FAFASA Completion Calendar 1/5 - 1/11


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FAFASA Completion Calendar 1/5 - 1/11

  1. 1. FAFSA Completion Social Media Content Calendar Sat, January 5, 2013 – Fri, January 11, 2013 Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesdayday Thursday Friday 1/5/2013 1/6/2013 1/7/2013 1/8/2013 1/9/2013 1/10/13 1/11/13Special Event Twitter 11:45 AM: 9:55 AM: 8:40 AM: 10:10 AM: 10:50 AM: 11:20 AM: 1:10 PM: You can make certain Who claims you on their Getting ready to go back Did you know you can send VIDEO: Learn how the FAFSA is the form you fill out Your Federal Student Aid changes to your @FAFSA taxes doesnt matter for to school? Check and your FAFSA info to 10 @FAFSA gives you to apply for grants, work- PIN can be used each year after its been processed. @FAFSA. They have make sure your @FAFSA schools at a time & add access to grants, loans & study & low-interest student to electronically sign your Find out what you can (or different dependency rqmts is up to date: more later? When in doubt, work-study jobs that can loans from the federal govt: @FAFSA. Dont have a must) change & how: from the IRS: http://1.usa.gov/RIcawo add the school. help fund your education. http://bit.ly/Vzbfd0 PIN? Apply today: http://1.usa.gov/RIcawo http://1.usa.gov/UjLQmF http://1.usa.gov/VAsN8A http://bit.ly/Vzbfd0 www.pin.ed.gov 2:25 PM: 12:35 PM: 3:10 PM: 1:05 PM: 1:15 PM: 3:40 PM: 4:45 PM: Even if youre ineligible Tips on avoiding scams Some schools wont In order to receive federal If you havent filed taxes Direct URL for @FAFSA is Still not sure how the for federal aid, still while searching for consider you for their student aid, you must be a yet, you can still complete ww.fafsa.gov but you can @FAFSA process works? complete the @FAFSA. scholarships, filling out scholarships (including US citizen or eligible @FAFSA. Just select "will learn about filling it out (& get This video might help: Most schools use it to FAFSA & giving personal academic scholarships) noncitizen. Find out if you file" & estimate financial to it) at http://bit.ly/X6HaD3 http://bit.ly/UtjBSM info to schools & lenders: until youve submitted a qualify: http://bit.ly/RCem8Y info using last years tax award nonfederal aid you http://1.usa.gov/UQfEvN FAFSA info. might qualify for. http://www.fafsa.gov 6:00 PM: 7:30 PM: 3:45 PM: 7:10 PM: 8:20 PM: Do you need to include Find and apply for as many Thinking about college, Your EFC is not the amount Scholarships can be based your parents€™ info on scholarships as you career, technical, or trade of $ youll have to pay for on merit, financial need, or the @FAFSA? Which can—its free money for school, or graduate college, nor is it the amount even involvement in your parent should you use? college or career school! school? Explore your of aid youll receive. Learn community or special Find out: http://1.usa.gov/T1ROet options: more: http://1.usa.gov/VzcIAd interest group: http://bit.ly/YWTbS9 http://1.usa.gov/RYE4Ep http://1.usa.gov/T1ROet Facebook Time: Time: Time: Time: Time: Time: Time: Type: Type: Type: Type: Type: Type: Type: Image Video Image Image Image Image Video Image: Video: Image: Image: Image: Image: Video http://www.flickr.com/photos/ http://www.flickr.com/photos http://www.flickr.com/photo federalstudentaid/82622045 http://www.youtube.com/wat /federalstudentaid/8262204 s/federalstudentaid/826113 http://www.flickr.com/photos/f 06/in/set- ch?v=c- 440/in/set- 5811/in/set- ederalstudentaid/8261135765 http://www.youtube.com/wat 72157632213407785 23SMf5DyQ&feature=plcp 72157632213407785 72157632213407785 /in/set-72157632213407785 ch?v=VRyXfUStHO0 Message: Message: Message: Message: Message: Message: Message: Do you need your parents Check out this video to In order to receive federal Even if you or your parents Find and apply for as Ever wonder what happens after you submit the the Still not sure how FAFSA?: Your FAFSA information is shared with the coll info for the FAFSA? Which learn how the Free student aid, one have not completed your many scholarships as you FAFSA process works? This parent should you use?: Application for Federal requirement is that you be taxes yet, you can still can—its free money for video might help: http://bit.ly/UxT4FW Student Aid (FAFSA) gives a U.S. citizen or eligible submit the FAFSA using college or career school! http://bit.ly/UtjBSM you access to grants, loans noncitizen. The most income estimates. Just http://1.usa.gov/T1ROet and work-study jobs that common category of remember to go in and http://www.youtube.com/wat ch?v=VRyXfUStHO0&utm_ source=Facebook&utm_me dium=FC_Facebook_post& utm_campaign=FAFSA_co mpletion