Edmodo: A Social Learning Network


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Edmodo: A Social Learning Network

  1. 1. edmodoA social learning networkFaye BerlageSayre Language AcademyTechTalk – January 27, 2012 2:15pm – 3:00pmTwitter: #cpstt
  2. 2. Do your students use these?
  3. 3. If so, then edmodo will …• Engage your students by looking familiar• Enable you to improve communication with your students• Allow you to reduce the amount of paper you use in the classroom
  4. 4. What is edmodo?• Free social learning network for teachers, students, schools, and districts• Provides a safe and easy way to: ▫ Connect ▫ Exchange ideas ▫ Share content ▫ Access homework, grades, and school notices
  5. 5. No worries about security• Use cps.edmodo.com instead of www.edmodo.com• Closed environment• No private info required from students• Students join by invitation from teacher only• Teacher has full management control• Students cannot directly message each other• All messages and communications are archived
  6. 6. How to begin?
  7. 7. Teacher View Post Grade work Store content reuse & sharing assignments, note s, quizzes, and polls Create groups
  8. 8. First Step – Create a group• Organize by: content areas, homerooms, gra de levels• Receive a Group Code• Give code to your students when they are creating their student accounts
  9. 9. Student View Receive Can only post to notification of teacher or whole grades, alerts, and class comments Can only joingroups – cannot create them Parent code to create parent account
  10. 10. Management Teacher and student profiles – profile image, learning style, etc. Create groups for classes, subjects , clubs, and small groups
  11. 11. Management Notifications - see new activity, assignments turned in, & comments Keep group secure – lock it once all students have joined Manage students – remove, set to read only, reset password Award badges
  12. 12. Organizing your groups • One group for each classroom • After school class group • Groups for PD and collaboration with other teachers
  13. 13. Best Practices in Safety• Once all students have joined your group, lock the group code• Teach online etiquette• Have students agree to a list of rules and policies up front• Edit or delete posts that are inappropriate• Set students to “Read-Only” status as needed ▫ Read-Only students can turn-in assignments and post messages to teacher but not group
  14. 14. Edmodo in the classroom• Polls• Using the edmodo wall ▫ Classroom discussion questions ▫ Writing prompts• Assignments ▫ Assignment descriptions, due date, relevant links and documents can be posted with the assignment ▫ Documents and projects can be uploaded and turned in ▫ Video clips can be embedded and students can respond to a posted question about the video
  15. 15. Grades Calculates average grade Export grades to CSV file
  16. 16. Communication & Grading Student can submit multiple versions of assignment Teacher and student can communicateabout assignment
  17. 17. Quizzes
  18. 18. Add to gradebookAssign due date automatically
  19. 19. Create Badges for your students
  20. 20. Libraries• When planning, save documents, links, and videos in a folder to later attach to an assignment• Organize information by content areas or classrooms• My Folders or Shared with me
  21. 21. How I use it – tech ed• Assignments ▫ Electronic copy of assignment directions ▫ Ability to turn in completed work ▫ No flash drive? “Turn in” work that isn’t finished in order to save it and work on it later Directions can be attached to the assignment
  22. 22. Some of my assignments• Have students take a poll & make a graph in Excel of results• Embed flashcards from Quizlet of technology terms• Post link to free typing test website and have students reply to post with their WPM (words per minute)• Have students make an avatar to be their profile picture• Embed glogs
  23. 23. Differentiation• Can send different assignments to individual students• Can create a small group (sub-group) within a class for students with special needs or modification requirements
  24. 24. Some ideas from edmodoVisit: help.edmodo.com/edmodo-mini-lessons
  25. 25. Language Arts• Writing prompt on wall about last night’s reading assignment• Use edmodo as a replacement for in class journaling• Video clip of movie posted to wall ▫ Students reply and compare/contrast movie scene with same scene in the book• Students can “turn in” (upload) ▫ Book report ▫ Writing response paper ▫ Power point presentations ▫ Really anything!
  26. 26. Social Studies – Living History Lessons• Posting on wall ▫ Role playing ▫ Writing prompt• Provide links to articles, video clips, about a topic. Students have to: ▫ choose which side of the argument they want to support ▫ write at least one paragraph explaining why they chose their position ▫ use information from the text/video provided and/or from classroom discussions to support their statement• Help students track current events ▫ Create a new group (where all students are read-only) called News ▫ Subscribe group to RSS feed from local news provider (BBC Newsround in the UK has child friendly news) ▫ That’s it! The students will see the news articles in their timelines on a daily basis.
  27. 27. Science• Embed a video of a science experiment (schooltube) and students reply with hypothesis• Project a video on the big screen and pause the video at important points, giving the students a chance to take notes in their Edmodo group ▫ After video, project up the Edmodo wall with the notes and discuss ▫ Create an online quiz in Edmodo with the class, having each student contribute a question (and answer) ▫ Have students take the quiz.
  28. 28. Mathematics• Puzzles and brain benders posted on the wall and students reply with their answers• Embed digital interactives ▫ Play games directly in edmodo• Post daily math notes after class
  29. 29. How to get more ideas …• Follow different content area communities• Find connections through your profile
  30. 30. Browse CommunitiesClick on your profile and Browse Communities on the right side bar
  31. 31. Edmodo Training and Support• Join weekly Edmodo Webinars ▫ blog.edmodo.com/category/webinar• Use Help Center to answer questions ▫ help.edmodo.com• Visit the support community ▫ edmodo.com/community/support• Get more ideas ▫ help.edmodo.com/ideas ▫ blog.edmodo.com• Follow Edmodo updates ▫ Facebook (facebook.com/edmodo) ▫ Twitter (#edmodo)
  32. 32. Join the20 Ways to Use EdmodoGroupGroup Code: 61ulgl
  33. 33. Questions?