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All About Kumamoto All About Kumamoto Presentation Transcript

  • All about Kumamoto
  • ☆Population☆
    • ・Kumamoto prefecture has a population of 657,699.
    • ・There are 276,131 families in Kumamoto.
    • Now, I will tell you about Kumamoto.
  • ☆Country dishes☆
    • ・ Basashi
    • It is low horse’s meat and the highest grade of meat.
    • ・ Karashirenkon
    • It is very unique dishes. There are a lot of mustard in each hole.
    • ・ Taipiien
    • It looks like a bean-starch vermicelli. There are many vegetable in it.
    • ・ Jindaiko
    • It is a famous Japanese –style confectionery. Rice cake is in bean paste.
  • ☆Sightseeing spot☆
    • ・ Kumamoto castle
    • Kumamoto castle is one of the most famous castle in Japan. 400 years anniversary in this year. This castle is a symbol in Kumamoto
  • Sight seeing spot in Aso
    • Mt. Aso
    • You know, Mt Aso's caldera is the largest caldera in the world. This caldera is 28km in diameter. Mt Aso has five mountain and 1592 m above sea level.
    • You can go near crater by aerial.
  • Daikanbou in Aso
    • ・ Daikanbou
    • Aso daikanbou is the one of the best beautiful spot in Kumamoto. It is 936 m above sea level. It is very high but very very beautiful!!!!!
    • You can see beautiful view and around the city there.
  • Hot spring in Aso
    • ・ Hot spring
    • There are famous hot springs in Aso. These hot springs is effective in neuralgia, rheumatism, women's disease, arteriosclerosis, skin disease, burn.
    • You will feel so nice when you soak in a hot spring in Aso.
  • Famous food in Aso
    • ・ Famous food in Aso
    • There are many delicious food in Aso. Aso's cow is the famous food in Aso. This beef is very tender and delicious.
    • And, milk is also famous drink. It is very sweet and rich milk. You can eat these famous food if you go to Aso.
  • Thank you for watching!!
    • Kumamoto has many delicious food, beautiful spot. Of course, people are very kind.
    • Please come and see Kumamoto!!