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Citrix XenApp — будущее и настоящее
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Citrix XenApp — будущее и настоящее


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Published in: Technology
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  • The new AppCenter Console in XenApp 6 makes administration of the XenApp farm much easier. Policies, worker groups, applications and more are all configured within a single console. XenApp 6 introduces the concept of Worker Groups, which we’ll discuss later, and this can help segregate your tenants easily. In addition, inserting newly-provisioned servers into the farm is easy with Provisioning services and XenApp 6.
  • Key points - Deliver Services is a platform for authenticated service access“Dazzle Services” provider support for XenApp and other resource providers Currently XenApp/XenDesktop only, put plan to extendDatabase is key new component – serve most requests out of cacheWorkflow is glue to allow customization and approval/provisioining of requested appsAuthenticaiton Service is a separate delivery serviceUsed by Dazzle Services, Merchandizing server and anything else needing authentication (e.g. Streaming)Web Dazzle will be a new web based front end leveraging delivery services. 3rd parties encouraged to do the same
  • Project Mach 3 – 3x faster performanceProject Zoom – 2x faster app startup Project Laser – High speed printing from anywhereProject Mercury – Faster HD performance over the WANProject Dynamo – Adaptive HD performance
  • XenApp monitoring, alerting, and configuration can now be performed within Microsoft System Center products.
  • Pre-slide intro Citrix and Microsoft have a 20 year history, and counting, of partnership and innovation. We are clearly focused on collaboration from the Desktop to the Datacenter to ensure the most powerful, flexible and cost effective management infrastructure for applications and desktops – both physical and virtual – while providing a high definition, user-centric experience. Let me take you though a set of planned integrations between key virtualization offerings from Citrix Delivery Center, Microsoft System Center ConfigMgr and MDOP that are the next step to enable our customers and partners to leverage their investment in Citrix and Microsoft virtualization infrastructure. Initial Accelerating Application Virtualization Adoption Citrix Receiver is a new lightweight, universal software client that makes accessing virtual applications and desktops on any device as easy as turning on your TV. These plug-ins work with XenApp and XenDesktop and support functionality such as online and off-line app usage, virtual desktop delivery, secure access control, etc Click 1 Leveraging the Receiver’s extensibility Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) is a natural and obvious fit and will be the first partner Plug-in. Planned delivery from Citrix is by end of 2009. How will it work? IT can configure the App-V plug-in and the Receiver ensures that the App-V client is present and up to date. Once the plug-in is configured XenApp and Dazzle can be used to deliver App-V packages to the Receiver which will handoff to the App-V client to launch the virtual app. The user doesn’t need to know if it is a virtual application. They click on the icon and run, just like any other app. The integration of the App-V Plug-in to Citrix Receiver will also provide Intelligent Failover from local execution to hosted execution in the datacenter depending on the users connectivity or the policy configured by IT.  The addition of the App-V Plug-in to the existing suite of plug-ins will unify delivery of virtual applications whether hosted in the datacenter, running locally or running while disconnected. Click 2Centralize PC & App Mgmt LifecycleToday ConfigMgr does a great job managing desktops and applications and XenApp does a great job managing and delivering applications to any device, but clearly there is an opportunity to integrate, simplify and streamline to create and even more powerful desktop and app management environment. Click 3 In 2010, Citrix plans to deliver a XenApp connector to ConfigMgr. This next wave of integration will provide the following benefits:IT Admins will be able to manage and publish applications to XenApp from the ConfigMgr console.ConfigMgr will be able to automatically create server based collections and advertise XenApp applications to XenApp Server Farms ConfigMgr will be able to automatically create maintenance windows for application installation and updates on XenApp Servers. And finally admins can leverage XenApp to deliver Windows applications to desktops that it does not directly manage, such as non-Windows desktops and devices. This integration between ConfigMgr and XenApp will simplify application and desktop management - both virtual and physical. Click 4High Definition, user-centric experience on the desktop. In May of this year, Citrix introduced Dazzle, the first self-service “storefront” for enterprise applications. Dazzle gives corporate employees 24x7 self-service access to a broad array of applications, desktops and content, allowing them to choose exactly what they need, when they need it. In 2010 Citrix plans to integrate App-V apps into Dazzle. This will enable IT to publish both App-V and XenApp virtual applications in Dazzle. Users just select what they need and do not have to worry where the application is stored, where it is running or how it is packaged. This integration is a great step for our customers. As a partner who delivers solutions from Microsoft and Citrix you now have an even greater opportunity to demonstrate the strength of partnership…… need something stronger around the value to partners…. We hope you agree that by integrating our market leading virtual desktop and application management solutions, Citrix and Microsoft can simplify IT, while improving the end user experience.  
  • I’m going to take a physical app I already have in CM that I use today to deploy to my end-users devicesand automate the deployment to my XenApp.  The first step for me is to create a XenApp program for this existing packageStart in CM07 console with existing package, create XenApp Program, talk to the fact that this is wired up to a custom task sequencer that will be doing all the automation, next, next, finish
  • Like any other thing in CM07, I know need to deploy this in an advertisement Create advertisement, target to XenApp server group that’s been created automatically with the XenApp connector to reflect my Xen hierarchy.
  • Talk about the importance of mandatory assignments, how they need to be recurring or multiple individual assignments at different times
  • and that the Program rerun behavior needs to be set to “Rerun if failed previous attempt”
  • So, you can see the improved ways we can target/automate deployment of software from CM07 to Citrix servers.  Now, lemme show you how in that same console you can make this app available to Xen clients as a published object.  First, nothing up my sleeve. Go to XenApp console – show 2 apps there. 
  • Go to Mac client – show 2 apps in Dazzle
  • OK – in the same console and the same workflow, I can now go to CM07 and publish this app for my users, and you’ll see it show up both as a pub’d object in XenApp, and show up in my client experience CM07 console – go to package and create Xen Pub’d object.  Put users group on the object, show ALL the settings you can do in Xen today – you can do in CM07 console (as well as all app types like web URL, etc).
  • Quickly switch to Xen console, in seconds new app shows up. 
  • Quickly switch to Mac, new app is in Dazzle, select it to “install”.
  • There ya have it.  Baby step today to do better console and automation integration between these 2 products/companies to pave the way for our User Centric integration in 2011
  • Transcript

    • 1. Будущее и настоящее
    • 2. XenApp 6 key features
      • Receiver for Windows, MAC & Linux
      • 3. Smartphone support
      • 4. iPhone 2.0
      • 5. Android 1.0
      • 6. New plug-ins
      • 7. Single sign-on
      • 8. WAN acceleration
      • 9. EasyCall voice services
      • 10. Dazzle self-service storefront for PC and Mac
      • 11. App-V integration
      • 12. Built for WS08 R2
      • 13. Simple, fast product installation
      • 14. Single, intuitive app management console
      • 15. Seamless Microsoft management integration
      • 16. HDX RealTime collaboration for OCS and VoIP softphones
      • 17. HDX RealTime CD quality audio
      • 18. HDX Plug ‘n Play for Windows portable USB devices
    • XenApp 6 AppCenter Console
      Worker groups
      • Assign policies to worker groups
      • 19. Publish apps to worker groups
      • 20. Configure new servers in seconds with simple drag-and-drop
      • 21. Eliminate configuration drift and human error
      Integrated policy controls
      • Configure session, server, user, device, load and printing policies in one console
      • 22. Console extension also accessible via Group Policy Editor
    • Built for Windows Server 2008 R2Easier management, improved performance
      • Citrix performance improvements for R2 result in 15% or more users per server
      • 23. Single application management console modeled after MMC 3.0
      • 24. Active Directory Group Policy extensions enable policy-based management of XenApp
      • 25. Broader peripheral support enables enhanced Citrix HDX experience
      • 26. PowerShell 2.0 enables automation of management workflows
    • Remote Desktop Architecture Overview
      RAD Connections
      RD Session Host
      RD Web Access
      RD Client
      RD Virtualization Host
      RD Connection Broker
      RD Gateway
      App-V for RDS
      Licensing Server
      Active Directory®
    • 27. Citrix XenApp extensions to Remote Desktop Services*
      Self-Service Applications
      Enterprise-class Infrastructure
      High Definition Experience
      • Comprehensive load management
      • 28. >1,000 server scalability
      • 29. Simplified Graphic Workflow development Environment
      • 30. Centralized Client Plug-in Management
      • 31. Delegated Administration
      • 32. Administrative Logging
      • 33. Advanced Server Health Monitoring
      • 34. Integration with Desired Configuration Management
      • 35. Integration with Multiple 3rd Party Management Systems
      • 36. Centralized Resource Monitoring
      • 37. Application Performance Monitoring
      • 38. Custom Branding Support in Web Interface
      • 39. Broad Server Platform Support for Web Services
      • 40. Support for Novell® eDirectory
      • 41. Policy-Based Control of Bandwidth Usage
      • 42. Policy-Based Control of Audio
      • 43. Policy-Based Control of TWAIN Device Support
      • 44. Policy-Based Control of Application Deliveryt
      • 45. Comprehensive Server Configuration
      • 46. Zone Preference and Failover
      • 47. Broad Database Engine Support
      • 48. Preferential Load Distribution
      • 49. Virtual Memory Optimizations
      • 50. User Self-Provisioning
      • 51. Retention of Printer Properties
      • 52. Controlled Security Rights for Client Printers
      • 53. Client Printer Provisioning
      • 54. Network Printer Provisioning
      • 55. Generic Universal Print Driver
      • 56. Driver Replication
      • 57. Driver Compatibility Control
      • 58. Printer Bandwidth Limit
      • 59. Print Traffic Routing
      • 60. SmoothRoaming
      • 61. Server to Client URL redirection
      • 62. Microsoft ActiveSync® Support
      • 63. Scanner Support
      • 64. Profile Management
      • 65. Click-To-Call
      • 66. Application Folder Management
      • 67. Automatic Reconnection
      • 68. Disconnect or Close All Applications
      • 69. User Controlled Network Optimizations
      • 70. Priority Packet Tagging
      • 71. High-Latency Network Support
      • 72. Web Browser Performance Optimizations
      • 73. Adobe® Flash® Performance Optimizations
      • 74. WAN Performance Optimizations
      • 75. Session Reliability
      • 76. Graphics Display Optimizations
      • 77. Unified Application Delivery
      • 78. Application Scheduling
      • 79. Proactive Performance Monitoring
      Single Instance Management
      • Content publishing
      • 80. Centralized Publishing
      • 81. Single Image Provisioning
      • 82. Single, Auto-updating client
      Secure by Design
      • Application password management
      • 83. Session recording and activity logging
      • 84. Centralized Access Policies
      • 85. Adaptive User Access
      • 86. Active Directory Federation Services Support
      • 87. Anonymous Access
      • 88. Integrated SSL VPN
      Any Device, Anywhere
      • Heterogeneous Client Support
    • 89.
    • 90. Client Architecture (Pre Dazzle)
      “Web Interface Tier”
      Web Interface
      PNA Services
      Access Gateway
    • 91. Client Architecture (Dazzle 1.1)
      “Web Interface Tier”
      Web Interface
      PNA Services
      Access Gateway
      “WI Tier”
      via Receiver
      Web Interface
      PNA Services
    • 92. Client Architect Future
      Delivery Services Tier
      3rd Party Web
      Access Gateway
      My Apps
      Merchandizing. Svc.
    • 93. Dazzle App Picker
      Dazzle Client Architecture
      Receiver is the platform on which Dazzle is built
      App Picker acts as an installer to create App Stubs
      Stubs integrate well with windows and launch applications as if they were native.
      App Stub
      Dazzle Launcher
      ICA Engine
      Offline Engine
      Client Operating System(Win/Mac)
      Start Menu
    • 94. Будущее XenDesktop
    • 95.
    • 96. Administrative Roles
      Data Center Admin
      Desktop Admin
      Citrix/LOB Admin
      Help Desk
      • 1:1 user initiated issues
      • 104. Escalation
    • Administrative Consoles
      Desktop Admin
      • XenDesktop Console
      Citrix Admin
      • XenDesktop Console
      Data Center Admin
      Help Desk
      • XenDesktop Console (Web)
    • Site-wide Desktop Status
    • 107. Site-wide Desktop Usage
    • 108. Infrastructure Overview
    • 109. Desktop Details
    • 110. Session Details
    • 111. Real-time Desktop Activity
    • 112. End User Experience
    • 113. NITRO
      Mach 3
      3x faster
      app startup
      High speed printing
      Faster WAN performance
      Adaptive HD performance
    • 114. NITRO
      3x faster
      2x faster
      app startup
      High speed printing
      Faster WAN performance
      Adaptive HD performance
    • 115. Project Mach 3Breaking the speed barrier with high-definition virtual computing
      3x faster performance
      Advances in Citrix Receiver deliver radically faster end user performance
      Just in time data transfer for optimal network utilization
      Dedicated, parallel processing of virtual channels yields efficient performance
    • 116. Adaptive Orchestration
      Parallel Processing
      Content Specific Optimization
    • 117. Project ZoomInstant startup of on-demand apps
      Instant app startup
      Advances in HDX Broadcast technologies deliver unprecedented launch speeds
      Connect to sessions in half the time
      Silent session pre-loading produces unparalleled responsiveness
    • 118. Project LaserFaster printing at a fraction of the bandwidth
      High speed printing from anywhere
      Advances in HDX Plug-n-Play reduce print data and increase performance
      Automatically discovers and creates printer connections in real-time
      Use 10% of current bandwidth requirements
    • 119. High speed printing from anywhere
      Automatically discover and create printer connections in real-time
      Use 10% of current bandwidth requirements
      Project Laser
    • 120. Project MercuryBreakthrough WAN speed and efficiency
      Faster HDX performance over the WAN
      Advances in HDX WAN Optimization and HDX MediaStream optimize HDX traffic
      Highly responsive up to 300ms network latency
      Compresses, caches and prioritizes traffic
    • 121. Project DynamoDynamic sense-and-respond rendering
      Adaptive HDX performance
      Advances in HDX Adaptive Orchestration sense & respond to the user’s environment
      HDX RichGraphics enhancements render a crystal clear, 3D Windows 7 experience
      Intelligent Quality of Service (iQoS) provides prioritized, policy-driven performance gains
    • 122. 3x faster performance
      Dedicated, parallel processing of virtual channels yields efficient performance
      Project Hypersonic
    • 123.
    • 124. Introducing Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Microsoft RemoteFX
      • Rich, local-like end user experience for server-hosted desktops and applications over the LAN
      • 125. Hardware graphics acceleration and virtual GPU
      • 126. Platform capability designed to enable partner solutions such as Citrix XenDesktop and HDX
      • Increase user productivity with full-fidelity remote user experience
      • 127. Supports broad range of client devices including low-cost thin clients
      • 128. Works with VDI and higher-density session virtualization
      NEW in WS08 R2 SP1
    • 129. Microsoft RemoteFX: Customer Value
      Enabling Technology
      Customer Value
      Differentiating Innovation
      • Content independent intercept & rendering
      • 130. Single GPU for multiple Hyper-V guests
      Full rich Windows experience
      • Utilizes CPU/GPU parallelism
      • 131. Allows for light-weight client devices
      Host side rendering
      • Screen deltas sent to client based on network and client availability
      Intelligent screen capture and hardware-based encode
      Remoting any content
      • CODEC designed for text and image content
      • 132. Single CODEC for VDI and RDS sessions
      • 133. HW and software manifestations by design
      Bitmap remoting and hardware-based decode
      High fidelity user experience
      Full range of client devices
    • 134. Microsoft App-V integrationFlexible option for application delivery
      • Publish App-V packages directly from XenApp AppCenter
      • 135. Manage App-V client plug-in using Citrix Receiver
      • 136. Subscribe to App-V packages using Citrix Dazzle
      • 137. App-V and other XenApp delivered application types can interact and share data
      • Delivers Citrix or Microsoft virtual applications from a single point of management
    • Management Pack for SCOM
      Provides monitoring, alerts and knowledge for XenApp
      Integrated in the SCOM console
      Included at no charge
      Citrix Connector for ConfigMgr
      Enables autonomous application install and server updates
      Zero downtime for maintenance
      Publish XenApp desktops and applications from ConfigMgr console
      Manage multiple XenApp farms from a single ConfigMgr console
      Microsoft System Center Integration
    • 138. Value Through Integration From Desktop to Datacenter
      Accelerate App-V
      Next Generation User-Centric Computing
      Centralize PC & App Mgmt
      App-V Plug-in
      End Point
      XenApp Connector
      End Point
    • 139. XenApp Connector
      Add XenApp Collections
      Application hosting information and
      Application Publishing
      Autonomic server load management
      New node for Application Publishing
    • 140. Step-by-Step System Center Configuration Manager Overview for Deploying an App to XenApp
    • 141. Apps Anywhere
      XenApp 6
    • 142. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 143. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 144. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 145. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 146. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 147. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 148. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 149. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 150. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 151. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 152. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 153. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 154. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 155. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 156. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 157. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
    • 158. Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute