure indicator along the bar, left for a lower exposure, 07 hazier image, or right for a higher 08 contrast, sharper image. Preview settings Video size - Change the size of the video to save on memory space. See Changing the video image size on page 63. Colour Effect - Choose a colour tone to apply to the video you’re taking. See Choosing a colour tone on page 63. Get creative 61
  • 62. Video camera White balance - The white balance TIP! If you choose MMS ensures that any white in your duration, try choosing a lower videos is realistic. In order for your image quality to enable you to camera to correctly adjust the white shoot a longer video. balance you may need to determine the light conditions. Choose from Other settings Auto, Incandescent, Sunny, Memory - Choose whether to Fluorescent or Cloudy. save your videos to the Handset Quality - Choose between Super memory or to the External fine, Fine and Normal. The finer memory. the quality the sharper a video will Voice - Choose Mute to record a be, but the file size will increase as video without sound. a result, which means you’ll be able Reset settings - Reset all the video to store fewer videos in the phone’s camera settings. memory. Set time - Set a duration limit for your video. Choose from No limit, or MMS to limit the size so that you can send the video as an MMS. View mode - Choose from Full screen or Full image. In Full screenGet creative some clipping of the image may occur. 62 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 63. Changing the video image 4 Select the size option you’d likesize to use. 01The more pixels, the larger the file TIP! For video format conversion 02size, which in turn means they take software, see the CD you 03up more memory. If you want to fit received with your KP500.more videos on to your phone you 04can alter the pixel number to make 05 Choosing a colour tonethe file size smaller. 1 From the viewfinder touch in 061 From the viewfinder touch in the top left corner. the top left corner. 07 2 Select Colour Effect from the2 Select Video size from the 08 settings menu. Preview menu. 3 There are five colour tone options,3 Select a pixel value from the two Off (Normal), Black & White, options: Negative, Sepia. 320x240 - Large image size, 4 Touch the colour tone you’d like therefore larger file size. Up to 24 to use. fps are available for video play back, up to 12 fps are available for TIP! You can change a video recording. video shot in colour to black and 176x144 - Small image size white or sepia after it’s taken, and therefore smaller file size. Up but you cannot change a video Get creative to 15 fps are available for video shot in black and white or sepia play back. back to colour. 63
  • 64. Video camera Watching your saved videos 1 In the viewfinder touch . 2 Your gallery will appear on screen. 3 Touch the video you want to view once to bring it to the front of the gallery. 4 Touch the video a second time to open it fully.Get creative 64 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 65. Your photos and videosViewing your photos and TIP! To delete a photo orvideos 01 video, open it and select .1 Touch on your camera Touch Yes to confirm. 02 preview screen. 032 Your gallery will appear on screen. Using zoom when viewing a 043 Touch the video or photo twice to photo open it fully. To zoom in press repeatedly. 054 To play the video touch . To To zoom out press . Use the 06 pause playback touch . thumbnail in the bottom right corner to move the focus area. 07 08 Adjusting the volume when viewing a video To adjust the volume of the audio on a video whilst it is playing, slide the marker up and down the volume bar on the left side of the TIP! Flick left or right to screen. view other photos or videos. Get creative 65
  • 66. Your photos and videos Capturing an image from a WARNING: Some video functions will not work properly 1 Select the video you would like to if the multimedia file has not capture an image from. been recorded on the phone. 2 Touch to pause the video on the frame you’d like to convert to Viewing your photos as a an image and touch the right side slide show of the screen to open the options Slideshow mode will show all the menu. photos in your gallery one at a time 3 From the options menu select as a slideshow. Videos can not be . viewed as a slideshow. 4 Select . 1 Touch the photo you would like 5 The image will appear on screen, to begin the slideshow twice to with its assigned image name. open it. 6 Touch the image then to 2 Select . return to the gallery. 3 The slideshow will begin. 7 The image will be saved in your Media Album folder and appear in the gallery. You need to exit the gallery and then re-open it forGet creative this to appear. 66 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 67. There are options within slideshows: Setting a photo as wallpaper Touch to skip to the next 1 Touch the photo you would like 01photo. to set as wallpaper twice to open 02 Touch to pause the slideshow it. Turn the phone to landscape. 03on a particular photo. 2 Touch the right side of the screen Touch again to resume to open the options menu. 04playback. 3 Touch . 05 Touch to increase or decrease 4 The screen will switch to portrait 06the speed of the slideshow. mode. You can then change the size of the picture. 07 5 When you are happy with the 08 picture touch Set. Get creative 67
  • 68. Your photos and videos Editing your photos Put writing on the picture. There are loads of great things you See Adding text to a photo on can do to your photos to change page 69. them, add to them or liven them Decorate your photo with up a little. stamps. Choose from the different 1 Open the photo you’d like to edit stamps available and touch your and touch to bring up the photo wherever you’d like them options. to be. 2 Touch the icons to adapt your Erase line that you draw. photo: Save the changes you Crop your photo. Choose have made to the photos. Select a square or circular crop area to save the changes over the and move your finger across the Original file, or as a New file. If screen to select the area. you select New file enter a file Draw something on your name. photo freehand. Select the Undo the last Effect or edit thickness of the line from the four you made to the photo. options and the colour you would like use.Get creative 68 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 69. Touch to open further effect Adding text to a photooptions including Rotate. There 1 From the editing screen, touch 01are also more advanced editing . 02options. See Resize, Morphing, 2 Select Signature to add 03Colour Accent, Add images etc. unframed text or choose one of See Adding an effect to a the speech bubble shapes. 04photo on page 70. 3 Enter your text using the keypad 05 and touch Save. 06 4 Move the text by touching it and sliding it to the place you’d like 07 it to be. 08 Touch to return to thegallery. Get creative 69
  • 70. Your photos and videos Adding an effect to a photo Mosaic blur - Touch to apply 1 From the editing screen, touch a blurred mosaic effect to the . photo. 2 Choose to apply any of the six Oil painting - Oil painting effect. options to the photo: Sketch - Apply an effect to make Face beautify - Automatically the picture look like a sketch. detect a face in the image and Emboss - Emboss effect. brighten it up. Solarize - Change the effect of Tunnel effect - Lomo camera exposure to the light effect. Vivid - An effect of clearness and Colour negative - Colour brilliance. negative effect. Moonlight - Change the light to Black and white - Black and look like moonlight. white colour effect. Antique - An old image effect. Sepia - Sepia effect. Glow - A light beam effect. Blur - Apply a blurred effect. Cartoon - A cartoon effect. Sharpen - Move the marker along Water color - A water color effect. the bar to sharpen the focus of the photo. Select OK icon to apply the changes or chooseGet creative to cancel. 70 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 71. 3 To undo an effect simply touch 3 Move the crosses around the Undo. photo so they are on the part 01 you’d like to morph. For example, 02 TIP! You can add more if you are morphing a face, place than one effect to a photo, a cross on the outside corner of 03 except for a colour effect. each eye and one each side of 04 the lips. 05Morphing a photoMorphing a photo is great for 06changing the facial expressions of 07friends, or just for distorting a photofor artistic effect. 081 From the editing screen touch .2 Choose Morphing and four 4 Select a face to represent how crosses will appear on the photo. you’d like to morph the photo. 5 Select OK to save the changes. Get creative 71
  • 72. Your photos and videos Adding a colour accent to a Swapping the colours in a photo photo 1 From the editing screen, touch 1 From the editing screen, touch . . 2 Choose Colour Accent. 2 Choose Colour swapping. 3 Select part of the photo. A 3 Select part of the photo. A traced line will appear around traced line will appear around everything in that area which is of everything in that area which is of the same or similar colour. the same or similar colour. For example, someone’s hair or For example, someone’s hair or the colour of their jumper. the colour of their jumper. 4 Touch OK. 4 Select a colour. 5 All colour will be removed from 5 Press OK. the photo, apart from the section 6 The part of the photo selected for marked for colour accenting. colour accenting will change to 6 Alter the intensity of the the selected colour. accenting by sliding the marker 7 Select Save to save the changes. up or down the intensity bar. 7 Select Save to save the changes.Get creative 72 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 73. Trimming the length of your Merging two videos togethervideo 1 Open the video you’d like to edit, 011 Open the video you’d like to edit, select and touch the screen to 02 select and touch the screen to bring up the options. 03 bring up the options. 2 Select and choose Video2 Select and choose Trim. merge. 043 Touch and mark the new start 3 The My stuff folder will open, 05 and end points using . select either My Videos or My 064 Touch Play cropped to ensure memory card (if fitted). Choose you are happy with the new cut. the video you would like to 07 merge and touch Select. 085 Touch Save or, alternatively, touch to return to the 4 Touch and slide the photo gallery and discard the changes. to merge it to the end or the beginning of the video. 5 Touch Effect to choose how the videos merge together: None, Fade out, Pan zoom, Oval, Uncover, Blind, Checker board, Dissolve, Split or Shape diamond. Get creative 73
  • 74. Your photos and videos 6 Press Save followed by Yes to 5 Touch Effect to choose how the save the new merged video. photo and video merge together: Choose to save over the original None, Fade out, Pan zoom, Oval, file or as a new file. Uncover, Blind, Checker board, 7 Repeat these steps to merge Dissolve, Split or Shape diamon. more videos. 6 Press Save followed by Yes. Choose to save over the original Merging a photo with a video file or as a new file. 1 Open the video you’d like to edit, 7 Repeat these steps to merge select and touch the screen to more photos. bring up the options. 2 Select and choose Image merge. 3 The My stuff folder will open select either My Images or My memory card (if fitted). Choose the photo you would like to merge into your video and touch Select. 4 Touch and slide the photo to merge it to the end or theGet creative beginning of the video. 74 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 75. Adding text to a video 6 Touch to mark when you’d1 Open the video you’d like to edit, like the text to disappear. 01 select and touch the screen to 7 Touch Preview to ensure you are 02 bring up the options. happy with the text overlay. 032 Select and choose Text 8 Touch Save followed by Yes. overlay. Choose to save over the original 043 Enter your text using the keypad file or as a new file. 05 and select Done. 9 Repeat these steps to add more 064 Touch and mark when you’d text. like the text to appear using . 075 Touch the area of the screen you’d 08 like the text to appear in. Get creative 75
  • 76. Your photos and videos Overlaying a photo 6 Touch to mark when you’d 1 Open the video you’d like to edit, like the photo to disappear. select and touch the screen to 7 Touch Preview to ensure you are bring up the options. happy with the photo overlay. 2 Select and choose Image 8 Touch Save followed by Yes. overlay. Choose to save over the original 3 The My stuff folder will open file or as a new file. select either My images or My 9 Repeat these steps to add more memory card (if fitted). Choose photos. the photo you would like to overlay your video and touch Adding a voice recording Select. 1 Open the video you’d like to edit, 4 Touch and mark when you’d select and touch the screen to like the photo to appear using bring up the options. . 2 Select and choose Voice 5 Touch the area of the screen you’d recording. like the photo to appear in. If the 3 The quality of the original audio photo is too big it will overlay the will be affected by adding a voice whole screen, not just the area recording. Touch Yes to continue. selected.Get creative 76 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 77. 4 Touch to view your video. Adding a soundtrack to your When you get to the part you’d video 01 like to record your voice over, 1 Open the video you’d like to edit, 02 press . select and touch the screen to 03 bring up the options. 2 Select and choose Audio 04 dubbing. 05 3 The My stuff folder will open 06 select either My sounds or My memory card (if fitted). Choose 07 the track you would like to add to 085 Press or to stop recording your video and touch Select. and playback. 4 The original audio of your video6 Touch Preview to ensure you are will be erased. Touch Yes to happy with the voice recording. continue.7 Touch Save followed by Yes to 5 If the audio is shorter than the save. Choose to save over the video choose whether to play original file or as a new file. Once or to Repeat it.8 Repeat these steps to add more 6 Choose to save over the original voice recordings to the video. file or as a new file. Get creative 77
  • 78. Your photos and videos Changing the speed of your Adding a dimming effect video 1 Open the video you’d like to edit, 1 Open the video you’d like to edit, select and touch the screen to select and touch the screen to bring up the options. bring up the options. 2 Select and choose Dimming 2 Select and choose Time effect. scaling. 3 Choose to save over the original 3 Select one of the four speed file or as a new file. options: x4, x2, x1/4, x1/2. 4 Your video will now fade in at the 4 Choose to save over the original start and fade out at the end. file or as a new file. NOTE: Only 3gp Video file can be edited.Get creative 78 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 79. MultimediaYou can store any multimedia files Picturesinto your phone’s memory so that My images contains a list of 01you have easy access to all of your pictures including default images 02pictures, sounds, videos and games. pre-loaded onto your phone,You can also save your files to a 03 images downloaded by you andmemory card. The advantage of images taken on your phone’s 04using a memory card is that you camera.can free up space on your phone’s 05 Touch to change the view frommemory. 06 thumbnail image to list.To access the Multimedia menu, 07touch then . Touch to My images option menusopen a list of folders storing all of 08 The options which are available toyour multimedia files. you in My images depend on what type of image you have selected. All of the options will be available for pictures you have taken on the phone’s camera, but only the Sort by, List View, Folder info. and Memory manager options are available for default images. Get creative 79
  • 80. Multimedia Send - Send the image to a friend. Memory manager - View the Move - Move an image from the memory status. phone memory to a memory card Delete all - Delete all of your or vice versa. images. Copy - Copy an image from the phone memory to a memory card Sending a photo or vice versa. 1 Touch then . Delete - Delete an image. 2 Touch then choose My Rename - Rename an image. images . Print - Print the selected image 3 Touch Send and choose from using a printer. Message, Email or Bluetooth. Create new folder - Create a new 4 If you choose Message or Email, folder within the My images folder. your photo will be attached to a message and you can write and Slide show - Start a slide show. send the message as normal. If List/Grid view - Grid view to List you choose Bluetooth, you will view or vice versa. be prompted to turn Bluetooth Folder info. - View the Name, on and your phone will search for Size, Date details of the folder and a device to send the picture to. number of files and sub-folders inside the folder.Get creative 80 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 81. Using an image Printing an imageYou can choose images to use as 1 Touch then . 01wallpapers and screensavers or even 2 Touch then My images. 02to identify a caller. 3 Select an image and touch . 031 Touch then . 4 Touch Print then choose between2 Touch then My images. 04 Bluetooth and PictBridge.3 Select an image and touch . 05 TIP! You can to print via4 Touch Use as and choose from: 06 bluetooth or by connecting to a Wallpaper - Set a wallpaper for PictBridge compatible printer. 07 the standby screen. Contacts image - Allocate an 08 image to a particular person in your contacts list so that their picture shows when they call you. Start-up image - Set an image to appear when you switch the phone on. Power off image - Set an image to appear when you switch the phone off. Get creative 81
  • 82. Multimedia Moving or copying an image Creating a slide show You can move or copy an image If you want to look at all of the between the phone memory and images on your phone, you can the memory card. You might want create a slide show to save you to do this to either free up some from having to open and close each space in one of the memory banks individual image. or to safeguard your images from 1 Touch then . being lost. 2 Touch then My images. 1 Touch then . 3 Choose a start image for your 2 Touch then My images. slide show. 3 Touch and select Move or 4 Touch then Slide show. Copy. 4 You can mark/unmark the images Sounds by tapping it sequentially. Mark The My sounds folder contains the image that you want to move the Downloaded sounds, Default or copy and touch Copy/Move. sounds and Voice recordings. From here you can manage, send or set sounds as ringtones.Get creative 82 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 83. Using a sound Using options while video is1 Touch then . paused 012 Touch then My sounds. Touch while in pause mode and 023 Select Default sounds or Voice choose from: 03 recordings. Capture - Capture the frozen frame as a picture. 044 Select a sound and and it will begin to play. Send - Send the video in a message 055 Touch and select Use as. or via Bluetooth. 066 Choose from Ringtone, Message Delete - Delete the video. 07 tone, Start-up or Shut down. Edit - Edit the video. File info. - View the Name, Size, 08Videos Date, Time, Type, Duration,The My videos folder shows a list of Dimension, Protection anddownloaded videos and videos you Copyright details.have recorded on your phone.Watching a video1 Touch then .2 Touch then My videos.3 Select a video to play. Get creative 83
  • 84. Multimedia Editing a video clip Audio dubbing - Choose to While your video is being played add sound from the Defaults and is in pause mode you can folder or from your own Voice choose from a number of options to recordings. edit the video clip. Sending a video clip 1 Select a video and touch Play. 1 Select a video and touch . 2 Touch then . 2 Touch Send and choose from 3 Touch Video editor and choose Message, Email or Bluetooth. from: 3 If you choose Message or Email, Trim - Cut the video down to only your video clip will be attached the part you want. to the message and you can write Video merge - Merge the video and send the message as normal. with another video clip. If you choose Bluetooth, you will Image merge - Merge the video be prompted to turn Bluetooth with an image from your Images on and your phone will search for folder. a device to send the video to. Text overlay - Add text to the video. Image overlay - Add an image to the video.Get creative 84 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 85. Using the video options Folder info - View the Name, Size,menu Date details of the folder and 01 number of files and sub-folders 02From the My videos folder, you can inside the folder.choose from the following options: Memory manager - View the 03Send - Send a video to a friend. memory status. 04Move - Move a video clip from the Delete all - Delete all videos. 05phone memory to a memory cardor vice versa. Games and Applications 06Copy - Copy a video clip from the You can install new games andphone memory to a memory card 07 applications to your phone to keepor vice versa. you amused when you have time 08Delete - Delete a video. to spare.Rename - Rename a video.Create new folder - Create a newfolder within the My videos folder.Sort by - Sort videos into order byDate, Type or Name.List/Grid view - Grid view to Listview or vice versa. Get creative 85
  • 86. Multimedia Installing a game/application Using the games options via local install menu 1 Touch then . From the Games folder, the 2 Touch and Others or My following options are available memory card if external memory when you touch : is inserted. Delete – Delete a file. 3 Select the file(*.jad or *.jar) Create new folder – Create a folder to install and press Install within My games & Apps. command. An application will be Rename – Rename a file. installed. Move – Move a file from the phone NOTE: The jad should contain its memory to a memory card or vice own jar. versa. File info. – View the Name, Playing a game Size, Date, Time, Type, Duration, 1 Touch then . Dimension, Protection and 2 Touch My games & apps. Copyright details. 3 Open the Games folder and choose and touch a game to launch.Get creative 86 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 87. Sort by - Sort the games and To transfer using Bluetooth:applications by Date, Size or Name. 1 Make sure your phone and 01Memory manager - View the computer have Bluetooth 02memory status. switched on and are visible to one another. 03Delete all - Delete all files. 2 Use your computer to send the 04Documents file via Bluetooth. 05From the Documents menu, you 3 When the file is sent you will havecan view all of your document to accept it on your phone by 06files. From here you can view Excel, touching Yes. 07Powerpoint, Word, Text and 4 The file should appear in your 08pdf files. Documents or Others folder.Transferring a file to your Viewing a filephone 1 Touch then .Bluetooth is probably the easiest 2 Touch then Documents.way to transfer a file from your 3 Select a document and touchcomputer to your phone. You can View.also use LG PC Suite via your synccable, see page 102 for details. Get creative 87
  • 88. Multimedia Others Creating a movie The Others folder is used to store 1 Touch then . files which are not pictures, sounds, 2 Touch (Muvee studio). videos, games or applications. It 3 Touch to add an image. is used in the same way as the Checkbox images you want to Documents folder. You may find include then select Insert . that when you transfer files from 4 Touch style tab to choose a your computer to your phone that Muvee style. they appear in the Others folder rather than the Documents folder. 5 Touch to change the sound. If this happens you can move them. 6 Touch to see what you’ve To move a file from Others to created. Documents: 7 Touch then Order to make 1 Touch then . an order. 2 Touch then Others. 3 Select a file and touch . 4 Touch Move, choose the destination folder from the list by touching the arrow icon. The screen wil display Moved whenGet creative the transfer is complete. 88 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 89. 8 Touch then Save Location to Music choose where to save the movie. Your LG KP500 has a built-in music 01 player so you can play all your 02 favourite tracks. To access the music 03 player, touch then then . From here you can access a number 04 of folders: 05 Recently played - View all of the songs you have played recently. 06 All tracks - Contains all of the songs 07 you have on your phone. 08 Artists - Browse through your music collection by artist. Albums - Browse through your music collection by album. Genres - Browse through your music collection by genre. Playlists - Contains any playlists you have created. Shuffle tracks - Play your tracks in a random order. Get creative 89
  • 90. Multimedia Transferring music onto your Playing a song phone 1 Touch then . The easiest way to transfer music 2 Touch , then All tracks. onto your phone is via Bluetooth or 3 Select the song you want to play. your sync cable. 4 Touch to pause the song. You can also use LG PC Suite, see 5 Touch to skip to the next page 102 for details. To transfer song. using Bluetooth: 6 Touch to skip to the previous 1 Make sure both devices have song. Bluetooth switched on and are 7 Touch to return to the Music visible to one another. menu. 2 Select the music file on the other device and choose to send it via Bluetooth. 3 When the file is ready to be sent you should accept it on your phone by touching Yes. 4 The file should appear in Music > All tracks.Get creative 90 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 91. Using options while playing Creating a playlistmusic You can create your own playlists by 01Touch and choose from: choosing a selection of songs from 02Minimise - Make the music player the All tracks folder. 03screen disappear so that you can 1 Touch then .continue using your phone as 2 Touch , then Playlists. 04normal. 3 Touch Add new playlist, enter 05File info. - View information the playlist name and touch Save. 06including the Name, Size, Date, 4 The All tracks folder will show allTime, Type, Duration, Protection and the songs in your phone. Touch all 07Copyright of the song. of the songs that you would like 08Send - Send the song as a message to include in your playlist; a tickor via Bluetooth. will show next to the track names.Use as - Use the song as Ringtone, 5 Touch Done.Message tone, Start-up or Shutdown. Get creative 91
  • 92. Multimedia Editing a playlist Deleting a playlist From time to time, you may want to 1 Touch then Entertainment. add new songs or delete songs from 2 Touch Music, then Playlists. a playlist. When you want to do this, 3 Touch then Delete or Delete you can edit the playlist. all to delete all of the playlists. 1 Touch then . 2 Touch , then Playlists. Using the radio 3 Select the playlist. Your LG KP500 has an FM radio 4 Touch and select: feature so you can tune into your favourite stations to listen to on the Add new songs – To add more move. songs to the playlist. Mark the ones you want and touch Done. NOTE: You will need to insert your headphones in order to listen to Remove – Remove a song from the radio. Insert them into the the playlist. Touch Yes to confirm. headphone socket (this is the same Memory staus - View the socket that you plug your charger memory status. into). Remove all - Remove all tracks from the playlist.Get creative 92 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 93. Searching for stations Resetting channelsYou can tune radio stations into 1 Touch then . 01your phone by searching for them 2 Touch then . 02either manually or automatically. 3 Choose Reset to reset the current 03They will then be saved to specific channel or choose Reset all tochannel numbers so you don’t have reset all of the channels. Each 04to keep re-tuning. You can save up channel will return to the starting 05to 50 channels in your phone. You 87.5Mhz frequency.must first attach the headset to the 06phone as this acts as the antenna. Listening to the radio 07To auto tune: 1 Touch then . 081 Touch then . 2 Touch then touch the channel2 Touch then . number of the station you would3 Touch Auto scan. Then the like to listen to. stations will be automatically TIP! To improve the radio found and allocated to a channel reception, extend the headset in your phone. cord, which functions as the NOTE: You can also manually radio antenna. tune into a station by using and displayed next to the You can minimize the screen and radio frequency. If you press and listen the BGM Radio by tapping Get creative hold and , the stations will . be automatically found. 93
  • 94. Organiser Adding an event to your 6 If you would like to add a subject calendar or a note to your event, touch Note and type in your note, 1 From the standby screen select followed by Save. , then touch and choose . 7 Set Alarm and Repeat. Select Calendar. 8 Select Save and your event will 2 Select the date you would like to be saved in the calendar. A square add an event to. cursor will mark the day that any events have been saved to and a 3 Touch then Add event. bell will ring at the start time of 4 Touch Category then choose your event, so that you can stay from Appointment, Anniversary organised. or Birthday. Check the date and enter the TIP! You can set a holiday in time you would like your event your calendar. Touch each day to begin. you are on holiday one at time, 5 For appointments and then touch and select Set anniversaries enter the time and holiday. date your event finishes in the lower two time and date boxes.Get organised 94 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 95. Changing your default Adding an item to your tocalendar view do list 011 From the standby screen select 1 From the standby screen select 02 , then touch and choose , then touch and choose 03 . . Select Settings. 2 Select To do and touch Add to 042 Touch Calendar and choose do. 05 either Monthly view or Week 3 Set the date for the to do item, 06 view. add notes and select a priority3 Set week starts on. level: High, Medium or Low. 074 Touch Save to confirm your 4 Save your to do list item by 08 choice. selecting Save. TIP! You can edit a item by selecting it, and touch the tab and input. Confirm your amends by selecting Save. Get organised 95
  • 96. Organiser Sharing a to do item Adding a memo 1 From the standby screen select 1 From the standby screen select , then and choose . , then touch and choose Select To do. . Select Memo. 2 Select the to do item you would 2 Touch Add memo. like to share, then touch . 3 Type your memo, followed by 3 Select Send. You can choose to Save. share your to do item by Text 4 Your memo will appear on screen message, Multimedia msg., next time you open the Memo Email or Bluetooth. application. TIP! You can back up and TIP! You can edit an existing synchronise your calendar with memo. Select the one you want your computer. See PC Sync on to edit and type your changes. page 102.Get organised 96 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 97. Using date finder Setting your alarmDate finder is a handy tool to help 1 From the standby screen select 01you calculate what the date will be , then touch and choose 02after a certain amount of days has . 03passed. For example, 60 days from 2 Touch Add alarm.10.10.07 will be 09.12.2007. 3 Set the time you would like the 04This is great for keeping tabs on alarm to sound and touch Save. 05deadlines. 4 Choose whether you would 061 From the standby screen select like your alarm to repeat Once, , then touch and choose Daily, Mon - Fri, Mon - Sat, Sat 07 . - Sun, Except holiday or Choose 082 Select Date finder. weekday.3 In the From tab set your required The icons indicate the weekday date. you select.4 In the After tab set the number 5 Select Alarm type to select a of days. type for your alarm.5 The Target date will be shown 6 Touch Set alarm bell then below. choose Default sounds or Voice recordings folder to find sounds. To listen to sounds touch the sound, followed by . Get organised 97
  • 98. Organiser 7 Add a memo for the alarm. Touch Adding a memo with drawing Save when you have finished panel typing the memo. 1 From the standby screen select 8 Finally you can set the snooze , then touch and choose interval at 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes, . 1hour or off. 2 Touch Add drawing. 9 Once you have set your alarm, 3 Draw your memo on the touch touch Save. screen LCD followed by . NOTE: You can set up to 5 alarms. 4 Your memo will appear on screen TIP! Touch on/off icon on the next time you open the Drawing right hand side of the alarm Panel application. to set. Voice recorder Use your voice recorder to record voice memos or other sounds. 1 Touch then . 2 Touch then and Settings choose from: Duration – Set the recording duration. Choose from No limit,Get organised MMS msg. size or 1 minute. Quality – Select the sound quality. Choose from Super Fine, Fine or Normal. 98 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 99. Recording a sound or voice Sending the voice recording1 Touch then . 1 Once you have finished recording, 012 Touch . touch . 023 Touch to begin recording. 2 Touch Send via and choose from 034 Touch to end recording. Message, Email or Bluetooth. If you choose Message or Email, 045 Touch to listen to your the recording will be added to the 05 recording. message and you can write and send it as normal. If you choose 06 Bluetooth, you will be prompted 07 to turn Bluetooth on. 08 NOTE: After you have finished recording, touch and choose Send via, File, Delete, Use as (to use the recording as your ringtone) Settings or Go to my sounds. Get organised 99
  • 100. Organiser Using your calculator Converting a unit 1 From the standby screen select 1 From the standby screen select , then touch and choose , then touch and choose . . 2 Select Calculator. 2 Select Converter. 3 Touch the numeric keys to input 3 Choose whether you would like numbers. to convert Currency, Surface, 4 For simple calculations, touch the Weight, Length, Temperature, function you require (+, –, *, /), Volume or Velocity. followed by =. 4 You can then select the unit, and 5 For more complex calculations, enter the value you would like to touch and choose from sin, convert from, followed by the unit cos, tan, log, ln, exp, sqrt, deg you would like to convert to. or rad etc.. 5 The corresponding value will appear on the screen.Get organised100 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 101. Using the stopwatch Adding a city to your world1 From the standby screen select time 01 , then touch and choose 1 From the standby screen select 02 . , then touch and choose 032 Select Stopwatch. .3 Touch Start to begin the timer. 2 Select World time. 044 Touch Lap if you want to record 3 Touch the , followed by Add 05 a lap time. city. Start typing the name of the 065 Touch Stop to end the timer. city you require and it will show at the top of the screen. 076 Touch Resume to restart the stopwatch at the time you 08 stopped it at, or touch Reset to begin the time again. Get organised 101
  • 102. PC Sync You can synchronise your PC with 4 Select the language you would your phone to make sure all your like the installer to run in and important details and dates match, click OK. and also to backup your files to put 5 Follow the instructions on the your mind at ease. screen to complete the LG PC Suite Installer wizard. Installing LG PC Suite on your 6 Once installation is complete, the computer LG PC Suite icon will appear on 1 From the standby screen press your desktop. and select and choose . Connecting your phone and 2 Select USB connection mode PC and choose. 1 Connect the USB cable to your PC internet phone and your PC. Mass storage 2 Double click on the LG PC Suite PC suite icon on your desktop. Music sync 3 Click on Connection Wizard, Always ask then USB. 3 Insert the supplied CD into your 4 Click on Next, then Next again, PC. Click on the LG PC Suite then Finish.Get organised Installer which will appear on Your phone and PC are now your screen. connected.102 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 103. Backing up and restoring Viewing your phone files onyour phone’s information your PC 011 Connect your phone to your PC 1 Connect your phone to your PC 02 as outlined above. as outlined previously. 032 Click on the Backup icon, and 2 Click on the Contents icon. select Backup or Restore. 04 3 All of the documents, flash3 Mark the contents you would contents, images, sounds and 05 like to back up or restore. Select videos you have saved onto your 06 the location you would like to phone will be displayed on the backup information to, or restore screen in the LG Phone folder. 07 information from. Click OK. 08 TIP! Viewing the contents of4 Your information will be backed your phone on your PC helps up or restored. you to arrange files, organise documents and remove contents you no longer need. Get organised 103
  • 104. PC Sync Synchronising your contacts Synchronising your messages 1 Connect your phone to your PC. 1 Connect your phone to your PC. 2 Click on the Contacts icon. 2 Click on the Messages icon. 3 Your PC will now import and 3 All of your PC and phone display all contacts saved to your messages will be displayed in USIM card and handset. folders on your screen. 4 Click on File and select Save. You 4 Use the tool bar at the top of can now select where you would your screen to edit and rearrange like to save your contacts to. messages. NOTE: To backup contacts saved to your USIM card, click on the SIM card folder on the left side of your PC screen. Select Edit at the top of the screen, then Select all. Right-click your contacts and select Copy to contact. Now click on the Handset folder on the left of your screen and all your numbers will be displayed.Get organised104 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 105. Using your phone as a mass Using your phone as Musicstorage device Sync device 01Your phone can be used as a mass Your Phone can be used as Music 02storage device. Sync device to Sync Music Files only. 031 Disconnect your phone from Music Sync can be done using your PC. Windows Media Player 10 / 11 and 042 From the standby screen select supports both Handset Memory 05 , then touch . and External Memory Card. 063 Select , then USB connection 1 Disconnect your phone from mode. your PC. 074 Touch Mass storage. 2 From the standby screen select 085 Connect your phone to your PC. , then touch . Your phone will read: Connected. 3 Select and then USB6 All of your phone files will connection mode. automatically be stored onto your 4 Touch Music sync. PC hard drive. 5 Connect your phone to your PC. NOTE: Your phone must be Your phone will read: Connecting unplugged from your PC to as Music Sync … followed by initiate Mass Storage. Disconnect Cable to Stop Music Get organised Sync. 105
  • 106. The web Browser Adding and accessing your Browser gives you a fast, full colour bookmarks world of games, music, news, sport, For easy and fast access to your entertainment and loads more, favourite websites, you can add straight to your mobile phone. bookmarks and save web pages. Wherever you are and whatever 1 From the standby screen select you’re into. , then touch and choose Accessing the web . 1 From the standby screen select 2 Select Bookmarks. A list of your , then touch and choose Bookmarks will appear on the . screen. 2 To access the browser homepage 3 To add a new bookmark, select directly, select Home. Alternately and touch Add new. Enter a select Enter address and type name for your bookmark followed in your desired URL, followed by by the URL. Connect. 4 Touch Save. Your Bookmark NOTE: An additional cost is incurred will now appear in the list of when connecting to this service and bookmarks. downloading content. Check your 5 To access the bookmark simply data charges with your network touch the bookmark and then provider. touch Connect. You will beThe web connected to your bookmark.106 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 107. Using RSS reader Saving a page 1 Access your required webpage as 01RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is afamily of web feed formats used to described above. 02publish frequently updated content 2 Touch and select Save this 03such as blog entries, news headlines page.or podcasts. An RSS document, 3 Enter a name for the webpage so 04which is called a feed, web feed, or you can easily recognise it. 05channel, contains either a summary 4 Touch Save.of content from an associated web 06site or the full text. RSS makes it TIP! This menu will also allow 07possible for people to keep up you to edit titles of saved pages, 08with their favourite web sites in an protect or unprotect the screenautomated manner that is easier memo, and delete saved pages.than checking them manually.The user subscribes to a feed byentering the feed’s link into thereader or by clicking an RSS iconin a browser that initiates thesubscription process. The readerchecks the user’s subscribedfeeds regularly for new content,downloading any updates that it The webfinds. 107
  • 108. The web Accessing a saved page Changing the web browser 1 From the standby screen select settings , then touch and choose 1 From the standby screen select . , then touch and choose 2 Select Saved pages. . 3 Select the required page and it Select Settings. wil open. 2 You can choose to edit Profiles, Appearance settings, Cache, Viewing your browser history Cookies, Security, or to reset all 1 From the standby screen select settings, select Reset Settings. , then touch and choose . Select History. 2 A list of web page titles you have accessed recently will be displayed. To access one of these pages, simply select the required page.The web108 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 109. Using your phone as a 5 Write the Profile that can connectmodem to the Internet and save the 01 values. 02Your KP500 can double as a modemfor your PC, giving you email and 6 The profile that you create will appear on your PC screen. Select 03internet access even when you can’tconnect using wires. You can use it and click Connect. 04either the USB cable or Bluetooth. Your PC will connect through 05 your KP500.Using the USB cable: NOTE: For more information on 061 Ensure you have the LG PC Suite synchronising using the LG PC 07 installed on your PC. Suite see page 103.2 Connect your KP500 and your PC 08 Using Bluetooth: using the USB cable and launch the LG PC Suite software. 1 Ensure Bluetooth is switched On and Visible for both your PC and3 Click Internet Kit on your PC. KP500. Then click New button and select Modem. 2 Pair your PC and KP500 so that a passcode is required for4 Choose LG Mobile USB Modem connection. and select OK. It will now appear on screen. 3 Use the Connection wizard on your LG PC Suite to create an active Bluetooth connection. The web 4 Click Internet Kit on your PC. Then click New button. 109
  • 110. The web 5 Choose LG Mobile USB Modem and select OK. It will now appear on screen. 6 Write the Profile that can connect to the Internet and save the values. 7 The profile that you create will appear on your PC screen. Select it and click Connect. Your PC will connect through your KP500. NOTE: For more information on Bluetooth see page 116.The web110 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 111. SettingsWithin this folder you can adapt Changing your screenyour settings to make your KP500 settings 01personal to you. 02 1 Touch then choose .NOTE: For information on call 2 Touch and then choose from: 03settings see page 28. Wallpaper - Choose the theme 04Personalising your profiles for your standby screen. Top Menu - Choose the style of 05You can quickly change your profileon the standby screen. Simply touch the top menu. 06the status summary bar on the top Dialing - Adjust the number size 07and touch the profile tab. and colour.Using the settings menu you can Font - Adjust the font style and 08personalise each profile setting. size.1 Press and then choose . Backlight - Choose how long the2 Touch Profiles and then choose backlight remains on for. the profile you want to edit. NOTE: The longer the backlight is3 You can then change all of the on for, the more battery power is sounds and alert options available used and you may need to charge in the list, including your Voice your phone more often. Ring tone and Volume, Message alerts settings and more. Settings 111
  • 112. Settings Brightness - Adjust the screen 1 Touch then choose . brightness. 2 Touch then choose from the Greeting message - Choose list below. on or off and fill in the greeting Date and time - Adjust your date message. and time settings or choose to Start-up/Shut down - Choose auto update the time when you the theme for your start-up/shut travel or for daylight saving. down screen. Power save - Choose to switch 2 Touch Save to save your settings. the factory set power saving settings Off, Night only and Changing your phone Always on. settings Languages - Change the Enjoy the freedom of adapting how language of your KP500’s display. your KP500 works to your own style. Auto key lock - Lock the keypad TIP! To scroll through a list of automatically in standby screen. options, touch the last item Security - Adjust your security visible and slide your finger up settings, including PIN codes and the screen. The list will move up handset lock. so more items are visible. Memory manager - See Using memory manager on page 115 for more information.Settings112 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 113. Reset settings - Reset all Network settings the settings to their factory Select Network - If you set to 01 definitions. Automatic, KP500 automatically 02 Handset information - View the searches for the network and technical information for your registers the handset to the 03 KP500. network. This is recommended for 04 best service and quality.Changing your connectivity 05 If you set to Manual all thesettings currently 2G(GSM) and 3G(UMTS) 06Your connectivity settings have available networks are shown 07already been set up by your and you can select one of themnetwork operator, so you can enjoy for registration. If the registration 08your new phone from the off. If you of the network has failed, thewant to change any settings, use network lists are listed again andthis menu. you can select any other one forTouch then . registration.Select . NOTE: When your handset loses the network in manual mode, the popup message to select the available network will be shown on the Idle screen. Settings 113
  • 114. Settings Preferred lists - If the network USB connection mode - Choose is searching automatically, you Data service and synchronise can add a prefer red network to your KP500 using the LG PC Suite be connected to. The following software to copy files from your options are available. phone. See page 102 for more Internet profiles - This menu shows information on synchronisation. the Internet profiles. You can create If you use Music sync with Windows new profiles, delete or edit them by Media Player, select Music sync using the Option Menu. However, in this menu. Music sync is only you cannot delete or edit default available for music content. configurations depending on Streaming settings - Your network country variant. operator has already saved this Access points - Your network information. You may edit it if you’d operator has already saved this like to make changes. information. You can add new access points using this menu. Packet data conn. - Choose when your device should be connected to network for packet data.Settings114 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 115. Using memory manager Handset reserved memory - ViewYour KP500 has three memories the memory available on your 01available: the phone, the USIM Card handset for SMS, Contacts, Calendar, 02and an external memory card (you To do list, Memo, Alarm, Call history, Bookmarks and Miscellaneous 03may need to purchase the memorycard separately). items. 04You can use memory manager to SIM memory - View the memory 05determine how each memory is available on your SIM Card.used and see how much space is External memory - View the 06available. memory available on your external 07Touch followed by . Select memory card (you may need to purchase the memory card 08 then Memory Manager. separately).Handset common memory - Viewthe memory available on your Primary storage settings - ChooseKP500 for Pictures, Sounds, Video, the location you prefer items to beFlash, MMS, Email, Java applications saved to.and others. TIP! See page 14 for information on Inserting a memory card. Settings 115
  • 116. Settings Sending and receiving your 5 Your file will be sent. files using Bluetooth TIP! Keep an eye on the Bluetooth is a great way to send and progress bar to make sure your receive files as no wires are needed file is sent. and connection is quick and easy. You can also connect to a Bluetooth To receive a file: headset to make and receive calls. 1 To receive files your Bluetooth To send a file: must be both On and Visible. See 1 Open the file you want to send, Changing your Bluetooth settings typically this will be a photo, on the right for more information. video or music file. 2 A message will prompt you to 2 Choose Send. accept the file from the sender. Choose Bluetooth. Touch Yes to receive the file. 3 If you have already paired the 3 You will see where the file has Bluetooth device, your KP500 been saved and you can choose will not automatically search for to View the file or Use as other Bluetooth devices. If not, wallpaper. Files will usually be your KP500 will search for other saved to the appropriate folder in Bluetooth enabled devices within your Media Album. range. 4 Choose the device you want toSettings send the file to and touch Select.116 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 117. Changing your bluebooth Pairing with anothersettings: Bluetooth device 011 Touch and choose . By pairing your KP500 and another 022 Choose then touch and device, you can set up a passcode 03 choose Settings. protected connection. This means Make your changes to: your pairing is more secure. 04 My device visibility - Choose to 1 Check your Bluetooth is On and 05 be Visible or Hidden or Visible Visible. You can change your 06 for 1 min. visibility in the Settings menu. My device name - Enter a name 2 Touch Search. 07 for your KP500. 3 Your KP500 will search for devices. 08 Supported services - Choose When the search is completed how to use Bluetooth in Refresh will appear on screen. association with different services. 4 Choose the device you want to See Using your phone as a pair with and enter the passcode, modem on page 109 or Using a then touch OK. Bluetooth headset on page 118. 5 Your phone will then connect to Remote SIM Mode - Turn on the other device, on which you or off. should enter the same passcode. My address - Show your 6 You passcode protected Bluetooth address. Bluetooth connection is now Settings ready. 117
  • 118. Settings Using a Bluetooth headset 1 Check your Bluetooth is On and Visible. 2 Follow the instructions that came with your headset to place your headset in pairing mode and pair your devices. 3 Touch Ask before connect or Always connect and touch Yes to Connect now. Your KP500 will automatically switch to Headset profile. TIP! See page 29 for details on BT answer mode so that you can control how you answer calls when your Bluetooth headset is connected.Settings118 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 119. AccessoriesThese accessories were supplied with KP500. 01Charger Data cable 02 and CD Connect and 03 synchronise 04Battery your KP500 and PC. 05 06 07Stereo User Guide 08headset Learn more about your KP500. KP500 User GuideNOTE: Protection Film• Always use genuine LG accessories. WARNING:• Failure to do this may invalidate your When the warranty. protection film is• Accessories may be different in attached on touch Accessories different regions; please check with window, touch our regional service company or sensitivity might agent for further inquires. be decreased. 119
  • 120. Network service Technical data The wireless phone described in this General guide is approved for use on the Product name : KP500 GSM 900, DCS 1800, GSM 850 and, System : GSM 900 / DCS 1800 / GSM PCS 1900 network. 850 / PCS 1900 A number of features included Ambient Temperatures in this guide are called Network Services. These are special services Max : +55°C (discharging), that you arrange through your +45°C (charging) wireless service provider. Before Min : -10°C you can take advantage of any of these Network Services, you must subscribe to them through your service provider and obtain instructions for their use from your service provider.Network service120 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 121. Guidelines for safe and efficient use Please read these simple guidelines. • While there may be differences Not following these guidelines may between the SAR levels of various be dangerous or illegal. LG phone models, they are all designed to meet the relevant Exposure to radio frequency guidelines for exposure to radio energy waves. Radio wave exposure and Specific • The SAR limit recommended by Absorption Rate (SAR) information the International Commission on This mobile phone model KP500 Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection has been designed to comply with (ICNIRP) is 2W/kg averaged over applicable safety requirements for 10g of tissue. exposure to radio waves. These • The highest SAR value for this requirements are based on scientific model phone tested by DASY4 for guidelines that include safety use at the ear is 0.407 W/kg (10g) margins designed to assure the and when worn on the body is safety of all persons, regardless of 0.940 W/Kg(10g). age and health. • SAR data information for • The radio wave exposure residents in countries/regions guidelines employ a unit of that have adopted the SAR limit measurement known as the recommended by the Institute of Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. Electrical and Electronics Engineers Tests for SAR are conducted usingGuidelines (IEEE), which is 1.6 W/kg averaged standardised methods with the over 1g of tissue. phone transmitting at its highest certified power level in all used frequency bands.122 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 122. Product care and • Do not subject this unit tomaintenance mechanical vibration or shock. • Switch off the phone in any area WARNING where you are required by special Only use batteries, chargers regulations. For example, do not and accessories approved for use your phone in hospitals as use with this particular phone it may affect sensitive medical model. The use of any other equipment. types may invalidate any • Do not handle the phone with wet approval or warranty applying hands while it is being charged. It to the phone, and may be may cause an electric shock and dangerous. can seriously damage your phone. • Do not to charge a handset near• Do not disassemble this unit. Take flammable material as the handset it to a qualified service technician can become hot and create a fire when repair work is required. hazard.• Keep away from electrical • Use a dry cloth to clean the appliances such as TVs, radios, and exterior of the unit (do not use personal computers. solvents such as benzene, thinner• The unit should be kept away from or alcohol). heat sources such as radiators or • Do not charge the phone when it cookers. Guidelines is on soft furnishings.• Do not drop. • The phone should be charged in a well ventilated area. 123
  • 123. Guidelines for safe and efficient use • Do not subject this unit to Efficient phone operation excessive smoke or dust. Electronics devices • Do not keep the phone next to All mobile phones may get credit cards or transport tickets; it interference, which could affect can affect the information on the performance. magnetic strips. • Do not use your mobile phone • Do not tap the screen with a near medical equipment sharp object as it may damage the without requesting permission. phone. Avoid placing the phone over • Do not expose the phone to liquid pacemakers, for example, in your or moisture. breast pocket. • Use the accessories like earphones • Some hearing aids might be cautiously. Do not touch the disturbed by mobile phones. antenna unnecessarily. • Minor interference may affect TVs, radios, PCs, etc. Road safety Check the laws and regulations on the use of mobile phones in the area when you drive. • Do not use a hand-held phoneGuidelines while driving. • Give full attention to driving.124 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 124. • Use a hands-free kit, if available. Avoid damage to your• Pull off the road and park before hearing making or answering a call if Damage to your hearing can occur driving conditions so require. if you are exposed to loud sound for• RF energy may affect some long periods of time. We therefore electronic systems in your vehicle recommend that you do not turn on such as car stereos and safety or off the handset close to your ear. equipment. We also recommend that music and• When your vehicle is equipped call volumes are set to a reasonable with an air bag, do not obstruct level. with installed or portable wireless equipment. It can cause the air bag Glass Parts to fail or cause serious injury due Some parts of your mobile device to improper performance. are made of glass. This glass• If you are listening to music whilst could break if your mobile device out and about, please ensure that is dropped on a hard surface or the volume is at a reasonable receives a substantial impact. If level so that you are aware of your the glass breaks, do not touch or surroundings. This is particularly attempt to remove. Stop using your imperative when near roads. mobile device until the glass is replaced by an authorized service provider. Guidelines 125
  • 125. Guidelines for safe and efficient use Blasting area Children Do not use the phone where Keep the phone in a safe place blasting is in progress. Observe out of the reach of small children. restrictions, and follow any It includes small parts which may regulations or rules. cause a choking hazard if detached. Potentially explosive Emergency calls atmospheres Emergency calls may not be • Do not use the phone at a available under all mobile networks. refueling point. Therefore, you should never depend • Do not use near fuel or chemicals. solely on the phone for emergency calls. Check with your local service • Do not transport or store provider. flammable gas, liquid, or explosives in the same compartment of your Battery information and care vehicle as your mobile phone and • You do not need to completely accessories. discharge the battery before In aircraft recharging. Unlike other battery systems, there is no memory Wireless devices can cause effect that could compromise the interference in aircraft. battery’s performance. • Turn your mobile phone off before • Use only LG batteries and chargers.Guidelines boarding any aircraft. LG chargers are designed to • Do not use it on the ground maximize the battery life. without permission from the crew.126 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 126. • Do not disassemble or short-circuit • There is risk of explosion if the the battery pack. battery is replaced by an incorrect• Keep the metal contacts of the type. battery pack clean. • Dispose of used batteries• Replace the battery when it according to the manufacturer’s no longer provides acceptable instructions. Please recycle when performance. The battery pack possible. Do not dispose as maybe recharged hundreds of household waste. times until it needs replacing. • If you need to replace the battery,• Recharge the battery if it has take it to the nearest authorized LG not been used for a long time to Electronics service point or dealer maximize usability. for assistance.• Do not expose the battery charger • Always unplug the charger from to direct sunlight or use it in high the wall socket after the phone is humidity, such as in the bathroom. fully charged to save unnecessary• Do not leave the battery in hot or power consumption of the charger. cold places, this may deteriorate the battery performance. Guidelines 127
  • 127. Trouble Shooting This chapter lists some problems that you might encounter while using your phone. Some problems require that you call your service provider, but most of problems you encounter are easy to correct yourself. Message Possible causes Possible Corrective measures There is no SIM card in the Make sure that the SIM card is correctly SIM error phone or you may have inserted. inserted it incorrectly. Signal weak Move higher to a window or open No connection space. Check service provider coverage to the network Outside GSM network map. When you want to change a security code you have to Codes do not confirm the new code by Contact your Service Provider. match entering it again. The two codes that you have entered do not match. Not supported by Service Function Provider or registration Contact your Service Provider. cannot be set required Dialling error New network not authorised. Check Calls not New SIM card inserted for new restrictions. Contact ServiceTrouble shooting available Charge limit reached Provider or reset limit with PIN 2. Press On/Off key for at least two On/Off key pressed too briefly seconds. Phone cannot Battery empty Charge battery. Check charging be switched on Battery contacts dirty indicator in the display. Clean contacts.128 LG KP500 | User Guide
  • 128. Message Possible causes Possible Corrective measures Battery totally empty Charge battery. Make sure the ambient temperature is Temperature out of range right, wait for a while, and then charge again. Contact problem Check power supply and connection to the phone. Check the battery contacts,Charging error No mains voltage clean them if necessary. Plug in to a different socket or check Charger defective voltage. If the charger does not warm up, replace it. Wrong charger Only use original LG accessories. Replace battery. Battery defectivePhone loses Reconnection to another service Signal too weaknetwork provider is automatic.Number not The Fixed dial number Check settings.permitted function is on. Trouble shooting 129
  • 129. LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT1. WHAT THIS WARRANTY COVERS :LG offers you a limited warranty that the enclosed phone and its enclosedaccessories will be free from defects in material and workmanship according tothe following terms and conditions:(1) The limited warranty for the product extends the warranty period beginning on the date of purchase of the product.(2) The limited warranty applies for 1 year from the original date of purchase and extends only to the original purchaser of the product and is not assignable or transferable to any subsequent purchaser/end user. It shall neither exclude nor limit any mandatory statutory rights of the customer or any of the customer rights against the seller/dealer of the product.(3) This warranty is good only to the original purchaser during the warranty period, but limited to certain country if specified.(4) The external housing and cosmetics parts shall be free of defects at the time of shipment and, therefore, shall not be covered under these limited warranty terms.(5) Upon request from LG. or their designated service agent the consumer must provide information to reasonably prove the date of purchase.(6) Unless other service arrangements have been specified the customer shall bear the cost of shipping a defective product back to the Customer Service Department of LG. LG shall bear the cost of shipping the product back to the consumer after the completion of service under this limited warranty.(7) During the warranty period LG or its authorised service agent will repair or replace at LG’s sole discretion a defective product. A repaired or replaced product will not be given a prolonged or renewed warranty period.2. WHAT THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER :(1) Defects OR Damages resulting from use of the product in other than its normal and customary manner.(2) Defects or damages from abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage. exposure to moisture or dampness, unauthorised modifications, unauthorised connections, unauthorised repair, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, improper installation, or other acts which are not the fault of LG, including damage caused by shipping, blown fuses, spills of food or liquid.
  • 130. (3) Breakage or damage to antennas unless caused directly by defects in material or workmanship.(4) A warranty repair if the Customer Service Department at LG or other agreed service agent was not notified by the consumer of the alleged defect or malfunction of the product during the applicable limited warranty period.(5) Products which have had the serial number or IMEI number removed or made illegible.(6) This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied either in fact or by operations of law, statutory or otherwise, including, but not limited to any implied warranty of marketability or fitness for a particular use.(7) Damage resulting from use of non-LG approved accessories.(8) All plastic surfaces and all other externally exposed parts that are scratched or damaged due to normal customer use.(9) Products operated outside published maximum ratings.(10) Products used or obtained n a rental program.(11) Consumables (such as fuses).(12) Suspected defects caused by a failure of the cellular network.3. CONDITIONS :No other express warranty is applicable to this product.The DURATION OF ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE IMPLIEDWARRANTY OF MARKETABILITY, IL LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THE EXPRESSWARRANTY HERIN.LG ELECTRONCS INC. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR THE LOSS OF THE USE OFTHE PRODUCT, INCOVINIENCE, LOO OR ANY OTHER DAMAGES, DIRECT ORCONSEQUENTIAL, ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF, OR INABILITY TO USE, THISPRODUCT OR FOR ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY, INCLUDING THEIMPLIED MARKETABLITY APPLICABLE TO THIS PRODUCT.Some do not allow the exclusive of limitation of incidental or consequential damages orlimitations on how long an implied warranty lasts; so these limitations or exclusions may notapply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rightswhich vary from country to country.