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Final versionCrash course in creativity assignment 2 slides by f challandes angelini & kevin ferrellodp
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Final versionCrash course in creativity assignment 2 slides by f challandes angelini & kevin ferrellodp


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  • 1. Assignment 2: Obsevations byF. Challandes-Angelini & Kevin FerrellWe went to a local shopping center to compare more and less successful stores, all in thesame location, according to the criteria provided: exterior, environment, personnel,products & customers.
  • 2. Collage No.1: COSTCO A wholesale warehouse store. A destination! According to all criteria, this was ourfavorite – store draws you in, with open doors and people enthusiastically bustling in. Theenvironment is plain, like a warehouse--conveying low prices, high ceilings, brightly lit, wellorganized merchandise, clean, bright and shiny. Customers WANT to stay and buy. There is alow level sense of excitement. There are not really any sales people. It is selfserve, but thereare lots of people offering food samples. Workers with friendly, happy demeaners,replenishing shelves, straightening and willing to be helpful. Products are known to be highquality. Displays and prices are clear. No “sale items”. Cash registers are efficient and movequickly. No real evidence of security except at exit where items in cart are checked againstcash register receipt. Lots of happy customers streaming out with full carts.
  • 3. Collage No 2: TARGETOne would expect Target to be similar to COSTCO in many way, focused on low pricesmainly, but execution is inferior. The doors are not open, fewer people are going in or out andcertainly with fewer purchases and less happy faces. It does not draw you in. The dé cor ismore colorful and stylish– red, bright and clean. Well lit. Minimal sales people or workers insight except at cash registers. No samples. Signage is just average, e.g., “shoes”. Again,mostly self service--find what you want. Prices are pretty clear. Some sales items. Impulseitems at cash registers. Not as much energy as Costco.
  • 4. Collage No. 3: PETCO:Box store for pets and pet supplies, accessories, etc. Similar criticisms as for Target. Decor isplain. Doors are not open. One set of doors actually were locked closed and said do not enterw/o indicating where to enter. Average lighting. There is an animal odor. Some sales peopleavailable, but just standing around. Interesting display of pet treat bar, like a salad bar in agrocery store. Prices not always clear. Some impulse items at cash registers. not manycustomers.
  • 5. Collage No. 4: Marshalls A cut price clothing store specializing in "Labels for Less." Drab, looks like Russiandepartment store from the 80s. No color, decor, style. Says "Fashion with a Passion," but nofashion or passion in the stores appearance. Just clothes on racks not particularly wellpositioned. Somewhat disheveled, average lighting, average cleanliness. Low staffing levels.Buyers line up and are directed to cash register by a machine saying which register is nowavailable for checkout. Regimentation. Tons of impulse items. The value must be great,because the experience certainly is not.
  • 6. Collage No. 5: Sephora A womens cosmetics store. Open door, very fashionable, great design, lighting is partof the design, part of the experience. Decor is like youre in the cosmetics department of veryfancy department store in New York, London or Paris. Fashion photos on the walls. Goodsvery well displayed. Staff are dressed in fashionable uniforms, look good. Likely welltrained.This is a class operation.
  • 7. Collage No. 6: Claires A womens accessories store, cheap jewelry, nik-naks, etc. Open door, but like acave because the lighting is so poor--like theyre trying to save on electricity with low wattbulbs or something. No style or fashion. Layout very average. Minimal staff. No decor.Nothing distictive. No energy. Blah. Dont see how it can last.
  • 8. Collage No 7: Pumpkin patch nearbyThis adhoc short term setup exhibited a lot of the same qualities as COSTCO!! Driving by,the place drew us in by the activity and excitement that was obvious. It is of course out in theopen, so easy entry and people (adults as well as children) were bustling around clearlyenjoying themselves and buying. The environment was of course plain, but clean andorderly. It was mostly find your own pumpkin but they were selling quite a few other thingslike homemade butter and ice cream. There were some free samples and salesfolks to ringup the sales. Prices were clear, payment easy and no obvious security. It seemed as ifeveryone was there to buy.