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Advanced searching in pub med mar 2010
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Advanced searching in pub med mar 2010






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Advanced searching in pub med mar 2010 Advanced searching in pub med mar 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Advanced MEDLINE Searching March 15 th , 2010 Robin Featherstone Clinical Medicine Librarian [email_address]
  • Agenda – 5 Scenarios, 5 Tools
    • The Comprehensive Search
          • Ovid MEDLINE
    • The Clinical Question
          • Clinical Queries in PubMed
    • The Regular Update
          • E-mail updates in PubMed
    • The Precise Search
          • Single Citation Matcher in PubMed
    • The Rush Job
          • Pubget
  • Tip
    • Start your searches using the library’s medicine program pages
    • Exercise:
    • Locate the program page for General Medicine
  • Search Scenario #1: The Comprehensive Search*
    • You have to find EVERY article on a particular topic
    • You are assisting a research team or are writing a thesis
  • Comprehensive Search Strategies
    • Search multiple databases
    • Use Ovid MEDLINE (instead of PubMed) for your search
    • Set up a RefWorks* (or similar product) account to manage your citations
    • Design a explicit, systematic search strategy that can be reproduced
    • Use both keywords and subject headings
  • Scenario
    • You are hired by a faculty researcher who is conducting research on hearing loss in AIDS patients. They ask you to find every article published on the subject.
  • Exercise
    • Spend about two minutes to conduct a quick search in PubMed on the topic:
    • AIDS and hearing loss
    • What is the quality of your results?
  • Exercise
    • Find the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) for:
        • AIDS
        • Hearing loss
        • Deaf
    • Which term should you explode?
  • Exercise
    • Run the search in Ovid MEDLINE
  • Search Scenario #2: The Clinical Question
    • You need to answer a question at the point of care to:
      • Support a clinical decision
      • Answer a patient’s question
  • Clinical Question Types
      • Aetiology: What is the cause of the disease and its mode of operation?
      • Diagnosis: How accurate is this diagnostic test?
      • Prognosis: What is the probable course of the disease?
      • Therapy: Is one intervention more effective than another?
      • Prevention: How to reduce the risk of this disease?
      • Cost-effectiveness: Is one intervention more cost-effective than another?
      • Quality of life: What will be the patient’s quality of life?
  • Clinical Question Strategy
    • Use Clinical Queries in PubMed to find the best studies to answer your question
    Enter your keywords and select the type of question that you want to answer
  • Scenario
    • A patient with rotator cuff tendinitis asks if you know of any new therapies that would be safe to try.
    • Exercise
    • Using Clinical Queries, search PubMed to find some new studies on treatments for rotator cuff tendinitis
  • Search Scenario #3: The Regular Update
    • You want to stay up to date on the latest publications, but don’t have time to run regular searches
  • Regular Update Strategy
    • Start an account with PubMed (MyNCBI)
      • Set up your search to run automatically and have the results sent to your email
  • Scenario
    • You’ve been seeing a lot of patients recently with rotator cuff tendinitis and would like to stay up to date on the most recent publications about treatments
  • Exercise
    • Register for an account with My NCBI
    • Return to your PubMed search on rotator cuff tendinitis
    • Select “Save Search”
    • Name your search and select “Save”
    • Set up your e-mail update preferences
  • Search Scenario #4: The Precise Search
    • You just want one article
    • You’re searching for items from a reference list or for a particular article that someone mentioned to you
  • Precise Search Strategy: Single Citation Matcher Enter as much information as you can and PubMed will find the closest matching article(s)
  • Scenario
    • Your preceptor asks you to read an article in the journal Lung about a respiratory syndrome affecting survivors of the World Trade Center disaster. They can’t recall anything more about the article.
    • Exercise
    • Use Single Citation Matcher to find the article
  • Search Scenario # 5: The Rush Job
    • You need the full-text of an article RIGHT NOW!
  • Rush Job Strategy: Pubget
    • Pubget will display full-text PDFs for Western’s subscriptions within your results set
      • http://pubget.com/search
  • Exercise
      • Search Pubget to find an article about discharge instructions after cataract surgery
  • Recap
    • The Comprehensive Search
          • Ovid MEDLINE
    • The Clinical Question
          • Clinical Queries
    • The Regular Update
          • E-mail updates
    • The Precise Search
          • Single Citation Matcher
    • The Rush Job
          • Pubget
  • Questions Robin Featherstone Clinical Medicine Librarian [email_address]