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  • What value does our Facebook page have to an aid administrator? -Share our eventsRepurpose our photosShare our posts
  • How can an aid admin use? We launched in January
  • What is an infographic?
  • Picture is worth a thousand words (even though ou’re limited in characters. People respond to what they see.
  • What is a widget?
  • Direct Loan coalition

    1. 1. Federal Student Aid and theRole of Social Media Susan Thares| 2.25.2013
    2. 2. Why FSA is using social media..• Expand our reach to customers• Increase student engagement• Create options for students to get information in the way it’s most meaningful to them• Be the most trusted source of financial aid information• Integrate it into customer service delivery2
    3. 3. Increase FSA’s reach to customers3
    4. 4. Homepage 4
    5. 5. Facebook 5
    6. 6. Twitter 6
    7. 7. YouTube 8
    8. 8.
    9. 9. 10
    10. 10. Infographics 11
    11. 11. Increase Student Engagement12
    12. 12. Visuals Visuals Visuals! 13
    13. 13. Mobile 14
    14. 14. #AskFAFSA Office Hours• Integrates social media and customer service• Different topic each month• Tweet questions using #AskFAFSA• SMEs available to answer questions live• Summarize for those not Presenter Name | #.#.2012 able to attend
    15. 15. January #AskFAFSA Office Hours 146 Questions answered during January #AskFAFSA Office Hours
    16. 16. Storify Presenter Name | #.#.2012
    17. 17. Leverage FSA content foryou own Facebook, Twitterand YouTube Accounts 18
    18. 18. Like My Mother Always Said… Sharing is Caring 19
    19. 19. Add the @FAFSA Stream to Your Site Go to: (must be logged in)COPY & PASTE: <a class="twitter-timeline" data-dnt=true href="" data-widget-id="258219635218972673">Tweets by @FAFSA</a> <script>!function(d,s,id){varjs,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.paren tNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs");</script> 20
    20. 20. Embed our YouTube Videos In Your Site 21
    21. 21. Embed our Infographics In Your Site Go to: 22
    22. 22. 23
    23. 23. IFAP – Tools for Schools
    24. 24. Social Media Toolkit
    25. 25. Social Media Customer ListeningJanuary 2013 FSA Digital Engagement Group
    26. 26. Highlights• Positive • The Work We Do is Important • People are Impressed by FAFSA Enhancements • Increased Focus on Multimedia is a Hit • Social Media Helps Us Identify Issues Faster • Our Customers Appreciate us Engaging them via Social• Negative • Concerns Over the Rising Cost of College • confusing students • Wording on confuses students • Information Gaps • Miscellaneous
    27. 27. Positive Feedback
    28. 28. The Work We Do is Important 29
    29. 29. People are Impressed by FAFSA Enhancements 30
    30. 30. Increased Focus on Multimedia is a Hit
    31. 31. Social Media Helps Us Identify Issues FasterContext: had unexpected issues on 1/22/13
    32. 32. Our Customers Appreciate us Engaging them via Social
    33. 33. Our Customers Appreciate us Engaging them via Social
    34. 34. Our Customers Appreciate us Engaging them via Social
    35. 35. Negative Feedback
    36. 36. Concerns Over the Rising Cost of CollegeSuggestions for improvement: The larger issue is something that needs to be addressed by the administration. However, CustomerExperience can do our part by offering a scholarship search to help students identify ways to pay, educating students aboutresponsible borrowing & encouraging students to plan. Financial aid planning is only going to become more important as costscontinue to rise and our programs become more limited (Pell LEU, 150%, etc. )
    37. 37. confusing studentsSuggestions for improvement: The frequency of these complaints is very alarming. Work with OGC to have redirected The VA just won a similar case against Now there is precedence.
    38. 38. Wording on confuses students Suggestions for improvement: Provide a bit more context. “You have the option to create your own PIN. Otherwise, we will randomly assign you a PIN.” We have gotten similar complaints in the past about the wording for “Request a Duplicate PIN.” On most sites, when it comes to passwords/pins, you often see it worded, “Forgot your PIN?”
    39. 39. Despite repayment flexibility, borrowers still struggling Suggestions for improvement: Our repayment plan options are becoming more and more specific, and therefore, confusing. Sometimes the hardest part about choosing a repayment plan is figuring out whether you even qualify. The improvements to FACT may begin to address this, but it is important for borrowers to be able to compare their options based on their specific situation. Some way for them to plug their NSLDS data in, first see what repayment plans they would even qualify for, and then offer them a side-by- side comparison, that includes monthly payments, interest rates, etc., so they can make the best decision for their situation.
    40. 40. Information Gaps Selective Service: Add help topic to FOTW. Parents without SSNs: Understand there are sensitivities. Need more info as to what is currently available, but issue comes up pretty frequently. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: DACA is new. Estimating: Add specific steps on how to estimate Suggest adding this info to eligibility section of to Maybe in a highlight box?
    41. 41. Miscellaneous Suggestions for improvement: Improvements have been made for 2013-14. Continue to monitor this and route any issues to the FAFSA team. Suggestions for improvement: Develop a process for routing compliance complaints against schools. Suggestions for improvement: Improve communication to customers about loan transfers. Make information available on
    42. 42. Questions?